tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught in the Photobooth

Caught in the Photobooth


Didn't he know that she was trying to pick out a sexy dress to wear when they went out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary? When she'd return from the dressing room and ask how a dress looked, he'd shrug and say, "It looks nice."

She didn't want to look "nice." She wanted to have him look at her with the fiery passion of when they were first dating. They'd been married only two years, and he was acting like they'd been married for decades. They'd already looked at three stores in the local mall, and she still had nothing to wear for their anniversary.

So, when they passed a lingerie store, she grabbed his hand and dragged him in. His interest seemed to pique, as they wandered from rack to rack. She started with camisoles, and then moved to the racier things like thongs, zebra striped and leopard spotted. She flipped through stockings and garters, lace and fishnet. Rather than wander off, her husband was close on her heels. He even laughed as she lifted a pair of pasties. They were pink, covered with sequins, and had string tassels. She held them up in jest over her breasts, and said, "You like?" He grinned like an idiot and just nodded.

The next rack had crotchless panties. One was shaped like butterfly with small beads and fringe. It had a matching bra with ties that closed over the nipples. They had been giggling before, but they were now quiet, their breath held, their eyes fixed on the fabric, and the empty places between the fabric. He must have been imagining her body in those areas. She was. She could feel her cheeks burning and knew she must be blushing.

After two years of marriage (and let's admit it, some boyfriends before that), she liked to think of herself as both experienced, and, even more importantly, sexually open minded so that something like a peek-a-boo bra and panty set was no big deal. But telling yourself you're comfortable is not the same as being comfortable. You can pretend to be, but you can't will it. She could try to tell herself that holding the butterfly set in the store with her husband staring at it was "no big deal," but her flushed face, her trembling knees, and the wetness forming between her legs said otherwise.

She did what most people do when faced with something pushing them beyond their comfort zone: she put on her bravado.

"Pick anything out," she said. "It's my anniversary gift."

"That looks nice," he said.

"Ok," she said, and smiled.

She slipped off to the changing room. She pulled off her sweatshirt and wiggled out of her jeans. Her jeans were a little tight—not because she'd bought them that way, but because she'd bought them years ago, and apparently, either they'd shrunk in the dryer, or she'd put on a few extra pounds. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing mismatched bra and panties. Normally she wouldn't give it a second thought, but holding a matched pair made her conscious of the fact.

When she slipped on the silky lingerie, she admired them in the mirror. She noticed how her nipples, caressed by the silk, were hard, and almost peeking out. The slit in the bra was held only by a small pink ribbon. The crotch of the panties were also held by a pink ribbon, which seemed to barely constrain her puffy folds. She reached down, and was surprised at how wet she'd become.

At first, she had only dipped a finger along her folds to check, but her finger, finding her body already aroused, couldn't help but automatically begin. By familiar habit, her finger began to circle her clitoris, softly, and slow, just how she knew to get herself off. She wasn't even aware of what she was doing for a moment—she'd closed her eyes and let herself feel the sway of bliss. She lost herself for a moment, as she would often do at home on her bed, when alone.

As she rubbed her clit with her right hand, she let her left hand cup her breasts, first one and then the other, pinching and tugging her nipples. This made her squeal softly and squirm. She could feel herself getting even wetter, which was her body's way of begging for a finger inside her. A familiar progression in her masturbation.

She inserted one and then a second finger inside her. Slowly she began to pump her fingers in and out as her right hand continued to rub small circles around her clit. Her rhythm had picked up and her breathing had become shallow and ragged. She was moaning now, and beginning to feel the low and slow build up of an orgasm.

Just then, a knock on the door stopped her. The store clerk asked if everything was ok. She could only stammer, "Yes, fine, thank you."

Her eyes now open, she suddenly became aware that she was not at home, but still in the dressing room, wearing a matching peek-a-boo bra and panty set. Her nipples poked against the fabric, and her pussy lips peeked out of the small bikini. There was a visible wet spot on the silk. I can't take them to the counter like this, she thought. She snipped off the tags, then put her clothes back on.

As she stepped out of the dressing room, her husband's face looked like an anxious little boy's. "Where's the outfit?" he asked, a panic in his voice, as if she'd tried them on, gotten modest, changed her mind, and left them in the changing room.

"I'm wearing them," she said. His face lit up. Now that's the enthusiasm she was hoping for, she thought as they walked up to the register.

Blushing from embarrassment, and still flushed from touching herself, she handed the tags to the cashier. Her husband eagerly fished out his wallet. They shared a joint account, so it wasn't the money, but the gesture. It was as if they were dating and he was trying to be chivalrous. It was endearing, and sweet.

They held hands as they walked out of the store. He seemed to be glancing at her, as if trying to look through her clothes. As if he had x-ray vision.

She wondered if she was still wet. She was certainly still tingling, her whole body worked up without release. She wondered if he could smell her sex on her fingers. She felt very naughty, as she walked through the mall, holding her husband's hand with the hand she was just using to rub herself. Feeling frisky and sexual, knowing that under her jeans and sweatshirt that she was wearing the sexy lingerie set, she was thinking that maybe they'd have sex when they got home. That'd be nice, she thought. It had been a while, in fact. She'd sort of lost track.

Since marriage, their newlywed daily sexcapades had slackened to two or three times a week, which then ebbed to once a week, which then, without anyone suggesting or speaking against, declined to "every week or so." Lately, it had been "or so."

Continuing through the mall, they noticed a photo booth. He pulled her over, and before she could say anything, he had already inserted a dollar and hurried them both into the booth.

The inside of the booth was designed for kids—two, three at most. Or maybe one adult with a very little child. With two adults, it was cramped. She had to sit on his lap.

They were still getting into position when the first picture snapped.

As she was trying to get situated on his lap, he slipped his hands around her, cupping her breasts. He groped her, fumbling over the fabric, like a teenager on prom night. He pulled up her sweatshirt, exposing her new bra.

As her pinched and pawed her breasts, he fumbled with the ribbon. At last he had them untied, revealing her nipples. They were already hard and sensitive. He pinched them, gently, and then pulled the silk apart to fully reveal them, just as the second picture snapped.

With only a curtain between them and everyone else in the mall, it made it feel even more adventurous. More dangerous, knowing someone could open it at any moment.

He kissed her neck and continued to fondle her breasts. She gasped as she felt his hand slide down to her belly, and reach into her jeans. He wiggled his hand under her belt, and tried to push deeper. He could rub the top of her new panties, smooth and silky. But he couldn't reach any further down. He was straining, and she knew she wanted it too, so she stood up as much as she could in the booth, bent forward, unable to stand fully.

He fumbled with her belt buckle, then unlatched it. Then he unbuttoned her jeans. Hooking his thumbs into her beltloops, he tugged her jeans down. She was then standing in her new panties, her jeans bunched around her knees.

In the reflection of the camera lens, she could see the triangle of silk and his hands, reaching for the fabric, parting the crotchless panties.

With his fingers, he opened her up, spreading her pink and glistening labia. The third photo snapped.

With her standing in front of him, facing the camera, her bottom was level with his face. He could smell the perfume of her new silk panties, and the musk of her wetness. He pushed his face forward and playfully bit her butt. This made her yelp, then giggle, and then squirm as he began to kiss the soft flesh of her backside. He pulled her panties aside, then kissed each cheek in turn. Then, he moved his kisses slowly and slowly toward the crevice of her buttocks. Her knees shook with anticipation, feeling his hot breath and wet tongue nearing the softest and most sensitive skin.

She propped her elbows on the booth wall to steady herself and leaned forward, titling her butt closer to his face. He inhaled. She shivered as his tongue neared.

She wanted to spread her legs more, but the jeans still bound her at her knees. She bent forward further, bracing her shoulders and face against the wall, tilting her hips up, offering herself to his warm kisses. Unable to spread her legs, she reached back and pulled her butt cheeks open, to offer him every crease and crevasse of her.

Without her hands to brace her, she slipped a little, and slammed back against his mouth. She yelped with surprise and delight. His tongue hit her anus! A million nerves shot electricity to her brain. Sensory overload. Her knees nearly buckled. His mouth was pressed into her flesh. She couldn't lift her weight off of him. Her butt was impaled on his outstretched tongue. It was inside her, penetrating her.

He began to move it out, and she gasped. She wasn't conscious of what she was saying, but words came out like, "Oh baby, that's it!" or "yesss, do that." Whatever she was unconsciously muttering, it was enough to let him know that she was enjoying where his tongue was. So he pushed it back in, and then out. Then in and out, fucking her. She moaned. Her face had the look of bliss. The camera snapped.

With his face buried in her backside, his tongue wiggling in and out of her asshole, he reached around to her front. He slid his fingers up and down the slit in her panties, and then pressed in. He rubbed her swollen clitoris with a finger while penetrating her with his thumb. He pressed his thumb against her g-spot, forcing her hips back, wedging his tongue deeper into her butt.

With the flicking of his finger on her clit, the pressure of his thumb on her g-spot, and his tongue poking in and out of her backdoor, it was a flood of sensation. It was too much. Her knees were shaking. She had already brought herself to the brink of orgasm in the dressing room and now he was pushing her past that point. "Don't stop," she gasped. "Oh please don't stop. Oh yes, oh yes, yes, yes!"

He was pumping his thumb in and out, making a slurping sound, and grunting as he burrowed his tongue up her butt. She felt the surge of orgasm overtake her. Her eyes were clenched shut in agony and ecstasy. Her mouth was slack.

Flash. The fifth and final photo.

Their time was done. They needed to hurry. She was shaking as she shimmied up her jeans, then pulled her sweatshirt back over her bra. Flushed and wobbly, she brushed her hair from her eyes and stumbled from the booth.

She nearly tripped over two young kids waiting to use the photobooth. Confused and embarrassed, she looked at the parents. The mother seemed to have one of those disapproving looks that only mothers can have. But the father cracked a little grin. Surely he must have suspected.

Her husband stumbled out next and froze when he saw the waiting family.

Searching for an explanation and apology, she managed to say, "It's...it's... it's our... anniversary."

A change came over the mother, as if she knew exactly what had happened and why. She nodded slightly, and with a glint in her eyes, said, "Congratulations."

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