tagTransgender & CrossdressersCaught in her BA uniform!

Caught in her BA uniform!


I had cross dressed since my early teens...since my older sister had left for college. I had experimented and developed a very convincing image...I am lucky to be small in stature and slim with very light facial and body hair and size 6 feet!

My story is probably very similar to many "girls", i dressed in secret for years until I met my beautiful wife. She was a dream come true...gorgeous face, stunning figure and really sexy girl. We were both in our early 20s and had very little experience with the opposite sex but we clicked instantly and had a whirlwind romance. We married 3 years after our first meeting and settled into a happy home life. Karen was so much fun and really ambitious...she was the driver in our relationship for sure. She worked as a secretary when we first met but one of her bosses tried it on with her and she didn't want me to create a scene. I was secretly glad as he was physically way bigger than me and played rugby every week...super fit and obviously well built!

She applied successfully to British Airways to be an air stewardess...initially she flew short haul and absolutely loved her job...I loved looking at her wearing the uniform...it was always a real turn on for me. I had been lucky to fly regularly with my job and I always lusted after the air stewardess especially the young pretty ones but I also adored the more mature ladies too and always tried to get a glimpse of their legs or even better a flash of stocking top!

Karen was almost the same height as me and I had taken advantage of that by trying on her clothes when ever possible...I was always careful to only wear things that she had worn and always after bathing and applying her deodorant etc.

Karen did so well in her new job that she rapidly applied for long haul flights...she was successful which was a double benefit...more money and more time for Nicky to dress while we were apart.

She was really happy in her new role and she traveled extensively for the next three years...during that time my dressing really became a huge part of my life and to an extent it also became a substitute for our love life which had really suffered. Karen was always too tired or it was the wrong time in the month but it really did dwindle to holidays and birthdays or when she was a little inebriated! I didn't complain too much as I thought the hard work of traveling through different time zones was the cause?

On one fateful day I had the house to myself, Karen had left early for Heathrow enroute to Dubai. I had scheduled to work from home for the next three days so I decided to take a long bath,shave carefully and super close. I had selected my underwear from her drawer and noticed she had been buying some new items which I had never seen her wear before...she was always wore white control panties and matching bras but I found black sheer underwear which had obviously cost a lot. I also found that she had bought a thong and basque and that the cups were also very sheer...she had quite big boobs and always tried to minimise them under her blouse or sweaters.

I thought no more about it at the time as my excitement to become Nicky took over my logic. During this period the anticipation and excitement literally swells and overtakes your awareness in my experience.

Karen had left her spare uniform as it needed cleaning and had asked me to take it to the cleaners for her! I almost jumped with delight at that request...I would wear it first without fear of leaving any clues.

So I carefully applied my makeup and wig...the only real risk I had of discovery or so I thought if ever she found it. Every other item looked exactly like Karen would wear and could easily be replaced. I carefully tucked my cock and balls between my legs before pulling up a pair of her control panties...I always chose a pair she kept for special occasions which requires extra control. They were by playtex and hi leg...I personally found the tightness very erotic. I could create a very flat appearance and learned the art of tucking. Karen wore navy hold ups which she told me were the favourites of her colleagues...I pulled them on over my shaved legs and stood admiring the illusion as I slipped on her bra which I filled rice in stockings.

I carefully and methodically stepped in to her uniform skirt taking care with the zip and finished the full look as I stood in her shoes. I was in heaven...the girl looking back at me in the mirror was beautiful and I took delight in raising her skirt and looking at her panties. I began to rub the front of the pantie girdle and could feel my secret begin to harden...I decided to release my little clit and pulled my panties down with my skirt hoisted to the waist...the sight was so lovely and sexy...I began to stroke myself when I heard that dreaded clicking from our front door...it was Karen...OMG!!

She screamed and shouted obscenities at me and called me a pathetic queer...she would not listen but literally turned on her heels and left!

I assumed she would go to her Mother's but when I called she told me that Karen had not contacted her. I called her mobile but it went straight to voicemail...6 hours later she sent a reply telling me she was going to stay with a close friend for a few days to get her head together.

I was horrified and quickly got back to guy mode but the damage had been done and I had to beg her to return . She did come back and we agreed to try and save our marriage

The love life only got worse and I could not get near her...she even began to get dressed in private and I was totally out of favours. I thought time would help and I tried hard to please her but she frequently referred to the incident and asked me if I was gay!

She could not accept my reasoning and told me it had freaked her out...when she was home from her many trips she would often go out for the evening with her friends. On many occasions she would call to tell me she had missed the last train and would be staying with her friend for the nigh. That happened more and more and I also noticed that her skirt and dresses were getting shorter and her heels were getting higher and her cleavage had now become something she seemed proud to show all the world, except me!

Of course my suspicions grew and I found myself checking her belongings more and more looking for clues. I looked in one of her handbags and found the usual things, lipstick,mirror,tissue,tampons but to my horror I also found a pack of condoms...they must have been bought in the USA as the brand was not sold here? They were called Trojan but worse still they were XXL... They were definitely not bought for me...that is not how she would describe my cock!!

So what could I do? I knew that she had a boyfriend and clearly he was well hung...when we first met she had always joked with me that she wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a really big guy...clearly she had fulfilled her desire...I awaited her return but decided to meet her as Karen...how will she react?

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