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Caught Mistress


He had spent the night thinking about her, thinking about her silky auburn hair; her bright green eyes; her sexy smile; her firm creamy breasts; her delicately curling mound of hair between her heavenly thighs- what more did a man need in a mistress. He left the party early to head over to her palace of delights in his carriage. The servant who answered the door recognised him instantly and said and did nothing but shut the door behind Jean, one of the lords of France.

Jean slipped up the stairs to his Catherine and found her lying in her bed with her auburn hair shimmering in the light of the candle that had not been blown out. Her breasts, above the slipped blanket, rose and fell gently in her sleep. Her arms lay curling above her head as if she was remembering the time she was a dancer before Jean had taken her as his mistress. He smiled and felt his cock-piece tighten with his rising cock. He saw their silk ropes lying over the foot of the bed and quietly picked them up.

Without disturbing her he wrapped the silk cloth round her slim wrists and then to the head of the bed. He left them slack enough that he may move her beautiful body whichever way he wanted. With the knots done he slipped out of his clothes and left them lying where they fell. As gently as he could he climbed on to the bed eager to touch her breasts. He took a deep breath to calm himself and then with both hands he reached out and touched them and felt their hard nipples in the palm of his hands. He closed his eyes to control himself. Just feeling her nipples made him so hard and all he wanted to do was thrust his thick member deep into her.

A moan came from the little 'o' of her mouth. Her eyes opened and before she could say anything he pressed his lips hard against hers. She responded instantly and as she found she couldn't move her hands she looked up and saw them tied. She smiled in her kissing and responded all the more eagerly. Their tongues twisted round each other. As Jean released her from his lips she asked, "So what are you planning to do to me tonight? This is a surprise you know, but a nice one."

"You deserve to be tortured for making me desire you so much that it hurts. Look at my little man." He gestured to this throbbing penis.

"He looks like he needs to be cooled a little or he will explode. Bring him here."

He eagerly shifted up her body so that her tongue could 'cool' his cock. Her tongue ran the length of his cock and he shivered with anticipation. Catherine's tongue twisted round the red head of his cock and he moaned and grabbed hold of her face forcing his member into her mouth. He fought hard not to come in her mouth though he wanted to. He withdrew it with a moan and demand, "Turn over."

She willingly turned over to her front once he had moved out of the way and instantly felt a sting on her white buttock where he had slapped her. He pressed his cock into the clef of her buttocks and as he slapped her hard again he felt her buttocks wince and clutch out his member. His head fell back and he sighed in pleasure. He heard her moan, "Again, please, again...."

He slapped her again and again, "You love this don't you?"

"Oh god, yes. I deserve to be tortured for all the teasing."

"You are a bloody whore aren't you?" He demanded and slapped her even harder and which left a red hand on her buttock.

"Yes." She moaned.

"Louder." He ordered as he slapped her again and grabbed her cheek and dug his fingers in.

"YES!" She yelled out

"Yes what?"

"I'M A WHORE and love being one."

"Good." He smiled, "Glad to see you are so obedient. Now... what should I do to you next... Think you deserve to be taken up the ass as punishment, don't you?"

She meekly nodded her head. He smiled with pleasure, "But lets see how wet you are first."

He slipped his hand under her body and felt the curls of her mound and then found her slit and clit. He squeezed her clit with his fingertips and she moaned from the pain and pleasure. He released her swollen clit and found her slit. He slipped a finger in to the ring on the finger and found her to be very slick, so slick he almost decided to just fuck her there and then, "You are loving this aren't you... you are dripping. Taste." He drew his finger out and put it in front of her mouth. She sucked her musky wetness off the finger obediently.

He found the piece of beech shaped like a phallus that she had for his use and hers and slowly inched it up her opening to make it slick with her juices before he placed it in her asshole. She grimaced at the pain. It was tight in her asshole as the muscles fought to keep her beech phallus out. Jean fought back harder and with a moan of pain it entered and stayed. He smiled, "You are as good as done now."

He slapped her buttock again leaving another red handprint, "What me?"

"Please." She pleaded, "Fuck me as hard as you want... Use me... Please... Just fill me with your huge cock."

With a smile of ultimate pleasure he did as he pleaded especially as he was the most turned on he had been all night. He loved seeing her with her buttocks high in the air and her breasts low, brushing against her sheets which would be turning her on when her hard sensitive nipples rubbed against the coarse fabric. Also there was the fact she loved to be punished as much as he loved to punish her. With one of her holes filled he wanted to completely fill her, sandwich her without the need for anyone else.

He spread her thighs and guided his hard, eager cock into her soaking wet slit. With it on the edge of her slit he grabbed her hips and thrust in as hard as he could and as deep. She moaned as she felt him push himself all the way through her vagina. He pushed her hips into hers and shivered as he felt her muscles clutch at his manhood. He pulled back before ramming himself back in again, and again and again. With each thrust he pulled her into his hips and heard her moan and pant. He could feel her wooden phallus as he thrust in and he felt pleasure from that as well.

Before long he couldn't stand it any longer and with one final deep thrust he shouted out as all the pressure became too much and he exploded his semen deep into her. She screamed out as well as she came with him, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

He collapsed on top of her and lay there letting himself recover for a moment while his cock softened.

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