Caught Ch. 05


"Ain't nothing, man." Antwan laid back on the sofa. "I'm an easy going brother. I think what we got going works out great for everybody. I got the hots for Anna and she got the hots for me. We do our thing together and it is what it is. But I'm real see, I know she loves you. She doesn't want to leave you for me, not really."

I smiled. "Thanks Antwan. I really do love her."

"I know you do. I know. And I respect that. I'm happy she gonna keep doing the relationship thang with you. It's all good. I don't really want to spend all day with a woman. Sometimes I want to shoot hoops, or watch the game, or watch tv. Women, they always want to talk and shit, keep things neat, or just go do sumthin. The way I see it, you and I have a partnership. You take care of the lovey dovey homebody side of things that she needs and I take care of her sexual needs in bed and everyone is happy."

I nodded. "Sounds like a plan."

"Damn straight it's a plan." Antwan laughed.


Anna walked in a short time later carrying two grocery bags while wearing a classic dark gray pinstripe skirt suit. My wife had an impeccable sense of style and always looked her best. Today was no exception. Under her knee length dress skirt she wore jet black stockings with black ankle strapped and closed toed three-inch heels.

"Hi Jim, honey. I'm home."

My wife placed the two grocery bags on the kitchen counter. I got up off the coach and walked over to greet her. She hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss on the lips. After she kissed me I nodded my head in Antwan's direction and she turned around and she saw that Antwan was here. Her eyes brightened, she smiled widely and I could just barely notice her tongue lick the top row of her teeth. My dick jumped in my pants as I watched my wife and Antwan's eyes meet and saw the sparks fly between them.

"Hello, Antwan." She said.

"Hey, suga."

"How was your trip?"

"It was good."

"You guys were talking?" She asked, biting her lip in a cute and nervous way.

"We did. And I told Antwan everything."

"So you know then?"Anna looked at Antwan with an expectant hopeful look.

"Yup." He said as he stood up from the living room sofa. "Jim said you want to start having sex with only me."

Still in my arms Anna looked cautiously at me with her beautiful brown eyes: "Are you sure you are ok with this, baby?"

"How many times do I have to tell you before you get it: I love it." I held her tightly in my arms, kissed her and then turned Anna around to face Antwan. "Go to him, baby."

I felt her warm and soft body against mine for one lovely second. The heat from her was arousing and intoxicating. I relished the sensation of pressing against my wife's body, then gently I pushed her forward and watched her step away from me and towards Antwan. This was the moment I both dreaded and longed for. My wife and I had been so intimate the last few days. I had enjoyed the time alone we shared. Part of me didn't want to let go, but that part of me was overwhelmed by the incredible desire to see my wife with a black man. It was as unstoppable for me to release Anna as it was for her to go to him. The decision was no longer ours to make. The balance of sexual power now leaned entirely toward Antwan. She had to surrender to him. He had become the dominant male. I began to feel like we had been playing parts in an elaborate mating ritual, where the rights to sex with my wife had been passed away from me. Anna remained my wife, but she belonged sexually to another man, a black man. That had become the new dynamic in our relationship and all the parties involved had approved.

Anna looked awesome from behind. My wife was a fit and attractive young white woman dressed sharply in her professional skirt suit. Her slender waist accentuated the curve of her female form. Her rear end looked delectable as it swayed back and forth with every step she took to her black lover, her new mate. She turned around once and winked at me. How happy she looked! Her face beamed with excitement, and without words she sent me a message moving only her mouth.

Off her lips I read: "I love you."

"I love you too." I replied silently.

Then Anna turned her back on me. She turned away from me to face Antwan in front of her. I moved around them to see better. She smiled with delight and leaned up, my heart started to beat faster, and their lips touched.

They began to kiss..

Maybe it was the emotion of the moment, but it felt like seeing my wife kiss a black man for the first time all over again. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders. He put his hands on her hips. Their bodies pressed close, pulled together by irresistible sexual attraction . She reached up, her hands moving up from his shoulders to cup his face, as he leaned down. His hands wrapped around her back. Their lips met, gently at first and then with increasing intensity as passionate reunion of interracial lover continued. One of her feet, resting attractively in a black heel, began to twist on the floor with pleasure. My ears were soon treated to the delightful sound of Anna's sweet moans as hers and Antwan's mouth wrestled with each other. She never moaned that way when I kissed her. This ecstacy was something she could only obtain through Antwan. I marveled at how delicate Anna looked in his arms and against his large muscular body.

While they kissed I had slowly moved toward where I left one of my digital cameras in the living room. I had left it prepared for just this occasion. By now, Antwan and my wife were accustomed to me snapping pictures of them together that it was just white noise in the background to them and they ignored it.

The hard on in my pants throbbed like crazy as I watched the two lover's heads move side to side as their hungry kiss continued. I couldn't get over how sexy Anna looked kissing him in her skirt suit. Still holding each other, they pulled back from their wonderful kiss to look at each other. Both Anna and Antwan exchanged huge smiles that I couldn't help thinking were so natural and happy.

"You don't know how much I've been thinking of you." Anna said.

"I've been thinking of you too." Antwan reached into his pockets and pulled out a small box.

Anna's eyes and smile widened with delight. "You bought me a present?"

"Yeah." He shrugged.

"You are too sweet!"

"I saw this at the mall and thought of you." Antwan said.

Anna opened the box and then squealed with delight as she pulled out a slim gold necklace with a heart shaped jewel pendent.

"Oh, it is beautiful!" My wife said with her face glowing at Antwan.

"Here let me put it on you."

"Yes, please."

I watched Anna turn around, a bright smile illuminating her face, and hold still. There was something incredibly sexy about watching them as Antwan put the necklace on her. I took many pictures of the event that I was sure I would later masturbate to a dozen times. It was symbolic of the growing bond between my wife and her black lover. Anna was becoming more and more Antwan's woman in ways beyond just the physical. Anna glanced briefly at me with excited eyes. She looked happy and I was excited for her. When Antwan finished attaching it he gently kissed her neck. The sight of his dark lips on her tan neck looked exquisite. I captured every moment of it with a few clicks of my camera. She moaned softly as she received his kiss, her shoulder lifted and titled toward him as her eyes closed with pleasure. She turned back toward him, eyes glinting with happiness and her hand on her present.

"Thank you so much, Antwan."

He looked slightly embarrassed with her thanks. "Your welcome, suga. I'm just glad you like it."

"Like it? Baby, I love it. I'm going to cherish this always." My wife then kissed his black lips gently and with much love and tenderness.

My dick hardened, throbbed and hurt with excitement as I watched Anna and Antwan share this wonderful loving moment.

"I want you to take me." Anna said when their lips parted

Antwan smiled. "So you gonna only have sex with me now?"

"Only you."

"You don't want to fuck your husband anymore?" Antwan said, never taking his eyes off her.

Anna gazed into his eyes. "Nope."

"You are sure?"

Anna replied with a deep kiss while at the same time massaging his cock through his pants with one hand. After kissing him she looked lovingly into his eyes.

"I only want you inside me." My wife told him. "This is the way Jim and I want it, but especially the way I want it."

"So no more sex with hubbie?" Antwan asked.

"No, baby. Only you."

"And I can be here whenever I want and do you whenever I want?"

"Yes, baby. I hope you stay and fuck me every night."

"I plan to be here a lot."

Anna smiled. "I want you here in my bed and your black cock in my white pussy."

My wife and Antwan's body pressed forward into each other and they kissed again. The moment seemed to last forever. Anna lifted her left leg and rubbed it up and down the side of Antwan's body as they locked lips. I could hear her coo with delight as his hands caressed her body all over her back, hips and ass. I couldn't get over how beautiful they looked together.

"Wow. That was good." Anna said when they finished.

"Ready to fuck?"

"Oh yeah." She replied.

Hand in hand they ran up the stairs, laughing and giddy like two teenagers in love. I was reminded of the young interracial couple my wife and I had seen at the restaurant. My wife had the same wide beaming smile the young woman with her black boyfriend had. There was joy in the way she pranced upstairs, a joy for live and love that made my heart beat faster. Her joy became my joy. I caught the moment on my camera for later viewing. They entered the bedroom with their hand's clasped. She preceded him, pulling him along. She gasped with delighted surprise when she entered and saw the bed covered with rose petals and the room illuminated with candles.

"This is lovely, Jim. Thank you." She said to me and then yanked Antwan into the bedroom. "Get in here, loverboy."

After he followed her inside Anna leaped into his arms. Her legs wrapped around his back and her arms went around his neck as they kissed. It looked very good. I could see the joy of my wife's desire for Antwan in the eagerness with which she held him. They remained there for a minute, my wife kissing him in his arms like a new lover.

When he set her down, Anna began to undress slowly. I scuttled in behind them and took a position off to the side where I could view the action from the best angle. At the same I pushed the start button for the make out music. The music fit perfectly with the mood as my wife began to slowly strip for Antwan. I started to think that this was a new chapter in my new life. Another transformation of my role as a husband had begun to solidify. I was my wife's supporting cuckold in her pursuit for interracial union. My purpose was to facilitate the joining of my wife with her black lover. I whole heartedly embraced this goal.

"I've waited for you all week, baby." Anna said undoing the buttons of her suit jacket. "All week I've thought of your gorgeous black body driving me mad."

"I've thought of you too, suga." Antwan smiled and sat down on the bed to watch her strip. "I've been dreaming of this moment."

"You make me so horny and wet, baby." Anna freed the last button on her jacket and rubbed her hands down the side of her body.

Anna, with an intense look of passion in her face, threw off her suit jacket. Next she dropped her skirt, revealing a silky white slip underneath. Her eyes remained fixed with lust on Antwan. She swayed her hips side to side for him while her slender hands worked her hardening breasts.

All I could think of was that I was the luckiest man in the world. The scene in front of me was blowing my mind it was so hot. How many guys get to watch their beautiful wife stripping for another man who she is about to make love to? If they knew how good it I'm sure there would be more. My dick was throbbing uncontrollably. I kept thinking to myself: I'm never going to put my penis into that beautiful woman again. She doesn't want it from me. She wants it from a black man. I had seen her make love to Antwan before, but it was different this time. This was the first time after our arrangement. With a cute wink she lowered her slip to reveal the lacy pink lingerie she and I bought at the mall. Antwan grinned in appreciation.

"Do you like what you see baby?" My wife asked.

"I love what I see, suga."

"I bought it just for you."

"Baby, I like."

Her blouse came off and then her bra. Her breasts came out, perky and excited; Antwan cupped them in his hands. How incredibly sexy her white breasts looked held by his black hands. His mouth opened wide and he covered each nipple with kisses.

"Ohhhh, Antwan."

Anna reveled in the attention Antwan gave her breasts. She rubbed them into his face and then turned around, presenting her gorgeous bottom to him. He he slipped off her lingerie panties. His hands ran down her legs as he removed them and she cooed with delight. When at last she was naked she helped him out with her shirt and pulled down his pants. As his naked black body was exposed to her she sighed with pleasure. She ran her hands over his muscular chest and across his strong body. I watched her amorously kiss and lick his chest.

"I love your body, Antwan. You're so sexy I can't stand it."

My wife looked extremely happy. I could see a new twinkle in her eyes. A twinkle that said: I'm only yours now. She pulled off his underwear and gazed lovingly at his enlarged black penis. What followed was a kiss, on his dick. She lavished kisses all over his black member. I took many pictures as my wife savored the taste of black cock in her mouth. Anna marveled at his stiff black erection, the phallus that had given her so much pleasure in the past, and the only one she would permit to enter the hot and wet folds of her white pussy.

She stared and adoringly rubbed Antwan's cock up and down "This is so beautiful."

"You are beautiful. I can't wait to stuff it into your tight pussy."

"Yes, baby. I want you there."

Without another word she pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. They kissed for some time. How exciting it was to see my way pour out so much passion and sexual energy in the manner that she kissed him. I took one photo after another of them, mouth locked on mouth, kissing each other with more passion and longing then I ever had with my wife. This was not a gentle kiss, but the kiss of a virile man and fertile woman madly in lust whose passion drove them together to seek sexual satisfaction in each other's body. They were young, hot and needed to fuck each other. The explosive sexuality of my wife with her black lover awed and even intimidated me. How did I ever dare to try and satisfy this woman through sex. She deserved better and I felt happy and privileged to see their lovemaking. I began to feel sorry for those husbands who jealousy watch their wife for infidelity. They don't know what they are missing. Watching my making out with a black guy was a simply awesome experience to me. After they rolled around the bed kissing each other, Antwan stood up, turned her around and bent her over the bed.

Anna cooperated with him. "Oh Antwan, baby. Yeah, do me from behind."

Her cute ass stuck up in the air as she leaned down on the bed. Her long smooth legs looked sexy spread open. She playfully wiggled her bottom at Antwan, presenting herself as ready to accept him. Antwan rubbed his throbbing manhood on her ass. Anna's clit looked moist, already wet from anticipation of Antwan's entry into her. With my camera I caught the action as Antwan grabbed my wife's slender hips, pressed the fat knob of his black cock against the delicate folds of my wife's clit and pushed them aside as he thrust himself into her welcoming pussy.

"Ooooh my gawd." She said. "So good."

He pushed slowly into her. It had been awhile since the last time they made love. Enthralled by what was happening, I focused on my wife's face, and watched her expressions. Anna's eyes went wide and searched behind her, trying to catch a glimpse of the black meat that was stretching her love hole. Her mouth dropped open as the black cock's invasion into her pussy began and then suddenly she grimaced. Sometimes her face would wince with pain, bite her lower lip, gaze back lovingly and whisper: "Easy, baby."

"I won't hurt you, suga." Antwan said as he pumped my wife's behind forward and back with a lustful determination.

"Oh please, baby. It's so good but go easy." She cried.

I could read surprise, pain, excitement and finally pleasure as Antwan buried himself into my wife. The pain of her pussy stretching was receding and being replaced with the pleasure of being full of black cock. Gradually a smug wanton smile emerged on Anna's face.

"Fuck yeah." Anna screamed.

"So tight."

"Do me, baby. Do me like a slut."

It took several strokes before Antwan had his black cock all the way inside her. I could only imagine the pleasure he must be giving Anna as she began to whimper uncontrollably. Each time he pressed his hips against her, he pushed deeper and deeper, until finally his large black balls slapped against her skin.

"Ahhhh, yes." Both Antwan and Anna moaned as they mated.

Anna crawled forward and Antwan moved with her, their bodies never breaking the connection between their groins. I felt a little sting watching Antwan climb up on the bed, mount and screw my wife. For a brief moment I wanted to be the one screwing her, but it was clear only he could do a proper job of it. If I could do what he could do to my wife then I wouldn't be watching him doing her. She looked happy and satisfied. The sight of Antwan's muscular black body mounting my sweet little wife's white body gave me crazy pleasure.

"That black cock feels so good."

"Tell me you love it, suga."

"I do. I do."

"Tell me."

"I love black cock. You are the only man for me, Antwan."

"Say it again."

"You are the only man for me, Antwan." My wife obediently replied. "My pussy is yours."

"You are damn right it is."

"Only yours. Take it, baby. It's yours."

What a moment. Hearing my wife dedicate her pussy to him like that made me lose my composure. It looked so hot I was dripping pre-cum out of my dick just watching the action. I would recommend it again and again to any man to watch your wife get fucked doggy style by a hung black man. I put down my camera and took out one of my video cameras and began recording the scene. I carried the video camera over to the side of the bed and took a close up of my wife's pretty face. The way her brown hair fell over sweaty brow as she rocked back and forth to his fucking looked adorable.

"How do you like it, baby?" I asked.

Anna laughed. "What the fuck do you thing? I love it."

"Tell me what is happening?"

"I'm being fucked."

"Who is fucking you?"

"My black lover." She whispered.

"How is it?"

"It's amazing...ah...his cock is so big inside of me."

My own enjoyment reached a point where I had to put the camera down and masturbate. I took a seat near the bed and just watched Antwan hump my wife into submission. My dick pulsed with pleasure watching my wife's slim white body at the mercy of her lover's muscular black body. His long dark cock disappeared into her rear end with a regular tempo. Every time he pumped his black cock into her white pussy he converted her more and more into his woman. She throughly loved it. Each stroke brought a whimper of enjoyment from her sweet face.

"Antwan, you give me so much pleasure." Anna said in a rapt voice.

"Yes, suga." He replied as he continued fucking from behind.

"My pussy belongs to you, Antwan." She said.

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