tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCaught My Husband...in Lingerie

Caught My Husband...in Lingerie


I had been away on a spa weekend with my girly friends so was going to surprise my husband by arriving home 4 hours early. He had been so happy for me to spend two nights in a luxury spa hotel I had to repay him the favour, and I knew just how to do it.

I crept slowly into the house, and by the sounds of it he was upstairs in our bedroom, probably doing some office work for Monday morning, as our study comes just off the bedroom.

"Sorry about leaving you, Honey, but thanks for letting me go," I told him as I made my way up the stairs. I walked into our room, and there he was, stood in front of the full length mirror in one of my sexy corsets.

The minute he saw me he put down the tights he was going to put on, went bright red, and the 5" hard-on he had before ( He always had a small dick) seemed to shrivel instantly.

"What the..." For once in my life I was speechless.

"Honey, I can explain" He stuttered.

"I bet you can"

"I, well, I"

"C'mon, we don't have all week Simon, or should I say Simone," I said with a big grin on my face.

"Why are you smiling?" He asked

"I always wanted a life size doll!" I told him.

"You arn't bothered?" He nervously asked

"You are who you are, and besides, we can have... fun!"

That night we spent as a normal Sunday night. We got a Chinese takeaway, watched the TV, had a bottle of red, and went to bed. It was tomorrow when the real fun begins.

I had a day off, so while Simon went to the office in town to work, I went to the nearest mall. I had compiled a shopping list of sexy things to buy Simon. I was going to buy him a whole new wardrobe, aswell as some fake tittys and a blonde wig.

I got home early and put on one of my nice corsets and silky dressing gown, lit a few candles and covered the bed with rose petals. I had thrown out all of Simin's clothes, and replaced them with Simone's. He had better agree with my plan.

"Si," I called down "I'm in the bedroom."

Simon came up straight away.

"I'm not going to forget last night," I told him "So here is the ultimatum- Live with me and what you are about to hear or file a divorce-it's simple. I've checked with an agent, and your business can be sold for $19M."

"OK," he said.

"So we sell the business, buy a nice island and live there for the rest of our lives, of course you as a woman. I've checked with the big league real estates and there is currently a nice, fully built island in the carribean for $12M. 4 pools, gold beaches, and 5 staff work there. We will never gave to lift a finger again and you can crossdress 24/7" I told him "Well?"

He was a little set back by all the information but I could tell the prospect of becoming a multimillionairess excited him.

"Let's go!" He said

"Marvellous!" I cried with delight.

There we are now, 3 months on, sunning our selves in bikinis, both of us, on the luxury yacht we'd bought to go with the island, being served punch by a gorgeous carribean waiter we'd employed.

"His arse is lovely" Simon/e said. 3 months ago I would have been shocked by that, but Simon's gay comments were one of many things he had aqquired since moving here, including the fake tits we had surgeoned on to him.

"Raoul" I shouted. Raoul was our waoteron the island. We had 5 staff - the waiter, a chef, a handyman and two maids. The maids were sisters, Raoul was having a gay relationship with the handyman and I had sucked the chef's cock more than once.

"Yes, madam," Raoul replied

"Me and Simone are fond of your arse, and there us a tip fir both of you if you call Pedro down from driving the boat to fuck it." I told him. To you, it may sound weird but Raoul rather liked the idea.

So Pedro cane down, kissed Raoul, and Raoul told him in Spanish what we wanted. Raoul pulled his shorts and boxers down and let Pedro insert his 9" cock into his arse. As they got going I noticed Simone's cock had started to erect, so Raoul took two cocks in once and sucked off Simone. As all three came at once Raoul nearly choked on Simone's cum, but swallowed it anyway.

"Bravo" I told them, while Simine took a couple of fifties out of her purse and gave it to them."Cone to our room tonight if you want and you can both try ducking us girls!"

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