tagBDSMCBT Files Ep. 02

CBT Files Ep. 02


Episode 2 - Suzie and Jessica

Bradley had worn his cock cage for five days since he spent the night with his new girlfriend/domme Suzie. He looked forward to the forthcoming evening, when he would experience the firm hand of Suzie's girlfriend Jessica.

Suzie immediately told him to strip when he came over. He looked at the two excited dommes as they watched him remove his clothes. His excitement caused his cock to struggle against its confines. He knew a session with two dommes was likely to be more strenuous and severe than with one. But he could not resist the allure of Suzie's trainee when she told him about her the previous week.

Suzie had her hands on her hips. "Kneel before Mistress Jessica and kiss her feet," she ordered.

Bradley nervously knelt before Suzie's attractive and athletic friend. He appreciated her firm bare legs and hoped that she would dispense with her jogging shorts and casual shirt during the session.

Jessica crossed her legs to give Bradley access to her foot. He gently kissed her toes and the top of her foot. The scent of her foot sweat had an arousing quality, and he groaned as his cock became more impatient in its cage. After he sucked each toe, she had him use his tongue on her ankle, up to her bare knee.

"Not bad," she said. "I think regular practice on Suzie's feet is in order."

She turned to her friend. "I like to warm a guy's bottom before getting down to business. Can I spank him?"

Suzie's eyes and smile betrayed her excitement. "The session is yours, Jessica. I'll participate, and watch closely when you handle his balls. Sometimes I'll just watch and enjoy."

Jessica got up and took charge. "Bradley, remove your belt from your pants and bring it to me."

His insides fluttered as he pulled the two inch wide leather belt from his clothes. After handing it to Jessica, he followed the dommes to Suzie's bedroom.

Suzie removed Bradley's cock cage, and instructed him to lie face down on her bed. Mistress Jessica doubled the leather strap and whished it through the air a few times to get a feel for its weight and balance. Then she went to one side of the bed and commenced a lengthy strapping.

Bradley shouted, wiggled, and kicked as Jessica vigorously applied the belt to his bare bottom. During the fast-paced strapping she admonished him several times to keep still, which he simply could not do. She stopped after fifty strokes.

"Watching that made me hot!" Suzie panted, and removed her skirt and panties. She told Bradley to turn over, and straddled his mouth. As he paid oral servitude to Suzie's moist and aroused pussy, Jessica bound his ankles to a spreader bar. Suzie's gasps of orgasm heightened the sensual atmosphere, and when she dismounted, helped secure Bradley's wrists to the bedposts.

Bradley's hard cock reached for the ceiling. Jessica shed her clothes, put her finger well inside herself, and wiped her scent under Bradley's nose. Suzie did the same, and both girls giggled at the effect their womanly scent had on Bradley's frustrated cock.

Suzie sat cross-legged on the bed, and watched. Jessica put oil on her hands and put light pressure on Bradley's nuts while she stroked lightly. He stared at her breasts and tried to get a view of her pussy.

"The same rules apply as last time , with one exception," Suzie said. "You can tell her to go harder or softer, or all the way. But the first time you tell her to stop completely, she will - and the cock cage goes back on for several days."

Bradley whimpered. He remembered how hard Suzie had pressed on his nuts as she stroked him to an eventual mind-blowing orgasm. He panted from arousal as Jessica's hand barely touched his member.

"Uhhh! Harder..."

Both girls smiled brightly. It takes exquisite self control on the part of a domme who uses that technique. The slightest increase in pressure on the nuts is magnified in the perception of the male.

"AAAUH! OH! UHH! UHHHNH! Softer!" He wasn't sure he could bear the pressure. He very much wanted to ejaculate. "Please let me cum!"

"I saw Jessica do her boyfriend twice this past week," Suzie said. "It wasn't easy for him, but he didn't back down once. That's probably the best way to do it."

"Okay - harder... UHHHHHNH! AAAUGH!"

He pumped and thrashed about while Jessica kept a firm hold on his nuts and stroked his member.

"Do you want me to take you all the way?" Jessica teased.


Jessica's fingers pressed slightly harder still, and Bradley's exclamations became louder and more frenzied. Suzie leaned over and pinched his nipples - hard. Jessica put more pressure on his nuts, and Suzie didn't let go of his nipples. She figured the nipple pinching would be enough of a distraction from the aching in his balls that he would go through with it.

Once a male asks to be taken all the way, the ball pressure is steadily increased along with the firmness of the hand-jobbing, regardless of any supplication to back down. It was no different in Suzie's bedroom.

Bradley shouted and begged Jessica to go softer, but she disregarded his entreaties and increased the pressure and the stroking. Suzie, meanwhile, kept pinching his nipples hard, and they both saw that in spite of the deep aching he felt, his member was getting closer to spurting.

Jessica increased the pressure on his nuts, and it took a full minute of hard stroking after that for Bradley to finally surrender to her.

Amid Bradley's exclamations there was one tentative pulse. Then a long ropy streak of white liquid tribute spurted from the member in Jessica's hand. This was followed by smaller pulses of semen.

Jessica finally released her hold on Bradley's balls, and wiped his semen on his chest. "Do you have him lick up his sperm?" she asked Suzie.

"Not yet," she said with a gleam in her eyes.

The dommes released his bindings and allowed him to recover for a few moments, after which they each straddled his mouth and had him satisfy them to orgasm.

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