tagGroup SexCaught Speeding!

Caught Speeding!


My husband had been away for almost 3 weeks and there was only so much that I could do with my dildo and vibrator collection. God was I horny. I knew I needed real cock soon otherwise I would explode. Perhaps he would not mind as I was in such a state then again I wouldn't need to tell him.

I had always fancied men in uniform but my dilemma was the local garrison town with fit young soldiers in abundance or police moreover traffic police as they nearly always travelled in pairs. So I off in my brand spanking new Range Rover Sport, dressed to thrill in a short leather mini skirt, clingy white shirt barely covering my ample 36E tits and a red silk thong. My tiny feet delicately placed in 4 inch black patent leather shoes.

My scenario was to see how fast my new car would go on the motorway but I would wait until I had spotted my bait. Well that didn't take long because I had only travelled 2 miles and there in the distance I could see the familiar BMW traffic car. I screamed the car down a gear and soon reached 90 then 100 and as I sped past the car 110 miles per hour.

Bingo! Caught in the trap. I slowed the car down and drove off the motorway up the slip road and into a large secluded lay-by with the law following. Making sure that my skirt was hitched to display my long legs and my breasts were plumped up to almost fall out of my top, the tall slim figure approached my car.

I let my window glide down and turned my body so that he almost came face to face with my ample bosom.

Trying to look and sound all sweetness and light I asked the officer if I had done anything wrong. Well madam you need to come back to our car and look at the video and judge that for yourself. His eyes were not on my face at this point but flashing between my breasts and thighs. I opened my car door and swung my legs out so that he caught a glimpse of what might be on offer and followed him back to the car. Surely enough there was another copper in the driving seat. The first one opened the back door of the patrol car for me to get in and he joined me in the back. I knew he could see my arse and my little red thong.

They read out the long list of things that I had done wrong and asked why I thought I should travel do fast. Well what could I say, there was no real reason that I could think. I wasn't going to let them know I was horny and needed a good old seeing to. Once again I turned on the sweetness and asked if there was anything that I could do or give that might let me off with a caution. All the time noticing their eyes and the one in the backs bulge. I touched his muscular thigh and traced it with my long fingers and long elegant nails. I think he got the message. His hand rubbed his cock through his trousers.

I pulled down his zip and placed my hand inside to feel his hard throbbing cock well there was only one thing to do. I had to gobble it all up.

As soon as it was in my mouth he moaned. I shifted my position so that my arse poked through between the front seats and I gave him the blowjob of his life. The guy in the back was getting his blowjob and had his hands clasped around my head and was guiding me up and down basically face fucking me.

I felt fingers moving in and out of my wet pussy and a tongue lapping and flicking at my clit, god was I in heaven.

After about 10 minutes the blowjob copper tensed and shouted he was cumming and that the whore should swallow his load. He held my head firm over his thick bell end and shot in spunk down my throat. He told me to keep sucking and get him hard again then he was going to fuck my cunt whilst I blew his mate.

His thick cock was soon hard and ready for action. I spun round and impaled myself and faced a 10" cock with which I was forced to mouth fuck. My head was held firmly again and my fanny fucker nipped and pulled one of my hard nipples and rubbed his fingers hard on my swollen clit.

That afternoon I took 3 loads of spunk and was given a producer to go to the cop shop. The sergeant said that if I ever got caught by him again then my punishment would be much more severe.

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