tagIncest/TabooCaught in Mid Fuck Ch. 03

Caught in Mid Fuck Ch. 03


Thanks again sexy tat for the edit.


"Hey what are you doing Jason?" She asked a little shocked at his boldness.

"I just thought I should untie the bows of your bikini bottoms so they didn't get oil on them either." He explained hoping she wouldn't turn her head and catch him out.

"Ok but no funny business mister is that clear?" Lisa said to him.

"Yes mom that's clear." But Jason had other ideas in his head.

Lisa Collins was now lying in front of her son Jason as naked as the day she was born, ok she was face down on the lounger but she was still butt naked. Jason stood above her and unseen by her he began jerking his cock slowly not wanting to do it too fast and spoiling everything and cum all over her without getting to have his throbbing member deep inside her bald pussy. He stood there mesmerized by her tight little butt cheeks that he had forgot all about rubbing on the suntan oil on his mom's legs.

"Hey mister what happened to you oiling my legs up so I don't get sunburn on them?" She asked half turning round and catching him beside her naked jerking his cock.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Lisa blurted out.

Before she got to say anything else her son had straddled her thighs and pushed on her face down again on the lounger. He then leaned forward onto her and slipping himself between her thighs he rubbed his manhood up and down her ass crack oiling up his cock. A few seconds later he spread her legs a little wider with his own so he had enough room to get his cock lined up with his mom's pussy. As he rubbed his cock up and down her pussy lips she tried bucking him off her but to no avail. Her pleas went unheard to as her son had only one thing on his mind and that was to bury his throbbing penis as far inside his mom's pussy as he could possibly get it.

As he thrust his cock between her ass cheeks he oiled himself up enough spread her legs a little wider with his own and line his dick up with his mom's cunt. He thrust himself at her pussy and slid part of the way in with her shouting abuse at him and pleading for him not to do this to her but he still wasn't listening to her and pulled almost all the way out before ploughing himself all the way in till he was balls deep inside his mom's pussy.

"No, oh god no Jason please get off me I'm your mom not whore." Lisa cried out and try as she may to knock him off her.

Jason had finally done what he had always dreamed of doing and that was getting his cock in his mom and now he was going to fuck her and fuck her good.

"No please nooooo" Lisa cried out again but to no avail as her son was already all the way inside her.

"Oh fuck yes." Lisa now cried out as her body defied her and started to enjoy being fucked.

"Jason fuck me fuck me hard you little mother-fucker." She shouted at him as he began to fuck her a little bit faster.

Jason had done it, he finally crossed that line with his mom and she was enjoying him fucking her. She was still face down on her lounger with him between her thighs pounding her soaking wet pussy. Lisa couldn't believe the little shit had tricked her out of her bikini so he could fuck her but she loved it and the way his cock was sliding in and out of her soaked cunt and making her tremble all over was amazing.

After a few minutes of fucking his mom from behind he pulled out of her and turned her over and got back between her thighs. He got her legs over his shoulders and his cock back in her pussy and began fucking her like a man possessed. Her pussy felt like a silk glove around his hard throbbing dick and he was living out his dream of fucking her and wondered how she would feel if he came inside her not that he was going to ask her permission for that.

"Oh fuck yes Jason fuck me fuck me good but don't cum in me." She mouthed each word to each of his thrusts but he was paying no attention to whatever she was saying.

His onslaught felt amazing to Lisa, she had never been fucked like this before not even her husband had fucked her this good and yet here was her son giving her the fucking of her life. Jason could feel he wasn't going to last much longer and in a few more deep hard thrusts he felt his cum shooting up the shaft of his cock and spewing out of him and deep into his mom's pussy. He couldn't believe how much cum he was spurting in to her it was far more than he had shot into his sister's pussy that was for sure.

"Oh fuck nooo don't cum in me." His mom shouted in horror as she felt his cum hit deep inside her.

She couldn't believe that the little fucker had the nerve to cum inside of her and she wasn't even protected either.

"Oh you little bastard if I get pregnant oh fuck yes don't stop." She half yelled half moaned out as her orgasm hit her and she trembled as if an electric current had shot threw her.

As Jason lay there on top of his mother in their afterglow both of their juices dribbled out over his cock and balls and down over the crack of her ass and onto the lounger below her. It was then that she remember it was her son that had just fucked her and made her cum and had filled her pussy with his baby batter. She knew she was unprotected and in her head she hoped to god she wouldn't get pregnant but in heart she knew she would be if she didn't take care of it with the morning after pill.

As they stood there Jessica was watching them from the kitchen door with one hand on her bare breast and her other hand in her panties diddling her clit. She wanted to join them but she knew it was Jason's time with their mom so she took her hand out of her panties and adjusted her clothes and headed out the front door knowing next time all three of them would be having fun.

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