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Caught Skinny Dippin


Hi my name is Bobby; this is a true story that happened when I was 21. I changed the names to protect those involved.

A little about myself, in high school I was active in sports. I played football and baseball, so I was in good shape. I'm 5'11" blonde hair blue eyes. I weighed about 185.I was still living at home at the time, with my mother, step father, and Sister Nancy. I was working for my parents and attended school at night.

It was the summer time so I was off school for the summer. My sister was a senior in high school so she also had the summer off. My parents had gone to visit our brother who was in the navy and stationed in Florida. Leaving my sister and I home alone. My parents were gone for almost a week. The week was uneventful; I would go to work and run the shop. My sister would hang out with her friends all week by the pool. My sister had two friends she was always with, Gina and Mary.

I always had the hot's for Gina; She was in a lot of my fantasies. She had a great body. The best ass I had ever seen. I would come home from work and go to the bathroom and jerk off watching her in the pool. She was very confident; she would bounce when she walked. She was also far from shy. A couple of times when we were out by the pool she would sit on my lap and pull the waste band from my shorts and try to look at my cock. It was all in good nature just joking around. Mary was the opposite. She was shy and less confident; I think that was because she was over weight. She was heavy but not obese maybe 30 or 40 lbs. over weight. She had a cute face if she lost the weight she would be a looker.

My sister Nancy was right in the middle she had some confidence but not as out going as Gina and not as shy as Mary. Her best assets were her tits; she had maybe d size cups the rest of her was above average. I never looked at my sister in a sexual way, she was my kid sister three years my younger. We had your typical brother sister relationship. We fought, we did each other favors, and I would always make her beg me, or do some chore for me before I would do her any favors. We hung out. She was jealous of me. She would call me the precise one. All her friends would tell her, your brother is hot. All our aunts would make comments about my looks.

I was like my sister not too confident and not too shy. I did have trouble talking to girls one on one I think it was the intermit conversation's. So whatever girl friends I have had always came on to me. At the time I didn't have a girl friend we just broke up about a month ago.

It was Saturday and our parents were due back Sunday. I had some orders to get out at work so I went to the shop to finish them before my parents got home. I got home around 6:30 and my sister and her friends were hanging out on the couch.

"How was work?" My Sister asked.

"Fine if you don't mind working Saturday."

"Uh poor preaches one."

"Ha Ha" "where are you guys going?" I asked.

"Were going to a party.", "can you get us some beer and wine coolers." My Sister asked.

"Are you old enough to drink?" I asked, I would always tease them.

"Ha Ha very funny." "we will buy you some please" Gina said.

I was tired from working all day but I never refused them a favor.

"I'll tell you what, if you beg me and clean my car, I will get it for you."

"Sometimes you can be a jerk!" My sister always got upset when I would tease them.

"Ok we will wash your car please?" Gina said. How could I say no?

"Ok but first I'm going to take a shower."

"Need any help?" Gina asked, in a joking way.

"Ha Ha, you wish."

Then I left to take a shower. While in the shower I was thinking about Gina helping me. I was getting hard thinking about her soaping up my cock. I just had to jerk off, so I started stroking my cock in the shower I was getting into it when I heard the girls laughing outside the door. Hearing them I shot my load all over the shower wall. Then they knocked. "Everything alright in there" They asked.

"Yes, what do you want?" I asked.

"Were done washing your car anything else you want us to wash?" Gina asked, in a joking way.

They all started laughing "very funny I will be out in a minute."

"Ok hurry up." my sister said.

I got out of the shower and dried off, and got dressed, shorts and a t shirt it was hot that night. I went downstairs and the three of them were waiting for me.

"Everything nice and clean?, let me see" Gina said, then She tried to pull my shorts down, and I grabbed them and walked away. "very funny where's the money"

Gina reached in her shorts pocket and handed me the money.

"What do you want?" I asked them.

"Beer and wine coolers." Gina said.

"Ok I'll be back soon." I got in my nice clean car and drove to the store when I got Back they came running to me. "where is the stuff?"

Joking around I told them "they were sold out."

"Don't be a jerk did you get it?" My sister asked. She was getting annoyed.

"Yes it's in the trunk." My sister came up and gave me a kiss "thank you; think you can drive us there?"

"Sure what time will you be home?" I asked them.

"1 or 2 in the morning." my sister said. I was thinking they were going to ask me to pick them up. "I'm not picking you up".

"No we will walk it's not too far." Gina said. I was relieved; I didn't want to go out that late.

"Ok get in." I drove them to the party; they were talking about how cool the party is going to be and what cute guys were going to be there. "Ok don't wait up for us." they said as they piled out of the car. With that they left my car. I went and opened the trunk and grabbed my beers. Then I drove home.

I got home put the beer in the fridge, grabbed one and headed to the couch. I put on the baseball game. I must have dosed off when I woke up the game was over. It was so hot I was sweating. I decided to go for a dip in the pool. I went and got my beer and cooler and headed outside. Since I was home alone and it was only 10:00, and my sister wasn't due back for 3 hours. I decide a quick dip in the pool. So I stripped out of my clothes and jumped in. The water felt so good on my body. I swam a few laps then I grabbed a raft and paddled near the side to get a beer. I just floated around for a while. I must have dosed off. I heard female voices laughing so I opened my eyes, and there sitting in the chairs by the low end of the pool were my sister, Gina and Mary. They were sitting there drinking beer watching me in all my glory. They were all giggling and I realized I was naked. I quickly jumped off the raft and swam to the side of the pool to retrieve my shorts.

"Sorry to interrupt your little party." my sister said," but our party ended early, because the parents came home early."

"How long have you guys been here?" I asked. Wondering how long they were watching me.

"About 10 minutes.", Gina said "If we knew you were going to put on a show for us we would have left earlier."

They all started laughing. I was wondering why they didn't wake me up when they got there, and why they were just sitting there watching me float around naked. I reached up to get my shorts, I noticed they were gone. I asked them "hey where are my shorts?"

"I locked them in the house." My sister said. I couldn't figure out why they would take my clothes. So I asked, "why?"

"We saw you naked in the pool, So we decided to have some fun with you, for all the times you teased us and made us beg for rides and stuff." Gina said "So Nancy put your clothes in the house and locked all the doors." "So you're stuck out here naked for us to admire and have fun with." I didn't know what they had in mine, but I wasn't having any of it.

"I don't think so!" I jumped out of the pool and went to the back door. It was locked just like they said. I went to the kitchen door and it was also locked. They were all laughing and having fun watching me trying to get in the house. I covered my cock with my hands and walked over to where they were. "Ok, what do you guys want?".

"Ah look who's shy, Gina said, "We already saw your cock so you can move your hands."

I tried to figure out who had the key to the house. My sister and Gina both had on spandex shorts with no pockets and those half shirts that showed there mid section. Mary had on loose shorts and a baggy T-shirt. So I figured Mary had the key. But I couldn't just go and feel her up for the key. So I figured I would just let them see my cock and they would give me the key. Besides Gina was right they saw me on the raft naked. So I slowly moved my hands away. I figured if I just showed them my cock they would just give me the key to the house. When I removed my hands they were all starring right at my cock. So here I was naked in front of three clothed females, not to mention one of them being my sister. Gina commented to my sister. "Nancy your brother has a nice cock."

"Yeah look at it, it is nice, you have a really nice cock Rob." My sister said, never taking her eyes off it.

I figured they must have drunk a lot by the way they were talking. All their inhibitions were gone. My sister was openly starring at my cock and commenting on it too. This was way out of character for them so I figured they were all buzzed pretty good. I don't know if it was the thought that my sister was openly starring at my cock and commenting about it or the fact that Gina was, or all 3 of them, but I was getting excited and my erection was coming into plane view for them to see. I was hoping they would just give me the key so I could go inside and jerk off.

"Look its growing holy shit." I heard Mary say. My face was turning beet red, but my cock was growing. I don't think Mary ever seen a man's cock before. Being in high school and over weight I guess she didn't get too many offers.

"That's what happens when men get excited, are you excited Rob?" Gina asked. I didn't answer her question because it was so obvious I was excited. She was just mocking me. So I just asked them "ok are we done here, Can I have the key now?" My sister answered "Not by a long shot."

"Ok, what do you want now?" I asked.

"For starters why don't you get us some drinks." My sister said. I went over to the cooler. I couldn't believe how excited I was. It was such a thrill to be naked in front of 3 clothed women. I guess this is when I got my fetish of being naked in front of clothed females. I guess its being vulnerable when you are naked and they are clothed. The power they have over me is such a turn on. Anyway I brought there drinks over to them.

My sister laid out there plans to me. "Here's the deal, we are going to have our own private party. You are going to serve us and entertain us. You will do whatever we want no questions asked. We will tell you when you're done and I will give you the keys to the house. If not, you will have to stay out here till mom and dad get home tomorrow. Then maybe mommy will let the precious one in."

"So are you game?" Gina asked.

"I don't see that I have any other choice." I answered, what were my choices? Wait outside all night and explain to our parents why I'm naked in the back yard. By the looks in their faces I knew they would leave me here. They had complete control. I was vulnerable and they were in charge. I just hoped they didn't know how much power they had over me. That went out the door when they started discussing my fate like I wasn't even there.

"Good this is going to be fun." Gina said.

"What should we make him do first?" My sister asked.

"I know make him jump up and down on the diving board so his cock bounces up and down." Gina said.

"Good idea", "You heard her to the diving board with that cock." My sister said. I couldn't believe my sister was ordering my cock to the diving board. I turned to go to the diving board. They were whistling and yelling nice ass. I don't know why but I was embarrassed, yet extremely turned on. Maybe it was the taboo thought that my own sister was looking at my cock and making comments or that Gina was. Mary the heavy one didn't say much. She just kept starring at my cock like in a trance or something. I climbed up on the diving board and looked at them. They were all sitting there drinking and laughing having a great time.

"Don't just stand there. Jump we want to see that cock jump." Gina said.

I started to jump up and down on the board. My cock would bounce up and hit my stomach and bounce down. They were laughing and yelling out scores 10, 9.5, 9.0.

"Dive in we want to see that cute ass." My sister said.

"Oh, nice ass." Mary said.

I kept jumping and diving. I started to get into it. I would grab my cock and pull it down so it would jump back up. I would turn around and rub my ass cheeks. They were all whistling and cheering. I even started to show off by doing back flips.

"Hey Rob, we need more coolers." Mary told me.

I swam to the low end and got out of the pool. When I passed them Mary smacked me in the ass, "nice ass."

I know they were up for a wild night at my expense. Even Mary was getting voicetourus. As I brought their drinks over Mary said. "I'm glad that party ended. This is so much better. This is the first time I ever seen a real cock before."

"Yeah I could get used to having your brother serve us naked Nancy." Gina said.

"Good thing we caught him skinny dipping huh?" Nancy said.

"Oh yeah" was all Mary could say. Then she reached out and grabbed my cock. Her touch made it twitch and she let go. They started laughing. Mary reached out and grabbed my cock again. It felt so good to have someone finally touch it. "Oh my god the head feels so soft, like velvet." "I can feel it throb." Mary said. And she was right my cock was so hard it was throbbing.

"Are you having fun with my brother's Cock?" My sister asked Mary.

"Oh yeah this is great." Mary answered.

Then she ran her fingers over the head of my cock, and smeared the pre cum all over it. Then she took her finger and put it in her mouth. "Mmm taste" she said.

"Mary, want to see him cum?" Gina asked.

"Oh yeah that would be cool." Mary answered.

"Nancy can we make him jerk off for us?" Gina asked my sister like I was her possession.

"Sure, he is ours tonight and he has to entertain us. Besides I never seen a guy jerk off before, it will be fun." I couldn't believe what was going on. My sister wanted to see me jerk off.

"Cool" was all Mary said.

They were talking about me like I wasn't even there. It was getting me hot. They knew they had all the control but I still tried. "Hey don't I have a say in this." Truth be told I really wanted to do this.

"Sure you can refuse to jerk that nice Cock for us and stay out here naked all night or you could jerk off for us and relieve that hard on you have there." My sister said. She knew she had power over me and she loved it.

"Not much of a choice huh?" I said. Knowing they were in complete control of me.

"Nope, you know you want to do it for us." My sister said.

"You have been walking around here with a hard on for almost an hour don't you want to relieve it." Gina said. And she was right I was so horny I didn't care who was watching.

"Yeah it's just fun, we won't tell anyone. Whatever happens here tonight stays here tonight." wow I still couldn't believe my sister wanted to watch me jerk off.

"You want to watch me jerk off?" I asked my sister already knowing she did.

"Sure you have a nice body. It's not like were having sex. It's just entertaining fun." when she put it like that. We were border line incest but I guessed she was right we weren't having sex just some fun. What could be the harm, besides I was so horny my mind was being taken over by my Cock. All rational thinking on my part was leaving fast.

"Ok I'll do it." I said.

"Ok, but first get us some more wine coolers. Then get on the table." my sister said. That was her way of saying you will do whatever we want were in charge.

"Mary you have to let go of his cock now." Gina said.

They all started laughing. I went to the cooler to get them more drinks. I couldn't believe I was about to jerk off for them and they wanted me too. I was so horny I didn't think I would hold out too long. I brought the coolers back to them and climbed up on the table. They all gathered around the table to watch. Gina was the first to speak "Let the show begin." With that I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I was so horny I almost lost it there. I squeezed my cock hard and the feeling subsided some. To try to make the show last I stroked my cock real slow. Sliding all the way up to the Head, then back down my shaft to my balls, and then back up. I smeared the pre cum all over the head and stroked back down. I was stroking it so slow to keep from Cumming. Then I felt someone's hand on my balls. I looked down and saw it was Mary. "His Balls are so soft." Then she ran her hand down and put her fingers in my ass crack and rubbed between the ass and balls. I lost it my hips pushed up and my legs were shaking. My cock exploded. It felt like I shot fifty feet in the air. It was probably three feet but the feeling was unbelievable. It was the best orgasm I have ever had. There was cum all over my chest and stomach. I could feel it running down my stomach. Mary was running her hands all over my stomach smearing the cum all over. Gina and my sister both had their hands down there shorts. Gina was the first to speak "That was so hot, I'm so horny."

"Oh god I'm on fire, that was so hot." my sister said.

"I have an idea." Gina said.

"What's that?" my sister asked.

"Let's make him eat us out." Gina said.

"I'm game for that." Mary said.

"No way he's my brother!" my sister said. I could tell my sister was weary of crossing that line of incest. As for me I was so horny I would have eaten any one of them even my sister.

"Come on Nancy, I'm so horny and I never had a guy eat me out before. Don't you want to feel what it's like?" Gina was trying to coax my sister into to.

"Yes, but Not with my brother." my sister said but her eyes were saying something else.

"Please Nancy this could be my only chance to experience this." Mary pleaded.

"This is our best opportunity he has to do what we say." Gina pointed out. At this point I would do anything they said.

"Ok you guys can, I'll just watch." My sister said. I was just laying there listing to them talk. A part of me was hoping my sister would say ok and another part was scared. I was getting so turned on I would have licked anybody's pussy. Then Mary spoke first "can I go first please?"

"Sure Mary." Gina told her.

Then Mary got up and pulled her shorts and panty's off. I was like wow this is really going to happen. I was so hot by what was happening Then Gina said "ok Rob get down there and start licking!" I didn't have to be told twice. I climb off the table and went over by the chair Mary was sitting in. I just knelt down and spread her thighs. I moved my tongue to her pussy and slowly started to lick around the lips. She was soaking wet down there. "Ooh this feels so good, you have to try it Nancy." I turned my head towards my sister to see if there was any reaction. I saw my sister and Gina stepping out of there shorts. Then sitting back down and playing with there pussy's. This site got me so hot I started Licking Maryanne's pussy with a vengeance. "oh my god yes." yes oh my god." "oh yeah right there that feels so good." Mary was getting very vocal and louder as I started working on her clit. "oh my god Nancy." oh yes." "yes." Then she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy. I was on fire I wanted to make her cum. Then it happened, her hips raised up and she squeezed her legs closed "Oh god I'm coming." "yes that was great." "oh my god Nancy that was awesome."

I just sat back and looked at the satisfaction on her face. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Gina walking towards me. She straddled her legs around my body and positioned herself so her pussy was right at my face. I ran my hands up the back of her legs to her ass and pulled her pussy to my mouth. I started rubbing her ass and licking her pussy. "Mmmm" "this feels so good." I kept rubbing her ass and running my tongue across her pussy lips, she was so wet.

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