tagGroup SexCaught Fantasizing at Home Ch. 07

Caught Fantasizing at Home Ch. 07


Author's note: This saga just took a different turn. The first six chapters were about expanding the protagonist's horizons as he became more and more comfortable with sucking cocks. This chapter involves straight sex and - sorry - no male on male cocksucking. Hopefully, existing fans will still enjoy it. Maybe others who just discovered this story will enjoy the previous chapters...

Obviously, if gay blowjobs turn you off, do not read the previous chapters. While this chapter is certainly part of the series, I believe it should stand alone.

I hope you enjoy it,



About a month ago, my wife started giving me the cold shoulder. She wouldn't look me in the eyes. She started making sarcastic comments -- something she rarely did before. Generally, I could feel that I had done something but I wasn't sure what. When I brought it to her attention, she gave me that quasi-genuine smile that wives give their husbands to convince them nothing is wrong. It was clear that the smile was hiding something though.

Obviously, my paranoia kicked into high gear. She knew! What else could it be? Goddamit!

I had cheated on her recently by fucking a woman who worked at my company. Actually, I didn't just fuck her. We had both ended up working a glory hole at a party and we'd sucked cocks together - many cocks. She'd let some men fuck her through the glory hole and I'd fucked her mouth at the same time. Then, caught up in my cum lust, I'd sucked the cum of the unknown men out of her pussy. It was so fucking hot! We found ourselves fucking on the floor of the bathroom as a natural and obvious consequence to our animal-like lusty foreplay.

Somehow that sex felt worse than the fact that I'd become a cocksucker. I was still straight -- at least I felt straight. I wasn't interested in anal sex or making out with men...I just loved the feel of a hard cock in my mouth. Shit, I loved a soft cock in my mouth. I discovered that I loved sucking cock. I was a cum-lover. That didn't make me gay. It just made me...a cocksucker.

I had been caught by Jake, a guy from work, jerking to gay blowjob porn. He'd forced me to suck his cock. Well, at first, I had been forced. I had been fantasizing about sucking cock for a while and Jake forcing his long thick cock on me had been a literal dream come true. From there, I'd sucked him many times. I'd sucked several of his friends too. Jake and I had organized poker games where I had sucked off all the men after "losing". Jake had even organized the glory hole party where I'd sucked twenty men and then cheated on Marcie by fucking the slutty bookkeeper from my office.

With all of this sneaking around and cocksucking and -- let's face it -- cheating, I was pretty paranoid. I absolutely didn't want my southern baptist wife finding out. She'd lose her mind, I was sure. She'd be offended by my cheating and disgusted by my cocksucking and cum love. What's more, I'd sucked several long, black cocks too. While Marcie was definitely not a racist, she was innocent and certainly held several prejudices based on her upbringing. She'd matured and left behind those thoughts years ago but who knows what she'd say when she found out I was a cocksucker. Sucking black cock? Maybe that'd be worse for her somehow. Shit!

My paranoia was made worse by the fact that I had several videos of myself sucking cock, playing with cum, and eating cum. I'd filmed almost all of my cocksucking adventures. I had made "cumpilation" videos of me sucking cock, getting throatfucked, swallowing cum, and getting facials. They were so hot! I jacked off to them all the time. I was pretty confident that they were safe on my private computer upstairs. They were password protected. But still... Did she see them? What did she know.

Marcie and I had been married about fifteen years. We discovered early on that she couldn't conceive and we'd lived with this fact. Marcie had always been beautiful. She had large breasts and round, curvatious hips. She was, what you'd call, full-figured. But not fat. In fact, after 15 years of marriage, she was still damn sexy. I would guess that she was 38-28 -36. With D-cups. She still turned me on and, until recently, we'd had sex a couple times a month. We'd fallen into a routine, though. A little foreplay. Some nipple play, some cock play, then I'd climb on top of her - missionary style -- and pump away. It was good -- enough. At least it was good for me. I'm pretty sure it was for her too. But, in hindsight, it was around this point when I'd started looking at more adventurous porn.

I'd started with group porn with many men having sex with many women. This had shifted quickly to MMF vids with one woman servicing many men. Mentally, I'd put Marcie in the role of that woman, fucking and sucking many men. It was so hot but it felt so dirty bringing her into these fantasies; so guilty. So, from there, I'd drifted to cuck vids and then to videos of men sucking cock -- no women at all. These, I'd found, turned me on to no end.

I never talked about these fantasies with Marcie. Not really... Once, earlier this year while having sex, I'd thrown out a comment but had been uncomfortable by her response and never brought it up again.

I was fucking her and blurted: "I bet you'd like to have a nice big cock to suck right now, wouldn't you?" She'd gasped. "That's so filthy..." she'd said with her Alabama accent while looking back with heavily lidded eyes. "A big thick cock..." I continued as I leaned my mouth into her ear, thrusting into her repeatedly. "...shooting cum in ma-your mouth". While saying this to her, I'd envisioned a thick black cock right there in front of us, cumming in her mouth as I fucked her. Actually, truth be told, it was cumming in my mouth as I fucked her... This mental scene had caused me to cum deep in her womb, as I closed my mouth and savored the pretend cum.

Afterward, I think we were both embarrassed by the event. Well, I was embarrassed because I had secretly brought a man into our bed -- even in fantasy form -- and he'd cum in MY mouth. Thank God I had caught myself before blurting that part! I felt that she was embarrassed because she is so clean and innocent and...I think I'd disrespected her by saying that. We didn't talk about it after that.

Nonetheless, when she started avoiding me and ignoring me and snapping at me a couple of weeks ago, what else could I think. I pleaded with her to talk to me, to tell me what was wrong but she just smiled and claimed nothing was wrong.

This Monday she ignored me as I dressed and prepared for a business trip. I decided to confess everything. She probably already knew but...

Just after boarding the plane, I called. She answered coldly. I wanted to tell her everything right there. Instead, I asked her again if she was mad at me.

I could almost see her knowing smile over the phone. "Why?" she asked with her cute accent, "did ya do something you feel guilty for? Something I might find...hard to swallow?"

My jaw dropped. It was clear that she must know. Just what did she know? How did she find out? It didn't matter. I'd need to come clean. I needed to tell her now! To confess and regain some trust.

But the flight attendant got in my face just at that moment. Apparently, she'd been talking to me and I'd been oblivious... "Sir! I'm not saying it again...PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR PHONE."

SHIT! I held up one finger and smiled weakly.

"Ummm...Yes. Yes I have. Can we talk about it when I come back Friday? I'll tell you everything. I can't now."


"I have to go. Really! Friday! Give me till Friday when I come back? OK? We'll talk Friday. Maybe we'll both have something to say then. Marcie?" But the line went dead.

I shut down the phone and showed the agitated attendant. She gave me a warning moved grumpily back to her area. I didn't care. My marriage was on the line.

What did Marcie mean "We'll both have something to talk about"?

Shit! What a mess.

I tried calling Marcie throughout that day when I found a second but she never answered. I sent texts and emails too.


At the hotel that night, I was unable to sleep. Suddenly, both my phone and computer beeped.

Marcie! Yes!

It was an email from her; a long email.

I read the email. It went on and on about how she knew about my infidelity and my "pleasure from men" and how hurt she was. Shitshitshit! The worst part was that she admitted to me that she might have even enjoyed allowing some of this into our life. "OUR life" she repeated.

What? Really?

She continued. The fact that I did these things alone and did not even consider asking her? That was hurtful.

She then went on to tell me that she still loved me and would consider forgiving me but that I needed to know how she felt. "Chris, you need to truly understand what it feels like. And so do I."

And so do I? And so do I? What the fuck does that mean?

She said she wouldn't talk to me until Friday, when I came home.

"We'll get through this..." she said. "Attached is something for you to consider. Don't call. We'll talk Friday".

There was a link to a dropbox account and a password. This was strange. I didn't know she even knew what dropbox was. I didn't think she was particularly tech-savvy. I discovered how wrong I was -- about many things.

I clicked on the link put in the password. It opened an unnamed folder with a large video inside. I double-clicked and downloaded the video to my computer. It was really large. It took a bit to download. Hmmp. Strange. Was it some motivational marriage speech she'd found?

The video finally downloaded and I opened it.

It showed Marcie sitting in our family room, at home. She was so beautiful.

She was sitting on our couch with a drink in hand wearing a long dress that hugged her curves. That dress was usually reserved for our occasional special nights out. Her ample cleavage was nicely framed -- perhaps too nicely framed. She raised her eyebrows seductively, looked directly at the camera, and asked "Should we do this?" Then Marcie burst out laughing. She was drunk.

Do what?

What was this?

When was this filmed?

I was so confused.

Marcie stood up, downed her drink, and grimaced. She swayed a bit. She was never a big drinker.

The view switched from front to side. From the side, you could see just how sexy she was. Her breasts stood out prominently. The visible cleavage was inviting the eye.

I love her so much. What was she going to say? Obviously she needed a few drinks to give her courage.

God Marcie! Please forgive me...

The view shifted again so she was staring up directly at the camera. She put her glass down and smiled again. She bit her bottom lip making her look innocent and slutty at the same time.

What the...? Wait a minute! How did the view shift like that? There were multiple cameras? There WERE multiple cameras! And this video had been edited. Edited! When was this filmed anyway? Who edited it?

Marcie closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Her long blond hair fell loosely against her back. She smiled and ran her tongue over her lip. Her nipples were hard and pushed obviously against the material. She was so sexy in that dress. She ran her hands up and over her breasts, pushing them together. The areola of both breasts became visible briefly. Marcie pinched her thick nipples through the material. She shuddered and exhaled haltingly.

The view shifted to the side again. Staring forward, Marcie reached behind her and started unzipping the dress. She thrust out her chest as she found the zipper and the view shifted to a close up of the firm cleavage. Then quickly back to the side view. The slinky dress fell to the floor leaving my wife in a lacy bra and matching thong panties. What a great body Marcie had! I wasn't even aware that I was slowly stroking my cock.

The front view panned down her body and back up.

I was confused but Goddam it! She was so sexy! I slid my underwear off and continued massaging my cock.

Where was she going with this?

Marcie turned around and bent over. The view shifted from side to front. Her thong-covered beautiful pussy framed by her ass and legs -- the view was breathtaking.

Who the fuck was filming this? Was this today?

Marcie, still bent over, slid the thong down her legs until it showed her pussy -- her SHAVED pussy. She'd never been cleanly shaven...when did she do this?

She ran her hands back up her legs and then, from her front, slid one hand through her legs to caress her pussy. She then slipped a finger inside her and moaned. She was so wet. Marcie stood up and turned to face the camera. She slid the finger into her mouth and sucked it.

Looking directly at the camera she purred: "Mmmm...tasty. I love sucking tasty things. Is there something else I should try?" and she giggled.

God, she always gets so horny when she drinks.

Marcie slid her bra down from her tits and set them free. She pulled on both nipples and opened her mouth seductively as her shoulders hitched involuntarily. She reversed the bra, unhooked it, and let it drop.

From the side, I watched as Marcie, still pulling on her pinky-sized nipples, walked forward three or four steps to stand in front of a man. The man was tall and fully dressed. The view did not show his head.

"What the fuck?" I asked the empty hotel room. "WHAT THE FUCK! MARCIE!"

The view shifted. It looked down upon her nudity. The man was wearing a Gopro? Seriously, what the fuck?

Marcie, eyes still on the camera, slid her hands down the chest and started fumbling with the man's belt.

The view shifted as Marcie dropped to her knees. The side camera had moved to behind Marcie to film her glorious naked ass. It then slowly panned sideways, much closer than before, and focused on her tits which were pleasantly wiggling as she loosened the belt and pulled the man's pants down to the floor.

The man's cock dangled freely now -- he wasn't wearing underwear. It was long and thick just like Jake's.

It took me one more second to realize that this cock didn't look like Jake's -- It was Jake's! Jake was filming my wife! That MUTHERFUCKER! MOTHER! FUCKING! FUCKER!

Marcie's jaw dropped and she covered her mouth as she stared at Jake's penis. She giggled and looked up to the Gopro and then over at the other camera.

"It's even bigger in person" she said. "No wonder Chris loves this..." Marcie paused as if considering the right word. "...Cock. It's so big!"

She looked sideways at the camera and whispered "cock" and smiled as if saying a bad word.

Jake spoke for the first time as he stepped out of his pants and started removing his shirt. "Do you wanna suck it? It gets way bigger."

"God yes, honey! That's the whole point of all these videos, isn't it? If my husband can do this, well then, so can I."

As she said this, Marcie was staring at Jake's cock and tugging on it lovingly.

"So can I." She repeated in a lusty whisper. Then she bent her neck and put his cockhead in her mouth.

The video showed Jake closing his eyes and tilting his head back. The view switched to show Marcie, eyes closed, licking and sucking on Jake's hardening cock. Her expression was one of ecstasy. I could definitely relate.

Wait...What? Horrified, I slid my finger over the screen a bit, rewinding the video, and verified.

"...All these videos?" What the fuck did she mean by "the point of all these videos"? There were other videos? How many were there?

I watched again as Marcie slipped Jake's gorgeous cock further into her mouth. The views switched as she sucked and licked Jake's cock. She easily got him fully erect and shook her head in astonishment.

"Your cock is gorgeous. I'd have shared this with my husband..." Then she pulled her gaze from his cock and looked directly at the camera. "...if he'd ever had the courtesy of asking me." Marcie then rubbed his hard wet cock all over her face.

"Less talking, more sucking, honey" Jake said rudely as he pulled her head back to his cock. "Time to learn to take it like your husband."

Marcie slid down and back and then pulled away from his cock. Looking directly at Jakes face - No, directly at the camera -- to me! "Yes! Teach me to take it all! just like Chris does! I want you to fuck my throat with this cock! Then, I NEED you to fuck me. I'm so wet!"

Jake looked at the camera on the side and flashed his eyebrows. "Whatever you want pretty lady...".

He grabbed her head by the hair and slid about three inches of his cock into her mouth so that about four inches were remaining. Jake forcefully rotated her head back and forth and slid another inch in.

Marcie's eyes widened. She gagged and tried to pull away.

Jake let her pull off. She looked up at the camera. Her face was shocked. Slime and bile spilt from her mouth and she gasped for air. Jake wasted no time and immediately pulled her back onto his cock. This time she gagged almost immediately as he forced about five inches into her mouth.

Marcie tried to pull away but Jake kept pulling. Slowly he slid the other two inches into her mouth. Marcie was fighting against him but Jake held her head there, Marcie's nose pressed to his trimmed pubes.

Marcie pounded on his thighs. Finally, he allowed her to pull free. A thick string of slobber trailed from his cock to her mouth as she panted and gasped for air.

Jake pulled her head again and she was forced to about five inches before her throat slowly allowed the other inches. Jake held her there as she retched rhythmically. Then he relented and let her slide off his cock. Jake looked down at her face. I looked down at her face.

Marcie's eyes were red and watering. She had stringers of saliva and spit hanging from her mouth and chin. "Is this too much?" he asked.

She panted for a moment and then looked up to his face (my face?). "No. Fuck my face! Fuck my face with this fucking cock and let me have your cum! Just like you did for him!"

Jake looked at the side camera for a second and smiled. "Good girl." he said.

Jake proceeded to throatfuck my wife. He pulled he to him and then off. She retched and gagged with each thrust. After a while, I realized that Marcie had put her hands on Jake's ass and was pulling him into her mouth. She was throating his cock.

Marcie's head moved surprisingly fast as it moved back and forth on Jake's beautiful cock.

I realized that I was masturbating furiously in time with her head thrusts. I was so jealous. So goddamed jealous -- but not of Jake. I was jealous of Marcie. I wanted that cock!.

Jake would pull her tightly down to his crotch and hold her there. Then he'd pull her off two inches or so and vibrate her head on his cock.

The view would shift from the top view to the side. The side view would occasionally shift and show her bouncing tits covered with strings of dripping saliva - her hard nipples betraying her enjoyment.

Marcie was sucking Jake's cock like I did: like a cock whore. My anger had melted away and become excitement -- even pride. This was my wife! My wife was sucking Jake's perfect cock! Just like me. I wished I was there with her. I wanted his cock to share with Marcie. I want to suck it too. I wanted to be with my sexy wife!

And with that thought, I came! I shot spurt after spurt of cum over my hand and chest.

Meanwhile Jake pulled Marcie off his cock and grabbed it with his hand. Never releasing her head, he started jerking and his thick cock. Almost immediately, his thick cum splattered across her forehead and nose, catching Marcie by surprise.

The next spurt landed in her mouth and she reacted quickly and closed her mouth around his cock head. Jake thrust his cock into her mouth and this forced the cum out around his shaft. He slid his thick cock deep again and shuddered as the last spurts went into her throat.

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