Caught Jerkin' Ch. 02


I pushed forward and sunk my cock into her pussy to the hilt. I held there for a few seconds. This happened over 15 years ago yet I remember every detail as if it was yesterday. Her pussy was so hot and wet yet still tight around my cock, like the tightest glove. I remember thinking, this woman in her 50's still had a tight pussy, and I had never been with an older woman and envisioned that they might be a little loose, boy was I wrong! It felt so fucking good!! I pulled out slowly savoring the feeling and then plunged in again. I repeated the slow assault knowing that if I wasn't careful I would blow my load into her before I was ready.

"Ughh, that feels so hard in me" she said as she began pushing back against me meeting my thrusts.

She moved one arm off the desk and then reached between her legs with that hand to grab my balls each time I pushed into her. I stopped and let her play with my nut sack for a minute or two, grinding my pelvis around in small circles.

"Please fuck me hard now, fuck me hard!" she commanded.

It was then I started to pump her again and this time I picked up the pace. I was plunging my rigid cock in and out of her cunt. I could feel her cunt muscles trying to grab my cock each time I withdrew it. My thrusts became a little more violent and she had to put both her hands out in front of her on the center of my desk to steady herself. She continued to push back and meet my thrusts.

She was moaning 'yes' each time I hit bottom and her breathing was loud and shallow in between the moans. I grabbed both of her hips and started to pound her from behind as hard as I could. The wetness of her pussy made a slapping noise each time my hips and thighs crashed into her ass and legs. I'll never forget that sound and the feeling of her gorgeous hairy pussy as I plunged my steel hard tool in and out.

I was getting close to cumming now and although I thought briefly of trying to stop and extend the session, I knew I would blow my load anyway so I just went for it. She was not moaning louder and almost chanting 'yes' as I was hitting her spot with the final thrust she almost shouted "oh yes"! as she began to shudder. I knew she was cumming and I was right behind her.

I felt the first jet of semen leave my cock and hit her inner canal. I continued thrusting and with each time I hit bottom another jet left my prick and filled her hole. I must have had a multiple orgasm because it felt like I shot 7 or 8 streams into her when my normal load was only 4 or 5 jets. With my final thrust I hit bottom and stopped, holding her hips and looking at her back. She was weak kneed and collapsed down onto the desk with her upper body.

My cock was still rock hard, I was so excited by this whole scenario, a fantasy realized. I had fucked my mother-in-law and she was way hotter than I imagined. I stepped back, pulling my cock out and some of our mixed cum followed, hitting the floor below. I took one more step back and admired her plump round ass and could see her now used pussy, soaking wet with my cum and hers. It was beautiful.

She stood up and turned around to look at me. I stepped forward and kissed her hard again. I let my hands wonder down her body until I found her ass cheeks. I pulled her to me and continued to push my tongue into her mouth. I was still not sated and I wanted more from my MIL. I reached up and undid her bra and it fell off her shoulders. I stepped back to remove it. I wanted to see her totally naked. She was hot. Her tits sagged a little, but she had these big round areolas and pink hard nipples in the middle. I pulled her to me again and we kissed some more with her tits rubbing on my hairy chest.

I wanted this encounter to continue and I think she did too. But it was now almost 6:30 and I was due at home. I knew this was the start of something and I couldn't wait for another chance.

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by Anonymous

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by prop6906/04/17

Hope you will drive her again

What a sweet and tender pussy. Did she come back for seconds

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