Caught Ch. 05


"Ah. Oh. Oh yeah. Oh, Jim. This feels so great." Anna whimpered breathlessly. "I can see your really into this."

"Yum." I said briefly coming up for air.

"Keep doing it." Anna pushed my face back down between her legs. "Don't stop."

My wife sat on the sofa with her legs wide open while I knelt down on the floor in front of her and I dived back in and ate her pussy in earnest. My dick was incredibly hard. Eating her out was making me so hot I felt like was going to orgasm myself.

"Yeah. Eat me." Anna said. "You love eating the pussy of a black cock slut, don't you? It excites you."

"Mmmm." I mumbled with my mouth firmly planted on her muff.

"Seeing your head between my legs looks hot and feels so good."

"Call me your cuckold, baby." I whispered between breaths.

"You want me to call you that?"


"Okay, honey. Eat me my cuckold."


"Yes. Yes. Oh, my cuck. This is so good."


"Ooooh, my cuckold. Ohhhh."

I cannot overemphasis the passion of this moment. The emotions I felt, were like how you feel during and after a first kiss. I felt excitement, elation, and a feeling that something new and wonderful was beginning. That is what it felt like to eat my wife's pussy. Her crotch was hot and wet. My nostrils were full of her womanly aroma and the faint smell of her rose-scented body wash. Her body jerked and gyrated with every sweep of my tongue over the sensitive folds of her clit. It felt good to give her pleasure. The experience was highly erotic and rewarding to me. We both stared at each other, her looking down at me past her breasts, and me looking up from between her thighs. She bit her lower lip from the service my mouth gave her. She began massaging her breasts with one hand and pinching the tips of her hardening nipples. The sight of her body rolling up and down at the mercy of my tongue upon her sweet cunt made my dick so swollen with pulsing pleasure that it hurt. I loved eating her pussy.

After some time she grasped my hair tightly and cried. "Oh yes. Yes. I'm having one."

Anna's body twisted on the sofa while I licked and tongued her clit. The muscles of her body tensed, relaxed and then her eyes rolled up in her head.

"It's a long one. Oooooohhhhh, Jim."

Anna began pounding her crotch into my face. I clung on to her hips with both hands and kept my mouth licking pussy the best that I could. I knew she hit a climax as her whole body began to shiver and then hold still.

"Yes. Yes! You are such a good husband, Jim."

"You had one?"


"I'm glad. How was it?"

"It is different then being fucked, but real good anyway. Oh, I love you."

"I love you too, sweety. You got me so hot right now."

"I need to get you off too. Get on your feet, honey." Anna hopped off the sofa and knelt down on the floor. She put my dick in her mouth. It felt incredible. I nearly exploded right then and there feeling her lovely lips wrap around my swollen penis.

"Honey, that's good." I said as she moved my dick back and forth in her sweet face.

It made me happy to see her sucking my dick. I think we both needed to share and have a close sexual bond together, even if my dick wouldn't enter her pussy again. After a few strokes she took my dick out of her mouth and started stroking me very fast. She gazed excitedly at me with big bright eyes as she masturbated my dick. She looked as happy I felt as she watched me intently.

"You love seeing me make love to a black man, right?"

"Yes." I said with my dick on the edge of spurting.

"You love me, your little black cock slut wife, yes?"

"Yes. Yes, honey. Yes."

My body shook with pleasure as my wife jerked me off to orgasm. To my delight, Anna closed her eyes and let the sloppy mess shoot all over her face. She looked great with long strings of cum dripping off her cheeks, eyebrows and nose.

"What a mess." Anna said, peeking out from one eye. "But it was worth it."

"Yeah that was great." I said. "We have to do it again sometime."

"Excuse me? What are you talking about, honey?" Anna delicately wiped cum off her face with her fingers . "From now on you are eating my pussy every day."

I smiled. "Whatever you want, sweety."

"I'm glad you agree." Anna stood up and kissed me. "My sweet cuck."


My wife wasn't kidding when she told me she wanted me to eat her pussy everyday. My head was back between her legs and face down on her muff before we both went off to work the next morning. This new sexual development aroused both of us tremendously. She stood in the living room with her legs spread apart while down on my knees I ate her pussy.

"Gosh I love seeing you between my legs."

"Mmmmmm." Was all I could mumble with my mouth latched on to her pussy.

"It feels so good."

After I ate her to orgasm we switched places and she sucked my cock till I blew my wad into her mouth and face. That day she was late for work because she took a little longer cleaning up all the jizz I spewed over her.

At work she called me on the cell phone.

"Hi, honey. Thanks for this morning--I really needed it."

"Anytime baby." I replied.

"I want it again when I get home." Anna cooed.

And when she Anna back home from work she got it again. This time she sat on a velour loveseat in the living room with her legs stretched wide open. Again, I was on my knees with my head on her snatch, eating her pussy like it was an all you can eat buffet. I had a massive hard on the whole time I munched on her pussy. She squirmed and squeaked with delight as I brought her to orgasm.

Later in the evening after supper she stripped off all her clothes, laid down on our bed and spread her legs wide open.

"Eat me." She invited.

This time I kissed her mouth. We shared a tender set of kisses, then I licked her breasts as I worked my way down to her pussy. For the next half-hour my head stayed between her thighs. She relished every minute of it, making a sound like a moaning laughter. Giving her so much pleasure made me very happy, I ate and licked her pussy with my tongue with single minded determination and made her cum three separate times. She expressed her enjoyment of this new situation with delighted cries as I brought her to the third orgasm.

"Oh yeah. You eat pussy good, cuck boy." She sighed with contentment.

"Mmmm, you are tasty." I said with my jaw tired.

"Okay, your turn. Lay back." She sat up and grabbed my hard dark.

I did as she asked and she stroked my dick with her hand until I came. It didn't take long. I was so hot and bothered that I had been hovering near climax for some time. After cleaning up we got back in bed and cuddled with each other.

"Having my pussy eaten is good way to pass the time while I wait for Antwan to get back." She snuggled with me. "I miss fucking him so much. Even though we can't have sex I can see there are still plenty of fun things for us to do together."

"So what is it you like about it me eating your pussy?" I asked out of curiosity. "I mean my tongue is smaller then my dick, how much pleasure can it possibly give you?"

Anna looked at me with a radiant smile. "I'm not sure. It's very stimulating feeling your tongue and it makes me feel empowered somehow."


"It's like I'm in control. It excites me to see you on your knees with your face in my crotch. And then it gives me a rush to whack or suck you off. " Anna pressed her warm soft body against mine. "It makes me happy that we can get each other off even if we don't have sex."

"I'm happy about that too. And I love that we hold each other in bed." I said pulling her closer to me.

"Me too, honey." Anna kissed my lips and then nestled her head against my shoulder. "I feel so close to you."

"By the way have you had a chance to talk to Antwan today?"

"Yes I did." Anna's eyes lit up at the mention of her black lover's name. "I told him I can't wait for him to come back and spend more time with me. He says he is thinking about me all day and bought me a gift; isn't he the sweetest guy."

"He's a good guy." I replied. "You haven't told him you are going to have sex with him exclusively yet?"

"No. Not yet. Let it be a surprise for when he gets back. I got so much to prepare. I want to shop for new clothes for work and also clothes to look nice for him when he gets back, I need new boots--ones with heels, I want to get some new perfume and some sexy lingerie."

"That reminds me of when we went shopping before your first date with Antwan."

"Yes. You can help me shop too, it should be fun. Well, good night, honey."

"Good night."

Later then night when it seemed Anna went to sleep I went to my study, turned on my computer and started watching the video I shot of Antwan and Anna's first time together. Watching my wife making love to a black man had been the most intense night of my life. Sitting in front of the computer I lowered my pants and masturbated to it. As I pleasured myself, I suddenly heard a creak behind me.

Anna was there with a glass of water, wearing only a sheer nightie and panties, watching me masturbate.

"I got up for a drink."

"I can see that." I said, feeling strangely embarrassed. I minimized the window with her sex video and began to pull up my pants.

"No. Don't stop." Anna said, placing her glass on a table and pulling up a seat next to me. "I would like you to continue. Just do what you would do if I weren't here. Please, honey."

"Ok I said." I still felt embarrassed but did as she asked.

I put the video back up and stroked my dick to the scene of my wife's interracial sexing. Anna watched me and began rubbing herself. Seeing her arousal made me more excited. My dick got super hard and the feeling of pleasure got more intense.

"You are so obsessed with seeing me black fucked." Anna whispered. "Gawd, that makes me so wet."

"I get off watching this video of you with Antwan once sometimes two or three times every night" I said.

Anna lowered her panties and began intensely fingering herself.

"Sometimes I watch the other sex vids of you and Antwan and sometimes I just look at pictures of the two of you together." I said showing her their location on my computer with my free hand.

"Oh wow. You have all our sex pictures and vids so well organized." Anna said as she continued to rub herself.

"It's my new favorite hobby."

"What's in this folder?" Anna clicked on the folder with pictures I modified with hearts. "These are really cute I love them."

"I made them for fun."

"You need to make me copies for my computer. I like them."


Next, Anna opened the folder with my drawings. She looked at them with fascination. Anna spent the most time looking at the drawing I made of her in a wedding dress kissing Antwan at the conclusion of a wedding ceremony.

"These are really nice." Anna said. "Is this all that you think about?"

"Pretty much yes."

Anna smiled. "I think part of what makes sex with Antwan so great is seeing how much it turns you on."

"Sometimes I get off just looking at pictures of you. Like this one." I pulled up one of our wedding pictures where Anna looked stunning in a slim white wedding dress standing arm and arm next to me. "I love seeing you so beautiful on our wedding day and thinking about how this sweet young woman would become my black cock loving hot wife."

"Oh, honey. I love it." She said with approval.

We masturbated together for a few minutes. I jagged off to our wedding photo and she fingered herself to me masturbating. Together we shared an orgasm, then we cleaned and held hands as we went off to bed. We cuddled in bed. She fell asleep as I caressed her and I drifted off soon afterwards while I gazed at the shape of my wife's lovely, curvy body.


The following day Anna and I drove to a high-end mall. The main reason we were there was so Anna could shop for new clothes to impress Antwan with. Because of that everything Anna did was a major turn on for me. I often fell behind her as she browsed through the mall so I could admire the sway of her body as she walked. As I had observed before, she possessed a new outward sexiness and glow that projected from her ever she first had sex with a black man. The masculinity of Antwan's earnest lovemaking unlocked a previously subdued femininity in her and released a bold woman who felt confident in womanhood and her sexuality. People in the mall seemed to notice it too, as I caught many guys sneaking stares at her. She gave a very friendly smile to a young black salesman as she strolled through the perfume department, sampling scents and rubbing some on her wrists--and I was incredibly turned on.

When she stopped in the shoe section of the department store to look for heels, pumps and boots on--I was turned on again. I carried a shopping bag with the new perfume she bought while Anna made a thrilled shriek when she saw the latest shoes on display. She walked with a quick bounce over to them and examined them with hungry delight.

"Oh, Jim. This is what I need." Anna said with a sweet voice as her eyes gazed over a pair of black slingback mid-heel pumps.

Then she spotted a pair of anklestrap pumps and gasped. "Or these! I need them all."

I know plenty of guys who hate shopping with their wives and girlfriends. Even I used to at one point, but lately I had been looking it as another opportunity to admire my wife's beauty and sexiness. Anna looked amazingly hot sitting down trying different pumps while showing off her slim legs, covered with black pantyhose, under her black pleated flounce skirt. It aroused me to watch her slip shoes on and off her feet. What made it so hot for me? It all came back to me knowing that the lovely young wife trying shoes on in front of me was black cock slut. Thinking about how my pretty brunette wife, who was now intensely searching for the best shoes, had surrendered her body in front of me to a black man made me long to see her do it again.

"Oooooooh, boots!" Anna cried after sending me to pay for the pumps she picked.

When I returned to her side she was busy trying on a pair of brown riding boots.

"I like these but I don't have anything that goes with them." Anna looked at me shyly. "Maybe I could buy a matching outfit today?"

I smiled. "Get anything you want today. We can afford a little splurge."

Anna's face lit up and I wanted to kiss her. As if she heard my thoughts, Anna jumped up and planted a sweet kiss on my lips.

"Thank you, baby. I will take the boots."

"Baby. I know you want to look good for Antwan so consider it my gift to you."

"I do want to look good for Antwan. I'm glad you understand how special tomorrow is going to be. I want it to be perfect."

I was pretty sure my wife wasn't going to wear the brown riding boots tomorrow but it didn't matter. She was a shoe whore as well as a black cock whore. I just felt happy spending this time with Anna.

Seeing her shop for clothes, trying different skirts on and going in and out of the changing room--I continued to be turned on. Everywhere she went I thought--there goes my wife, a beautiful black cock slut. Who could have guessed this attractive young brunette wife was a total whore for black loving? It made me wonder as I scanned the mall and spotted other attractive young women shopping, how many other beautiful white women here were like her?

My excitement continued as I watched her using a store mirror while she tried on new clothes.

"Do you think Antwan will like this skirt on me?" Anna moved around to see herself from different angles.

"I think it looks great on you."

"I hope so. I want to look sexy for my man." Anna said as she posed in the mirror.

It surprised me that her words stung me a little, especially when she said: my man. Antwan was of course her man now. I was her husband--but not her man. That title was reserved the guy who fucked her pussy and that wasn't me anymore, it belong to a black man who taken my place in bed.

Later we went to a lingerie shop and bought some fancy and sexy under garments. I watched her model them in a private changing room and enjoyed every moment of watching her undress and try different outfits on.

After we were done shopping we went to a restaurant to eat. We looked like any other white couple enjoying lunch. We talked about normal things: the weather, work and politics. As we conversed I realized too that one of the things that really connected Anna and I together was how well we bonded on an mental level. The whole time we were there we said nothing about sex and just enjoyed each other's company.

As we finished our lunch we saw an interracial couple, a handsome young black man and an attractive young white woman take a seat at a booth nearby us. He was very athletic looking and clean cut and she had red hair, a slender figure and a bright smile. Together they both seemed really happy and excited so it was easy to tell they weren't just friends but were serious lovers. Anna smiled wistfully when she saw them and we exchanged a knowing grin as we got up and left. Once outside Anna pointed toward the restaurant and said:

"That was a cute interracial couple back there."

"I bet they get it on all day."

Anna took my arm and held on to me tightly as we walked to our car in the parking lot. "I think we are going to see more couples like that in the future."

I winked at her. "I also think there will be more couples like us to."

"Do you mean white couples where the wife has sex with a black man while the husband watches?"


"Oh yes." Anna said. "I'm sure more and more couples will be just like us as people become more open minded."


The next day I arranged to meet Antwan by myself at our house while Anna was out shopping. We didn't really need groceries, but she knew her being out was only to give me time to clear things with Antwan.

Before he arrived I also took steps to make sure my wife's night with Antwan was extra special. I tossed rose pedals on our bed and lit several candles to give it an extra romantic look. The sheets were fresh and silk. I had also had a stereo in the room ready to play a medley of sexy make-out music that I knew both Anna and Antwan liked. It gave me a hard on just looking at all the preparations for my wife's big night with her black lover.

Antwan sounded suspicious when I talked to him on the phone. He seemed to sense something was up but he didn't know if it was a good or bad thing. I assured him everything was cool and that I just wanted to chat with him a bit and give him a key to the house.

He showed up on time and we had beers after turning the television in the living room on to a cable sports channel. After some polite conversation about sports and the weather I got right to the point.

"Listen, Antwan." I started. "I wanted to let you that Anna and I talked about our situation and have come to a decision."


"We decided, with your consent of course, that you and Anna should become full time lovers. You will have a key to the house and you are welcome to come over whenever you want. You can be over here every night of the week if you choose and you can have as much sex with Anna as the two of you want."

"What about you? Ya'll okay with this." Antwan said with a disbelieving look on his face.

"Anna and I both feel the same way about it."

"So Anna we be fucking the both of us?"



"Anna will only fuck you."

"Dayum. And you are okay with that? It don't bother you that I'm doing your woman and you can't?" Antwan shook his head.

"Honestly, I approve of it wholeheartedly."

Antwan smiled and took a deep swig from his beer. "I like that."

"Glad to hear it."

"It's cool bro, ya'll alright." Antwan extended his hand forward to me and we exchanged a handshake.

"I want to thank you for being so cool about all this." I told him after we shook hands. "Throughout everything you've been patient and a gentleman. You've never been too pushy and I really appreciate that."

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