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Caught Jerking Oh My


I was working as an odds and ends delivery driver for my company. When somebody needed something I would go get it or drop it off. I ALWAYS drove my own truck. I liked the company putting gas in and getting to listen to my own stereo on the rides. I also had privacy to do what I wanted while I drove because you couldn't see in very easy. This particular day I had to take the company lettered car because it was raining and the item couldn't get wet. It was a little foreign station wagon, a little car. I drove down the other end of the state and delivered the thing. No good radio to listen too I rode in the quiet. My mind wandered all over the place, the game tonight, and the girl from this past weekend. Fixated on her hot body I started getting a little worked up. The rain stopped and I started missing my truck. Anyways I made it to the destination and made my delivery. As I was on the highway coming back I started to get horny rethinking about the hot girl, bored and restless in this little uncool car, you know how that happens.

Without thinking about the lettering and the big phone number on the side of the car my hand wandered to my crotch, my hard on felt so good to the touch, I slid my pants down a little revealing my hard on. I had cruise control set and tilted my seat back a little to get comfortable. I started to caress my hard on, running my fingers and hand all along the shaft. Oh it felt great. I looked around and know one was around. A car way back and one, way up in front of me. I grabbed a hold of my cock and started to stroke. Pre Cum started oozing making it nice and slippery. As the feelings started to build I played a little teasing the head trying to make this last. Mile after mile I kept bringing myself almost to the edge and slowing down. There I was, stroking myself into frenzy. This car did have a benefit, I could stretch my legs out better than in my truck with the reclining seats. Staying focused on my driving and surroundings was getting harder, so I moved to the middle lane on the uncrowded highway just in case I swerved one way or the other when I cum. As I got closer to Cumming I sat up in the seat getting ready, that's when I noticed the car that was way back was now next to me but back a little on the right side. 2 girls in the front and 1 in the back seat watching my every stroke, they were laughing, pointing, making jerk off hand gestures, and I thought one of the girls was recording me. Just as it all set in, in a split second I came. I shot my load all over myself, on the steering wheel, dash board and all over my clothes. The girls started beeping and waving and just plain having a blast at my predicament. I did my best to let them pass me then I quickly slowed down and exited the freeway.

They went on their way and now I was on my way. I cleaned up and got back on the road, a little embarrassed, a little turned on by what had happened. My mind was racing, thinking about what the girls must have been thinking or saying to each other. Another 45 minutes and the trip was over I had pulled into the parking lot at work.

I got all my stuff together, checked one more time to make sure I didn't leave any evidence. I walked in and put my stuff down then walked my paperwork over to the girl Karen who was kind of like my boss. I handed her the paperwork and she got a big smile on her face, took my papers and asked if EVERYTHING went ok. I said sure and she kept smiling almost giggling then said Lisa needed to talk to me. Lisa was the office manager and the Bosses right hand person. So I went up to her office and checked in, she had a smirk on her face and told me I needed to be more careful when out in a company car, My heart dropped when it dawned on me that I was driving a lettered car with phone number. How stupid of me to forget. I got defensive and said why is that, she smiled and simply said she had received a call about my erratic driving and that they wanted to talk to the boss but she assured them she would pass on the message to him. Lisa then smiled and said, don't worry I don't tell the bosses anything.

I said, I have no idea what she was talking about (deny deny deny)and she said it didn't matter she is the office manager and she can handle just about anything that comes up.

Missing what could have been a bad bullet I clocked out for lunch. I went out and got a sandwich and a drink and headed back to the office to eat in the lunchroom. Usually the TV had something to watch for an hour.

I pulled into my parking spot, grabbed my lunch and walked in; I heard a bunch of laughter coming from the lunchroom. When the door closed behind me it all stopped. It is a nice atmosphere in my office, pretty easy going and relaxing.

I walked into the lunchroom and there was Lisa, Karen, Bobbi and Kathy. Eating their lunch. I said I am sorry for breaking up the big party by coming back. They all busted out laughing again, saying oh don't worry about it, you didn't bust up any party. Then Lisa said you are the party! I laughed, and then opened up my sandwich to eat.

Lisa then said I got this cool video in my email today, so we were all watching it and laughing. I said cool, what was so funny? Karen started laughing again and said you were!

I looked at her and said funny. Karen said, no seriously, you are the star of the video. I know women are a little weird and speak in code a lot, but what the fuck was she talking about.

Lisa then spoke up and said, yes you are the star. So I said ok let me see. The girls started laughing again and said yea, lets watch it again.

Lisa said remember earlier when I told you I got a complaint about your erratic driving? Well the girls that complained sent me the proof! My heart sank again! The girls could not stop laughing. I said, you didn't tell me there were girls that complained. Lisa said oh there were more? I started to turn red.

Lisa reached over to her laptop and pressed play.

OMG, those girls weren't taking pictures earlier, they were recording everything. All you see is the car I was driving coming into view and on the sound you hear the girls laughing talking about the guy jerking off. Then the video zooms in to me stroking, then you see me sit up in the seat, must have been when I was adjusting myself. The girls are yelling in the background of the video JERK JERK JERK, LOL continuous laughing and joking. Then there I am, I turn my head and looked right at the camera, then look back to the road, hand jerking as fast as I have ever seen, up and down, tip of my cock glistening in the sun, soaked with pre cum.

The girls in the office start chanting cum, cum, cum, apparently they already watched this at least once. I was so embarrassed sitting there at the table watching myself jerk off. Then the camera zooms in a little more as I explode all over the place, background noise is the girls cheering and yelling out the window. My cum flew all over the place. Then all you see is my car slow way down and they zoomed by laughing their asses off, talking about a great you tube video.

The girls in the office are rolling in laughter. I was turning bright red. Karen then says, imagine the advertising we are going to get on you tube! Finally the girls stop laughing, but all smiles look at me and await my comments. I said I am sorry about this, and that I have never been so embarrassed in my life.

Lisa then said, Embarrassed? How about unemployed too? I looked and said what? She said if word should get back to the boss some how I would be fired on the spot. I said, you told me you don't tell the bosses anything. She said I know, but your coworkers might slip up by accident.

I looked around at the table full of smiling giggly women and asked them to please keep this here. I would never do anything like this again. The girls started laughing, and Bobbi started to speak, and then got cut off by Kathy, who said, but you will and we know it. I looked and said NO I won't I promise.

Before I got back for lunch the girls came up with a scheme and now I was to find out about it. Bobbi then spoke up and said that think I will and as often as they see fit. I was horrified. Bobbi then went on to say that in order to keep them quiet I would need to follow directions from each and everyone of them. Meaning that whenever they wanted to laugh and have a show I would have to oblige them when and where they say.

I said no way, that is ridiculous, to which Lisa said, no not really, you can have a job or get fired. If someone gets unhappy with me and this was to leak I would be fired immediately.

I begged them not to do this and they told me to make a choice, job security or no job security.

I backed down and agreed.

So Karen said good then it's settled. I said yes. She then stood up and said time to get back to work, no wait, lets see you perform live real quick. The other girls' cheered jerk, jerk, jerk.

I stood up and released my belt and dropped my pants and underwear to the floor in front of these coworkers for the first time of what I am sure will be many impromptu jerkoff shows.

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