tagLoving WivesCaught In the Act - Conclusion

Caught In the Act - Conclusion


***Author's note - This is the aptly named conclusion to "Caught In Act" ***


Cathy got home late, thoughts of her experience with Luke buzzing in her head. She couldn't believe only a few hours ago that she had walked in on her husband Jim with a naked woman riding him. That she saw Jim with the woman all over him, and that the woman saw her, too. Cathy wondered if the woman had told Jim; he couldn't have seen his wife with his face buried in the other woman. Cathy thought about how she drove downtown and did things she never had before with a total stranger, although Luke was hardly a stranger now having been everywhere on her body. Still surprised at herself, Cathy felt like a different person from the woman who came home early to find her husband having sex. It was as if a dam of lust and anger had burst, freeing her from all her inhibitions.

The house was dark; Cathy made her way upstairs and found Jim asleep. She entered the bathroom and flipped on the light, waking Jim up.

"Hey, you're late." Jim said, lifting his head slightly and using one hand to shield his eyes.

So the woman had said nothing about Cathy seeing them from the doorway. Cathy considered this for a second, whether to blow things up with Jim up right now or hold off.

"We had to finish up a project, then some of us stopped for dinner and drinks." Cathy said. "Sorry I didn't call." Not that Jim had called looking for her. "How was your night?"

"Just a quiet night at home." Jim said, giving Cathy a sleepy smile. "Come to bed." He patted the mattress.

Cathy had the urge to put everything out there.

Cathy climbed into bed and spooned up to Jim's back. Just to test the waters, she slid a hand around him and gave him a squeeze through his boxers.

"Ahhh, babe. I'm beat. And ‪tomorrow night's date night, remember?" Jim said without lifting his head. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

"Sure. Goodnight." Cathy said, rolling back over. Still not sure what the future would be for her and Jim, she thought of some ways to approach this situation. Cathy couldn't remember the woman's name, but knew she worked in Jim's office. A little more information was needed before deciding what to do.

The next day, Cathy showed up at Jim's office. She knew the receptionist well and was allowed to go straight back. Jim wasn't in his office, but was standing at a cube talking to someone she couldn't see. Cathy walked up behind him and covered his eyes.

"Guess who!" Cathy said, causing Jim to nearly jump out of his skin. Looking into the cube, Cathy saw the woman who just yesterday had been naked and sitting on her husband's face. The woman looked up at Cathy with immediate recognition and smiled.

Jim was a stammering mess.

"H-hey babe, uhhh...what are you doing her...uhhh, this is Sharon." Jim's face was bright red. Jesus, Cathy thought, if I didn't already know, he would have given it away with this spastic act. Jim would be a terrible poker player.

"Hello, I think we met at the company barbecue last summer." Sharon said, extending her hand. She looked Cathy right in the eye and gave a little wink.

"Yes! I remember you." Cathy said, smiling back. She turned to Jim; "I came to surprise you for lunch."

"Oh, ah...I'm sorry babe, I have a lunch meeting today." Jim said, gently rubbing Cathy's arm. "But we still have date ‪night tonight‬!" ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

"That's ok; work was light today so I was running some errands downtown, thought I'd take a shot." Cathy said. An idea popped into her head. She turned to Sharon, "But I am starving. Sharon, do you have lunch plans? Care to join me?"

"Love to!" Sharon said, still looking Cathy in the eye. Jim wanted to crawl into a hole.

"Uhh, have fun you guys... Cathy, I'll see you tonight, love you." Jim managed to hold it together as the two women walked out to lunch.

They decided on a restaurant a couple blocks away, and made awkward chit chat until they were seated at a small table in a corner. Sharon ordered a glass of wine. Cathy ordered bourbon.

"So how long have you been fucking my husband?" Cathy asked as casually as if asking her opinion on a menu item.

"Couple of months." Sharon replied, showing no remorse or shame. "It's not serious, Jim's pretty much a diversion."

"Why didn't you tell him I saw the two of you?" Cathy asked.

"For one thing, I really got off on getting caught, and having you watch," Sharon explained. "You didn't confront us. But you didn't exactly run right out either, did you? I figured maybe you were into it and it was best to let you handle things as you saw fit."

"Very gracious of you," Cathy said, lifting her hand slightly and holding up a middle finger. She had to admit the scene had made her a bit horny, but she was still angry.

"I can show you some other uses for that finger," Sharon said, holding Cathy's gaze across the table. Lunch suddenly went in a much different direction than Cathy had planned. Yesterday, if Cathy had this conversation, she would have turned red and probably choked on a reply.

Sharon leaned across the table and took Cathy's hand, pulling it to her mouth. She leaned out and sucked the tip of Cathy's middle finger. Just as she released, the waiter brought their drinks. His eyes were wide as he stammered, "I'll give you two another minute," and then hurried away.

Sharon stared at Cathy and raised an eyebrow.

Is this really happening? Cathy thought. That would be the ultimate satisfaction. And it would check off yet another sexual "first" added to the many from last night at the bar with Luke. Cathy had never messed around with another woman. Then she came to her senses. No, she thought, no way. Not with HER.

"I don't know what kind of bullshit you're trying to pull but you're crazy if you think this seduction act of yours is going anywhere. For one thing, I don't do women. And if I did, you'd be the last one on earth," Cathy said, staring right back at Sharon.

"OK forget it. Let's just have lunch then, no propositions, I pinky swear." Sharon smiled and took a sip of wine, holding her pinky out.

Less than an hour later, Cathy was naked on a bed on all fours in a nearby hotel room. Sharon was eating her from behind. Cathy's mind was racing. How did I let this happen? What was I thinking? And with HER? And then: Jesus, she's good at this. Cathy pressed back into Sharon's tongue and let out a cry.

"My turn." Sharon said, moving around and laying on her back, legs spread wide. Cathy moved in slowly, starting with her mouth inside Sharon's knee and working her way down.

"Tell me," Cathy said as she moved towards Sharon's crotch. "Give me every filthy detail." Cathy's tongue now hovered over Sharon's warm wet pussy.

"Ok...Ohhh!" Sharon started to speak just as Cathy went face down into her. Sharon regained her composure. Cathy was a natural. "You're sure you've never gone down on a woman before?"

"Details," Cathy said, coming up for air and then burying face back in Sharon.

"He thought you were too good for the things he wanted. It's a compli-ahhhh!-ment really." Sharon bucked her hips as Cathy found her sweet spot. "I think he has a real 'Madonna/whore' thing going on," Sharon explained. "You sure you want to know all this?"

At that, Cathy picked up the pace and Sharon paused, putting a hand on the back of Cathy's head. "The first time was after a happy hour in his car. I blew him and let him fuck me in the ass," Sharon managed through heavy breath.

Prompted by Cathy's warm and surprisingly adept tongue, Sharon continued. "Anal is definitely his favorite with me. Finger, tongue, cock; he's put them all in my rear." As Sharon spoke, Cathy got hornier. "He begged me to sit on his face too. Pulled me down hard until I thought he might suffocate." Cathy was thoroughly licking now, and pressing a finger on Sharon's ass.

"When he fucked me, he called me his filthy whore," Sharon continued, her voice suddenly high pitched as Cathy had her close to orgasm. "He would blow his load on my--" Sharon stopped and grabbed Cathy's head in both hands as she arched her back, moaning and jerking in orgasm.

The two women lay together, catching their breath.

"So what are your plans going forward?' Cathy asked.

"You mean with Jim? I was actually going to break it off. He's a decent fuck but kind of a douchebag, no offense." Sharon rolled on her side to face Cathy. "And you definitely eat pussy better than him."

"So do you." Cathy giggled. "Hey, your "Madonna/whore theory. You really think that's true?" Cathy asked.

"Absolutely, you are his princess. Jim needs "whores" for his dirty business. I bet you guys are ninety percent missionary position, am I right?" Sharon queried.

Cathy couldn't keep from a laugh as she nodded. She definitely had some things to think about.

Later that afternoon, Sharon walked back into the office. Jim, having been on pins and needles the whole time she was gone, walked right over to her.

"Hey, that was a long lunch. Everything go ok?" Jim asked.

"It was fine, we just decided to squeeze in a little shopping," Sharon said, sitting down at her desk. "Cathy is really sweet."

"Uh yeah..." Jim didn't know what to say, and started to walk away.

"Jim?" Sharon said. Jim turned. "Have fun on date night." Sharon gave him a wicked smile with a wink. Jim started to respond, but thought better of it, and went back to his office.

Date night was dinner at a nice restaurant. Cathy was still on the fence about their relationship. She figured she'd test Sharon's Madonna theory out and suggested they stop at a sex shop on the way home to get something for fun.

"Babe, c'mon. That stuff is disgusting." Jim made a face. "What's gotten into you?'

Well, since yesterday a stranger's cock and your girlfriend's tongue, Cathy thought, but only said, "I dunno, I'm sorry. Forget it."

Late that night, Cathy came to a conclusion. She couldn't be Jim's princess anymore. His cheating was just the catalyst, but now that she had been opened up to a new world, there was no going back. And to make sure she couldn't go back, she wasn't going to burn a bridge, she was going to blow it up. With Jim asleep next to her, she texted Sharon: Need a favor. It'll be fun.

Next week, Cathy told Jim she'd be working late one night. Just as she suspected, Jim called Sharon to come over. Sharon called to let her know.

"Jesus, I just told him I was working late ten minutes ago. He doesn't waste any time," Cathy said.

"Well, I'll be there," Sharon replied and then added, "You're sure about this?"

"Absolutely," Cathy said, hanging up.

Sharon showed up at Jim and Cathy's house right on time. Jim led her up to the bedroom and started to get undressed. Sharon surprised him by pulling out a blindfold and telling him to put it on. Jim was excited by this new development and eagerly complied. Sharon sat him down on the edge of the bed pulled his pants off. She lowered herself in front of him and wrapped her tongue around his hard cock, licking and sucking. She eased Jim further up the bed and pulled his arms up over his head.

"Stay there a sec," Sharon said, getting up from the bed. She reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. As she cuffed his wrists to the headboard, Sharon whispered in his ear, "You ready to be controlled?"

Jim nodded. Sharon undressed and turned to see Cathy standing in the doorway. Right on time, Sharon thought. Cathy smiled as Sharon climbed onto Jim and eased herself down onto his erection. Jim moaned as Sharon slowly fucked him, unaware that his wife was watching a few feet away.

Cathy undressed as Sharon moved to Jim's blindfolded face, riding his tongue and moaning. Naked now, Cathy began touching herself. She was soaked.

Sharon turned to watch her, and rocked harder on Jim's face. Then Sharon moved off of the bed and stood next to Cathy.

"Do you want my ass?" Sharon said as Cathy quietly stood next to her.

"Yes, yes!" Jim tried to move a little against the handcuffs. Now Cathy got onto the bed and straddled Jim's legs, leaning forward and stroking his cock. As Sharon looked on, Cathy set herself over Jim, and placed his cock against her asshole. She pressed down on him slowly and took him all the way into her ass. Cathy gently rocked up and down on Jim as Sharon, standing nearby, pleasured herself.

"Ohhh, Sharon you dirty girl..." Jim moaned.

You have no idea. Cathy thought as she slid off of Jim's erection.

Only one them on the bed at a time, and only Sharon spoke. They switched off several times. On Cathy's last turn, she rode Jim's mouth, facing his feet. She grabbed the back of his head and ground her ass onto his tongue. She got up leaving him panting. Then Sharon quickly jumped back in, kneeling next to Jim and stroking his cock. Cathy stifled a laugh hearing Jim tell Sharon how great her ass tasted.

Still stroking Jim's dick, Sharon moved to whisper in Jim's ear "Hey...how would you like to watch me with another woman?"

"Oh God yes! You filthy slut!" Jim blurted out.

"Right now?" Sharon purred. This gave Jim pause. He lifted his head slightly, wondering what Sharon had going on. Whatever it was, how could he lose?

"Yes, do it, do it!" His head whipped side to side as if trying to shake the mask off. Sharon pulled his mask up and moved to the foot of the bed. As Jim watched, Sharon got on all fours just below his feet. Jim's looks of lust quickly evaporated as he saw his wife Cathy move in and push her tongue into Sharon's exposed backside. Sharon moaned.

"Cathy??" Sharon?? What the fuck!" Jim shouted. His face was shock and anger, but his erection told a different story, twitching in the air.

"I told you lunch went well," Sharon said. "And by the way, your wife is a champion pussy eater."

Cathy pulled her face out of Sharon's wetness and looked at Jim with a smirk.

"Cathy, I..." Jim was still in shock.

"Save it," Cathy said. "We're both done with you."

Jim looked to Sharon who nodded with a wink and gave one of Cathy's nipples a tweak.

"Here are your choices," Cathy continued. "We untie you and leave. Or, we fuck each other in front of you, then untie you and leave. You can thank Sharon for the second choice."

"My exhibitionist streak." Sharon shrugged and continued to fondle Cathy.

"Cathy, this isn't you," Jim said weakly. He was a jumble of confusion, shame, anger, and horniness.

"You have no idea," Cathy said. "So I am leaving, or are you going to watch Sharon see how many places she can hide her tongue in my body." Cathy drew a finger across her pussy and put in Sharon's mouth.

"I want to watch." Jim said meekly. Sharon went right to work, starting on Cathy's stiffened nipples and mouthing down between her legs. Jim's cock throbbed but got no attention as he watched his wife get absolutely filthy with his mistress. Pussy, ass, all was fair game between the women.

When they both had orgasmed several times, Cathy untied Jim. He quickly got dressed. The two women did as well, taking their time.

"I'll come back for my things. If you need to reach me, I'll be staying at Sharon's for a while," Cathy said.

"Really? You're into women now?" Jim asked.

"Just when we're bored," Sharon chimed in.

They left Jim standing there; still unable to process what just happened. Cathy though about the past week's events as she and Sharon walked out. She had surprised herself with her reaction to walking in on Jim and Sharon, and the beast it had awakened within her. She thought about how far beyond her previous comfort zone she had wandered since that afternoon. Crazy sex in the back room of a bar with a stranger. An unexpected afternoon having sex with Jim's mistress. Planning with Sharon to tag team unsuspecting Jim, how crazy was that?

Cathy didn't know what her future would hold, she only knew it started today, and that she would dive headfirst into it.

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by Anonymous

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by WhoGivesAShit11/10/18

Very strange

Cathy not being mad because she went out for revenge sex? She’d still be angry. Then after that final scene, why untie Jim? Leave him tied to the bed, naked, with the apartment door open. If he screamedmore...

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by Anonymous10/15/18

He told them to leave

And set about ruining them. Not hard to do. Silly ending.
1 star

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by NVDiceGuy08/12/18

Love it

Love to see it happen from the female side. All the stories in this category are cheating wives. Venture to bet there are a lot more cheating husbands like this guy.

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by Anonymous08/10/18

She was first

Wow ....using her as the victim? He'll she cheated with the Bartender "Before" she found out he cheated making her no fucking better so she ups and leaves HIS ass with his gf.....wow talk about a sexistmore...

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by oldbearswitch08/10/18

Hi Amanda, I liked it, Short and to the point.

Something about the wife getting with the skank is icky/off-putting. I mean skank was ALMOST right, dude is a TOTAL douche, not a bit of one. Seriously, what kind of jerk and loser has a whore/Madonnamore...

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