tagBDSMCaught! Ch. 04

Caught! Ch. 04

byEnglish Gentleman©

Heather was left alone to gather the required implements and think over her plan. Minutes later, with a quick knock, Matt entered the room, as ignorant as ever about what was about to happen, followed by Lisa. Heather set to work immediately, removing his clothes seductively and leading him to the bed. Once naked she bade him kneel on the single bed. With four pieces of rope, she tied his legs, around each ankle and below each knee, securing each rope to the side of the bed frame. Taking his wrists, she bound them and, with the free end of the rope, raised them above his head, securing the rope to a ceiling beam just forward of his vertical position. She then stepped back to check her work. He was stuck in the raised kneeling position, his legs spread, arms bound together, pushing his head forward, his rapidly hardening cock sticking out firmly. Heather glanced to her mistress, who looked very pleased.

'If you would like to do the honours with the gag?' Heather enquired.

'My pleasure!' giggled Lisa as she stood on the bed and commanded her boyfriend to open his mouth. Naturally, he acquiesced and the rubber ball gag was pushed between his teeth and secured behind his head.

Heather joined her mistress on the bed, the two of them kneeling in front of their captive before embracing passionately. Slowly and sensually they undressed each other, each girl unbuttoning the blouse of her partner, revealing fine, pert breasts, (Heather's still sticky from her previous adventure). Their hands drifted over their bodies, touching and caressing joyfully. Soon their wandering hands were down each other's skirts, fingers playing between wet pussy lips. Heather had to fight hard to remain focussed, so wonderful was Lisa's touch. Their skirts and knickers were soon removed, leaving both girls naked. By now Matt was pulling at his restraints, moaning softly through the gag, his cock rock hard and throbbing. Ignoring him, Heather lay back on the bed, sliding her legs between Matt's. Lisa lay on top, pressing her soft breasts against Heather's, their tongues intertwined in a passionate kiss. Heather rolled her mistress onto her back and climbed on top, continuing the passionate kiss. As their tongues entwined, so did their hands, Heather raising Lisa's arms above her head.

Suddenly there was a metallic click. Unbeknown to Lisa, Heather had produced a set of handcuffs, one end of which was now secured around Lisa's wrist.

'Hey, what the fuck do you think you are doing?' cried Lisa, trying to pull free. However, her slave was quicker and within seconds Lisa's hands were fastened to the headboard of the bed.

'This is not how it works!' complained Lisa angrily as she struggled vainly against the bindings. 'Release me this instance or you are in so much trouble!'

Heather did nothing of the sort, and instead jumped off the bed. Walking to the other end, she grabbed one of Lisa's flailing ankles, pulling it down to the bottom bed post before tying it with a carefully pre-positioned rope. The other ankle followed suite, leaving her mistress securely tied beneath her bound boyfriend's spread legs.

'Right, this is your last chance!' shouted Lisa, a little panicked.

'Oh, shut the fuck up!' came Heather's defiant reply as she picked up her own damp knickers from the floor and shoved them into Lisa's mouth, holding them in place until she got hold of a piece of tape, which was stuck over her mistress' lips. By now, Lisa was fuming, the final indignity of having to taste her slave's pussy being all too much. But she could do little to display her displeasure save moaning through the gag and thrashing in her bonds.

Heather ignored these sounds and instead got to work on the final preparations. She found the vibrators and belt that had caused her so much pleasure and misery that morning and advanced upon her mistress, whose eyes widened with alarm. Heather wasted no time with teasing, instead pushing the toy deeply into Lisa's wide open cunt to cries of displeasure. Pondering over the butt plug, Heather decided against it and fastened the belt to hold the toy in place, again placing the smaller vibrator against Lisa's clit.

It gave Heather such pleasure to get her own back on her tormentor, that she decided to pause for a while. Pulling a chair up to the bedside by Lisa's head, she sat down, lifting her feet onto the bed and revealing her wet pussy. With great enjoyment, her hands caressed her own body, massaging her breasts and pinching her erect nipples, all the while never taking her eyes off her struggling captives. She noted with pleasure that Matt's cock was still rock hard as he watched the scenario unfold. Lowering her hands to her pussy, Heather let out a delicious sigh as her fingers parted her lips and found her engorged clit. She had been held on the edge of orgasm for two days now, teased and tormented, and as she thought back on the previous two day's events it wasn't long before her climax built again. Her hands moved quicker between her legs, alternatively burying two fingers into her cunt or flicking them over her clit. The other hand returned to her breasts, toying with her nipples. Within seconds she was ready to cum, her body tensed, her bottom lifting off the chair as she exploded with a huge cry of pleasure, the long awaited orgasm ripping through her body. Panting heavily as it subsided, she removed her sticky fingers, rose from the chair and bent over Lisa.

'You pushed me a little too far, now it's time to get my own back.'

With that, she ran her hand over her captive's face, smearing her own juices, much to Lisa's displeasure.

So, the final touches. Heather's web cam was set up to film the scene, and she clicked record, sending the images to another computer somewhere to be saved. The key to the handcuffs was tied to a length of string, and a loop made at the key end. This loop was placed over Matt's erect penis so that the tiny key hung against his balls. The rest of the string was passed between his legs to the bottom of the bed, under the bed and tied to the headboard, just within reach of Lisa's fingers. As Lisa made a grab for the string and pulled it taught, Matt gave a cry as his cock was pulled down. It was clear that unless his erection disappeared, the string was never going to be released. Satisfied, Heather made her way to the door. With one final glance over to her struggling captives, she flicked the switch on the vibrator remote to the highest setting and left the room.

Lisa's pussy was instantly filled with the delicious vibrations. She tugged at her bindings in vain as her body reacted, her nipples hardening as she reddened. To Matt, kneeling above her, her struggles were doing little to reduce his raging erection. Soon Lisa was moaning through the gag as her cunt clamped onto the phallus filling it. Her hands clenched as the climax approached, her pussy dripping moisture between the cheeks of her ass and onto the bed. With a muffled scream she came long and hard, her eyes tightly shut.

As the orgasm subsided and a warm glow filled her body, she had more time to reflect on her situation. The vibrations continued, as did the camera on the desk beside them. She pulled on the string to no avail, the key out of reach. For Matt, watching his partner climax in this situation turned him on immensely. He realised that if he could cum too, his erection would diminish and they could earn their freedom. He concentrated on watching his girlfriend writhe beneath him, already fighting with her second orgasm. By now she was perspiring heavily, her eyes gripped shut, squirming and struggling in her ties. As Matt's arousal rose, he began to breathe more heavily, the gag in his mouth caused him to drool. His saliva dripped down his chin and onto his naked girlfriend. Feeling this, Lisa's eyes flicked open, casting him a filthy look to reprimand him for drooling on her. But she had more pressing problems.

'Oh God........ooooohhhhh God! Not again!' she cried through the gag as she came. By now the vibrations against her clit were getting painful. Matt was clenching his muscles, trying to force himself to cum, but without physical contact he couldn't find a release. His arms ached in the raised position, his whole body tense.

Realising the futility, he tried a different approach, trying anything to take his mind off their predicament. But even if he closed his eyes, he could still hear the cries of Lisa beneath him. He was by now drooling profusely through his gag, his saliva covering his prone girlfriend. Lisa was in a lot of trouble, pleading with her boyfriend to do something to help. The vibrations were like electric shocks against her pussy and her cries were turning into screams. She was rolling her eyes, completely lost in a world of pleasure and pain. Her screams filled the room even through her gag as she shook and convulsed uncontrollably.

'Please.......please make it stop, I can't take it any longer!' she sobbed as the third orgasm wracked her body.

Matt realised he had one remaining option, but the thought of it horrified him. He knew that if he relaxed enough to allow his body to urinate, that would get rid of his erection. But how could he do that to his girlfriend, especially on camera? He looked down at her and the pain on her face told him he had to do it. Forcing his body to relax he concentrated on the job in hand. Minutes later, Lisa could not believe it, as a stream of warm urine covered her torso. What the fuck was he doing? Matt completely released his bladder, covering his bound and tortured girlfriend in urine. By now, Lisa was incensed, thrashing from side to side to escape, raging at her bonds and her boyfriend. But as the flow stopped, she saw his penis droop, realising what he had done.

Disgusted, Matt's cock drooped further until the looped string dropped from his flaccid shaft. Lisa pulled on the string, dragging the key under the bed then back towards her. With shaking hands she unfastened the cuffs, removed the gag and then unclipped the belt, pulling the sticky cum covered vibrator from her over sensitive pussy. That done, she wriggled down the urine soaked bed, through her boyfriend's legs to reach her ankles. Once untied, she stood gingerly on the bed and released Matt, who collapsed down. He removed his own gag and spoke,

'Oh babe, I'm so sorry. I had to do it, it was the only way.'

'Shut up, shut up!' Lisa cried. 'I don't ever want to talk about it, not now or ever. Lets just try and forget the whole horrible episode ever happened.'

As soon as she said it, they both turned to look at the camera. What had Heather done with the footage? Surely they hadn't treated her so badly that she would ever use it against them? Whatever she did, it was clear that her little self-bondage session the previous day would remain a secret between the three of them.

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Great Ending

It’s rewarding to see a blackmailer getting their just desserts

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