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Caught in the Act


Notes: Thoughts are in [[brackets]]

Disclaimer: I did not create the concept of Superman, nor did I develop any of the other characters. Someone else owns those ideas. I just played around with a few ideas I had will watching the recent ABC show.

* * * * *

Clark racked his brain trying to think how to tell Lois that he was Superman. He had not even come close to a way that he could convince himself would keep Lois from flying of the handle. His reasons had been sound, and he was confident she would forgive him…eventually. That was the worry: Lois had been angry with him before, but she happy with him now and he did not want that to end. He sighed: he knew he had to tell her now if he wanted their relationship to move forward. His constant running out for no reason was taking a big toll on both of them. He did not want to hurt Lois, but he had to go. He was determined to stop that today.

"Lois, have you ever notice how much Superman and I resemble each other?" He said to the picture he had picked off her end table. He frowned, that was no good. He paused for a moment and pulled a ring box out of his jacket. He knew he would not get a chance to use it, but had bought it to give himself a little hope and confidence. He held the ring out to the picture. "Lois I love you. It is that simple. Will you marry me?" That was truly awful. He had assumed that would be easy to ask Lois to marry him. He guessed need practice asking her to marry him too. He might as well practice that he reasoned- it was pleasanter. "Lois, we have known each other for some time now and in that time I have fallen in love with you, and I was wondering if you loved me enough to share your life with me forever. No."

Lois could vaguely hear the sound of Clark talking to himself as she came out to go to breakfast with him. She smiled; Clark was so sweet some times. "…marry me Lois." [[What!?]] Her heart stopped. Lois peeked around the corner of her hallway and saw Clark facing away from her, talking to his hands. [[That it that picture of us!]] He shook is head no. "Lois I have to admit being totally in love with you and I need you in my life." [[Yes!!]] Lois smiled to herself. She loved Clark and was glad to see he returned the feeling. She smiled mischievously to herself. She slipped off her shoes and started to tiptoe over to him. "Lois I cannot imagine not having you in my life, I love you, will you marry me and make me the happiest man ever? No, that’s to corny." [[Geez Clark, all you have to do is just ask.]] She slid up right behind him. "Lois you mean the world to me, will you be my wife?"

"Yes," Lois slid her arms around Clark’s chest and kissed his neck. She had expected Clark to turn in her arms and kiss her. Instead he bolted out from her arms dropping the picture, which shattered, and fell over the table, crashing into a heap with a lamp. "Clark! Are you okay?" She rushed to his side.

"Lois!!" Clark sat up looking shocked. "What are you doing here?!"

Lois relaxed now that Clark was fine. "I live here remember?"

"But I thought you were getting ready."

Lois laughed. "I was. Then I finished and heard you practicing some very interesting lines." She traced the outline of his mouth with her finger and leaned in to kissed him. Clark seemed startled, but kissed her back passionately. Lois parted her lips and ran her tongue over Clark’s, slipping in to his mouth. She lost herself in the feel of his tongue dueling hers, but finally had to come for air. "I believe you have some jewelry for me?" She panted.


Lois leaned in very close to Clark’s face and rubbed his chest. "I said yes."

A light dawned in Clark’s face and Lois giggled. "But…" he looked around. He stood and picked Lois up in his arms. "I don’t want you to cut yourself." Lois nodded in mock seriousness and wrapped her legs tightly around him and kissed him some more. She thrilled at the feel of his taunt body, knowing that soon it would be intertwined with her own lithe form. Clark carried her over to the couch. "I should clean that up."

He moved to leave, but Lois pushed him down to the couch. "Clark Kent, are you trying to back out of your proposal, even when you know the answer?"

Clark looked away. "Are you sure?"

"Yes!! Clark I love you!"

"What about Superman?"

Lois pulled back, surprised, realizing that he had a very legitimate concern. Superman had not even entered her mind. She did not care for Superman that way anymore, but as she thought about it more she quickly came to understand that she had hurt the man she now loved. "I can’t deny that I used to through myself at him, but that was because he was larger then life. I never loved him the way I do you. I was just infatuation, he knew it too." She blushed when she remembered how she used to through herself at the super hero. Thank god Clark had been so patient "I don’t really know him. I love you, Clark, and you are the only man I could ever love." It was true. She tried to will Clark to know that.

Lois was happy to see him smile and move up to kiss her. Then he shifted uncomfortably again. "What about me always running off?"

Lois sat back on Clark, straddling his waist. "I am not happy about it, but you can tell that. I love you and trust you, it annoys me and I want to know what it is, but I can wait until you are ready. I am not going to let that get in the way of us."

"I was planning to tell you, that was what I was practicing at first. I should tell you before I ask-"

Lois put her finger on Clark’s mouth. "No Clark, I want to be happy now, it can wait."

Clark sat up and moved Lois into a sitting position. He kissed her deeply and moved off the couch to kneel before her. "Lois, I…uh…" Clark struggled to find the right words.

Lois rolled her eyes and put her leg on his shoulder, rubbing her bare inner thigh on his cheek. She could feel his breathe on her pussy through her panties. "Just ask me Clark."

He turned and kissed her leg, causing Lois to jump. The soft nip of his mouth on her leg sent shocks through her. Her pussy started to moisten and she gave a soft moan. Clark smiled softly as he looked at her. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes." She grabbed Clark and kissed him hard on the mouth. Clark separated himself from her long enough to slip the ring onto her finger. They held each other, exchanging kisses, their tongues invading each other’s mouth. Lois rubbed her hands over Clark’s body.

The pleasant feel of his fiancee’s hand’s stroking his body rang a warning bell in his mind. He was wearing his suit! He pulled away. Lois looked at him surprised. "I should clean up."

Lois frowned, what was that? They had been having a very nice time before he had pulled away. It was as though she was scaring him away. [[Oh my god! He is a virgin!!]] She had assumed he had past lovers as she did. He was from the country, maybe his rural roots made him to much of a gentlemen for that. Would he want to wait until their wedding night? She really hoped not, she wanted to get her hands on him as soon as she could. She had been chasing Superman and then waiting for Clark, so she was more than ready. She wondered if she would have to teach him. That was not exactly a great idea considering her past, but it could be fun too. Her mind started to wander as she considered all of the breathtaking possibilities, feeling Clarks cock jump as it shot for the first time. She felt bad for rushing Clark, she had not even thought about it.

Clark cleaned up slowly, trying to think of a way out of his dilemma. He could pretend he had to go, but he was not going to lie to her again. He finally finished.

Lois grabbed him. "I am sorry I was rushing you." She kissed him lightly on the cheek.


"It never occurred to me that you hadn’t…done this before."

So that was what she thought. Clark turned to Lois and kissed her deeply. "That’s true, but that is not the problem. I love you, it will be wonderful to make love with you. It’s just that I can’t without you knowing why I am always running off, and that is going to upset you."

Lois looked confused. "Okay. But you are okay with us sleeping together before we get married?"

"As soon as you are willing. Come on Lois, I may be from the country, but I am from this century."

"Thank god." They kissed again. Clark rubbed up against Lois. Her eyes widened as she felt a large bulge against her crotch. "What is that?" Clark smirked back at her. "Your joking!" Clark kissed her and she gasped when she felt him press into her again, his cock felt enormous. Her pussy tingled at the thought of being stretched by it. "Maybe I’ll need to wait." Clark laughed and kissed her. Eventually Lois broke off the kiss. "If we are going to wait, we need to break now before you drive me crazy."

"Do you want me to tell you?"

"Why are you in such a rush to tell me now when you lied to me all the time before? Oh wait, don’t answer that."

Clark rolled his eyes. "It is more then that. I want to share my life with you, and this is a big part of that."

Lois smiled and kissed him. "But it plays a part."

"Well of course, you’re beautiful." Lois blushed and turned away, but Clark put his finger under her chin and turned her back to him to kiss her again. Lois groaned as his tongue rubbed against hers and the kiss deepened. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Get used to me saying that, because I will be reminding you of it often." They kissed again. Clark looked Lois. She was beat red and there were tears in her eyes, but she was smiling. He wiped the tears from her eyes. "Are you okay?" She nodded and put her head on his shoulder, crying quietly and just holding him.

She felt him shift and realized he was trying to keep his dick from touching her. She smiled wickedly where he could not see her. She slid her leg between his and rubbed against his giant member. He stepped back and hissed. "Is some problem honey?"

She had tried to keep her voice even, but Clark did not fall for it. "You were doing that on purpose." His hands slipped down the small of her back and squeezed her tight ass. She shouted in surprise.

"Don’t do that!" She stepped back. "At least until you are willing to go farther." She struggled to get her breath back, the feel of his hand on her ass had set her pussy on fire. "We need to stop now."

"How about some breakfast?"

Lois realized that was why he had come over at first. "Do we have time?"

"Sure, we’re already late for work."


Clark smiled. "We were on the couch for a while. It is okay, I am sure we will be forgiven."

"We should still call." Lois went to get her phone. Clark slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and started to nibble on her neck. Lois dropped the phone. "Clark!" He responded by laying light kisses all to way up until he started to lick the shell of her ear. Lois’ knees buckle and she fell back into Clark. Her ass rubbed against his cock and she yelped, standing back up quickly. To much more and she would attack Clark right then and there. She felt Clark laughing as he began sucking at her earlobe. "You think this is funny?" He nodded and his hands started to move up her stomach. He cupped her tits and Lois shuttered as her nipples tried to jump off. His fingers massaged her pouting breasts and she groaned. He started to undo the buttons on her jacket. She grabbed his hands, as he pressed his body into her. His cock slid neatly in between her ass cheeks. She whimpered softly.

The phone rang, startling both of them. Lois slipped out of Clark’s arms and answered it. "Hello?…Oh hi Jimmy…Yeah I know I’m late…Tell the chief that we will be in soon…yeah, Clark’s here too…okay…that’s all?…bye then." Lois hung up the phone and shot daggers at Clark. "I hope you are happy." Her face was still flush as she fumbled to button up her jacket.

"Never more so." Clark smiled and moved to grab Lois again.

She dodged to keep Clark’s hands off her. "That’s not want I meant. Will you keep you hands off me!"

Clark embraced her and kissed her; she returned quickly. "Is that what you want?" He asked when they came up for air.

"For now yes, we are late!" She was having a tough time keeping herself from jumping Clark. He was driving her wild, her panties were soaked from her juices. For a virgin he sure knew how to handle her body well enough to make her cry.

"Alight, but I want to continue this later." Lois could feel herself blushing. She turned to hide it from Clark and went to get her shoes. As she lifted a leg to slip one on she felt a hand run up her other leg grazing the silk panties she had put on especially for her new fiancee. The feel of Clarks fingers on her nether lips all but killed her. She squeaked, bolting upright. She spun around and he backed away. She put her other shoe on without taking her eyes off him. "You are looking at me as though I am a criminal."

"Just stay an arms length away." She gestured to the door. "You first." Clark shrugged and went out the door. He behaved well until they got to Lois’ Jeep. She saw what was coming. She looked at Clark. "You better keep your hands to yourself when I am driving got it?"

Clark grinned. "Of course."

Lois felt her stomach lurch. "Clark I am serious, we could have a accident." The image of his fingers buried deep and she came in a furry filled her mind.

"Just focus on the road."

Lois stamped her foot. "Clark!" What was she going to do? Clark had her and they both knew it. [[How can a virgin farmboy be so good at this?]] It was a new side of Clark, one she definitely wanted to explore, but not now. Right now she wanted to drive to work, but was stuck in a parking garage trying to keep her boyfriend, [[no my fiancee.]] Lois smiled to herself; she enjoyed saying that. Clark seeing her distracted swept her into her arms and kissed her. Lois responded passionately and slipped her arms around him. When she came up for air Clark started to kiss his way down her neck and she tilled her head to encourage him. Suddenly she remembered where she was. "Uah!" she shoved Clark away. She could tell she was flushed; Clark was getting to her in a big way. "Do you want to walk to work?"

"Is that a nice way to treat the man you plan to marry?"

Exasperated Lois got into her Jeep. "Just keep your hands to yourself."

"Maybe you should stop looking so good." Clark countered.

Clark kept his hands to himself, but silently stared unabashed at Lois the whole way. She felt herself blushing furiously. It was easily the most embarrassing experience of her life. She tried to be upset, but could not really be angry at Clark right now, she was too turned on. She could tell it was going to be a long day. Suddenly she realized that everyone would know they were engaged and want to see the ring and talk. She grimaced, a very long day, although a pleasant evening. She smiled to herself.

"Why so quiet? I get nervous when you are this quiet."

She shoved him, happy to be on less amorous ground. "I was thinking about how we were going to tell everyone."

Clark slapped his head, "That is right! I should call my folks!"

"Farmboy." Lois laughed and then squealed when Clark tried to grab her as they went into the elevator. She suddenly realized that John and Martha would be her family now too. She cringed when she considered that it also meant Clark and her folks were relatives now. She should call them…and Lucy too. "Clark, let’s get those calls out of the way before everyone rushes us."

"Good idea."

* * * * *

Clark’s folks were not home, probably out in the fields, so he left a message on the machine that he had some important news to tell them and call back. He sat back and noticed Lois on the phone. As much as he tried he could not overcome the temptation to listen in with his superhearing.

Lois was on the phone with her mother. She was ecstatic, Lois had once told him her mother probably worried she would never marry, and while she was trying to calm her mother Lois was becoming excited herself. "No, I have not planned the wedding, we have not even talked about it, he only proposed this morning."

"Well tell me how he proposed." Lois’ mother was seriously anxious.

"It was so sweet. I caught him practicing with a picture of me. I surprised him and he got so shy, I love him so much." Lois based in the warm glowing feeling running through her. She wound the phone cord between her fingers. "I just want to hug him so much it hurts." What she really wanted to do was throw him on the bed and feel that weapon of his slip inside her. She suddenly felt hands move down her shoulders and arms. She bolted upright to see Clark standing behind her. She covered the receiver, "keep your hands to yourself buster."

Clark smiled and kissed her lightly. "Only for now Lois, only for now." Lois’ temperature shot up and she grabbed him to get a better kiss. She remembered where she was first and moaned, pushing him away. He laughed, knowing what had happened as he went back to his desk.

Lois brought the phone back up, "Sorry mom."

"What happened?"

"Clark came over and I had to chase him away."

"What? How is that a way to treat your fiancee?"

"Mother!! We are in public here!"

"So? You are going to marry him! Go right over the, apologize and give him a kiss you can talk to me later."


"Go! Geezesh, why do I even have to tell you this?"

Lois wanted to respond, but her mother had hung up on her. She put down the phone and considered. She moved over to Clark. He looked up expectantly. "I just wanted to ahh…" Lois blushed softly as she could not come up with the right words. Clark took her hand and sat her in his lap. His mouth invaded hers and Lois stopped caring about the rest of the world.

"Woah guys, get a room!" Jimmy said cheerfully as they came up for air.

Lois’ blushed turned an even deeper shade of red and she stood. "Uh, Jimmy…" Clark wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her down so she sat on the arm of his chair. He took her hand and held it out for Jimmy.

He looked at for a moment before his eyes got wide. He turned and shouted. "Hey everyone Lois and Clark are getting married!!"

Lois died. The whole newsroom moved in on the couple to be. Clark picked her up and put her on is lap as though she weighted no more than a feather. Lois tried to deal with the mass of well-wishers when she suddenly froze in horror. Very slowly, so not to attract notice, Clark was pulling her shirt out from the back of her skirt. While she sat there helpless, he slipped his hand up under her jacket and started to rub the small of her back. Lois was only aware of the faint shapes he traced on back, which burned more than any sensation she had ever felt before. Then he worked the zipper on her skirt down a little and ever so lightly pushed his finger tips under the band of her panties. A hard object prodded her thigh. She nearly choked when she realized it was his cock. Her pussy throbbed and she felt she might orgasm while sitting right in Clark’s lap. She had to get out of here! Get some control of the situation. She could not while Clark’s hand was on her. She felt paralyzed. Desperately she tried to stay focused on what Clark was saying as he spoke to their colleagues.

It was the longest moment of Lois’ life. The situation had completely frazzled her by the time Perry yelled at everyone to get back to work. Finally Clark removed his hand and she got to her feet. She spun on him. "You are so dead!! I am going to get you back for this!" She hissed.


Clark was flustering Lois. "You can’t keep doing this to me!"


"Clark Kent you better stop this right now." Clark stood up and Lois knew she was in trouble. She tried to get away, but he pinned her to his desk. She struggled for a second but could not think once his lips covered hers. She tried vainly to regain some composure. Clark palmed her ass, which made her blood boil. Finally she worked up the will power to step away. "I should call Dad and Lucy."

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