tagNovels and NovellasCaught On Camera Ch. 04

Caught On Camera Ch. 04

byDon Grampa©

Sara Richardson was waiting when Aaron rounded the corner near the school office after the last bell. She wore her short dark hair pushed behind her ears and held in place with a bright yellow ribbon. A black bra was visible under a sports bra that matched the ribbons color. Gray sweat pants slung low on her hips covered dark green shorts. She was wearing white Nike's without socks. "I'm a gym assistant last hour." Sara said when she noticed Aaron look her over from top to bottom. "I can shower when I get home. You're still coming over aren't you?" She asked.

"Sure. You look good dressed like that." Aaron said smiling.

Small talk covered the short walk to Sara's home, and when they arrived she led him upstairs to her bedroom. "I'm going to take a quick shower. Since you've already seem me naked, and I've sucked your cock, why don't you join me?" She said suggestively.

"Sounds like my kind of activity." Aaron said while joining Sara in the shedding of their clothes.

Once in the shower the two clung together and kissed with passion as the water dripped off their heads and down their bodies. Aaron pulled back slightly and looking in Sara's eyes smiled. "I remember you saying that if a girls gives head, then a gentleman should return the favor. I didn't get a chance the other night, but maybe now would be a good time for me to pay you back." Aaron said as he started to kneel.

"That's true, but don't do it in the shower. I want to experience it on my bed. By the way I'm on the pill and I want it all." Sara said and was surprised when Aaron pushed the knob to turn the water off and picking her up carried her into the bedroom and dropped her on the bed before kneeling on the floor between her out stretched legs. "You're getting the bedspread all wet!" The more than willing young lady squealed.

"It's going to be sopping wet with our combined juices in just a couple of seconds." Aaron said as he pulled on Sara's cunt lips with his lips and spread the thick dark curls away from her opening with his fingers.

Sara had a heavy dark bush that was neatly trimmed to stay inside her cheerleading panty line. When he had photographed the girls naked he had noticed the heavy Beard of Ali that She sported, but she had kept her legs together so that he was surprised at the heavy thick lips and dark red cavern of her sex. Moisture was already present in her opening, and after just a couple of licks he saw the tip of her clit beginning to immerge from its hiding place above her tunnel of love. The hair was also thick on the inside of her ass cheeks and a trail ran past her anus to her tailbone.

"Oh my God! Get up here and put that thing of yours inside me. I want to feel that thing going in and out of me. Please!"

Now much more experienced in the act of copulation than he was a week ago, Aaron was able to enjoy the sensations of a hot pussy wrapped around his stiff prick without having to shoot off the deep end. Able to control his escalating passion, he took great pleasure in watching Sara go through the gyrations and emotions of a woman in heat. He was able to bring her to a series of orgasmic bliss while starving off his need to ejaculate maintaining his strong erection deep in her pulsating pussy. When Sara finally calmed a little Aaron rolled them over so that she was on top. Her hair still wet from their shower slowly dripped drops of water on his face. Her smile was beatific and her grin showed she was a well-satisfied young woman.

"Did you have fun?" Sara asked hugging him close.

"Absolutely." Aaron responded as he slowly started moving his still solid rod back and forth in the sloppy folds of her drenched pussy.

"Oh, I like that." Sara said as she tightened up her vagina and managed to force some of the fluid in her cunt out past the base of his cock. The more Aaron moved the more Sara liked it until they both started up again in the frantic race to self-satisfaction. Sara was the first to finish, but Aaron was mere seconds behind.

"You're fun Aaron. I'm glad we did this. I also think you did a really nice job on the photo for the yearbook. Thank you."

"It's me that should be thanking you. You're absolutely awesome."

"Well don't try sweet talking me into posing for you. I think the one nude photo of me is all that will ever get into print. Someday I may want to run for public office and I sure as hell wouldn't want any explicit photo's to fall out of my closet. Now fucking you is a different story." Sara laughed.

"You're still awesome. I'm available for you anytime, and I completely understand where you're coming from with the photo. I'll destroy the negative, scouts honor."

Aaron was working at his computer when his mother came home later that evening and they told each other of their days activities before Sally sat down with the evening newspaper. Aaron didn't tell her about all his activities, feeling that his mother didn't need to know about all of his sexual activities.

"You ready for bed mom?" Aaron asked, hoping that his mother would join him or let him join her.

"I think I should sleep alone tonight. I'm afraid that I'm becoming addicted to sex with you. I think we should take it easy. OK, honey?"

"Sure mom. It's just that sometimes I wish that everyday was Sunday." He said with a smile before heading off to bed.

During first hour at school the next morning Aaron was handed a note that instructed him to report to Diane Seaton's office as soon as possible. Mrs. Seaton was one of the Assistant Principal's. Aaron of course knew who she was, but he had never had any direct contact with her. She was in her mid thirty's and married to Captain Michael Seaton. He was an Air Force pilot that was stationed somewhere overseas. She was an attractive woman with short black hair and a fairly dark complexion. It was her bright blue eyes that caused everyone to take another closer look, however.

"Aaron Olson is it?

"Yes madam."

"Do you know why I've summoned you?"

"No madam."

"I suppose because I work with students with last names starting from A through M is the reason that we've never met. Perhaps you're not aware that one of my other responsibilities is functioning as the faculty advisor to the school yearbook. And, yes, I've seen the picture you took of the senior cheerleaders."

Aaron felt his heart come up in his throat and instantly had a tremendous need to pee.

"Gotcha!" Diane laughed. "Don't worry, I liked the photo a lot. We will definitely use it. What I need is a whole bunch of other whimsical pictures for a collage page that we're trying to put together. I know you're a good student, so what I'd like you to do is take the rest of today wondering around school and take a whole bunch of candid shots of students being students. If you use the schools digital camera we could sit down late this afternoon and view what you have. Would you be willing to do that?"

"Sure, it sounds like it would be fun."

"I've made you out a pass so you can go into classrooms, and just about anywhere except the ladies restrooms and girls locker-rooms. I don't need anymore of the erotic stuff." She laughed. "I'll see you sixth hour."

Aaron took almost three hundred photos and he and Diane hunched over the computer viewing and editing until school ended, but they weren't finished. "Could you stay a little while and help me finish this up?" Diane asked.

"Sure. I don't have to be anywhere special, and I'm really enjoying myself. You're not only beautiful, but you're fun to work with." Aaron said and instantly blushed beet red when he realized that he had verbalized his thoughts.

"Why thank you. With my husband gone, I don't get that many compliments. You're just what I need to feel good about myself."

"Well I think your face and figure are very photogenic, and I'd love to have you pose for me." He said feeling maybe just a little over-confident by her acceptance of his flattery. "We could take a set to send to your husband."

"That would be great...Maybe after we finish this, but no nude stuff. I don't think I could ever pose nude, and I'm sure my husband would be upset it I mailed him some. When and where would we do this 'photo shoot' business?"

"I'm on my own for dinner tonight, my mom has a committee meeting, so we could do it tonight. If you want hard prints I need to go by my house to get my 35mm camera. If you're going to e-mail him stuff we can use a digital. I think we should use both types, and the best place is your house. You have all your clothes there, and the familiar back ground will be better."

"Sounds like you're organized. We can pick up some food on the way home." An hour later they were wolfing down burgers and talking about how she should pose.

"I think for the stuff you're going to e-mail your clothes should show what you look like every day. And the poses should be doing normal stuff like washing dishes, reading, even watching TV." Aaron suggested. "Those photo's can and will be seen by others. Maybe for the hard print things that you'll mail to him we can be a little bit more risqué. Maybe something that you'd want him and him alone to see."

"You had better be as discreet as Sara and the other cheerleaders say you are. If word ever gets out about this, I'll never forgive you."

Diane was wearing a man's white shirt over a pair of black pants when Aaron felt they had enough vanilla shots. "That shirt is nice and long, I think a sexy shot would be if you removed your pants, and let a couple of buttons loose so you show the top of your bra and a little cleavage along with your beautiful long legs. I'll use the 35mm camera." When she complied, he continued. "Now lean over just a little bit more so the top edge of your panty shows. That's great. Would you consider taking the bra off altogether and maybe let the light shining through the shirt show the outline of your breast?"

Diana knew she really wasn't showing anything that could be considered pornographic, and she was having fun and feeling very sexy, so she turned her back to the young student and removed the undergarment before buttoning the shirt back up. Aaron placed her between where he was standing and a table lamp and had her lean over. Her whole chest was clearly discernable through the thin white material and the semi hard-on Aaron was already sporting became a full fledge weapon.

"Oh my God, but that's sexy. I'm sorry but your boobs can be seen as clear as day. You've got a great chest Mrs. Seaton. I'm sorry."

"I'll bet you're sorry." Laughed Diane standing up. "And now that you've seen me practically naked you can call me Diane, at least when we're not at school. But tell me did you take the picture?"


"No? Well, get one." She said, resuming the position ahead of the light. She could see the bulge of young Aaron's erection tenting inside his pants. He must be as turned on by this as I am she thought.

"Do you have a bikini?"

"Yah. Let's go back to my bedroom."

Aaron waited while she went in the closet and changed into her suit. When she returned she was still wearing the white shirt over her panties, and she was blushing madly. "I can't wear the bikini. Diane said. And when she saw the puzzled expression of Aaron's face she continued. "I haven't trimmed down there since last fall." She said pointing to her crotch.

"That's alright, we can forget about the bikini. Why don't we try something in the bathroom? I think a really sexy shot would be if you washed your hair and maybe got the front of your shirt a little bit wet."

"I don't really want to get my hair wet. How about if I lean over the tub and just get my shirt wet without messing up my hair?"

Leaning over the tub Aaron managed to get a great picture of her panty-covered ass. The garment stretched tight over the crease between her cheeks and the hint of hair creeping out the edge was making Aaron horny. When she turned around with the front of the white shirt wet her crinkled nipples were clearly visible through the transparent material and Aaron's prick was so hard it was almost painful.

"I'd like to try a couple of poses with you on the bed Diane." Aaron suggested. "Why don't you put on something other than the wet top?"

When Diane came back out wearing full white panties and a flimsy sheer white camisole Aaron's mouth hung open. Her dark pubes were showing around the edge of the briefs, and her dark nipples and areolas were on display through the thin top.

"Well technically you're still dressed, but that outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination. For a shot that I'm sure your husband will love, why don't you put one hand inside your panties and cover up your...ah...ah vulva and the other under your shirt on your breast and give me a look like you're masturbating."

"And what kind of look am I suppose to have?"

"I don't know, maybe bite your lower lip, or roll your eyes back and let your mouth form a big 'O'." Aaron suggested.

"Oh Christ," was all Diane said as her finger came into contact with her clit under the cover of her almost opaque panties. I don't think he can see me and I'm so fucking turned on I really need a little relief she thought. He's seen just about everything I've got, but I don't think he can tell that I'm actually doing it. She moaned as silently as possible as her fingers moved over the familiar terrain of her heated pussy.

Aaron watched in fascination as his high school Assistant Principal bit her lower lip and shut her eyes tightly before she tucked both hands under the waistband of her panties. As Diane brought herself to a satisfying climax he knelt close and observed her sticking two fingers from each hand into her open moist gash. The soaked crotch of her panties was pushed aside allowing his camera to capture all of the action. The fragrant aroma of her soaked pussy and the squishing sounds her fingers made wafted up to his brain as his cock left a telltale spot on the front of his trousers.

"I don't believe I did that." A blushing Diane said as she came back down to earth. "Never in my wildest dreams have I ever even thought of masturbating in front of someone. I've never even done that in front of my husband. Please forgive me if I've insulted you. I didn't mean to get so carried away."

"You can see by the front of my pants that I wasn't offended. I want to thank you. You're one great lady, and sexy as hell. I'll never forget this as long as I live."

"You are really a sweetie. Thank you for not taking advantage of me when I was really vulnerable. I appreciate it tremendously. Let me get dressed and give you a ride home."

"No, that's OK. I think I'll go back to school for the basketball game. It's only a mile or so. You just relax. The walk will do me good." Said Aaron as he left the semi-nude school administrator and headed out the door.

The basketball game was already in the third quarter when Aaron got there, so he just sat at the lower end of the bleachers near the door. He was still charged up from the photo session with the Assistant Principal and he thought about going into the bathroom to beat off, but decided not to.

"Pretty sexy picture you took of the seniors." Miss Jamerison said sitting down along side of him. Ellen Jamerison was one of the gym teachers and also the cheerleader's coach.

"I didn't...aah...aah." Aaron stammered. He was really caught by surprise and he wondered if his boner was showing through his pants

"It's OK Aaron. I liked the picture a lot, but the whole school is buzzing about that photo, and everyone will soon know that it was you that took it. You should be proud; it's an excellent photo. I'm curious, however, how did you get them all to take their clothes off for you?"

"Just lucky, I guess." He said with a shrug.

"Well next Monday after school I want you to come to my office. I've got something I would like to talk to you about."

"Yes madam." Aaron said while thinking he was probably in deep shit. Miss Jamerison also was the sex education teacher. He had her for his teacher in the tenth grade. It was her first year of teaching, and Aaron figured it was her first year out of college because she sure got embarrassed a lot and was really nervous teaching a whole class of boys about the female reproductive system. All the guys just stared at her chest even though she tried to minimize how it looked by wearing baggy sweats and stuff, but the guys had treated her pretty rough. She was nice, and over the last couple of years had lost some weight so now she looked half way decent as well.

When the game ended Sally Richardson ambled over towards Aaron and said; "You want to skip the dance and come over to my house for awhile?"

"Sure. Sounds great." He responded and the two headed for the exit.

"Hey! Great picture man!" Someone shouted before a whole chorus of shouts and laughter echoed toward Sally and Aaron.

"How the fuck did everybody find out about that picture?" Aaron asked without really expecting an answer.

"Hey you guys skipping out on the dance? Could I join you, please? That asshole Brent Ninehouse is full of shit clear up to his eyeballs. He got all pissed at me because of the picture. Fuck him! It's my body, I'll do what I want with it, and what I want is for him to stay the fuck away from me. Please, can I come with you guys?" Megan Browser begged.

"Well I was taking Aaron to my house so we could make out. If you want to make it a threesome you're welcome as far I'm concerned. You don't mind do you Aaron? Megan told me after you left last Saturday that she wanted to suck your cock again." Sara said throwing her arm around Megan.

"Jeez Sara, can't you keep a secret about anything? I told you that in strict confidence. You've probably blabbed it all around school just like you told everybody Aaron took the picture.

"Well the picture is great. Everybody should know what a great talent he has. And you know damn well I wouldn't tell a secret on you. I'm just teasing. Come on the two of us will show this stud what real women are like, and you can play with his cock and balls to your hearts delight.

"Oh, shit. Ninehouse is watching us." Aaron said turning his back to where the football star was standing.

"Fuck him. He can't tell us what to do." Megan said while mouthing 'piss-off' to her ex boyfriend while giving him the finger.

"I got my dad to fire up the hot-tub this afternoon." Sara said as they rode to her house in Megan's car. "I told him Megan was coming over, so my little fib turned out to be the truth. I had planned on just you and me, Aaron, but the three of us will fit just fine. My folks went to a party at some friend's house after the game, so they won't be home until way after midnight. Let's get wet and party down."

Watching Megan strip off her cheerleading uniform was a treat by itself. Of all the girls on the squad, she had by far the biggest chest. Aaron figured that her boobs were at least double D's and maybe even bigger. They were soft with big areoles that covered the whole ends of her tits. The nipples were small hard little nubs that were surrounded by the pink. When Megan cupped her breasts in her hands the flesh would flow round each individual finger. With little blue veins showing through the thin white skin her boobs were sexy and looked like they were made to be manhandled. Her bush, which was light brown in color, was trimmed back so that her panties could contain the long curly hairs.

The three sat in the spa for about forty-five minutes with the girls flanking Aaron and each letting their hands and fingers explore his male equipment. Aaron for the most part kept his hands to himself, knowing that he didn't get too sexually excited too quickly, he'd be able to last longer once the main event got under way.

"Let's shower and go up to my room." Sara said. "But make sure you dry off. Last time this jerk threw me on the bed sopping wet and it soaked clean through to the mattress while he was fucking me silly."

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