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Caught Out


Carol sits, awaiting a meeting with a possible new client. The encounter, set up by her PA, is scheduled for 2.30pm, in a meeting room at an upmarket hotel close to her office.

There's still three minutes to go but already she's impatient; crosses and uncrosses her long legs, restlessly taps her pen on the desk. Call it intuition, something about the situation just doesn't feel right. Who is this potential client? Her PA's briefing note is annoyingly, well, brief.

Carol's train of thought is interrupted by a knock on the door. Without awaiting an invitation to enter a man strides into the room.

Carol's jaw drops, "James!"

"Indeed," replies a tall, fair and handsome man, capable of making a tatty sweatshirt look good, although today he favours a classic button-down Oxford shirt and a Paul Smith suit. He is, by the bye, Carol's boyfriend.

Directly behind him is another familiar figure. Gina's dark hair is artfully waved and swept back like the 1940s starlets she adores. A silk blouse, harem pants cinched with a broad belt, and dark framed glasses complete the look. Carol's girlfriend closes and locks the door.

"Oh don't bother to introduce us, we've already met", announces James with more than a trace of sarcasm.

"What..?" Carol manages to croak after what seems an age.

"Are we doing here?" James completes the question.

"The trouble with complexity is you're prone to mistakes," adds Gina discursively, "too many social media identities. Was it your Facebook, Instagram or Whats App sent a message intended for one us to the other and blew your cover?"

"In short, we know you've been two-timing us," expands James pointedly.

"Do you always dress so bloody boringly at work?" Exuberant and extrovert Gina is prone to conversational tangents. If Carol - expensively suited and shod, hair tinted and teased - wasn't wrong-footed before she is now.

"It's a conventional firm with conservative clients, I have to dress the part," she flounders.

"I think James was a little surprised by me, probably expecting a dyke in dungarees, I explained I'm in the plain clothes branch. We've got on like the proverbial blazing house since we met..." Gina continues regardless.

"And learned a lot," James interrupts, "Not least about your job. You said you were a solicitor, not a managing partner."

"All legal intrigue and billable hours, it's just like the 'Good Wife'", Gina jokes, although her eyes aren't smiling.

"We blissfully innocent souls each though ourselves in an exclusive relationship with you," James voice hardens.

"Obviously you're free to do anything you want, Carol, be whoever you wish to be - the problem here isn't self determination, it's lying and deception. And, as you're about to find out, such actions have consequences."

"Consequences?" parrots Carol, weakly. Usually assertive and in control she's starting to feel like a bit player in a dramatic recasting of her own life

"We three are about to go upstairs to sort this situation out," announces James, "I've reserved us a room - you'll be paying."

"I'm sure you'll feel able to accompany us," says Gina brightly, "I mean you wouldn't want any public scandal - especially of a bi-sexual spanking kind."

"Spanking - what's that got to do with it?" Carol can't believe what's happening here.

"James has discovered you like to spank me," reveals Gina archly, "you know the way these things tend to come up in conversation."

"Strange, because you said you weren't into it," muses James.

"Not into being spanked." Carol pouts, although a frisson of arousal at the word demonstrates this sentiment to be not strictly true. Why, Carol wonders, disorientated by the speed of events, am I arguing about this when my reputation, possibly career, is on the line? I've upset the two people closest to me, who knows where their anger might lead them?

Taking advantage of Carol's confusion James grips her wrists and pulls her to her feet, holding her tightly as Gina roughly yanks her skirt up around her waist.

"So there is a racy side to Miss Professional Business clone," she observes sardonically. "Stockings and suspenders, who'd have guessed? You never wore them for me and you know l love lingerie." Gina's capacity to cause conversational confusion continues unabated. "You did lock the door didn't you James?' she enquires mildly.

"I think so," replies James.

Even though her rational mind knows they are teasing her Carol is swept by a surge of fear. - Oh God, if someone looks in now...

"Isn't there a switch in these rooms to make the frosted glass effect disappear so people can see in?" James muses. "Wonder if it's this one?"

"No!" Carol's voice is almost a scream.

James idly flicks a switch and a wall light comes on.

"Stop tormenting her, James," says Gina firmly. "Plenty of time later. Know what this is?" she enquires of Carol, holding up a small tube.

"Lube?" Carol's voice is a whisper, any semblance of control long surrendered.

"Correct", Gina tugs the older woman's panties down to her stocking tops. Carol feels a cold liquid trickle between her bottom cheeks.

"And this?"

"B.., butt plug,' Carol blushes furiously.

"Take it in your mouth, warm it up a little," says Gina.

Carol takes the cold steel between her lips, tastes it on her tongue.

"Suck it, imagine James' cock."

Carol vainly attempts to dismiss the image from her mind.

"Good, now unclench your cute little rosebud," Gina orders.

Carol tries her best to obey as her erstwhile girlfriend carefully pushes the smooth metal plug into her arse. Feels it slipping slowly into her, winces slightly when the intruder reaches the widest point. Gina pauses, allowing Carol time to adjust before sliding it fully up her bottom. The plug is not large, but big enough to be a constant reminder of its presence. Carol staggers slightly as James releases his grip, clumsily tugs up her knickers and pulls down her skirt,

"Before we proceed I think a stiff," James smirks, allows a dramatic pause, "drink is in order, let's go to the bar."

Where Carol finds retaining her self-composure extremely difficult. Climbing onto a bar stool without inadvertently flashing her stocking tops is hard enough. Once seated the but plug makes itself insistently felt. "Embarrassing situation", observes James with detached amusement while ordering G&Ts all round. To any observer they're just three friends catching-up.

"How did you find me here?" Carol queries in something approaching her normal voice

"Your lovely PA," says Gina. "Told her we were cousins visiting town and wanted to surprise you. Not hard to convince her since we knew so many personal details.

She was so helpful in setting up a fake appointment, really entered into the spirit of things."

"Oh did she..." Carol's face darkens, "Well I'll..."

"Do absolutely nothing to her," cuts in Gina firmly.

"Maybe a raise next time she has a career evaluation," suggest James.

"Such a sweet girl, I might try to get to know her better," adds Gina dreamily.

"She's straight," mumbles Carol.

"So were you when we met, darling," replies Gina tartly.

"You can't control everyone Carol," says James. "Don't always get to decide and dictate every aspect of your relationships." He claps his hands, "time to go upstairs."

Carol follows them from the bar into the lift. What did he mean earlier, "sort this situation out"? What possible resolution can there be to the tangled web she so stupidly, be honest, selfishly weaved?

The room is large, almost a suite, but Carol suddenly feels claustrophobic. Together her lovers steer her to the centre.

"Jacket," demands Gina. Carol struggles out of the tailored garment, still unsure where this is leading. "I thought we were going to discuss..."

"Your betrayal of our trust," cuts in James grimly. "Possibly later, first we are going to punish you. Give your skirt to Gina too." The spectacle of Carol shimmying out of her pencil skirt makes him stiffen - there's has been an intensely sexual liaison, the allure of this wealthy, powerful and above all attractive woman a powerful aphrodisiac.

Belatedly Carol began to sense the possible direction of events. "Punish, you mean like spank me?"

"Spank you, don't be silly darling," replies Gina, "spanking is what you and I do for fun. James is going to cane you.

"Hard," confirmed James brusquely, "it'll hurt - just like the hurt you've caused Gina and me," he adds angrily.

"You can't mean it," pleads Carol.

"Oh but we do," confirms Gina as they shove her, head down and bottom up over the back of a capacious upholstered sofa. Gina grasps Carol's shoulders as James slips his fingers into the waistband of her panties and delicately them all the way to her black high-heeled shoes.

"Right off," he growls.

Gina looks deep into Carol's wild and frightened eyes. "You did a very bad thing girl, and now you're going to pay."

Behind her James flexes a rattan cane; face set in determined concentration he raises his arm and delivers the first stroke, slashing down it across the soft undercurve of Carols' buttocks. Forced up onto her toes by each searing impact she cries out in response to this and each of the following eleven strokes.

Carol begs for mercy, pleads forgiveness and ultimately sobs as her bare bottom is thrashed scarlet. The intensity of the caning causes her to shake and squirm, uselessly attempting to avoid the bamboo's fiery kiss. The dozen burning stripes produce a cumulative heat, a livid testimony to the severity of the beating.

"James plays squash, very good serve apparently," observes Gina as she holds the anguished older woman firmly in position. "That'll do James", she says warningly. "First part over," she adds, tenderly.

"First, but I can't take any more," wails Carol.

"Oh but you will," growls James. He carefully pulls out the plug, smiling at the sight of her gaping hole. Slips a condom onto his cock, then nudges the tip against her tight portal. Spreads her cheeks apart, pushing forward, gradually increasing the pressure. The tight sphincter resists for a second before it begins to open. His cock presses forwards, pausing occasionally to let her adjust, inch by inch until he feels Carol yield, unable to fight against his insistent entry.

"Oh it's too big," cries Carol.

"Shhhh!" Gina whispers, kissing Carol passionately, her tongue entering her mouth at the same time as James' prick slides up her sore, throbbing bottom.

"Now I want you to push back," James tells her. "Take my entire cock inside you." Despite the pain in her tender buttocks Carol feels an urgent excitement, obediently moves her hips - winces and whimpers - as her ass stretches to accommodate his girth. She opens her legs wider to assist his entry, pressing her bottom back to take his cock deeper with each thrust. Desperately wanting all of him inside, then breathing a sigh of relief at finally having taken the full length.

"Protest all like but your body betrays you beautiful girl," whispers Gina, undoing Carol's blouse. Her hand fondles Carol's firm breasts, fingers and thumbs tugging the hard nipples. Despite the initial discomfort as Carol's arousal increases she squeezes her ass muscles tightly around his penis. Holding her hips he drives his cock deep into Carol's arse, harder and faster, as they both approach climax.

Meanwhile, Gina's skillful fingers enter Carol's aching cunt and rubs her clit, she feels deliciously violated, both orifices fully filled. Better yet there's a sense of abandon and relief, no longer calling the shots, totally submissive to her lover's whims. With a guttural grunt James shoots his sperm deep into her; simultaneously Carol surrenders to an orgasm so strong she almost faints, collapsing into Gina's arms.

After several minutes James withdraws his cock from her still clenching hole and looks at his watch. "Christ, I've got a meeting in 20 minutes. I need a shower," he heads to the bathroom.

Seated on the sofa Gina pulls a chastened and exhausted Carol into her arms, caresses her hair affectionately. "Trouble is James took the whole double dating thing rather hard," Gina explains calmly. "Thought he'd been cuckolded, a blow to his male pride. Always a risk if you date younger men.

"But no worries, he and I resolved our, ahem, little local difficulties before we all met up today. From now on you'll date each of us, when and wherever we say; put simply, if we want sex you comply.

"To be honest James may not be around too long - there's talk of his merchant bank opening a branch in Hong Kong. You may as well enjoy that lovely young body then let him go."

"Me, I'm in this the long run. From now on I'm going to be spanking you sweetcheeks. But first," Gina decorously doffs clothing until she's naked from the waist down, spreads her legs and pulls Carol's head between her thighs, "you can begin to apologise by making me come."

Sounds good to me, Carol thinks contentedly as she submissively sets to work, liberated by surrender.

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