tagBDSMCaveat Emptor Ch. 03

Caveat Emptor Ch. 03


I lead her to the bathroom, turning her to face me and reach behind her to remove the collar. Her eyes are red rimmed, tired. Good.

Opening the shower cubicle, I turn the water on, putting my hand under the spray until the temperature is perfect. 'In you go girl,' I whisper to her. I then remove my clothes and join her under the hot spray.

I scrub her from head to foot, soaping her tenderly, hands gentle on her various welts and aches. I wash her face clean of the make-up that has streaked and smeared. Gently I turn her, lifting her hands high above her, palms against the cool tiles, her head hanging down as I run my hands slowly, gently up along the inside of her legs, to her thighs, to her hot, swollen sex. She moans lightly as I slide my fingers between her lips, smiling to myself as they slip easily into her tight wetness.

'Good girl...' I whisper, my other hand circling her easily, softly running her nipples between my fingers, feeling the stiff flesh, the pain already forgotten as her arousal once more takes hold. Slipping my fingers from her, I take my cock in my hand and ease into her cunt. She emits a low whine as I push into her, pushing back to welcome me into her body. She is bliss to penetrate, a delight of sensation, velvet and silk to my cock as I claim her.

Taking her hips in my hands I slowly begin to fuck her, sliding in and out slowly and smoothly. She simply hangs her head, pushing back as easily as I push forward, meeting me, accepting me, and needing me.

I move a hand from her hip to gently wrap my fingers in her hair, pulling her head back and then putting my fingers to her mouth, the water cascading down as I feel her lips part to accept my fingers in, closing again to suck on them like they are nectar, her tongue caressing them lazily. I know without seeing that her eyes are closed, that she is allowing her arousal to consume her, the suffering she has endured feeding her need for pleasure, for a pure sensation of desire and lust.

I slide from her and turn her to face me, seeing her hair plastered down her face, her eyes heavy and languid, her face flushed pink. I lean forward and gently take each of her nipple in my mouth in turn, feeling the marks and dents, fading but still noticeable under my tongue, evidence of what she has endured and, to me, a precursor to what will shortly follow. Her fingers fold into my hair, holding me to her as my tongue and teeth gently savour the texture of her flesh.

I look at her and smile, turning the shower off, the drip of water from our bodies the only sound as we leave the shower.

I towel her dry, slowly, patting her skin rather than roughly wiping it. I dry her completely, taking my time, moving her when required, her body obeying without thought. 'Go to my room child, put on what is on the bed and then sit patiently and wait for me.' She nods and leaves and I set about drying yself, giving her the time she needs to prepare for me.

When I return to her a little while later she is sat on the edge of my bed, her hands in her lap, head bowed. I smile at her conformity. She looks up as I close the door behind me and I motion for her to stand.

She is beautiful in white, ethereal almost under the soft lights. Legs in white silk stockings, held up by the matching, wide suspender belt that graces her hips. As she turns I see through the thin, wispy lace of her fresh, white chemise, how perfectly symmetrical the straps are, two down the front and two perfectly framing her backside, the welts faded but still visible on her white flesh. Moving up I see her hard nipples pushing through the material and then to her face, deep red lipstick, mascara perfectly reapplied. On her nails is the matching varnish, shining and lustrous and, finally the scent she has adorned her skin with, a scent of my choosing that incites my senses as I drink her in. She looks perfect and she almost is. Almost. 'Sit girl... I'm hungry.' She does so and I kneel down, smoothing back her chemise, opening her thighs to reveal her smooth, engorged sex. Sliding two fingers into her, I lower my head to seek her most vulnerable need, my tongue probing and seeking, revealing and then tormenting, slowly teasing her, moving around and over this little nub of flesh, pushing my mouth down further and sucking on it, teeth grazing it lightly as my fingers drive in and out of her, hard and slow and deep. I reach up with my free hand and gently push her back, the bed moving slightly as she stretches out. I feel her hands in my hair, holding me to her and slide a third finger into her. Looking up I see her stretched out, head arched back, body rising in time to my attentions. She begins to gasp, her breathing shortening as her orgasm approaches. It didn't take much to get her there, as I intended.

I allow her to cum, feeling her bucking against me as I hold my free hand against her, keeping her in place as her pleasure crashes in. Her cunt is liquid, her body almost pouring her pleasure, my hand slick with it. Her moan is almost a cry of anguish, such was her need for release.

I stand and smile and she looks up at me with lost eyes. 'Lay here girl,' I say softly, patting for her to move, to lay properly on the bed and she does so. I lay alongside her, turning her to face me. So beautiful... such a pleasure to indulge in, such a delightful commodity.

Once more my fingers push into her and, as they sink to the deepest, my thumb hard against her clit, I kiss her, deeply, breathlessly, gently biting her lips as our tongues meet, tasting and sampling and savouring and devouring. Her need just grows and before long I draw back and see her eyes almost uncomprehending as I let her cum again. She gasps, mouth open, comical almost as this second assault on her senses consumes her. 'Good girl, angel... cum for me... show me how willing you are...' I whisper as she does that very thing.

I undo my gown and open it, allowing my arousal to show, my cock growing before her eyes. I feel my own need, apart and separate from hers, begin to grow.

She doesn't need asking, smiling at me as she moves to lower her head to my tip, her lips parting, her eyes wide and alive as she takes me into her mouth. I sigh in pleasure as she begins to try and please me. My fingers are still embedded inside her and I gently ease her into the position I need, laying by my side, her in before I can progress.

'Are you a submissive, child?' I whisper. She doesn't even raise her mouth to speak, nodding slightly, her eyes boring into mine as her head dips up and down.

You need long fingers, which I do have, and the best to use are the index and middle finger. It is possible with three but you cannot arc three back against the hand as easily or as far as two. I turn my hand a little and then look for that tell-tale change of texture inside her with my curved fingers. I find it.

Your eyes widen briefly and then almost roll back in your head as I push hard, running my fingers in a kind of 'come here' motion deep inside you. She looks at me with stunned, uncomprehending eyes; it's first time. How cute.

'Submission is obedience child, it is sacrifice. It is accepting what another needs over what you need, do you understand?'

She looks at me mutely, her mouth trying to find its rhythm again as this wholly unexpected sensation overwhelms her senses, her instincts.

I move my fingers faster, harder and she is gone. Hand barely moving, mouth to busy gasping to pleasure me as her orgasm screams through her like a banshee. There is no gentleness to this emotion, no quiet seduction. It is an assault on the mind and body, a ferocious howl that blocks everything out but itself.

She cums explosively, unable to help herself, unable to restrain herself. I begin almost shoving my fingers in and out, each time the tips press hard against this place inside her, moving up and down over it. As my hand pushes home I feel her juice almost running out of her, flowing, splashing a little even. I reach down and push her head down on my cock as she continues to buck and shudder. I hold her down, her lips against my skin, her cheeks bulging as she gags, pulling her up to draw a gasping, desperate breath before plunging her down again. Her eyes are watering I see, mascara running again.

I now drive my fingers in and out of her, hard, fast, brutal, her thighs glistening, her cunt wide and open and I pull her head back by the hair, lifting her to look at me as she finally breaks, mouth hung open, eyes astonished and blank; well-fucked, you might say.

Tears flowing now, her mouth closing as she begins to cry, the final throes of her pleasure receding, leaving her overwhelmed, lost, shattered in their wake. She has never looked so beautiful.

I sit up, and pull her face down, fingers digging into her hips, lifting her to meet me. Briefly I plunge into her gaping cunt, soaking my shaft with her before pushing my glistening tip to her tight, puckered anus.

She says nothing, her fingers silently clenching the sheets as I push into her, merely gasping, head back as I penetrate her. Reaching down, I once more push my fingers into her, once find that place and once more press... stroke... torment.

'No.... please... no more...' she says in her broken, anguished voice. 'Ssshhhh angel... It's for the best...'

As I thrust in and out of her, so my fingers bring an orgasm she doesn't want, a battering of her senses she cannot prepare for. She sobs openly as she cums, loud and free, pain beyond what she has experienced with a need she cannot deny, a pleasure she cannot avoid or accept. And as she finally yields, as the last fragments of her self-control crumble and she screams without knowing why, I cum into her, ramming home as my own pleasure overwhelms me, over and over, fingers dug deep into her flesh, body crushed against hers as I fuck her, truly fuck her, my fingers still stimulating her, still torturing her.

'Good girl... such a very good girl...' I whisper as I slide from her, spent and shattered. She simply rolls on her side and curls up, her body shuddering slightly as she seeks to regain her senses.

Exhaling heavily, I roll from the bed and rewrap my robe. Looking back briefly, I see her laying there, still curled up. Her eyes meet mine. 'Thank you... sir,' she whispers, eyes red, face wet, lips trembling. I smile. 'You're welcome child,' I whisper, leaving the room, closing the door gently behind me.

Nearly time fo rher to be on her way.

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