tagGroup SexCaught Spying on a Friend Ch. 02

Caught Spying on a Friend Ch. 02


The girls carried on with each other, licking, sucking and fingering each other to frenzy. I had never seen a site like this before! I had always thought girl on girl sex was soft and tender! These three so were hot and crazy with their fingers and tongues flying in and all over each other. Watching them pump their pussies with their fingers and toys while spanking their asses was so hot I had to stroke myself. I think they had at least two orgasms each before they settled down. They settled into a slow three-way kiss.

I enjoyed watching them so much so I was hard again, and that was what they had in mind. Shari was first; she pushed me back and mounted me sinking her pussy down over my cock. She knows I love this position and I reach for her tits, but she pushes my hands away. Beth and Peggy move to either side of us and they each take a tit and start sucking it. This is so hot! I reach my hands down to both Beth and Peggy's thigh's and start caressing them, they move closer, so I work my hands to their pussies and start rubbing them softly. They spread their legs and I slip a finger in each of them, they are so wet I enter with ease. As I am getting into such a good rhythm with Shari, she suddenly pulls off me and switches with Beth.

Beth sinks down on me grinding her pussy back and forth on me. Shari takes Beth's position and sucks Beth's tit while I finger her. They don't seem to be in any hurry to cum, they just want to play. Next it was Peggy's turn, she moved on top and Beth moved to the side. They loved sucking each other's tits too. Then they all three started kissing; taking turns with each other with deep hot wet kisses. Beth then moved back and bent down to kiss me, I was ready and we snaked our tongues deep and hard.

She pulled back and smiled, saying, "I know how to put that tongue to good use." With that she spun around planting her pussy on my face, and she was facing Peggy. I could only guess what they were doing, not that I was thinking about it at the time. I gripped her thighs and dove in licking and sucking hard. I feel Peggy start to bounce hard up and down on my cock, I think she is close to cumming. I can feel someone's hands holding or rubbing Peggy.

Then I hear her scream out, "YES! NOW, I'm Cumming!" I feel her grind on me as she settles, then rolls off. A mouth engulfs my cock, is it Peggy sucking up her own cream or Shari tasting Peggy's juice? Since Beth is still on my face I can't tell. But I can tell Beth is enjoying the ride, she is moaning and rocking back and forth harder. I reach back and start to finger her ass, which sets her off, she likes it. I push into her and she pushes back harder so I go deeper into her ass.

Soon she screams out, but not words , just a sex frenzied orgasmic cry. And she came hard on my face, so much so that it ran down my face, I could not lick fast enough to get it all. Beth dismounted my face and turned to kiss me, she was meet by Peggy and Shari and they all three licked me clean.

Shari was the only one that had not had an orgasm yet, besides me, and I needed to. I thought she would take me next but that too surprised me, all three girls sat back and just giggled, then stood and gave a quick kiss to each other and walked off and left the room. I sat up and though, ok what game is this then?

I got up and poured the last of the wine and stood by the fire. I did not even put on the robe, I just stood there naked enjoying the wine and the fire. I did not hear a sound, but the crackle of the fire. As I stood they're watching the flames dance across the logs I started to wonder if I should go look for them. It seemed like an hour, but was only about twenty minutes. Then I heard the girls coming back.

It was Peggy and Beth, but Shari was not with them. They had more wine with them and approached me, they were still naked. Beth filled my glass and gave me a light kiss. I noticed they had a few items in their hands as they entered the room, a roll of plastic and a large bottle of oil. I asked where Shari was, but they both ignored me. They instructed me to help lay out the plastic.

After we had everything laid out, the girls told me they were going to have a show for me and I was to sit down and wait. They both sat me down in the chair then cuffed me in. Dam I fell for it again. Both girls left the room.

It did not take long then the music started and in walked Beth. Dancing and swaying to the music holding a silk scarf in her hands touching her body with it as she danced. She neared me and ran the scarf across me as she circled. She kissed my neck and even gave it a nibble, then let the scarf trail down my front to my cock. Swirling it around it and walking away pulling the scarf from around my hard cock, the feeling was great. She backed toward the fireplace and sat down.

Next came Peggy, she too had a scarf and performed as Beth did, but she went a different way with it. As she danced, she took the scarf into her mouth making it wet, then slowly snaked it down between her legs, rubbing her pussy. I could see her juices soak the scarf as she worked it between her lips. She them brought it to my lips for me to taste, I licked at the scarf and she pulled it away. This teasing was getting to me. Peggy moved to Beth and they kissed then sat back. The view of these two hot nude girls , legs spread and wet pussies showing was more the just nice. It could not get any better, but I was still cuffed!

It was then I saw Shari walk in. She had on a sheer teddy and g-sting panties. She walked past the girls letting them caress her legs as she grabbed a handful of hair from each of them. Shari then walked toward me slowly and sexy, looking into my eyes all the time. But her look was different, not soft and sweet as I have known, it was more of a lustful, evil look. She walked behind my chair and leaned in to kiss my ear, while she pinched both my nipples hard. It hurt too! She then moved in front and ran her hands down my chest to my cock, which was hard as a rock. She stoked it gently then took my cock full into her mouth till her nose was in my belly and just held herself there. I felt like I would cum, but she pulled off me racking her teeth hard on me causing me some pain making me stop from cumming.

Shari had an evil grin on her face now as she stood up. Peggy and Beth had stood also and led Shari to the plastic. Shari's eyes never left mine. The girls slowly stripped Shari and ran their hands all over her, before applying oil to her body. She began to glow in the fire light. The three of them seemed to dance together, spreading oil on each other, kissing, touching as fingers and tongues twisted and entwined into each other. I did not think I could last much more.

They all stopped at once and sat back to look at me, not saying a word Beth got up and brought me a glass of wine, helping me drink it. Either she was getting tipsy or she did it intentionally I don't know, but she spilled some wine down my chest, it was cold but felt good as it trailed down across my belly to my balls. By now they we aching for relief.

As Beth backed away I noticed Peggy standing in the middle of the room with her back to me. As she turned I saw her wearing a huge strap on cock, and she was stoking it like it was real. Then Shari and Beth got down on their knees and took turns sucking it. I saw Shari reach around and push a finger in Peggy's ass.

Peggy looked at Shari and asked, "Are you ready to take my cock in your ass?"

Shari said, "Yes, fuck my ass!"

She dropped to her knees and spread her cheeks awaiting Peggy to fuck her. Peggy got behind her and eased the cock into Shari's ass. I was stunned, I had hinted to her many times to try anal and she was so against it, I could not believe what I was seeing. As Peggy pumped Shari's ass, Beth had moved in front of Shari and spread her pussy open for her to suck, and suck she did!

Peggy fucked her fast and hard, and Shari sucked just as fast and hard to keep up. I could see Shari reach back under herself rubbing her clit. The site and sounds were more then I could take, Peggy screamed she was going to cum. This was all it took to set Beth and Shari off. Beth let out an indescribable wail, as Shari screamed into Beth's pussy.

I could not catch my breath as I watched them laying there, wet with oil in post orgasmic throws. It took them several minutes to recover, but still they were touching and kissing. Then they all three sat up and looked at me. Without a word they crawled to me spreading my legs they took turns licking my cock like an ice cram cone. They all brought their faces close and Shari gripped my cock, stroking it hard. I could not hold out anymore, nor did I want to. I shot stream after stream of cum all over their faces till my balls felt sore. Then they each took turns sucking the last drops from my cock.

They released my cuffs, then helped me to the floor to let me rest, giving me more wine. Shari, Beth, and Peggy kissed me all over, bathing me in tenderness. My head was spinning but I think it was Peggy that asked,

"So, does he fuck as good as you say?"

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