tagGroup SexCaught in the Bar

Caught in the Bar


I sat in the corner by myself almost lonerish. Although several people gathered in that area, the only thing on my table was my beer. The coaster was nearly soaked through from the condensation. I had been there a while. Some of the people had asked to use the condiments from my table before the kitchen closed and not much was left. I had talked to a few people in passing but most left me to myself.

It was a typical bar atmosphere, dark and crowded. Even in these conditions I could still make you out standing at the door showing your ID to the door man. After his satisfaction, you moved quickly to the bar area and ordered yourself a drink. You never even looked in my direction. You seemed very focused on your goals.

I had been watching this one guy seated at the bar. He appeared to be by himself but was definitely talkative to others around him. I had wondered about him before you showed up. I seen you move up to him and sit in the vacant chair beside him. Hmmmm.... I knew it, was all I could think with a little chuckle.

I resumed my lonerish persona but did chat slightly with the surrounding people. I managed to keep from drawing too much attention to me while observing your actions. Your intentions had to have been noticeable by the others. They weren't exactly subtle. I watched as you leaned into him as you spoke. He would laugh and you would giggle. Seemed like it didn't really matter what he said you would giggle. You kept moving closure to him as the two of you would chat back and forth. You finally made first contact placing your hand on his leg. As the conversation continued your touch intensified to a more of a rub on his inner thigh.

He must have finally realized that this was a good sign. He put his hand on your back and moved closure to you. Your drink was empty at this point and he ordered you another. The bartender brought your drink and your new friend gladly paid for it. His hand immediately went back to your back. Rubbing slightly as his other moved to your leg complementing your hand on his leg. The two of you were really hitting it off. Both of you had turned to each other and sitting with your legs intertwined on the bar stools and laughing at every opportunity.

I could see that you said something to him but didn't know what. There was a slight hesitation and then he just simply nodded yes. The two of you left your perches at the bar and began in my direction. I was pretending not to notice as the two of you pulled up chairs across from me at my table. You reached over and put your hand on my arm. As I looked to you, you introduced yourself and your new friend introduced himself. After a quick standard back and forth that is customary during greetings, you said to me that you had a proposition for me. I acted surprised and asked what it was.

You looked at your friend with kind of a seductive hint and then looked back at me. With a little smirk on your face, you told me that the two of you had been talking a little about the rest of the night. You told me how the two of you flirted a little back and forth and as typical of flirting in a bar the two of you were ready to go back to your place. You told me that you had told him he could only come back to your place if you were allowed to pick a random person in the bar to record the event. He questionably agreed to the trade. Then you told me, I was the one chosen to record and asked if I would be willing to do it. I said that I hadn't planned anything better for the night and agreed.

The three of us left the bar after I paid my tab. We decided that we would each drive our own vehicles and us two guys would follow you as we didn't know where we were going. As the three of us left the parking lot, I couldn't help but think that this guy didn't know this was all a set up. He followed directly behind you and I behind him. As we made it to your place, we all parked and met in the yard in front of your house. You giggled as you unlocked the door and grabbed us both by the hand and pulled us in behind you.

You led us both into your room and stood him at the edge of the bed and positioned me to the side. You handed me a camera and instructed me to make sure the video was good. I started recording as you moved in front of your new friend. He was speechless as you grabbed his dick and began kissing him. He immediately took your tits in his hands and began to massage them through your shirt. You pushed back away from him and yanked his shirt up and over his head stopping with it covering his head and pinning his arms up in the air.

I was moving around the two of you keeping the camera trained on what you were doing to him. As you dropped to your knees in front of him you looked at me and kind of smirked. You reached up and rubbed my cock through my jeans and then went back to him. You pulled is belt loose and he attempted to remove his shirt. You instructed him to do as you said and he was to leave the shirt as it was. You undid his pants and pulled them to the ground. He was already hard and bulging at his boxers. As you stood up you rubbed his dick through his boxers. You removed your shirt and bra and began to rub your tits against his bare chest as you grabbed his dick again.

Keeping the camera on the two of you, I watched as you shove him down on the bed. You tell him that he may now take his shirt off. You finish removing his pants leaving him in only his boxers. You signal for me to come closer and say you want to see what is inside this tent he has set up. The camera captures his dick flow out as you pull his boxers down to his ankles. I move the camera to see you tying his feet with his boxers.

He just kind of lays there with this shocked look on his face as you lay in bed next to him. You slide your pants off with one hand as you rub his chest with the other. To my surprise you are not wearing panties. You take his hand and place it on your pussy. You then begin to stroke his cock as you look into the camera smiling. You point at the nightstand and tell me to open the drawer. You ask me to hand you one of the condoms inside. I zoom the camera in on your hand as you open the package and take out the condom. You place it over his dick and roll it down to the base and give it a couple good strokes.

You move over on top of him and position his dick at the entrance to your pussy. You look into the camera as you slide down taking him fully into you. Your eyes eased closed and your mouth slightly opened as you gave out a sigh. I caught the whole moment with the camera. You began rocking back and forth on him. You would move to where his cock would almost come out and then drop back down on it. I kept moving where I was standing so I could capture his dick sliding in and out of your pussy and then back to where I could see the enjoyment on your face.

I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it as I was enjoying watching you fuck another man. The camera was getting a bit shaky now. It was difficult to keep it steady and rub my dick at the same time. I was stroking in sync with you. As you would slide down on his dick my hand would slide down my cock. As you moved away from him my hand would come away from me.

You dismounted from him and there was a momentary look of confusion from him as you moved to his feet. You untied his boxers releasing his bindings. You moved back onto the bed on your hands and knees and instructed him to fuck you from behind while you stared into the camera. He very quickly jumped behind you. I steadied my hand on the camera to catch the moment that was coming. As he slid his cock into you from behind, I caught the pure pleasure on your face.

He began pumping into you faster and faster. Your tits were saying with each of his thrusts. I was stroking my cock right in front of you as he pounded you. You reached out to me and grabbed me around the waist. With a quick motion you pulled me to you and took my cock in your mouth. Your mouth was warm and wet and your lips closed around my shaft. I was recording you as my dick was being pushed further down your throat with each of his thrusts.

You pulled me onto the bed and push him away from you. You told him that I had been good and now it was my turn. You handed him the camera. He sat on the bed and proceeded to record you sit on my cock. You were really getting into it and almost knocked him over at one point. God I felt like was going to explode being so turned on by your excitement and the voyeurism affect.

I looked you in the eyes asked if you wanted him in your ass. You managed to moan a yes as you regained your composer and stated that you wanted to be filled with cocks. My dick must have grown an inch with your statement. You stopped your movement as I took the camera from him. You signaled him to move around behind you and instructed him to put is dick in your ass. I kept the camera on your face as he moved in behind you. I could tell by the expression on your face that he was pushing into your ass. Your pussy was clinching on my cock very hard now.

Your face filled with pleasure as the head of his dick slipped into you. Then he eased the rest of it all the way in. I asked if you like being serviced by two guys and you managed a holy shit. You looked in the camera and said you had two cocks inside you. Then, you took the camera from me and handed it back to him. You told him to get good video of his cock sliding in your ass. He gladly obliged.

The two of us where barely moving at this point and you where taking control. Thrusting back and forth you took both our cocks in and out in rhythm. The two of us were likely just not moving because we were holding off cumming. Your moans and shrieks were getting louder and more abrupt. I could tell you were about to orgasm.

You pushed hard against our cocks and told us you wanted both of us to cum with you. You were thrusting harder and harder now. Moaning louder and louder. Your whole body was convulsing and you began to orgasm. Your moves become sporadic and he came with his cock buried in your ass. Just as I started to cum in your pussy you squirted all over my cock and the mixture of mine and your cum covered the bed.

We all repositioned into less of a pile on the bed. You looked at him and told him you were through with him and he could leave when he was ready. I think you may have scared him as it seem to become clear to him what had just happened. He got dressed and said goodbye as he left. We lay in each other's arms as we heard his vehicle pull away. I looked at you and asked if you had fun. You said oh my god that was great. I replied with we may have to do it again.

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