tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCecelia Ch. 03

Cecelia Ch. 03


Part 3 - El bastón

Cecelia pulled me close and started kissing me assertively on my lips. As soon as I opened my mouth for her, she quickly started deep french kissing me again. Before I knew it she had me backed up against the door jam. The more I let her explore my mouth, the more it distracted me from the aching of my freshly paddled arse. When Cecelia paused for breath I pulled her close, "Will you rub my arse for me, it hurts like hell" I asked.

"I really shouldn't, but ...," Cecelia responded as I felt her hands drop down to my arse. "Happy now" she asked. Wordlessly, I responded holding her tightly kissing her gently on the lips. The more she massaged my arse, the more I opened my mouth for her. As I let her french kiss me, I felt myself harden. As soon as Cecelia was aware of what was happening to me, she pulled my hips close to her so she could feel me harden. If she kept this up much longer I would not be able to stop myself coming again over her bañador.

"I think you are ready for me again, Honey" Cecelia whispered as she looked into my eyes with a gaze which told me that she was ready to conquer me again. She darted off to the drawer that held paddle as well her supply of condoms. In a trice, she was back and led me into the kitchen. Before I knew it she had me sitting on the kitchen table. She ripped the condom packet open with her teeth, pulled out the condom out and deftly rolled it down over my cock. Then with one deft movement, she pealed herself out of her bañador and let it drop to her ankles. She was naked again.

Without wasting a second she pulled herself up onto the table and straddled me. I think that she wanted to ride me again, but then sensed that if she mounted me like this we might both fall off the table. She then pushed me backwards onto the table. My shoulder hit some battered saucepans that were on the table. Cecelia swept these aside and they clattered down onto the floor. Then she manhandled me, or was it womanhandle me until she had me square in the middle of her table, flat on my back.

She climbed on top of me and eased her cunt down to fully swallow my cock. Then, she used her arms to lift her shoulders up. With her arched back, all her body weight was over my devoured cock. I was pinned down. I could feel the rough wood of the table against tender freshly paddled arse. Then she just started rocking herself. All I could do was squirm uncontrollably about on the rough wood of the table as I felt the orgasm relentlessly build in my balls. I could do nothing else, not even look into her eyes. I was completely exhausted by the time my cum spurted into the sheath that enclosed my cock. As I caught my breath, I could only wonder whether I was the first she had fucked on her table.

Cecelia was exhausted too and flopped down on top of me. She was very hot and sweaty. Beads of sweat rolled down off her body and on to me. She was all over me so much that I felt that my body had become one big cock for her. And it seemed that her appetite for me had not yet been filled. After she had caught her breath, she started French kissing me again. "Michael, we will have to leave shortly, we can't stay here together tonight."

"Do we have to?." All I could think of was that my tiny thong would not hide my freshly paddle arse. It felt like it was cheery red, and any one who saw it would know that I had been spanked. The last thing I wanted now was to go out now in public. Perhaps latter would not be so noticeable.

"Yes, unless you would like to keep giving me a good time", Cecelia said wickedly. I think Cecelia knew the predicament she had me in. Cecelia looked me directly in my eyes. "Michael, is there some pleasure you would like to treat me to?" Cecelia giggled.

The first impulse that sprang to mind was to eat her pussy again. My smile must have betrayed to Cecelia that I had a thought on how to indulge her. "Michael, what have you thought of?" Cecelia kissed me again and climbed off me. She then gave me a hand to help me off the table. I embraced her and kissed her on the lips. "Cecelia, I want to eat your pussy again." Cecelia's wide eye smile told me she could hardly wait. I took her by the hand and lead her back to her bed.

I lay flat on my back in the middle of her bed. Cecelia then kneeled on top of me with her legs straddled my chest. Her pussy was barely a couple of cock lengths from my mouth. As she wiggled her self forward I watched her pussy advance to my mouth. I could smell her juices. Cecelia was fully aroused. She lent forward and put a pillow under my head. My mouth was snug up against her pussy as Cecelia wiggled her legs closed. She now held my head firmly in place between her thighs. I put my arms around arse and pulled her closer to me.

As I darted my tongue inside her pussy, I could feel the warm air of the room circulating around my cock as I became harder and harder. I knew I when I came I would not have the warmth of her pussy around me. I would be shooting into thin air. So I just concentrated on French kissing her pussy. Her juices were flowing well and I was getting wet. The aroma of her arousal was overpowering. I stroked her clit with my tongue more and more the hotter and hotter she got. As when she came she swamped me with her juices.

Cecelia was now almost unable to draw breath. I think that I had exhausted her so much that she almost fell off me. But all I knew for sure was that my face was full of her pussy. I could feel the warm air of the room circulating around my completely hard cock. I was primed and ready to shoot. Cecelia through her pants started sighing, "more, ... more, ... more." She had me pinned down on her bed by her body weight. I knew that if I wasn't compliant with her wishes I'd found myself being paddled again. I was in no position to argue.

So I gently slid my tongue into her cunt and started slowly French kissing her pussy again. I was now so ready I was unable to stop myself from coming. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy as the inevitable happened. My cum burst out of me with such force, that I shot her in her back several times. I could feel some of my spray on my hands. After I was spent, I relaxed my tongue.

Cecelia started running her hands through my hair. She started giggling "You have cum and could not help but shot me in my back." I still had a face full of Cecelia's cunt and I knew she still wanted more. I started caressing her back with my hands and massaged my come which had sprayed all over her back into her skin. As I slid my tongue back into her pussy it had dawned on me the only way to I could satisfy her was to slowly exhaust her sexually. So I took it slowly, gently probing her pussy, then licking her clit. Only when she was close to another orgasm would I push her hard and concentrate on her clit.

After two more orgasms Cecelia seemed to wearing out and had grabbed hold of the bedstead to steady herself. This time I would push her as hard as I could when she was ready for another orgasm, and I would try to catch her by surprise. So while I gently started probing her again, I gave more attention to massaging her arse, which was the only part of her back which I could easily reach. My cock must have gotten wind of my plan, because as I massaged her back, I could feel myself slowly harden.

A dream like trance seemed to have enveloped Cecelia, as her sex lips again engorged themselves with blood, offering her clit again to me. I licked and flicked her clit in every way I could imagine as I was drowned in her juices. I was pushing her as hard as I could, and she was moaning so deeply she could hardly draw breath. I knew that I was so aroused I would again shoot her in the back again. Then she came, feinted and fell off me. Cecelia was lying asleep on her bed

My first thought was to flee the hut but I was completely naked, had a full erection on. Moving quickly I went to the door to check if the coast was clear. I sensed danger as I unlatched the door to peep outside. I knew that I was about to come and had no idea where Cecelia might put my g-string. As I gently opened the door, I heard voices. I froze. But I knew could not freeze, the orgasm which was about to burst out of me. My next impulse was to put on Cecilia's bañador, and make my escape in a girl's costume. As I gently latched the door my I came.

My heart raced as I quickly stepped into Cecelia's bañador. I pulled it up over me, and then slipped the straps over my arms. This was the first time that I had ever worn a girls costume It clung to me because it was still quite damp from her earlier swim. I though how much more comfortable my tiny thong would be. I went to the door and cracked it again and peeped outside.

Again I heard voices. I saw two girls near a neighboring hut who looked about 14 years old. They would surely notice me if I walked out into the open wearing a girl's costume. I closed the door again. I slid the straps off my shoulders and rolled Cecelia's bañador down round my waist. This might help disguise the fact that I was wearing a girl's bañador.

"Michael, why are you wearing my costume?" Cecelia asked. My heart jumped as I turned to face a naked and now very angry Cecelia standing at the door to her bedroom.

"I wanted to see what it felt like to wear your bañador" I lied as I looked at her nipples rather than in her eye.

Cecelia smiled and looked my straight in the eye. Then in a friendly but confident voice she asked, "I see you know the Spanish for swimming costume. Now that you know what it is like to wear my bañador, please relatch the door and take it off."

As I latched the door at her instruction, I knew that she knew that I had been caught telling fibs again. I turned to face her and undressed in front if her. I pulled her bañador down over my hips and let it drop around my ankles. I was again completely naked.

"Michael, please be good boy and hand me my bañador." Cecelia glanced down at her costume which was still around my ankles. Obediently, I stepped out of her bañador, and handed it to her.

"Michael, you were being very naughty and trying to run away with my bañador ", Cecelia said with a smile.

"No Miss, no I wasn't", I responded, looking again at her tits.

"Then why was the door unlatched?" Her smile told me that she had decided my punishment.

"Michael stand there for a moment and think about how naughty you have been." Cecelia threw her bañador over the chair and disappeared into her bed room.

Moments latter I knew my fate since Cecelia had now returned, still completely naked, but was now had a cane. "We call this "el bastón" in Spanish. Its gender masculine, and quite appropriate for a senorita to chastise what we call in Spanish, novio travieso - a naughty boyfriend." Cecelia informed me. To emphasize its maleness she held it up at the angle of an erect cock. "I am going to use it to swat your naked bottom." She swung it through the air so I could hear the swoosh it made. It was a bit over half a meter long and the swoosh suggested that it would sting very much.

"How many strokes do you think you deserve, Michael", Cecelia enquired with a smile on her lips. "If you suggest to few, I will double the number of strokes you receive."

Still looking at her boobs I almost said "dos". "Seis" I suggested, "Six of the very best I think I need." I hoped that I would not end up getting twelve.

"Seis will be most appropriate" Cecelia agreed.

Now that my punishment was determined and imminent, a wave of sexual excitement hit me. I could feel the blood flooding into to my cock. The sight of Cecelia standing there confidently with her cane knowing she would soon use it on me was a sexual turn on I could not stop. And Cecelia could see what was going on just by glancing down at my stiffening shaft.

"Michael, don't move yet. In a moment I am going to ask you to bend over and put your hands on the table. If you take your hand off the table before I have delivered the final stroke I will need to start again." He eyes looked me down and up. I could feel my shaft becoming harder, knowing that it was on full view to Cecelia. "Do you understand?" she asked.

"Yes mistress" I replied.

Cecelia waited for a few seconds. When she was satisfied that my shaft was pointing fully skywards, she directed me with her cane to where I should stand. I was about half a meter from the table. Without waiting to be told I bent over and put my hands on the table.

"Eagar are we Michael", Cecelia giggled. I then felt the cane resting on my the middle of my back. "Arch your back down so your bottom really sticks out" Cecelia instructed. I complied with her request. I could not help but look her bañador draped over her chair, the cause of my predicament. "I need your bottom a little higher, can you stand on your toes please." Since all my weight was on the table, I could not get my bottom out of the way, even if I tried. It still felt tender from my previous paddling.

As soon as I was high on my toes - Swoosh -- Whack, Swoosh -- Whack, Cecelia delivered two quick cuts to my arse. The initial sting from each cut was deceptive: it did not seem to be very bad. But a couple of seconds latter the real pain set it. I wanted to get my arse out of the firing line, but did not dare. I then felt the cane pressing gently against my balls. She was easing my bottom back so that it stuck out even further. When she was satisfied that my arse was perfectly positioned, she took the cane away. All I could do was wait and look at her bañador as I offered my completely unprotected bottom to her cane. Then Swoosh -- Whack, she landed another stinger. "Micheal, what do you think has most effect, my cane or my paddle?"

By now I knew full well that it was her cane. "Your cane, Mistress Cecelia, your cane" I moaned knowing full well that I still had three strokes to receive. "With my paddle, a cushion or air offers some padding." Cecelia advised. "But with my cane, there is no air cushion. Just my cane and your bare bottom." Swoosh -- Whack she landed her fourth stinger. She let me reflect on the complete absence of any padding, as she delivering her final two strokes to my now very contrite bottom.

My bottom now felt sorer than after the worst caning I had ever received at school. I stood and turned to face Cecelia. She was completely naked, but all I can remember is how she now held her cane. Her right hand (she was right handed), with which she gripped her end of the cane, was down near her right hip. Her left hand, with which she was now held the cane about 2/3 along it's length, was to the left of her left boob. The upper third, the end with which she had swatted my bottom, was in the air. I desperately wanted to rub my bottom, but knew that if I did this, this would confirm that her caning had hurt.

"If you want to be a novio travieso - a naughty boyfriend, I will cane you again" she informed me as she gently flexed her cane. I did not know what to look at - The part of the cane she was flexing, her breasts, of the tip of her cane. I knew that all I had to wear was my tiny g-string, which left my bottom completely bare to that tip if I dared to be a "novio travieso" again. I now knew the Spanish for a naughty boyfriend, as well as knowing that I would prefer to be paddled rather than caned anytime. But I knew the choice would be hers.

I was now willing to do anything to avoid another caning, so I offered my self to Cecelia. "I am really sorry for trying on your bañador. I would like to make it up to you. Would you like to fuck again? Your choice of position?"

"Would you like to sit down again on my chair, and let me climb on top of you", she said with a wicked smile pointed to the wooden chair with her bañador draped over it. I looked at the chair. The last thing I wanted to do was to sit down, especially on a wooden chair. "Anywhere but there" I pleaded with a kiss.

"It is the perfect position for me to ride you. Surely, your bottom is not that sore. I think it is possible that you can still sit," Cecelia declared. "You don't want to be disobedient, do you?" she dared as she flexing her cane again.

I knew I had no choice, so I gingerly sat, trying not to wince as I placed my throbbing arse on her hard wooden chair. It was not very comfortable. Cecelia was enjoying being cruel. She straddled me, putting her cunt against my half erect shaft. I knew that as soon as my cock went hard she would ride me. I could see a condom in its packet on the table, so I knew that she would not need to climb off me before she rode me. She ripped the condom out of the pack with her teeth, and then looked me in my eyes, as she waited for my erection.

As soon as I was hard, she had my cock clad in her condom. She did not want to mount me completely, but just use my shaft to massage her cunt as she repeatedly lowered her self on to me. I could not rise to meet her; she had complete control over how she fucked me. My cock was just there fully erect, and she was doing with it what she pleased. All I wanted was to feel the warmth of her cunt around my shaft so I would come, but she was not going to let that happen. She wanted to spin me out, so she could enjoy me as long as possible. I could feel my cum inexorably building up in my balls. I was doing all I could to hold out, and she knew it. She sensed that I was completely primed and she just paused. She waited until I was coming before she let herself sink onto my cock.

I could not relax in her arms for long. My throbbing arse reminded me that she had first spanked it, then paddled it and finally canned it for me. "Have you had any other naughty boyfriends that you have had to spank or cane?" I asked.

"A couple of the young men in town I have had to put over my knee paddle their bare bottom" she told me. "One of them had promised me a nooky if I took him to my hut. He was good looking in just his swim shorts. But when he got here he broke his promise. Unlucky for him, I had my table tennis bat, the one that you found. So I had him take down his swim shorts, and I paddled his bare bottom till it was glowing red. I knew it must have been sore. I told him to come back when he was willing to give me a nooky. I got my cane as a surprise for him again if he ever came back. He hasn't been game. That was a couple of weeks ago"

"And then today I met you," Cecelia continued. "When I caught you with my paddle, I realized that you needed to discover what it was like to be paddled. And then, when I caught you wearing my bañador, I knew that I would have to try out my brand new bastón," she told me as she kissed me on my lips "Michael, usted es el primer hombre que he azotado con un bastón" she added in Spanish I knew enough Spanish to know that she was telling me that I was the first man that she had caned.

She then looked down at my now limp shaft, and then looked me in the eye. "You had an erección when I was about to cane your naked bottom. You were turned on by it" she proposed.

I knew that my cock had completely betrayed me. I kissed her on the lips and said "Si". I realized I was practically asking her for another paddling.

"What excites you most, being paddled or being caned?" Cecelia then asked with another kiss.

"They both excite me, but I know your cane hurts more" I replied. "Can we talk about something else. I think I am telling you too much."

"Did they cane you in school?" Cecelia inquired. I told how I had misbehaved, so that I would be caned by the teachers. And how I earned the awe of my fellow students, by hiding the fact that it hurt.

"Michael, I have accomplished something today what your teachers failed to do" Cecelia informed me with a proud smile. "I don't think that I will need to cane you again today. You are now behaving like a perfect angel." I felt relief at hearing this that I kissed her on her neck. "Michael, we can't stay here tonight, but we can't leave now. All you have got to wear is your g-string and the cane marks are much too red." The way my bottom felt, I knew that she was telling the truth.

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