tagIncest/TabooCaught! Ch. 02

Caught! Ch. 02


Long time since I submitted the first chapter to this, I always promised a few people I would get back to it, so here it is! To get up to speed, go read Caught! Ch. 1.

All characters are over 18.


I found myself sheepishly moving towards my mom. She was sitting on the edge of my bed awaiting me to lay across her lap for a spanking. I was caught with her panties and my sister's panties. Mom's panties were wrapped around my cock; Rachel's (my sisters) panties were in my mouth and on my face. I was about to get my first spanking in over a decade.

When I got next to my seated mother, I was still buck naked. Since she made me uncover myself, my 7 inch dick hung out in front of me, flaccid and shriveled after my orgasm. Being completely scared of mom didn't help either. She was certainly the enforcer of my two parents.

Once I was next to her, I didn't voluntarily lay across her lap. She pulled me down until I was in the position she wanted me in; feet completely off the ground, my head resting on the edge of the bed and ass dead centered in her lap facing up.

"Baby, I'm sorry I have to do this to you but you know what you did was so nasty and so wrong. I just don't know what else to do to punish you for being such a nasty dirty little boy." She admonished me but it sounded more like dirty talk than punishment. Just those words coming from her mouth; "nasty dirty little boy" actually was a turn on. I've never been into BDSM, but dirty talk turned me on a lot, and that's exactly what it sounded like from mom's lips.

"I'm gonna spank your ass raw." She sounded mad, very mad in fact. "Don't you dare move, you understand me?"

"Yes mommy."


Whack! The first spank in over a decade crashed on the left cheek. Whack! A second spank went to my right cheek. Whack! Back to my left, Whack! She was alternating between sides.

I wasn't sure it mom thought she was hitting me too hard or not hard enough. She was slapping my ass open handed, so it sounded bad, it sounded extremely loud. It was like maximum skin to skin contact between her hand and my fuzzy ass cheeks.

It sounded worse then it felt. The first couple times on each cheek, stung a little, but beyond that, she was doing more to excite me than to punish me. By the fourth smack on each side, I could feel the blood in my cock pumping, expanding it back to its full erect state that it had been in not too long before.

As much as I wanted to not get excited and get in more trouble, the more feeling my cock in my mother's lap turned me on. My ultimate fantasy was mom. My mind might not have figured it out, but my body sure did. I was naked and my cock was in full contact with the woman I wanted to fuck most in this world. The one person I would do anything for. My mind may not have understood, but my rock hard cock was doing the thinking for me.

I lost count of the slapping of my ass. Maybe it was 10 slaps on each cheek, maybe it was 20. The only thing I could focus on was my arousal. So when the spanking stopped, and mom didn't say anything, she just rested her hands on my ass.

Her breathing was somewhat erratic and heavy. Her hands were in full contact now and slowly started to move in circles like she was trying to rub the sting out of my skin. "Was she sorry for spanking my bare ass?"

The circles began to get bigger and bigger as she now fondled more of me. I stayed focused on my stiffness stuck between us until she stopped caressing my butt.

Mom reached over me, leaning forward just a little bit. Not enough for me to fall off, but just enough for her to reach my bedside table and get inside the top drawer, where I kept my bottle of baby oil for my private times. Her hand found it immediately. I didn't know she knew it was there, but she didn't have to search at all. Pulling the bottle out, she opened it one handed like an expert and sprayed the cold slippery oil all over my behind in excess.

I could feel it dripping down my hips and the crack of my ass to my balls and onto her skirt. She made a sloppy mess of it and she didn't seem to care. With a snap of the lid, I heard the bottle land on my bed softly; she must have closed it and tossed it aside. Her hands made it right back onto each oily red cheek.

She began the circles again, rubbing the baby oil into my skin, almost trying to rub the sting out. As she continued to comfort my behind, with each circle she made on me, one of her fingers on either hand would slide down the crevice of my ass until finally a finger from both hands was doing it simultaneously.

The rubbing slowed, the fingers sliding down my crack took longer and longer with each round of her hand until both her hands came to a stop with almost all her fingertips right down my middle. With no movement at all, I could hear mom breathing hard, and I could feel the pulsing of blood through my erection. This situation was nothing but stimulating me, arousing me further, my own mother unintentionally providing me the best sexual contact I've ever had.

I felt mom start to spread my ass cheeks slowly, as if she was looking for something. Her right index finger found my rosebud first, quickly followed by her left. The rest of her hands held my ass cheeks apart while her index fingers rubbed the baby oil into my tight anus outer ring.

"Baby, this is the last of your punishment." She spoke for the first time since starting my spanking. "Just stay still and this will be over before you know it."

One of her index fingers began pressing into me slowly and she turned her finger just a little back and forth. I felt the tip of it pass the tight ring into me. "Ohhhhh" slipped out of my mouth, the feeling was overwhelming.

The same finger pushed in further to her knuckle. The pressure intensified in my rectum until she slid it back out. She continued this process for nearly a minute of invading my ass with one finger in and out slowly.

She seemed to finally realize what she was doing to me. It had to be clear that my 7 inch iron rod was pressing into her skirt covered lap. She came to a complete halt.

"Get up god damn it!"

I jumped at her command standing straight up in front of her, my cock bouncing around but maintaining its upward pointing position.

"Just stand there and don't move!" She ordered me again.

Grabbing the baby oil she sprayed a line of it from the head of my cock to the base and all around my hairy balls. Oil was splashing everywhere. It was on her skirt, her blouse, all over my legs, not to mention the bed and floor. It was a sloppy mess. She didn't seem to care.

She closed the oil again and discarded it to the bed once more. With lightning speed her left hand was on my shaft stroking it roughly.

"Is this what you want?" she asked. "Well? Fucking tell me what you want... you dirty nasty little fucker."

I didn't know what to say. So I said nothing and she kept stroking me for about a minute until she stopped. She didn't let go of me though. My hot sexy mother was sitting in front of me, holding my dick that was all oiled up. She seemed like she didn't know what to do next. So I stood motionless and she sat still.

During that time, I gazed on her wet white blouse; it was becoming transparent in spots with all the oil on it. I could see parts of her bra and the hard nubs of her nipples pushing against it. I think she knew I was staring.

"So you want to be a mother fucker?" she paused. "Huh? Is that what you want?"

Her voice angry and certain now.

"Well not today you little prick." She continued to talk but said nothing.

She huffed harshly and I could see the light bulb go off in her head. "I want you to get on your bed on all fours, ass up in the air, and head down, eyes in your pillow and stay there until I come back. You understand me boy?"

"Yes mommy"

She released my rod and started moving towards the door as I got into my position atop the bed sheets. Once I was where she instructed me to be, she said "Good boy, stay there and don't move you nasty little whore."

She disappeared for at least 5 minutes, during which my cock did deflate at all, if anything it seemed to get harder knowing that this whole situation was going to continue. I briefly thought about stroking myself while waiting, but I was so close to cumming without any touching, if I did stroke a couple times, I was likely to explode.

When I heard her enter the room, she immediately told me to keep my head down on the pillow. She crawled onto the bed behind me, positioning herself behind my spread asshole. I felt more oil being sprayed on me, she must have used half my bottle so far, I was soaking wet.

Then I felt her index finger return to my anus, pressing into me yet again. "You like that my little bitch boy?" she asked and I didn't respond. With no answer she slapped my ass as hard as she could. "Answer your mother bitch!" and slapped it a second time.

"Yes mommy."

She proceeded to put a second finger in me, spreading my hole further and working the baby oil into me. With each thrust I started to moan, I had no idea this could be so good. I was quickly reaching my boiling point. My mother was going to make me cum on the bed without anything touching my member.

A third finger went in and I groaned very loudly. In and out she was fucking my ass with most of her fingers and I was spread wide enjoying mommy's manipulations.

When she removed her fingers, I felt empty, I want them back in me so badly that I actually said to her; "Please mommy, put them back in. Please!"

Another long squirt of oil hit my rear end, but I felt it dripping inside my asshole this time, she certainly did open me up. It was cold and strange feeling in my ass.

Then the bed shifted under us, she positioned herself directly behind me as if she was going to fuck me doggie style. I was confused, what was she doing? It was then I felt something else touch me. It was thick and hard, I didn't know what my mother was about to slide into me.

"Bitch, you're not going to fuck me today. You aren't a motherfucker yet. But I'm going to fuck you good and hard and make you my sex slave."

I didn't exactly understand what she meant until I felt her slam all the way into me. It hurt like hell and suddenly I was on fire with pain and I cried out. Something was shoved up inside me, and I mean all the way inside me. She didn't move. I could feel her hips pressed against my ass cheeks and something was pressed against my taint. She was motionless for about a minute.

"Tell me when the pain subsides." She commanded and neither us moved.

About a minute or so later, my anus started to relax and the pressure was still there, but it wasn't hurting a lot like her first push into me.

"Mommy" I said.


"The pain is going away." I told her.

"Good." She was totally in command and started pulling out of me slowly until I felt the tip of what she had reach my outer ring.

Slam, she pushed back hard for a second stroke. It hurt but not as much as the first time. She slid back again. Slam, all the way in once more. Still the pain was there, but less than before. She continued to fuck my ass like this for about 15 strokes into me.

"Bitch, now that I have your ass completely spread out. You're gonna turn over so mommy can fuck you right." she explained and removed her toy from my ass.

My lower half was really sore, but I rolled over onto my back as mom got off the bed. It was then that I had my first real look at her. She stood 5 foot 5 inches tall, 36 C naked tits with big nipples and wide hips, an almost completely flat stomach, and besides seeing my mother naked for the first time, the strangest thing was the strap on dildo wrapped around her jutting out from where I thought I'd see her pussy.

I could see her pussy, it was covered up by the dildo, below the dildo hung two big fake balls and I understood what was pressing into me then. Mom was literally fucking me with a fake cock. Mom suddenly was my master. I was her slave. Her cock was her choice of weapons it seemed.

On my back now, she grabbed my feet and pulled me to the bottom edge of my bed. She was much stronger than I would have ever imagined. She lifted my legs to her shoulders as she stood with her fake cock pressed firmly against my bottom.

"Baby, I am only going to say this once." She exclaimed, "I'm so glad I caught you today, I've wanted to fuck you for a long time just like I fuck your father. You are my new boy toy around here. You are now my slave and will always be my slave."

Confused but aroused, I said nothing. Mom found my ass with her cock again, entering me slowly this time. When she was all the way in, she wrapped her arms around my legs, catching my hardness in her right hand, her left hand just held my leg steady.

Mom began to fuck me. We looked into each other's eyes, master and slave acknowledging our roles. She would push into me with long hard strokes and gently caress my dick in time with her pumping.

"Fuck me mommy! Fuck me hard!" I said it, I don't know where it came from but it came out of my mouth. So she proceeded to fuck me harder and faster. Stroking my cock with her motions.

"Mommy, I'm gonna cum, mommy!"

"That's it bitch cum for your nasty mother! Cum all over yourself you dirty little slut!"

"Mommmmmmyyyyy!" I shouted as I erupted ropes of sperm that shot onto my face, neck, chest and belly.

"That's a good slave, mommy made her little bitch cum!"

She stopped her pumping and left the big life like cock in my ass. She unwrapped her arm around my leg and scooped some of the cum from my chest.

"Clean up your cum slave." She fed me my own jism.

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