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Caught Out By Kiefer


My name is Shana Williams and two and a half years ago I retrained as a hairdresser and passed with flying colours. Not long after my friend Michelle, who was a talent scout, heard from one of her acquaintances about a job going on the set of the TV show '24'. Id always had a huge crush on Kiefer Sutherland and getting to work with him and the other talent on the show would be a dream come true. So Michelle set up an interview and three days later I had the job.

On my first day on set I was so nervous. I was scared of fucking up and of being humiliated and it didn't help that I was thinking if it did happen it would happen right in front of Kiefer. I decided, with 15 minutes before I was needed, to head outside for a quick cigarette.

I was sitting on a milk crate smoking when I shadow fell across me. I looked up and words can't describe the hammering that started in my heart. Standing next to me, looking down and smiling the most gorgeous smile, was Kiefer Sutherland himself. He was wearing really really tight stone wash blue jeans and a figure hugging black shirt. God he looked absolutely delicious. He extended his hand towards me and said.....

"Hi, I'm Kiefer. You must be Shana the new hairstylist?"

Standing up and taking his hand I tried to form coherent words but none were forthcoming. I must have looked like a complete idiot and when I finally managed to compose myself I said....

"Errr, Hi. Yes I'm Shana. I ummm, I am pleased to meet you Mr. Sutherland."

"Oh please Shana, don't call me Mr. Sutherland. Mr. Sutherland is my father. I am just Kiefer."

At this point I decided that I had sounded enough like a babbling idiot for one day and said....

"Oh then. Hi Kiefer."

My god! Was this really happening? Was I really standing here talking with Kiefer Sutherland? Discretely I reached down and pinched my arm. Nope not dreaming. I looked at the man standing in front of me again. Yep it definitely was him.

"Ok well anyway, I'd better get going. I'm on my way to see the stunt guys."

"It was nice meeting you Mr. Suth....I mean Kiefer"

Then he chuckled. It was a low throaty and extremely sexy laugh that made me weak in the knees and wet in the pants. Oh god and his smile. I could get lost in his smile. As he turned to leave I had a really great view of his ass, and boy what a really nice ass. Unfortunately my staring was interrupted by John, my boss, poking his head around the stage door to tell me I was needed inside. At the sound of John's voice Kiefer turned and waved and I could have sworn I also saw him wink.

A few weeks later, John who usually did the big star's hair on set, was sick and one of the producers asked me if I wouldn't mind filling in. Of course I jumped at the chance thinking that if I did a good job that it would be great for my career, and also that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on Kiefer in more ways than one.

Walking into the make up trailer I realised that I only had one head of hair to worry about for now and I was disappointed to realise it wasn't Kiefer's.

I spent the next 40 minutes doing a female stars hair, very distracted and wondering when or if I was going to get to see Kiefer at all.

I know at this point I must sound like an obsessive fan or something but I'm not. It's just that I had had a crush on Kiefer Sutherland for years and I never thought I would ever get this close to him.

After the female star had left I started cleaning up and I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't realise someone had walked into the trailer until I had bumped into them. Turning around I saw who it was. It was him. Kiefer Sutherland, and he was saying something. Shaking my head I focused on what he was saying...

"...thought I'd come in and get done while it was quiet."

"Um, what? Yeah sure. Sit down, I'll just finish putting this stuff away."

Ok Shana I thought to myself. Calm down and just relax. He's just a guy. Right? Just a guy who is incredibly hot, with amazing blue green eyes and some extremely sexy tattoos, not to mention his really sexy ass and body. Ok, so not the time to be thinking about that. He was waiting and I was more than eager to start. So I turned to Kiefer and said,

"So is there anything specific I have to do to your hair today do you know?"

"Nope I don't think so."

I walked over to him, stood in front of him and grabbed my spray bottle. I sprayed his hair and ran my fingers through it. My nipples were starting to go hard and my double D tits were practically in his face. I hadn't worn a bra that day and my top was very low cut. I snuck a glance and realised Kiefer was looking right down my top , which only made my nipples harder. When I bent over to plug in the hair dryer I could almost feel his eyes boring holes into my ass.

By this time my head was swimming with fantasies and my pussy was wet and my clit was throbbing. Standing up I turned the hairdryer on and started drying his hair, hoping to god that he couldn't smell my wetness.

When his hair was done I was disappointed and relieved at the same time. Kiefer stood up and as I was packing away the hairdryer he said,

"Well thanks Shana. My hair looks great. Oh and they asked me to tell you that your needed on set today to do the touch ups."

"Oh ok thanks. I've just got a few things to do here and then I'll be right in."

Kiefer turned to leave and as soon as he shut the door I made sure all the blinds were shut, then sat in the chair he had just vacated. I lifted my skirt and slipped my hand into my panties. If I was going to be on set all day with him I had to take care of myself there and then. I would be too distracted otherwise. Feeling my wetness I slipped two fingers into my hot pussy and started pumping hard. My other hand snaked it's way into my panties also but this one was destined for my throbbing clit moving in small but fast circles.

Fantasies of Kiefer danced through my head as I started moving in bigger faster circles on my clit and I inserted another finger into my pussy. I could feel a familiar tingling and I knew my climax was near. Just as I was about to cum the door opened. I jumped up and pulled my skirt down and turned towards the door with a face flushed with embarrassment and what I had just been doing. Oh my god! It was him, it was Kiefer. He came completely into the room with a knowing look on his face. Even if he hadn't seen what I was doing I was sure he could smell it, and I was more than a little surprised when he shut the door.

"I forgot my sunglasses, and I'm very glad I did.", there was a wicked twinkle in his eye and a crooked sexy smile on his face. "I'm also supposed to tell you that the rest of the people have been done and that your finished for now." And then he chuckled.

I didn't know where to look, what to do, or what to say. I'd never been so embarrassed in my entire life so I think I might have mumbled something like thanks and then tried to get past him and out the door. I just wanted to get away and hide somewhere for the rest of the day. But as I went to squeeze past him his arm shot out and blocked my path.

"So, umm, can I ask you something Shana?" The amusement in his voice was clear.

"I guess." I tried to sound normal, as if nothing happened, but I couldn't. I was more embarrassed than I had ever been in my entire life and I think he knew it.

"Well, it's been a while cause i'm so busy and stuff, but is that pussy I can smell?" That twinkle in his eyes only got brighter when he saw my cheeks had turned an even brighter shade of red.

"I umm, I well, I......" I didn't know what to say. It was plain he knew exactly what I was doing and he was toying with me. If I wasn't so very humiliated I would have been extremely excited.

"It's ok Shana you don't really have to answer that. I'm sorry. I'm being naughty I know. I can't help it. I love teasing beautiful horny women."

Oh my god! Kiefer Sutherland just called me beautiful. I must have been dreaming, but I wasn't. This was really happening.

"Yeah, well look, I'm really sorry. I don't know what you saw but I really need this job. I can't afford to get fired, so if there is any way that we can just forget what happened I'd be forever grateful."

"Shana, Shana, Shana. I definatly think something can be arranged. Maybe if you agreed to come to my place for dinner tonight."

"Why Mr Sutherland I do believe you are trying to blackmail me." I couldn't believe it. I was screaming excitement on the inside. A date with Kiefer Sutherland and we both knew it wouldn't just be dinner if there was dinner at all.

"We've talked about this Shana, it's Kiefer and shall I take that as a yes?"

"Yes, it's a yes."

"Ok then, it's settled. We'de better get going or they'll send out a search party. Oh and Shana, you really are beautiful and I can't wait for tonight." The he leaned toward me and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "and if I'm lucky maybe you'll show me exactly what you were doing when I walked in." Then he turned opened the door and was gone.

The feeling of his lips on my cheek and his breath in my ear was enough to get my juices flowing again, but I couldn't do anything about it right then. I needed to get onto the set and try and control my hormones for the rest of the day.

So all that day every time Kiefer looked my way I could feel the electricity between us, and I just hoped noone else could see it. I swear a day had never felt so long but finally shooting was over.

I headed for the trailer to pick up my stuff then headed for the carpark to find Kiefer. He was sitting on his motorbike and when he saw me he smiled and beckoned me over. I put on his spare helmet and jumped on behind him. He started the engine and we were off.

The vibrations of the bike went right through me and were doing nothing for the randiness I'd been feeling all day. Not to mention the fact that I was snuggled very close to Kiefers ass.

After about 40 minutes of riding we finally pulled up to the front door of Kiefer's place. I hopped off the bike, took off the helmet and was led inside. As soon as the door was shut we were all over each other. He was kissing my neck and his hands were exploring every inch of my body. Finally we broke apart and without speaking he led me upstairs to his bedroom.

Laying me down on the bed he peeled off his t shirt and layed down next to me. No words were needed as he took my face in his hands for a long, deep, passionate kiss. Our tongues entwining we must have stayed like that for at least 10 minutes, all the time our kisses getting more and more passionate.

Eventually we broke apart and the first words since the studio earlier that day were spoken,

God Shana, your amazing and I've wanted to do that all day." While he was talking Kiefer had gotten off the bed and was taking off his jeans and underwear. I decided that I would do the same and after taking off my skirt and top I climbed back onto the bed.

"Oh no Shana, panties too." And there was that twinkle again. So off they came and we were both completely naked.

Laying back down hands were roaming everywhere and eventually one of Kiefers found it's way to my pussy lips. Gently he started circling my clit with his fingers. I was in heaven and I was almost pushed over the edge when 2 of his fingers found their way inside my willing wet hole while his thumb moved to circle my clit.

"Mmmm Kiefer I have to have you now." I couldn't wait any longer and he eagerly obliged by climbing on top of me and ever so slowly entering me with his more than ample cock. His strokes were slow at first but gradually increased in pace. I could feel my orgasm building and couldn't hold it off any longer so I let it go. Screaming my orgasm it was enough to bring Kiefer to his own orgasm and I could feel his hot cum spurting inside me.

Falling onto the bed and breathing fast trying to catch our breath, he rolled onto his side and said,

"Now THAT was what I've wanted to do to you all day, but we are not finished yet." And yet again a wicked twinkle came to life in his eyes and when I looked down I realised that he was more than ready to go again, but that's another story for another time.

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