tagFetishCaught Sniffing Pt. 11

Caught Sniffing Pt. 11


The next afternoon I was sitting in the garden with my shirt off enjoying another fine day. Although I had my book in front of me I was having trouble concentrating. My mind kept replaying the events of the previous day.

Rosemary hadn't visited me last night which as things turned out was just as well. I was thankful that I hadn't been caught with Emily but couldn't help thinking and hoping that our fun together hadn't come to an end.

I also kept wondering whether Janice next door had noticed the laundry basket and my error of not replacing the lid. Perhaps I was worrying about nothing and if she did notice perhaps she would think I had accidentally knocked the basket resulting in the lid falling off.

"Enjoying the sunshine again I see," it was Janice peering over the fence.

"Yes, hello, nothing much else to do so I thought I'd catch some sun," I replied.

I could only see her head but I noticed she was wearing make up and her hair looked perfectly groomed.

"Well if you're looking for something to do I do have another job for you, but don't worry if you're not in the mood," Janice said.

"No fine I'd be happy too. What do you need doing?" I asked.

"It's the curtain pole in my spare bedroom, it seems to of come loose. Probably something simple, but I can't figure it out," She explained.

"I can have a look now if you like," I offered.

"Thank you Tom. Come round the front and I'll let you in," she said.

Not worrying to put my shirt on or find my shoes I went as I was and found Janice waiting for me at the front door. Now able to see all of her she looked dressed up for a night out. Wearing a low cut knee length black dress she looked stunning. Being a warm day I was surprised to see her legs covered by what I assumed to be black tights. The only thing missing were shoes.

"Come in Tom," she said.

As I walked past her I could smell her subtle perfume.

"It's the front bedroom, I've taken the step ladder up so go on up and I'll make us some tea," she said closing the front door.

Walking in to the bedroom my eyes were immediately drawn to the bed. Laying there were a pair of pink satin knickers. From my visit the previous day I knew that Janice kept a very tidy house so I was surprised to see something so obviously out of place.

I couldn't help myself. Knowing Janice was downstairs I picked them up. Turning them inside out I could see they weren't clean. A large white patch glistened in the light. With a finger I could feel it was still wet and raising them to my nose I closed my eyes enjoying the dirty sexy aroma.

"You enjoying that!" Janice said making me nearly jump out of my skin.

Looking up I saw Janice standing in the doorway smiling. I hadn't heard her come up. Feeling totally embarrassed I was lost for words.

"Don't be embarrassed Tom. I'm afraid I've been a bit mean. The thing is I couldn't help notice the bulge in your shorts yesterday and later when I realised what had got you excited, well you don't realise how good that made me feel," Janice said.

I was frozen to the spot still holding Janice's panties inches from my face.

"It's been so long since I've felt anything in a sexual way but last night thinking of you being aroused by my dirty knickers, well you've got the result in your hand of how it made me feel," she said.

I began to relax and lowered my hand from my face.

"Have another sniff Tom, tell me how much you like the smell of my cum," she said taking a step towards me.

"You do smell good," I managed to find my voice.

"Would you like me to take my dress off?" she said already reaching behind herself to pull the zip down.

It was a question that didn't need an answer. Her dress fell to the floor revealing what I thought were tights to be stockings together with suspender belt, matching lacy black panties and bra. She had really dressed to thrill. The contrast between the white skin of her thighs and the black stockings had my cock bulging in my shorts.

"Looks like this old woman is turning you on," she said seeing the bulge.

"You're not old you're a very sexy woman," I said.

"I'm a very wet woman that's for sure," she said feeling between her legs.

Stepping closer Janice ran her other hand up the front of my shorts giving my still growing erection a squeeze.

"It's been such a long time since I've seen a cock," she said.

Kneeling down in front of me Janice tugged at my shorts. My cock sprang out as my shorts and underpants fell to the floor.

"Oh My, that's so big," she said, her face inches from my shaft.

Without touching she sniffed up and down my cock.

"I'd forgotten how much I love the smell of a man's cock," she said.

Running her hands up and down my thighs and then around to squeeze my bum cheeks I felt her tongue explore the length of my shaft.

"Mmmm that tastes so good, " she said licking up a dribble of pre cum.

Taking another sniff of her wet creamy panties nearly drove me over the edge.

"Can I taste your pussy?" I asked knowing she wasn't likely to say no.

"Oh yes please do," she said giving my knob a kiss before standing up.

Janice laid herself down on the end of the bed. Kneeling down I eased her lovely legs apart and kissed my way up her thighs. Reaching her black panties I could smell her fresh sexy juices soaking the material.

"OH God," Janice cried with a shiver in her voice as I ran my tongue up the front of her knickers.

"It's been so long Tom, I don't think I'll last long," she warned.

Eager to give her the pleasure she hadn't had for so long I pulled her knickers off to reveal a neat bush of dark hair. Her juicy pussy lips glistened inviting my tongue to explore her sex.

"OOOOH...OOOOH," Janice cried out as I wriggled my tongue in to her hole.

"OH Yes Tom stay there, that's it...OH GOD YEEEES," she cried.

Her juices flooded over my face within seconds of pushing my tongue deep inside her. She had certainly been right, she hadn't lasted long at all.

Sitting back on my heels I watched the creamy juices leak from her pussy. Amazed at how quickly Janice had reached an orgasm without even touching her clitoris made me realise just how excited she was.

Leaning forward again I coated my tongue with her cream and covered her clit with her own juice. She shuddered, her clit was so sensitive.

"Oh Tom," she could barely speak as I began gently sucking.

Without even making a conscious decision I stood up and taking my throbbing cock in my hand gently rubbed the knob between her wet pussy lips and then up to her clit.

Rubbing up and down and from side to side smearing pre cum over her sensitive little bud was quickly bringing her to another climax.

Very close myself I picked up her pink panties that I had dropped on the bed and lifted them to my nose. Wanking my shaft I thrust backwards and forwards as though fucking her clit. We both came together as my spunk splattered all over her clit, pussy and stomach...

"Thank you Tom that was incredible," said Janice when she'd recovered enough to speak.

"I suppose I'd better have a look at this curtain pole," I said picking up my clothes from the floor.

"You don't want to bother with that now, leave it till tomorrow. That's if you don't mind coming back, I promise I'll make it worth your while," she said smiling up at me from where she still laid.

"You try and stop me," I said smiling back at her.

"Oh don't you worry I'm not likely to do that," she said with a giggle.

I left Janice still laying on the bed and saw myself out...

In my haste I'd forgotten to take a key with me to get back in so I had to go round the back.

"Oh there you are Tom, I was wondering where you'd got to!" Rosemary said as I walked in.

"I was next door helping Janice out," as I said it I couldn't help thinking How I had helped Janice out.

"Oh good I'm so pleased she feels she can call on us for help," she said.

"You're home early again!" I said.

"Yes it's all a bit quiet at the moment. Seems like where either rushed off our feet or it's the complete opposite," she said.

Rosemary began looking around to make sure the twins weren't about and then sidled up to me.

"You know I meant to come and see you last night but I must have dropped off to sleep. I could have kicked myself when I woke up this morning. I'm going to have to call on your services tonight that's for sure," she said quietly and gave my bum cheek a quick squeeze.

I couldn't help thinking it was lucky she didn't see me last night, she could of easily caught me and Emily, I didn't like thinking of the consequences if that ever happened.

"I'd better get a shower then before there's a queue for the bathroom," I said.

"Yes I think you'd better, you look rather sweaty, and make sure my friend down there is nice and clean for me," she said looking down at my shorts...

It was about nine when there was a tap at my door and then Amy sneaked in quietly closing the door behind her.

"Hello Tom, I've been feeling so guilty about yesterday I thought I must make it up to you. Emily's in the bath so we haven't got long," she said.

I didn't know what to say, I couldn't very well tell her not to worry because your Mum will sort me out tonight. I didn't get the chance to say anything anyway.

"Come on sit on the side of the bed and get your cock out," Amy said kneeling down on the floor.

I did as she said and was soon sitting naked in front of her.

"Don't often see him like that. He's still big when he's soft," she said taking my flaccid shaft in her little hand.

Under her touch I wasn't soft for long. One hand on my shaft the other caressing my balls.

"I love watching it grow in my hand, would you like me to rub it on my tits," she said not waiting for an answer.

Pulling her nightshirt off her firm little tits held my gaze. Before I knew what was happening she'd slipped her blue cotton panties off.

"Here I'm sure you'd like these to help you on your way," she said handing them to me.

Amy took hold of cock again and rubbed the knob on her nipples in turn.

"Oooo that feels nice, I wish we had longer, we're going to have to be quick," she said.

I would normally hold back but knowing we were in danger of being caught I let myself go. Taking a sniff of Amy's knickers, that dirty sexy aroma soon had my cock twitching.

"It's no good I can't resist," she said standing and turning around.

She lowered herself on to me and I could feel my knob between her pussy lips as she slowly lowered herself.

"Oh Fuck that feels so good," she said as my shaft slipped in further.

Reaching round I played with her small tits, following her movement as she raised and lowered herself. She looked over her shoulder to see me sniffing on her panties.

"You're enjoying the smell of my cunt on those aren't you you dirty boy, let me feel that spunk shoot inside me," she said.

I didn't need any more encouragement. With the scent of her cunt invading my senses and the feel of her tight hole squeezing my cock I was soon pumping my seed inside her.

"Mmmm that's it fill me up," she said sitting still until I'd finished.

When she was sure I was done Amy quickly dismounted and gathering her clothes headed for the door. I could see sperm running down her thighs before she quietly crept out back to her own room.

Laying back in bed I covered myself with the duvet and must have dropped off to sleep. The next thing I knew Rosemary was climbing in to bed next to me immediately grabbing hold of my cock.

"Oooo there he is, just what I need," she said unconcerned that she'd just woke me up.

After a minute of stroking with her hand with no response she pulled the duvet off and leaned down to use her mouth on my flaccid cock.

"I thought you had a shower Tom, he smells like he's already been up me," she said.

I couldn't very well tell her it was her daughters cunt she could smell. Anyway it didn't seem to bother her as she took the still limp knob in her mouth and sucked. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get hard again but Rosemary licked and sucked until she got a response.

"Doesn't usually take you long Tom, are you feeling OK?" Rosemary asked, looking up at me while still wanking my shaft.

"Yeah I guess I'm just tired," I answered.

I couldn't very well tell her I'd just fucked her daughter and had shot a load over the neighbour earlier. It's a wonder I was able to get hard again!

"Perhaps you need to sniff my pussy, perhaps that will help," she said.

She was soon on top of me in a sixty nine. Her pussy was wet and I was soon enjoying her sexy aroma as she lowered herself on to my face. Holding my cock firmly in her hand I felt her tongue explore all over my knob.

"Oh yes Tom lick my clit, that's it Oh God Yes," she said as I licked and nibbled on her stiff little bud.

I really wasn't sure whether I'd be able to come again but when Rosemary started wanking my shaft as she sucked me in to her mouth I was soon changing my mind.

"Lick me Tom, lick my pussy," she said.

Licking up between her pussy lips I continued up to her arsehole before returning to her wet hole pushing my tongue deep inside her.

"Oh Fuck Yes keep doing that," she said.

We were soon both close to coming. She wanked me harder and faster and sucked deeper while I flicked my tongue over her clit. As I shot my load in to her eager mouth I felt her juices flood over my face...

Three women in one day, I was drained in more ways than one...

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