Caught Jerking Off


Jeff finally began sobbing. He realized what he was. A homosexual. A young effeminate suitable for fucking in the ass. For now, it would be Marion's plastic prick that trained him, but soon the real thing would be replacing it. Jeff realized that he really was a Jessica. With that knowledge suffusing his mind, his sphincters eased and he pushed back to take an extra two inches of the massive latex replica. A final dribble of semen was forced out the end of his throbbing prick.

Even as he ate Marion's cunt for the third time later that evening, he was dreaming of a big hard prick going up his ass. He would be her sex slave for a while, but Jeff would now be out hunting for the flesh and blood boners that he knew would be eager to ram up his tiny but very cute little asshole.

For Marion, she was so keyed up, that she came 4 times before letting Jeff head back home with his very sore ass. As he left, she thought about his sister Denise, and wondered what it would be like to fuck a big girl like her with her new plastic dominator.

Chapter 3

Denise was bored with Ted. Sex with him was too routine. He didn't eat pussy, so she refused to suck his cock, even though she wouldn't mind. He had a great body and a big dick, but all he could do was pump like a robot until he shot his load. She wanted more and she wanted strange. She lay on her bed wondering where Jeff was. He was spending a lot of time away in the evenings these days. Did he have a girl friend? She didn't think so. She knew he must be beating off playing with her underwear, so he didn't have a girl. She wondered what it would be like to watch her brother jerking off. It might be neat. But what then? She didn't feel like screwing him. He was her brother. But he was really cute for a kid. More like a girl.

She stretched out nude on the bed and began to play with herself the way she usually did after school. Then the phone rang. She was going to forget it, but the caller was persistent. She got up and took the portable from the hall.


"I see you're being a naughty girl, Denise."

"Who is this?"

"Take a look out your bedroom window."

Denise walked over to the window mindful to keep away from enough because she was naked. She looked across the way and saw her neighbour standing in her bedroom window. She was naked but shielded in the room so that only Denise could see her. She waved.

"What the hell are you doing?" She was going hang up in anger, but a bit of curiosity tempered her anger and she listened.

"I thought you might like to come over and join me. Your brother is over here, or should I say, your sister."

"What's that supposed to mean."

"You'll have to come over to find out. And by the way, you look gorgeous with nothing on. It's a shame you'll have to get dressed to come over. Oh. Some of your underwear is missing because Jeff is wearing it. He'd like to model it for you. He'd be so unhappy if you didn't come over." She hung up.

Denise stood looking at Marion whose smile looked a little cruel, now that she took a closer look. She pulled the curtain shut and sat on the bed. She felt like calling Ted, but changed her mind. What was going on? Her neighbour was screwing her brother. He was only 18. She thought she could handle the woman, so she decided to go over and get into it with her.

Denise dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt. She pulled on her sandals and walked purposefully over to Marion house. The door opened as she came up the steps.

"Hi, Denise. Come in."

"What the hell is going on? Where is my brother?" She stood with her hands on her hips ready to challenge the woman. Marion stood naked except for her high leather boots and leather gloves. She made an impact on the girl. Denise stared at her, noting the absence of pubic hair. The woman had a pretty firm body and really big set of tits that did not sag very much in spite of their size.

"Calm down, Denise. Jeff is downstairs waiting for us. He's happier than he's ever been in his life."

Cautiously, Denise walked down the stairs behind Marion and found herself admiring the firm rear end so excitingly displayed above the boots. In fact, Denise began to feel sexual arousal beginning in her genitals.

"Well, Jessica, this is the moment you've been dreading and waiting for."

Jeff looked up at his sister with haunted eyes. He was bent over wearing a pair of extremely high heeled pumps, his legs had been cleaned up of the slight bit of hair he once sported. His black panties were lowered to the knee hollows. His penis was rigid. Marion had dressed him in a long wig, and spent some time on his makeup. The black bra was more expertly arranged, making him appear very feminine except for the raging if diminutive prick.

Denise was stunned. Her brother looked so much different dressed this way. She was unable to avoid looking at his erection. He was shame faced and looked away from her.

"She's a little shy today, but she's going to put on a show for you. I felt that you deserved to see her properly punished for her inappropriate use of you lovely panties and bra."

Jeff couldn't look at them.

"Jessica, my dear, it's time for your beating. I want you to show your sister what you've been doing in her room. Now!"

He looked miserable.

"Tell us what you're going to do, Jessica. Denise wants to know what to expect by way of repentance."

He began to stammer until Marion delivered a stinging lash across his already reddened buttocks.

"Ow! . . . I .. I'm going to beat off while you watch because I always go into your room and wear your panties to get me hard. I'm sorry, sis, but I couldn't help it. I mean, it was so . . I can't explain it. She caught me and made me do this."

"That's enough, Jessica, get ready to stroke yourself. I'll beat her until she shoots her load and then you'll give her the second dose of the strap, if you want. She really does like to have her bare ass strapped good and hard. It will bring her little penis right back up to full hardness almost immediately. And don't be shy about laying it on. She can take a lot."

Marion then turned and stepped into a solid lash across the fullest part of his cheeks. He yelped and immediately took his cock in his right hand. It quickly became a blur as Denise watched the whipping take place. She was overwhelmed by the sight of her brother masturbating like this. The sound of the strap on his ass, his whimpering, and the woman's heavy grunts as she laid the lash on his ass with authority were really getting her aroused.

Jeff was sobbing, but his hand was like a machine as it thrashed up and down. He started to moan and buck his hips, then he gasped and shot the first wad into his waiting hand. Several more jets splashed into his palm as Denise stood goggle eyed at this spectacle. Marion finished him off with three well placed stinging strokes of the strap.

"Well. He performed very well this time. Your sister brings out the best in you, Jessica."

She eyed the girl closely, looking for signs of arousal. She didn't need to look too hard. Denise was saturated with her own come. She was so close to orgasm that Marion knew she could be seduced. She put her hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Let's do something nice for you." She let her hands cup the large breasts. Denise's nipples were jammed against her light top. Marion pulled each nipple and saw the girl's eyes close in passion. She let her right hand drop to the girl's crotch. She felt the steamy warmth and stroked her firmly. Denise was unable to resist as Marion stripped her naked.

"Denise, you are lovely. Even more than I imagined. Let's lay down on the couch. I want to eat your pussy. Then you can eat mine."

The two women began their mutual love making in earnest as Jeff stood gaping at them. His cock, which had shriveled after the jack off, now slowly firmed up. He watched as Marion spread his sister's legs and expertly licked her cunt. She moved her mouth from side to side in delicious oral ministrations. Denise was no match for the woman who finished her off in a matter of a few moments. Denise was a noisy fuck and she groaned and grunted as she came in spasms wave after wave. As she lay panting on the couch, Marion knelt over her.

"Now. Eat me. I want to come."

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