Caught with My Pants Down


'Come on my face,' I murmured. I could hear him on screen and turning slightly I watched from the corner of my eye as his load shot onto Cindy's chin, across her nose and one eye, then he moved closer and directed the last streams into her mouth. She gulped them down readily. I looked up and saw he was watching the screen, then as the picture faded back to the menu screen, he moved forward and looked down at me. I focussed on his cock, avoiding his eyes and that intimate connection.

'Oh yeah Alex, oh yeah you little slut, here it comes, take it.' His first spurt was huge, and hot, hitting my cheek below my right eye and sliding down onto my breast. The next hit my lips so I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him fill it. He moved closer, grunting as he fought to maintain his aim, his cock only a centimetre from my mouth, his come splashing against my tongue, coating it and my teeth. Just as I was about to pull away he collapsed against the sofa, his breathing ragged and rapid. Our eyes met as I closed my mouth and swallowed, his come thick, salty and bitter but I fought the gag reflex as it ran down the back of my throat. I wiped the come off my cheek and into my mouth, then leaned forward to lick what I could from my breast.

'Oh fuck yeah,' he groaned.

Then I grabbed my shorts and knickers and ran into the spare room. I didn't bother to shower or change, I simply grabbed my other clothes and fled towards my car. He was standing, naked except for his running shoes which I hadn't noticed before, in front of the sink.

'Bye,' I said and tried to move past into the laundry and out the back.

'Wait Alex...'

'No, I've gotta...'

'Yeah, I know, but what are you going to tell Cin?'

'Tell Cin?! You've got to be fucking joking? Nothing. What are you going to...?'

'Nothing, nothing. I'll just tell her that you came over and we had a coffee and that's it.'

'Right, a coffee.' Then I began to laugh.


'Didn't like the milk much,' I gasped. I was laughing hard now and it must've been contagious because Ryan started laughing then.

'Sorry, about that, and the whole DVD and the mix up,' he offered when we had regained our composure.

'So why are you here?'

'Work called this morning, the system crashed and I need to head up the secondary recovery team after lunch. I went out through the garage for my usual run then came home and there you were...' He shrugged and put down his water. 'Cin said she'd call you from the airport.'

'Bad call to forget,' I giggled.

'Yeah.' His eyes ran across my body and I saw his cock rise. He seemed oblivious to the fact that he was still naked. Mostly.

'So do you and Cin think I'm a slut?' I couldn't help but ask.

'No, no, quite the opposite...but fantasy know, fantasy.' I did know. His cock was lengthening.

'Do you want to stay for lunch?' His expression was innocent, his body wasn't.

'Are you hoping to fuck me with that for real?' I nodded towards his erection that was two thirds of the way up. He glanced down and looked horrified at the realisation that I could see all.

'Oh no, shit, sorry,' he grabbed a tea towel and held it in front of me.

'Bye Ryan,' I said shaking my head but smiling at him. 'I think I'll go home now.'

I didn't have quite the same feeling of euphoria that I had experienced as I had driven to their house, though the weather was still top down weather. I took the car to the car wash and washed it there, ensuring that I got soap onto my chest and face. I caught two teenage boys ogling me as they vacuumed their souped up Hyundai and when I was finished I lifted my top and gave them a quick flash. They high fived each other and I drove away feeling naughty but happy.

As far as I know Ryan never mentioned the encounter to Cindy...other than the mix up and me having a cup of coffee. With milk.

And Ryan I added to the list of her men who had hit on me.

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