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Caught in Between


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


The bright sun was beaming up in the sky on the typical summer day in L.A. The heat had already set in as now it was the afternoon and Britney had to get ready for her day. She was expecting a call from Adam about their recording session that they had planned over at a studio downtown. She had made the trip down here to L.A. to kick back for a bit of fun while working on her new album. Adam had proven to be a good friend over the past two years in Vegas. She enjoyed his hard work, the man was an audio engineer that did extensive mixing work for her Vegas shows. One of these days she knew that she would push the man over the edge with all her flirting and teasing.

From her Malibu condo on this vacation, Britney dressed herself up in white pants with a low white matching shirt. The shirt was cut showing her fit stomach and belly button ring in the middle while the top was cut perfectly to show off her big breasts in a teasing matter. She finished off the outfit with some matching high heels, making sure she dressed to tease poor Adam as he couldn't ever keep his eyes off her. Her makeup had been fixed up with some dark eye liner, her long golden hair straightened out to be put in a ponytail and everything finished with the final topping of her signature fragrance.

Looking up at the clock as 12:14 was now the time on the dot, she grabbed her cellphone and finally Adam was calling. She answers the cellphone accordingly.

"Adam! Hey!"

"Hi Britney, sorry I'm late calling."

"You're not late, I was expecting you to call around 12:30."

"Well yeah, are you ready to go to the studio today?"

"Yep! Just been waiting on you to call sweetie, are you coming to pick me up?"

"Of course, I got a surprise for you today Britney. Be on the look out for the driveway."

"Oh I love surprises, I'll be right here waiting on you Adam, buh-bye!"

The phone clicked dead in the palm of Adam's hand and now he smirked. She had no idea what awaited her as this entrance back to his studio, the man sat softly in the back of a limo driven by his good friend David. This was something of a big dream to Adam, he had always been a quiet nerdy guy in the background of things. How he got into music was a funny deal but fast approaching age of 33 and working in audio tech with Britney Spears' team left him nothing to complain about. On the side he did production here in L.A. for pop music, it was a thrill to him that Britney asked for his help with mixing new songs for her upcoming album.

During the morning he had received a call informing him that working in the studio may be a long shot since routine maintenance was undergoing on the building. He didn't have the courage to be honest to Britney about it as he did not want to disappoint her, but hopefully this ride in a limosouine with some nice wine would be a good way to work his charm over her. He had wanted her so bad over the past few years and now he had his chance. From the driver's side of the long stretch limo was his old friend David, talking freely to him.

"Since this is Britney, do you think you could introduce me to her?"

"Yeah sure, no problem."

"Thanks, I've never seen her in the flesh."

David was something of a mysterious man at least to Adam's knowledge. They had become friends years ago through the service of transportation, the man was once the driver to a high established producer that Adam worked for before his job at Vegas. The two had known each other quite a while but what Adam did not know the party animal that David was under the suit. For years he had wanted to meet Britney and party it up with her, for he had missed the chance during her breakdown period. Slowly and surely, the limo made it's way onto the driveway of the Malibu retreat condo. A couple minutes later, the blonde singer walked out strutting her hips in those white pants as she made it to the back door. Britney opened the door and greeted Adam with that famous signature smile of hers.

"Hey Adam! Nice limo!"

The man smiled at her and took her hand pulling her in. He was dressed down casually with simple jeans and a band shirt. His hair had been recently trimmed, and his face was perfect after a clean shave. Britney leaned over and kissed his cheek before she settled her body down into the couch seat in the limo. To her eyes was the white and silver interior design of this luxury vehicle. Though she had taken a ride in many limos over the course of her career, this was one that stood out to her eyes. In front she could see a built in entertainment center with a television set and sitting up there was two goblets of wine and an expensive looking bottle of wine.

"Hey Britney, glad you could make it. I hope you like the limo, it was all just for her."

"I love it, this is all very nice of you Adam! I see the wine too, I assume that's for me?"

Her big brown eyes gazed up into his and Britney teasingly batted her eyelashes to make him blush. She loved playing these games flirting with this man and now he seemed to be making right moves.

"Yeah, I figured a glass would be nice to start the day before work."

"I like that, so we're on schedule for the next hour?"

"Yes, which means we gotta get moving but wait, Britney meet David. He's our driver!"


The window to the driver's side of the limo was down and the man held up his hand waving to her as he spoke, before turning around and revealing his face. He was somewhat older by appearance, looking to be in his mid 40's from the small graying in his hair and over his beard. Britney smiled big before gasping.

"OH MY GOD! You...You can't be him, can you?"

"I beg your pardon?"

Britney bit her lower lip to stop herself from laughing before speaking again in her thick southern accent.

"Are you that driver that used to party with Paris?"

David nodded to her and replied.

"Oh yeah crazy one she is, huh?"

"Paris told me all about you and those parties over Los Angeles, we never got the chance to meet back in the day."

"Well yeah, that's me babe. Pleasure to finally meet you Britney."

"The pleasure is mine too."

She bit her bottom lip replying to him as he turned around now shifting back into his driver's seat. Adam didn't know what to make of their whole meeting right here, as he was a little confused at this but didn't want to ask Britney about it here.

"Well, I better get on the road to bringing you two over to that studio. This will take about an hour on the road."

The limo started to move as it pulled out of the driveway and then Adam turned his attention back to Britney. His eyes traveled up her white pants seeing that nice jewel pierced over her navel and then up to her big tits before settling on her beautiful face.

"How's the trip out here from Vegas going?"

"Oh it's great! I am free from the kids for the weekend if all goes well tonight i'm going to be relaxing in my jacuzzi listening to some old radio."

"That sounds wonderful Britney, I can't deny that all I've thought about lately is you."

"Oh is that true?"

"Yeah, you're a good friend."

Adam got up and walked over to grab the two glasses and the wine bottle now, as he figured they could go ahead and have that drink. Britney crossed one of her strong legs over the other and teased him, shooting her eyes up at him when he turned around. The man blushed and smiled.

"Some wine, you wanna drink with me?"

"Oh god, I'd be honored to drink with you after all this time."

"Bring it over for me hun!"

Walking over and rejoining Britney on the seats, Adam worked to opening the bottle but she stopped him placing her hand over it.

"Let me do it."

With the bottle in her hand, Britney turned the top and undid it before taking one of the glasses from his finger tips and holding it for herself. She poured his first and then her own, and then some idea crossed her mind to rather tease him.

"Will you drink mine and I drink yours?"

"Of course, Britney!"

Adam had a big smile on his face and Britney fed her small glass to his lips as he repeated the action. Her big eyes looked into his and she couldn't help but tease him further as they drinking the glasses down. Closing her eyes and gulping it down, she reopened them to see him looking at her.

"Mmmmm, good wine baby."

"Oh yeah, saved it just for you today."

"How sweet of you, Adam! I always knew there was a charmer under you."

While the two were flirting up a riot in the back seat, the limo turned and was now heading into downtown L.A.. A couple minutes had passed and then a phone started to vibrate in Adam's pocket. Britney put her hand down on his leg to lean over him as the man sighed and snatched his phone up to answer it.

"Yes, hello?"

Suddenly after the initial seconds on the phone, Adam rolled his eyes and let out a stressful sigh. Britney was alerted to this and watched as he started to talk back into the phone.

"You're fucking joking right? Today of all days this has to occur. Great...just fucking great."

Hanging up the phone, he sat it down on the seat next to him and then Britney leaned over asking the problem.

"What's wrong, hun?"

"The studio is closed! They chose today to begin stripping out all the electrical work and redoing it. Guess I did all this for nothing today, we're not going to be able to work."

Britney looked up at him a little surprised and just softly smiled, giving him the reassurance that today was not a wasted opportunity.

"It's OK, I don't have to record today."

"But I wanted to do it, just for you!"

"That's OK baby, you already made me feel special enough with all of this."


"Yes, really."

Britney's eyes looked up into his and then she put her hand over his, squeezing it.

"How about we have a date on the road here?"

"You would treat me to that?"

"Yes! Why not? I been begging for you to make a move on me for months, ever since that comment on stage about finding a really hot nerd...you didn't get the hint?"

Oh god, she was grilling him in the back of his mind. That comment about finding what she called 'a really hot nerd with a really big penis' on stage from Vegas a few months ago. Adam shook his head, getting his sense together over this woman. Shaking it off, he smiled at her and nodded.

"Alright babe, this would mean a lot to me too. Have always wanted a date with you."

"I know you have!"

Swinging the wine bottle in her hand, Britney held it up to her mouth and took a large drink straight from the bottle. Something had come over her sense here, as she was finally having wine with a man that she had her target on for months and then finally getting to meet David had brought back memories. Deep down, Britney always was a wild one and back in Vegas she had a private backyard to seductively heat things up. After guzzling down a bit of the bottle, she wipes her lips with her free hand and then sets her lustful eyes over Adam.

"You know what?"


Adam looked into her eyes and Britney flicked her tongue on her upper lip.

"Let me kiss you!"

Before he could react, Britney quickly climbed over him and sat down on his lap. Her hands went behind his head and she leaned in and forced a hard kiss over his lips. Adam had been taken back by the surprise move she made and reacted slowly, putting his hands on her back as she darted her tongue into his mouth and kissed the man passionately by force. As the kiss deepened his hands traveled from her back to finding her tight ass and squeezing it. 'Mmmmmmmm' she softly purred into his mouth.

The driver in place, David watched with his mirror going down the roads. 'Fucking amazing, I always knew the rumors were true.' He said to himself in his head. Not wanting to disturb the show of her sucking Adam's face he made a turn off the busy traffic roads and started going a different direction. Unknowing to either of them, he had his own plans. Britney broke the kiss and leaned back from Adam's lap giving him a view of her voluptuous body up front. His hands instantly traveled over her her little white shirt, tempted to start removing it.

"You two having fun back there?"

Britney giggled, cupping the back of Adam's head before he laughed with her. Turning her head she yelled to David.

"I'm having fun! I think he is too!"

Adam's attention was solely concentrated on the goddess sitting on his lap. Running his hands over her beautiful abs, holding back the temptation to start unbuttoning the little shirt. Britney decided to grind her hips over him, pumping that thick ass of hers over his crotch as she could feel his cock growing hard. She looked into his eyes with hunger and softly spoke in a low sensual voice.

"How about a lap dance, baby?"

"Fuck yeah, I'd love a lap dance!"

Britney leans over and places a small kiss on his lips, running her hand up his shirt now. David had heard it loud and clear from Adam's mouth and decided to press his luck in the situation by speaking up.

"If you're going to be giving him a lap dance babe, you think you can turn around so I could watch?"

The blonde singer laughed turning her head and whipping her pony tail around as she nodded up at the window.

"Why of course! Just make sure you're driving somewhere with not a lot of traffic, I don't want to get us in a wreck distracting you."

"No problem, I'm driving us somewhere more quiet anyway."

Almost a dead giveaway to the plan that David had in mind. Britney didn't hang on his words, as she got up from Adam's lap and turned around pushing her big ass to his view. The man brought his hand up and ran it up the gorgeous pop star's left cheek, softly squeezing it in the tight white pants she was wearing. Britney leaned over so David up front could receive ample view of her cleavage, while she began to roll her hips and pump her juicy ass out to Adam. He leaned back in his seat and just watched the show she was giving him. While she did not have music to dance to, that didn't matter as she slowly rotated her hips for a good minute before placing her hands down on the seat behind her and nesting her thick ass over his lap. Adam let out a soft moaning as she sat on his lap and began to slowly grind her hips.

"God damn, work it baby!"

Adam moaned his words out, running his hands up to her stomach as Britney just giggled and continued to grind on him. David was watching from the mirror and commented.

"That sure is a sexy show in the back seat of my limo. You're still a very sexy woman all this time."

"Thank you!"

Britney giggled leaning up on his lap, as the man behind her ran his hands under her shirt was feeling the smoothness of her skin. She continued to grind slowly, yet harder. She could feel his cock bulging right in the crack of her ass.

"Mmmmm, I think someone is wanting me down here..."

She spoke in her soft slutty voice teasing Adam, unknowing to either of them in the back seat David had made a turn off the road and was driving the limo into an underground car park. While Britney was grinding on the man's lap, the limo shifted as it moved down the entrance road into the car park but she was not bothered at all as the heat of lust had overtaken her and she went to unbuttoning her shirt knowing full well that David could see it from his mirror.

"Go on, take it off babe..."

David was pushing her to do it, she responded by unbuttoning the small three buttons and then pulling it apart revealing her nice big breasts as they popped out in freedom with no bra to hide them. Still, she grinds over Adam's lap while slinging the shirt onto the floor.

"Wow, look at them, just perfect boobs!"

"Thank you!"

She laughed at his comment and now she made the move to turning herself around on Adam's lap, swinging her legs over the seat as he became blinded by the side of her nude chest. He leaned up and pushed his head over her left breast while his hands fondled over them. Britney threw her head back and moaned out. Slowly Adam pressed his mouth up to her nipple and licked over it, feeling it harden over his tongue. He moved to the other one to suck on it equally while squeezing them.

"I think someone likes my tits quite a bit!"

"Oh yeah, they're fucking amazing."

That voice was David, alerting Britney once more to his presence up in the driver's seat. She turned her head and flipped her ponytail as she spoke.

"Hey, where exactly are you taking us? I felt the road move a bit and I assume we went down a hill or something."

"I've taken us to a silent little place I know. We won't be disturbed, you mind if I join the fun back there?"

Britney laughed at him, she had heard all the stories years back of this man. David was known as a wild one from her friends and it would be a lie if she didn't admit that she was teasing him knowing full well the consequence could result in a threesome. She didn't care if this bothered Adam at all, knowing full well that he would never say no to her and that it was her call in the beginning. She ran her hand up playing with his hair and then replied to David.

"Get the limo parked hot shot and you can join us back here."

"Fucking yes! That's what I'm talking about, give it a few minutes."

The limo was already going down the long road into the underground car park, a place David knew quite well. There was no security guard on the back entrance and from the back was usually all quiet with no parking places obtained. All the while, Britney shot her eyes back at Adam and focused back on him, kissing him softly and speaking.

"Let's get started, you and me first."

Running her hand up to grab the small pony tail, she grits her teeth and looks at him like a hungry predator locked on the prey. To Adam's mind, he didn't even think of the fact that his friend was about to be joining them back here. He was just happy to finally be fucking her beautiful body that he had lusted for all this time. Britney pulled the pony tail loose and let her hair golden blonde locks rnn free over her shoulders, in her sorta way of 'taking the gloves off'.

"I'm ready Britney."

"I know you are."

His cock was stiff in the cage of his jeans and underwear. Britney could feel it under her, knowing good and well that he was prepared for her She crawled off his lap and down to his knees while the car stopped and was now backing up. She placed her hand up on the top of his pants, looking in his eyes as she went for the belt. Adam helped her, unbuckling his belt from her grasp and then she took command by popping the button and sliding the zipper down. He placed his hands down on his pants from the side and forced them down his legs while Britney pulled his boxer briefs down and freed his hard cock from it's lair. Her little hand wrapped around his meaty shaft and softly stroked it while her eyes shot back up at him and once more she spoke in that slutty voice of hers.

"Mmmmm, one big hard cock all for me."

Keeping eye contact, Britney lowered her head and aimed his cock at her hungry mouth. While their eyes were locked on, she breathed down on it and then kissed the head before taking it into her mouth and sucking down the first few inches. Adam had proven that he truly was not only a nerd, but one with a really big dick just like she knew all along. His eyes watched the blonde goddess who was in the process of making her transformation from the naughty stage singer to a full blown sex goddess in the back of this limo. Softly, she sucked his cock into her mouth bobbing her head up and down on his fat rod before coming up with a loud pop noise. It didn't cross Adam's mind that the limo had stopped and now from her knees, Britney looked back up at the window as she called out for David.

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