tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught Out In The Ball Park

Caught Out In The Ball Park


My name is Elizabeth Rochester and I'm 23 years old. Throughout college I had remained firmly on top of the food chain. For my final year in college I was made head of my sorority, which was the most exclusive and prestigious sorority in America's finest university. My future was now guaranteed. Though I came from what some people consider a "privileged" background, I wouldn't really consider a helipad adequate for my needs. No, I would rather a runway. I didn't want to be satisfied with an MTV cribs level of subsistence. The contacts I would make as head of the sorority would propel me to the life of the super rich whereby I could shelter away from my merely nouveau riche parents.

I would take my position seriously. I was determined to crack the whip hard on any new recruit or anyone who threatened my position. I had gotten where I am through a little hard work and a lot of underhanded tactics but the ends have surely justified the means. I enjoyed nothing more than watching people squirm under my power and had managed to bind most of my sorority sisters into strict control or simply crush anyone who got in my way. Over the years I would become someone's close friend and confidant and when I learned their deepest and most intimate secrets I threatened to use that against them. I had letters and photographs even in one case a film, which I somehow let slip onto the Internet. My roommate Susie who was at the time my "best friend" and only serious rival for the position had foolishly told me of her little taped indiscretion with her boyfriend and after I unearthed it, I felt I had no other choice than expose Susie's as unworthy to head our Sorority.

As far as the boys were concerned I would allow them to take me out to dinner, buy me gifts and generally bleed them dry until I got fed up with them or their sexual advances became too strong. Nobody was aware that I was still a virgin as I had a string of boyfriends but I knew that once I gave in, I would lose my powers of manipulation. I believe modesty is the preserve of the weak willed and I have no qualms about reiterating my undeniable natural beauty to you now. I have a long golden mane of blond hair, which flows exuberantly down my slender shoulders. As an athlete (cheerleader) I have kept in great shape with a slim and toned stomach, perfect legs and a slightly curved behind. Everywhere I go people remark to me that I'm the all round American girl.

With my sweet enchanting smile and deep blue eyes I can entice folly upon any man. Of course the only cause for concern I have is that my breasts are quite small but fortunately I've become an expert at filling my bra to conceal any shortcomings. Of course this means that no one has ever seen me naked. I'm sure that there is a lot of people who'd like to know my secret and in order for me to keep the boys lusting after me I have to maintain the illusion. When I graduate and start earning money for myself I shall undergo surgery but up until this point my parents have strictly forbidden it.

Pledge week had finally arrived and I was going to dish out some serious punishment to anyone I deemed unworthy of our great sisterhood. One girl called Carrie particularly annoyed me. She was good mannered, gracious and meek as hell. Of serious disgust to me, the other girls seemed to adore her and worst of all even the boys whom once bathed all their attention on me seemed to be drawn to this paradigm of kindness. Even I have to admit that she was excessively pretty, more so than most of our sorority sisters and certainly the prettiest of the new recruits. Similar to myself she too was a leggy blond not blessed with an ample bosom. However, she did not have the good grace to hide her shame like I did and over the course of the week I made her wear many skin tight tops to expose her lack of cleavage around college to embarrass her but she seemed nonchalant at my many attempts at humiliation.

I spread rumours that she was a virgin and when confronted she actually admitted she was. Again to my dismay the girls praised her for her courage and seemed to be growing wary of my desire to go beyond the usual hazing for new recruits. In our sorority, the pledges were supposed to be treated somewhat humanely and I could feel the girl's sympathy slipping away towards this new threat. I would have to humiliate her so badly that she would never be able to show her face in college and no one would dare question my authority again. On the final night of pledge week, the same night as the national college football championship between my university and our greatest rivals my plan would take hold.

I went to bed the night before the game so excited I could hardly sleep. My body was alive with anticipation. With my thoughts filled with conquest and domination I finally shut my eyes and drifted off to a deep, deep slumber. The game was not on until seven but I still had a lot of preparation to do. The right people had to be bribed if my plan was to work perfectly. I gave them all a description of Carrie and told them she'd be wearing a very revealing red, white and blue dress. The rest was up to them but I figured they'd be well paid enough and horny enough to go through with it all. I delivered the dress to Carrie specifying her obligation to wear it to the game. I had all the other sorority sisters prepped also, to bring as many video cameras as possible. Of course ESPN would be covering the game also, ensuring national coverage for my plan. Before the game began I ordered Carrie to go to the bathroom with me. As soon as Carrie left the toilet my plan would kick in to fruition. Carrie entered a stall as I had I stood before the mirror just basically admiring myself when who was to walk in only Susie or as I now called her behind her back – video slut.

"Oh what a pleasant surprise. Susie how are you?"

"I haven't been well for a long time. You should know that Lizzie."

Apparently Susie had a nervous breakdown after the video went on the net. I continued to play with my hair nonchalantly. The girl was beginning to annoy me now.

"Of course. I heard you went a little bit mental. Tell me how's


I knew Tim had dumped her but I figured this would be a great way to get rid of her. Hopefully she would have another breakdown or something.

"You total bitch. You know he ended our relationship after what

happened. How could you do that to me? Aren't you human?

Don't you have any feelings?"

I could tell Susie was getting a little bit excited now perhaps even a little hostile. I decided it was time for me to leave. I applied a final dash of mascara and headed for the door.

"You're not going anywhere bitch!"

She grabbed the back of my dress and tried to rip it off me. I couldn't believe it the crazy wench was trying to rip the clothes right off me. Though six months ago I would probably have been able to over power her since I had last seen her she must have worked out in the gym as she easily wrestled me on to the cold tiled bathroom floor. Carrie was still in the stall as Susie managed to flip me on my stomach. She positioned her knees over my outstretched arms and now she had me in a bind. I tried to scream out but she pushed my face against the ground. The next second I felt the material at the back of my dress tear down the back.

She unhooked my bra and continued to pull at the dress until I heard a final rip and I knew it was shorn in two. In a flash she rose to her feet raising me up by my panties, holding me suspended by the thin cotton. As I rose all the material that had once preserved my dignity lay in shards on the ground. I kicked and struggled to get free but as I did so the material of my panties weakened and rode up further wedging my perfect behind. The only stitch that remained on my body was the bundles of tissue, which I fastened to my body everyday with duct tape. It was quite painful but up to this point had been a flawless disguise.

"Ha, ha, ha. I can't believe it. You're such a joke. Everyone is

going to find out about this."

The material of my panties finally ripped and I dropped to the ground groping to cover my naked body the tissues covering my breasts flailing as I fell.

"I'll be right back and you can bet your naked behind I'm going to

bring a video camera. It's payback time!"

As she turned to leave I could still see the elastic of my panties in her hand. She rushed out the door and I was certain that within a minute or two Susie would return to humiliate me. The next thing I heard was a toilet flushing and Carrie stepped out.

"What the heck? Where are your clothes? What's all that tissue


Carrie looked like the eyes were going to pop out of her head.

"There's no time to explain. Please, I need your clothes. Someone

wants to take my picture. I need to cover up."

Tears welled up in my eyes but I knew I could exploit the kindness and naivety of this girl and escape this awful predicament. No one had ever seen me nude before and now these two enemies of mine .

"Please, give me your dress. I'll be back immediately with clothes

for you. But I really need to put something on immediately!"

Carrie sensing my desperation finally acquiesced. She really was weak and pathetic. I dragged her into the stall and as she raised her arms I quickly pushed the dress up her body. My relief was immense as the last of the dress moved up her body over her hands and into my possession. I soon realised I needed a bra to contain the disguise for my breasts. Before Carrie could protest I unhooked her bra.

"What are you doing? I need that. C'mon I got nothing on."

"Oh you still have something."

I realised I was getting quite turned on being this close to another human barely clothed and in a dominant position. I liked being in charge and my new prey was erasing the humiliation I felt earlier. My naked pussy was rapidly becoming moist as I hooked my thumbs into her panties and pushed them down her naked thighs. Both of us now naked I nearly forgot that Susie would be coming for me. Instead she would find Carrie and would look as crazy as ever. I slipped on Carries panties and bra as she looked on stunned and defeated, I felt sexier than ever. I slipped on the dress and kicked open the stall door triumphantly. I hurried out of the toilet and told Carrie I would be back as soon as possible with some clothes for her. Of course I had no intention but the added deceit made the experience all the more enjoyable. As I left the toilet I felt two strong arms on my shoulders.

"You're coming with us miss."

What was happening to me. Who were these two brutes? Where were they taking me? And then it dawned on me. THE DRESS!

"No you don't understand! I'm not the girl in the red, whit and blue

dress. You've got the wrong girl!"

"We were told to escort the girl in that dress to the flag pole at

this time just before the national anthem. And that's what we're

going to do."

I couldn't believe it. They had mistaken me for Carrie. In my haste to escape I had forgotten my plan. I tried to reason with them but it was useless. The more I protested, the more excited they got. I knew I was in big trouble now. They brought me to the area of the stadium where the bottom of the flagpole reaches the ground, near the scoreboard and above the whole stadium.

"Please, I'll do anything you want."

But my pleading was of no use. They quickly lowered the stars and stripes and strapped me onto the harness which I had earlier rigged to ascend upwards as our nations flag was to be lowered. Looking down I could see all my sorority sisters in prime position below, camera in hand waiting for the inevitable. I could see tens of thousands of other faces all directed towards the pitch as the band was about to begin playing the national anthem. A weight was attached to my dress and my bra was unhooked at the back. A further weight was attached to my panties. I was now hanging suspended in the air strapped by my feet and hands spread eagled. Any second now the whole stadium, my entire college and a national television audience were about to be flashed from an almighty height by yours truly. The band started playing. The crowd rose to their feet and as the gaze of the spectators switched to the flag my naked body was slowly raised before them slipping out of dress. First the weight pulled and held onto my dress but as I continued to be raised the material could no longer stretch and my body burst free of the shattered remains. My unfastened bra sailed away in the wind. The tissue which once offered me the illusion of large breasts clung like streamers from the tape on my to nipples. As I could feel my panties rip I felt a cool breeze shoot up my body piercing my innermost depths. The crowd who already stood to attention on their feet bellowed a collective gasp. For a second there was an eerie silence as nobody could quite understand what was occurring.

My body continued to be raised until finally as I had organised the harness hooked onto the top of the poll. The wire was cut and the two perpetrators ran into the distance leaving me stranded fifty feet, butt naked with arms and legs flailing in the wind. The tape from my breasts gave way and the tissue floated away exposing my small breasts to the gob smacked crowd. The band continued half-heartedly playing the national anthem until the laughter of the crowd forced them to give in. An almost cathartic sense of joy swept through the stadium. The most uproarious laughter I had ever heard or could have even imagined bellowed from below. The camera from the big screen clearly portrayed my image to anyone keener to get a more upclose view of my naked body. As this game was post watershed hours I'm sure homes all across America were offered briefly at least a view of my beautiful naked self.

The chill from the wind froze my body and I could feel my nipples harden. I could see below me, my sorority sister's camera in hand, no doubt zooming into my most intimate parts. In fact I had instructed them to do so and I was acutely aware that my naked image would very quickly be one of the most sought after images on the net. As I hung there humiliated, I wondered how this could have happened to me? Then phase two of my plan kicked in.

Earlier that day, I had connected electrodes to the bottom of the pole. When Carrie reached the top of the pole the electrodes would be switched on sending vibrations conducted up the pole and through the harness to be delivered to the naked body above. Unfortunately, it was I who was to feel the full assault of the vibrations as they rippled through my entire body seemingly centring on my exposed pussy. I couldn't believe that I, Elizabeth Rochester was rapidly being turned on before an audience of tens of thousands, perhaps even millions. As the vibrations intensified the coil from the harness slackened. The pictures of me on the big screen showed my face contorted in pleasure. Where once I had been screaming in outrage I now began slowly to scream in ecstasy. I had now the use of one free hand but when I moved it to cover my little breasts, the feeling when I touched my skin was overwhelming. Instead of using my hand for protection I was now using it to massage my breasts. I couldn't control myself despite knowing that below me stood a crowd consisting children to old people. When I looked at the faces of the crowd, I could see a chasm of looks.

Mothers looked up in disgust covering their children's eyes with their hands. Fathers looked up smirking almost as if they were encouraging me to continue. For the old men in the audience I knew by the looks on their faces that this would be for many of them their final sexual hurrah. Looking through spectacles they gazed intensely at my writhing floating naked frame. Of course I also saw my sorority sisters below with cameras of all description capturing my every gesture. They were giving each other high fives and I don't think I ever saw them in such high spirits. All the while the assault on my body continued. I moved my hands from my breasts and slid it downwards. I had never been able masturbate before as I considered it a vile and puerile pursuit but as I dug my hand into my pussy I matched the vibrations of my body reaching cataclysmic levels of pleasure.

By now I had completely forgotten my surroundings and I conjured up the image of Carrie still naked in the stalls. Every erotic image, every punishment I had dished out in my life flashed through my mind. The male majority crowd urged me on, clapping and roaring in support of my humiliating sport. Any second now I would reach the first orgasm of my life. Sensing my climax the second dead silence filled the air that evening. Finally my body exploded. My secretions seeped out of my body soaking anyone who stood below. I have used some of the tissue that I had for years stuck to my breasts right now to clean up the miss I had made. In any case the first reaction from the crowd was a cheer so loud that it shook the entire stadium. Though my body still vibrated it now felt dead and listless. I hung in a heap unable to even worry about hiding my shame. As I opened my eyes I saw Carrie glistening below, fully dressed and standing hand in hand with Susie. I couldn't believe that weak little princess had fooled me, the queen of my domain.

After what seemed like an eternity, the fire brigade arrived and managed to free me via an enormous stepladder and the strength of one burly fireman. He carried me tight above his shoulders down to the ground below. Hundreds of camera's and news crews waited below but it was into the embrace of the law that my naked self served my departure from the scene. Eventually I was charged with public indecency and my court case was a national obsession for months. The public humiliation I caused my bourgeois parents bade them to cut off my inheritance and needless to say I was expelled from university. The last I heard Carrie became the latest head of my old sorority. I guess the meek do inherit the earth!

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All is fair in love and war.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

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