tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught in the Pool

Caught in the Pool


It was mid-afternoon on a Saturday and I had worked several hours to clean up our swimming pool after a spring thunderstorm. First I had to brush the pool sides and bottom, sweeping the twigs, leaves and other junk to the deep end so I could vacuum it out. Then I took the filter apart to clean each cartridge with a high pressure hose. Once I had the water looking good I set about cleaning up the deck around the pool. A leaf blower made that fairly easy, but I had to do it carefully so I wouldn't blow more junk into the water. The last step was to reverse the leaf blower and use it like a vacuum cleaner to suck all the trash into an attached canvas bag.

Dumping the bag and putting my tools away only took a minute and then I was able to take advantage of all my hard work. I stripped naked and dove into the water. My wife, Pamela, and I live in the middle of seven-plus wooded acres so I wasn't worried about anyone seeing anything they shouldn't. Our house and pool are not visible from the road or from other houses, and skinny dipping is normal for us. In some years the calendar is well into July or August before we have visitors and one of my swimsuits gets wet. I absolutely love it.

I was tired and hot from my work, so I just sat in the shallow end and waited until I cooled off a little. Then I hopped out of the water and set about arranging the deck furniture. That only took a few minutes and then I dove in again. I like to train my body for all the snorkeling I do when we go to the ocean, so I spent several minutes holding my breath and swimming laps underwater.

I would have enjoyed the pool more if my wife had been there to skinny dip with me, but she was putting in some extra time at work to beat a looming deadline. That's what I thought, anyway. When I came up for air I looked over and saw her sitting at the table -- and she wasn't alone. Stephanie, one of my wife's co-workers, was sitting next to her. They were both watching my every move.

"Hi, Mark," Stephanie said with a beaming grin.

"Hello, Stephanie."

"How's the water?" my wife deadpanned.

"Perfect," I replied as I took stock of the situation. My wife had obviously been home long enough to change clothes, since she wasn't wearing what she had on when she left that morning. She had changed into a green t-shirt dress that she often used as a swimsuit cover. Stephanie was wearing what she usually wore when she came to visit us: a t-shirt and a pair of knee-length basketball shorts. I looked around the deck area for something with which to cover myself, but there was nothing. My work clothes were not where I had left them and all the towels were still in the storage closet. "Sorry about this, but I didn't hear you drive in."

"You were using the leaf blower when we got here," Pamela told me. "It was noisy so we just stayed in the kitchen. And then you got naked!"

"We watched your show from inside," Stephanie laughed. "I told Pam I thought you looked pretty good, so she suggested we come out here for a better view."

"So, how about giving us a closer look?" said my wife, obviously delighted by my embarrassment. "We want the Full Monty."

"How nice," I grumbled.

I stayed in the water and talked with them for a while, keeping close to the wall of the pool so all they could see of me was my head and shoulders. I practically begged for a towel or any sort of clothing, but it was all in vain. Pamela and Stephanie knew I had to get out of the pool eventually and they were waiting patiently for the show. I was embarrassed but also excited that both my sexy wife and her attractive co-worker wanted to see me completely exposed.

They had me and they knew it, so I stroked my cock a few times to make sure it was big. Giving them what they wanted, I made no effort to hurry or cover myself as I climbed the steps out of the pool, giving them a good look at my bare ass. Then I turned and walked straight towards them, ten steps that seemed like a hundred.

"Very nice, Mark," Stephanie said in a slow drawl. "I'd say you've been working out, huh?"

"Uh, yeah," I mumbled before I turned to address my wife. "Okay, show's over. Can I have my clothes back now?"

"What do you think, Stephanie?" said Pamela. "Should we give them back to him?"

I felt like a mannequin on display in a store window. Stephanie looked me up and down, taking her time. I remembered how I had looked at her a few months earlier when I saw her in a pair of very short running shorts, and I wondered if she thought I had stared too long. Her gaze lingered on my growing cock for a long moment before she spoke.

"Nah, I don't think so," she finally said. "I like things just the way they are."

"You're clothes are kind of dirty anyway, Mark," Pamela told me. "So why don't you pull up a chair?"

I weighed my options. Pamela or Stephanie had obviously taken my clothes and trying anything physical to get them back was just going to cause me even more embarrassment, especially if I lost. They were both very fit women who would not give up easily. I decided to sit on one of the deck chairs, pulling myself close to the table to hide as much as possible. I also decided not to beg because that might egg them on even more. I have read too many stories where someone promises to "do anything" and things usually just get worse. It was better to let the situation play itself out and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, Pamela and Stephanie were watching me, probably trying to stay one step ahead of me.

"It's locked, Mark," Pamela said when she saw me eying the door to the house. "They're all locked."

"Okay, I don't mind staying out here a while," I said. I reached for the pile of mail I had collected earlier and opened up a magazine. After a while, my two tormenters apparently lost interest and began to talk about work. Evidently, letting me get dressed was not very high on their priority list.

"Is it hot out here?" Stephanie asked after a few minutes. "Or is it just me?"

"It's not just you," Pamela replied. "This is the warmest it's been all spring."

"Why don't you go for a swim?" I offered. "The water's nice and cool, and it's no fun being the only one who's naked."

"That's too bad," said Pamela. "You'll just have to get used to it."

I was going to have to get over being naked around the two of them, at least for a little while. I was ashamed and humiliated by my situation, but also flattered and aroused. Obviously there was no way they could have anticipated these circumstances. They might have had a few minutes to make a plan before they came outside, but they had improvised fairly well. Given their advantage of numbers, and clothes, I had to accept the idea of them being in charge.

I couldn't concentrate on the magazine so I got up and jumped back into the pool. When I came up for air I saw Pamela and Stephanie peeling off their clothes. My hopes for a skin show were dashed when I saw they were wearing swimsuits, but they were nice ones. Pamela was wearing a red and brown bikini that I had seen many times. I liked it because her nipples always stood out under the thin fabric of the top. Stephanie had once boasted of not owning any kind of swimsuit other than thong bikinis, and she didn't disappoint me. Her blue string bikini top and thong bottom left very little to the imagination. Only the cool water kept me from getting an immediate erection as they joined me in the pool. We raced a few laps, played keep-away with a rubber ball, and wrestled over control of an inflatable float. I tried to "accidently" pull off their bikini tops a couple of times, but I was met by icy stares and a level of resistance that told me it wasn't going to happen. I did manage to cop a feel of Stephanie's ass a couple of times, but I felt her hands on my butt and my cock even more.

After a while I went under water so I could come up under the float and try to dump Stephanie. I managed to turn her over but she clung to the float and resisted my efforts to take it from her. We wrestled and laughed for a minute or two with neither of us gaining an advantage. Meanwhile, Pamela had gotten out of the pool and retrieved a towel from the storage closet. Stephanie gave up on wrestling over the pool float and let me have it so she could follow Pamela out of the pool. I figured our pool play was over for a little while, so I climbed onto the float and lay on my back, no longer concerned that my cock and balls were fully exposed.

It wasn't until I stopped moving, and thus squeaking my skin against the vinyl float, that I heard voices and realized that Pamela and Stephanie were not the only ones on the deck. They had been joined by two brunettes. I didn't recognize the women, but Pamela and Stephanie apparently did. The four of them were lined up beside to pool so they could all get a good look at me. I must have missed the sound of their car coming up our long driveway when I was horsing around with Stephanie. I rolled over into the water and used the float to shield my nakedness.

"It's too late, Mark," Stephanie announced. "They already took pictures."

I looked at the newcomers and saw that one of them did indeed have a small digital camera in her hand. Most of those things have a zoom lens, so it was likely the pictures had captured me in all my glorious naked detail.

"Come here, Mark," said Pamela. "Our friends want to meet you."

I thought about it for a second and then waded toward the steps, pushing the float in front of me. I wasn't quite sure what to do, but my strongest urge was to run away and hide. They had me surrounded, however, and all I could do was go with the flow. I climbed out of the pool, still clutching the float and keeping it between me and the two newcomers.

"Mark, this is Jamie and Jordan," said my wife.

"Nice to meet you," one of them said as they both extended their hands. (I wasn't sure which one was which.)

I didn't know what else to do so I put out my right hand while I still clutched the float with my left.

"They're joining us for a little party," Pamela told me as the strangers shook my hand.

The newcomers looked at me and smiled. One of them seemed more timid than the other, but I could relate to that. I was unsure of myself in front of them and I avoided looking at them. Pamela told me their names again and I did my best to act natural. The younger one was Jordan and the older one, the one with the camera, was Jamie. Both were lean brunettes and were well above average in the looks department. I learned that they had been working with my wife and Stephanie earlier in the day and had accepted Pamela's invitation to spend an afternoon in the country.

"But that was before I knew my husband would be putting on a skin show," Pamela said to them as she concluded the explanations. "I hope you're okay with it, though."

"We were surprised, of course," said Jamie. "In fact, I was afraid Jordan might run back out to the car."

"I didn't want to intrude," Jordan said a bit coyly. She was obviously embarrassed and was blushing as she spoke. "I've never seen anything like this. I hope you don't mind that we stayed to watch."

"No problem," Pamela replied. "In fact, the more the merrier, right, Mark?"

"Uh, yeah," I said.

There was an awkward moment of silence while they looked at me until Stephanie diffused the situation by asking Jamie to take a picture of me with Pamela and herself.

Jamie agreed but I objected. Pamela ignored my protests and gently took the pool float from me. Everything I had, including my growing cock, was now out in the open. Pamela and Stephanie then lined up with beside the pool me, positioning me so that I was in the middle. They turned sideways a little so they could each pose with one hand on my cock while they waved at the camera with the other.

Two can play that game, I thought to myself.

I put my arms around them and slid my hands down until I had two handfuls of butt cheeks. They weren't expecting that, and they made me pay for it with more pictures. Pamela took a turn behind the camera as I posed with Jamie and Jordan, and then I posed with each of the four women individually. The session ended with them setting the camera on the table and using the camera's timer so all four of them could be in the pictures with me.

The photo shoot ended and I now faced the prospect of being in the company of four women while I was not only still naked, but also with a raging hard on. Not that I minded. In fact I wanted Jamie and Jordan to put on swimsuits so I could check out their bodies. Just the opposite happened, however. Pamela put her dress back on while Stephanie wrapped herself in a big beach towel.

"Come, have a seat," Pamela said, urging everyone to the table. "We have plenty of beer and wine."

I momentarily forgot about my nudity as I fetched an extra chair so the five of us could sit together. I tried to get next to my wife for a little bit of security, but I wound up between Stephanie and Jamie. They were about the same age, I now noticed, and I wondered how long they had known each other.

"This is fun," Stephanie said. "I've always wanted a naked man at my side."

"Well, you've got me here," I responded. "What are you going to do with me now?"

It was Jamie who spoke up, interrupting any reply from Stephanie.

"We watched the three of you cavorting in the pool for a while before we came outside," she said to Pamela. "Do you do this sort of thing a lot?"

"No," Pamela replied. "But there's a first time for everything."

"What did you think?" Stephanie asked, taking control of the conversation. "Did you enjoy the show? Did we excite you?"

"Yes," Jamie said with a grin as she glanced at Jordan. "We certainly did enjoy it."

"I've heard about this sort of thing," Jordan added, "but I'd never been to one."

"One what?" Stephanie asked.

"A party for women where there's a naked man," Jordan replied. "But I kind of like it."

"Haven't you ever been to a bachelorette party?" Pamela asked. "Or gone to one of those male strip joints?"

"We had a stripper for my sister's bachelorette party," Jordan said, "but he kept his g-string on."

"Well, when you get married we'll make sure to get one who goes all the way for your bachelorette party," Stephanie told her. "Some things should just be done right. If a stripper doesn't strip then he's just a dancer."

"Here, here!" Jamie agreed.

"Maybe Mark will do it," Pamela offered. "What do you think about that?"

"I, uh... sure," I stammered. "If the pay is good, I suppose. I don't come cheap, but I'd certainly consider any offer over thousand dollars."

"Like that'll ever happen," Stephanie laughed.

"Don't forget about the pictures," Jamie interjected. "We can use them to blackmail you."

That certainly pressed my panic button. Stephanie and my wife had an extensive network of friends and I was worried about who might eventually see the pictures. But another part of me was thrilled beyond belief that I was naked in front of my wife and her friends. I was more aroused than I had been in years, and although I was definitely embarrassed and even somewhat humiliated, I wanted to experience more. It was very confusing.

While I was brooding over my situation, Stephanie suggested we move our little party inside.

"The cooler's just about empty," she declared.

"We also need to go over our presentation," Pamela added. "And the bugs will be out before long."

Stephanie gathered her clothes and slipped into the house ahead of the rest of us. Jamie and Jordan collected the empty bottles while Pamela picked up the towels and the mail. That left the cooler for me to carry into the house.

"Are you okay with this?" Pamela asked when we lagged behind the others for a moment.

"I'm fine," I told her. I was pretty sure she expected me to remain naked, but when we got to the kitchen I decided to make a play for my modesty. "I'll just run upstairs and get dressed. This little game has gone on long enough."

"Oh, no you don't," said Pamela. "What do you say, Stephanie?"

"I vote Mark should stay nude," Stephanie replied. I noted with disappointment that she had gotten dressed, trading her thong bikini for her t-shirt and basketball shorts. "After all, he hasn't got anything we haven't seen already today."

"Jamie? Jordan?" Pamela said, addressing the others.

"Naked," Jordan agreed. "It's more fun."

"Skin City," Jamie said. "Definitely."

I felt my erection returning as the four women looked on. Out by the pool I was frequently nude, but the inside of our house with its polished wood and leather furniture was much more formal. The addition of four fully-clothed women to the setting made me feel much more naked than I had for the previous hour. I wondered what was going to happen next and how it was all going to end.

"We're going to make ourselves comfortable in the den," Pamela said to me. "You can make yourself useful by bringing us all a drink."

I took their drink orders and went to the kitchen for three glasses of wine and a beer. I couldn't carry it all at once and the women enjoyed themselves as I made two trips, since it gave them more chances to ogle my naked body. I made another trip to the kitchen to fix a drink for myself and when I reentered the den Stephanie and my wife were recounting the events of the day, explaining in detail to Jamie and Jordan how I had come to be naked. They giggled as Stephanie and Pamela related how they had watched me strip down, swim, move the deck furniture and then swim some more.

"We grabbed his clothes when he was swimming underwater," Pamela concluded. "Then we sat at the table and waited for him to notice us."

"He actually came up for air twice and didn't see us," Stephanie said. "I got a good long look at him."

"Lucky you," Jamie replied. "But now we can all have fun."

"Sit down with us, Mark," Stephanie said. "Jamie and Jordan have been helping your wife and me with our project at work, and we thought we'd invite them over to celebrate now that we're finished."

"Pam tells us you do most of her computer work for her," Jamie said to me. "It's nice to know that you're not just a naked hunk. You're a naked hunk with some brains."

"Thanks, I guess," I said. "Just as long as you know I've never done anything like this before."

"Yeah, sure," Stephanie said teasingly. "I happen to know you've done a striptease or two in your lifetime. Pam showed me the pictures."

"That was for an audience of one," I objected, looking to my wife for support. "It was foreplay."

"He's right," Pamela said with a smile. "He did strip for me a couple of times before we were married and he's done it a few times since then, usually on Valentine's Day or our anniversary. But this is the first time for anything like this."

"Well, be sure to invite me if you ever do it again," Jamie said. She was looking at me intently when she said it and I knew she was serious.

"Me, too," Jordan laughed. "And I'll want to invite all my friends!"

Everyone had a good laugh at that and I hoped that she, at least, was not being serious. I took a big sip of my drink and began to get more and more relaxed as the conversation started to pick up. The women talked about work and I was glad that for a while I was not the center of attention. I went for another round of drinks while Pamela went to change clothes. When she came back downstairs she summoned me to the kitchen to help prepare some food.

I wanted to rip off her clothes and jump her bones right there, party or no party, but I managed to control myself. Instead I helped her set up a buffet line in the kitchen. Pamela took care of the lettuce and tomato while I shredded cheese and cooked up some taco meat. Then I stood to one side as the four women filled their plates and settled into chairs around our dining room table. There was only room for four chairs, so my job was to fetch and carry whenever anyone wanted anything. In the meantime I sat on one of our bar stools, well above the level of the dining table where the women could look at me if they wanted to.

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