tagBDSMCaught in the Act

Caught in the Act


"Ready, Joe?"

"Let's get it over with."

We walked into the bedroom.

There they were, just as we suspected. Our wives, getting it on with each other. They blinked and sat up in the bed; their clothes were strewn all over the floor.

"We can explain ..."

"Really? I don't think that's necessary; it's pretty obvious what's going on here."

I looked at Joe. "What do you think; grounds for divorce?"


"Look, we can make it up to you."

"Really? How?" This I wanted to hear.

They quietly conversed while we waited.

"Look, we know what we did was wrong. We promise not to do it again, ever."

"And what makes you think we'll believe that?"

"Nothing, except that it's the truth."

Joe's wife nudged mine; more quiet conversation. "Look, we'll do whatever you want. Anything you want."

"Anything? That covers a lot of ground."

"Anything." They look so cute when they're desperate ... I leaned over to Joe; our turn to converse.

"Perhaps there is one way you can convince us ..."


They're standing, naked, face to face, nearly touching. Their arms are bound behind them, their knees and ankles tied. Tight gags fill their mouths. Each time they touch we lash their bodies with lengths of rope to remind them not to touch each other. Each time they look anywhere except the other's face another lash; their eyes are not to stray to the other's body either. We keep them there until we tire of the sport; an hour or so.


My wife is sitting on the bed; her arms are bound behind her back, her ankles tied to her thighs. A blindfold covers her eyes. I climb onto the bed next to her; she senses my presence, but says nothing. I have told her that she is to give pleasure, nothing more; if she speaks she will be punished.

I too am naked, as a husband should be with his wife. I position myself in front of her; I brush her lips with my member; she flinches. She gasps as I twist her nipple; "Do not pull away." She nods, yes, I understand. I touch her lips with my penis again; she remains still.

"Better. You will service me as I wish. Open your mouth and take it in." She whines; another twist convinces her of the error of that. She opens her mouth; I enter it. "Suck it, like you did her pussy. Don't deny it; we saw you doing so." She grips it with her lips and tongue and begins to rock back and forth, alternately pulling and pushing on it. Good; she has done it before.

When I am ready I withdraw. "Enough. Take me inside you, as a wife should take her husband." I lie back; she straddles me. A few moments to get her bearings, then she positions herself. I help her guide it into place.

She tightens and begins to move slowly up and down, holding it within her. I join in, thrusting as she descends, then relaxing as she rises. My hands caress her body; she moves faster, faster; I increase my pace, to match hers. She moans and tightens further; she shudders. A gasp as her back arches in a climax; I keep her impaled on me, thrusting away. More climaxes; I join her in a final one.


She is naked, tied spread eagled to our bed; a tight gag fills her mouth. A scarf covers her eyes. And she is squealing with laughter, squirming, vainly trying to escape the feather in my hand. A feather which I am having great fun with, to her discomfort.

I am careful not to get her too excited; I have had to change the sheets before when she lost control. Just enough to keep her simmering, and not so much that the pot boils over.

I finish by giving her oral sex; she responds quickly, climaxing in moments. I decide to continue; I enter her. She tightens immediately; we quickly build to a shared climax.


The ladies are very subdued now, sitting on the end of the bed, facing Joe and me. "So, have we learned our lesson?"



She looked coyly at me. "I think so. But if we forget I'm sure you'll remind us. Say next weekend?"

I looked at Joe, then back at her. "Count on it."

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