Cecilia Gets Her Wish


"No!" she cried. "Leave me alone. Get out of my house."

"I don't think so," was the short reply. "Now, are you gonna be nice or what" he asked, "because from where I'm standing your options look mighty limited?"

"No!" the woman yelled. "Get out! Don't touch me!" Anthony walked behind the beautiful captive who, secured to the chair, could merely twist and buck in response. He stooped down and retrieved the aqua colored gag. Cecilia, playing her role as well, shook her head back and forth but eventually the gag was back in place. For a few moments she continued to try to speak but eventually stopped trying. Unintelligible gurgles was all she could produce. After that she could speak only with her eyes.

Anthony knelt in front of Cecilia, untied her ankles and then lifted her from the chair. Cecilia made no attempt at defense, and stood silently. Anthony seized her long hair and pulled, forcing her head back, just roughly enough to stay in character but not hard enough to actually hurt her. Their eyes met and stayed glued to each other, sending silent messages. Hers showed fear mixed with indignation, but desire lay barely below the surface. As for Anthony, he radiated purpose and control as he reached down and jerked Cecilia's white pleated skirt down over her hips, revealing her thong and narrow hips. Still staring eye-to-eye, Anthony reached behind and fondled her spectacular, perfectly formed ass cheeks. He drew his hand back and slapped. "Spread your legs," he growled. Cecilia gave him one last gaze of indignation and acceptance and then, after a second stinging slap, complied. She moved her feet apart. "Wider!" said Anthony. She moved again. Their eyes did a slow lovers dance.

Cecilia's body quivered as he grabbed and squeezed her ass, pulling her towards him. He relaxed his hand and the now pink-hued flesh instantly resumed its former perfect shape. He moved his hand, slowly tracing a path around her hip forward until he reached the concave junction between her upper leg and her abdomen. His fingers extended as he felt the flat firmness below her belly button. His index finger inched along her soft white skin to poke into a small, fleshy hole, lingering to probe the damp confines of her navel, which was remarkably deep and moist, in a thinly disguised preview of things to come.

He released her hair allowing her head freedom of movement. Cecilia responded by slowly bending her knees to increase the distance between her thighs, simultaneously clearing the way to her sex and signaling her submission to his control. After a minute or so he withdrew his finger from her navel and moved his hand south until he could feel the sheer material of the thong. It was wet, sopping wet. His hand glided further towards her folded tissue, gently brushing her pubic hair, which was soft and neatly trimmed around his destination until he could feel the round rigidity of her clit, which he rubbed along its flattened top. Cecilia bowed her legs even more and thrust her pelvis to meet Anthony's hand, moaning into her gag. His thumb came to rest in the valley that separated her leg from her upper torso. He cupped his four fingers together to completely cover her pubis and then slid his middle finger through the slit in her drenched crotch-less undergarment and straight into her pussy.

Cecilia bucked and cried out in ecstatic pleasure. Anthony continued to finger his captive slowly, barely moving. The slick finger retracted and then extended again and again. Cecilia swayed back and forth, impaled. As he worked her towards climax, she shook her head from side to side signaling "No, not yet!" She cried out into her gag. Anthony stopped his penetration and took a step back.

"Don't move," he commanded as he crossed the room to retrieve more pills and a hand full of additional lengths of rope. He also found a three foot length of black metal tube with eyehooks on each end and one in the middle. Placing everything on a nearby coffee table he returned to Cecilia who obediently had not moved from where she stood except to straighten her legs. He lifted her gag just enough so she could speak. I want you to take these pills, CC. One will ensure that you remain cooperative..."

"I will," she interrupted as she nodded her head in the affirmative. "I won't give you any trouble. Just don't hurt me. I'll do anything you want." Cecilia pleaded as she clung to her character, knowing that this was what she had to do to keep the awful thoughts of what awaited when the role playing was done from coming back to the front of her mind.

"Good," Anthony replied. "This other pill is to heighten your awareness. It has a mild aphrodisiacal effect, although it may not be necessary, from the looks of things. Open wide and take them both. Here's some water." Cecilia did as she was told and opened her mouth to receive the two pills. She followed with a long swallow of water and then whispered, "Please... please make it last. God, your touch makes me weak." Then she resumed her role. "What are you going to do to me you brute?"

"First," he said, "I'm going to make sure that you are secure and then I am, well, I'm going to fuck you, lady. A body like yours demands nothing less."

"No," she said, this time with less emphasis. "Don't."

"Sorry if you don't like it, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do," was Anthony's immediate reply. "Straighten up." Cecilia brought her legs together and came to attention. Anthony untied her hands, never letting them go, and brought them around to the front where he re-tied them, attaching each wrist to the metal tube one at each end. Her arms were now secured once again. She welcomed the back to front change of arm position. Anthony took hold of the bar at the center and started to move towards the door. "I'm going to take you out back to see what's in that little shed. If you scream or try to get away you will regret it, so don't even consider it... unless you like pain, that is."

Cecilia hesitated, just for a moment, knowing that the warning was both real and pretend at the same time. She followed her captor, slipping back into character again. "What are you going to do to me? What's out there?" Anthony remained silent and opened the side door, guiding his nearly naked captive steadily, but not roughly, through the portal. They moved towards the outbuilding, the same path that Susannah had taken in the video. Cecilia knew where she was going and what awaited her, but the drugs had begun to act; her fear became secondary to her desire. "You're taking me in there to have your way with me aren't you?" she asked. Again, Anthony did not answer. Instead, he reached for the handle on the door to the shed. He opened it and reached inside to flick on the light. Stopping only to turn the bar sideways so it would make it through the doorway, he tugged and Cecilia was finally inside. He closed the door behind him.

Once inside, he turned to Cecilia and spoke. "You've been very good up to now, lady, just a little farther to go." He pulled his captive towards the center of the room and reached over his head to grasp a hook which was attached to a chain hoist, hanging from the rafter and then pulled the hook down to chest level. Hooking the center eye of the bar to the hoist, he stepped back and pushed a green button mounted near the light switch. The sound of rattling chains and an electric motor broke the silence. Cecilia's arms began to rise over her head, stopping a couple of feet over her shoulders so that her arms were extended, but not uncomfortably so. "Now," he said, "let's see what you have to offer."

He walked back to the beautiful blonde and examined his prize who was busy twisting from side to side, head down, pretending that she was trying to hide her nakedness from her captor's gaze. Her white satin blouse still hung from her shoulders but was wide open, secured at the bottom only by two of its seven buttons. Her beautiful tits were hanging all the way out, nipples semi-erect. In her mid-twenties, Cecilia's chest was at the height of its natural beauty, her bountiful tits hanging down spread slightly on either side of her breast bone. Cecilia's nipples were dark, much darker than the surrounding skin. Tiny goose bumps radiated out from each nipple, getting progressively smaller until they merged with the soft, light colored skin of the body of each breast. Anthony reached out with both hands and seized the fleshy mounds from beneath, simultaneously lifting and squeezing so that the nipples stuck out and stiffened. "Magnificent," he muttered as he brought his mouth over one of the nipples and began to suck rhythmically. At the same time he used his other hand to gently tweak its uncovered twin, pinching and rubbing. Cecilia stopped twisting and focused on the warm wet sensation. The drugs were working perfectly. She felt no pain at all, only desire and warmth, especially between her legs, where each sensation seemed to lead. She needed release and soon.

Anthony disengaged from her tits and reached behind, drawing a carefully folded length of rope from under his belt. He knelt down and tied it around one of her ankles and then stood up. Gently keeping the rope taut, he forced Cecilia's leg to rise to the horizontal until he tied his end off on a hook. Cecilia looked like a ballerina in mid-flight. "It's time, lady, time to give it up," he said. She was in no position to resist whatever he had in mind, but she clung to the game and begged for mercy.

"Please, please let me go. I don't want this," she pleaded.

Anthony reached between her legs from behind and said, "I don't think you're being 100% truthful. Your pussy says otherwise." Leaving his hand where it was, he used the other hand to unbuckle his jeans and in a few moments, his penis, fully erect, was in his hand. "Please, don't, for God's sake, don't do this," Cecilia begged. "At least use a condom."

Anthony chuckled. "Condom? Are you shitting me lady? I'm gonna ride you bareback and you know what? When I'm done I'm not pulling out. I'm going to fill you full. Condom?" he laughed. "Jesus Christ, you are something. I didn't bring you out here so I could do you with a damn rubber." He sidled up to Cecilia from behind and removed his hand from her sex, using her wetness to coat the head of his cock. He moved it between her legs, searching for the part that would give way to his insistent, but gentle pressure. He found the spot he was searching for and slowly pushed inwards feeling her moist labial tissue surround his penis, sliding down over his shaft, squeezing it with 360 degrees of gentle pressure.

Cecilia's mind focused like a laser beam on the sensation of being done from behind. Anthony's penis was both good-sized and long. She knew from experience that he would push all the way to the base of his shaft, and she could feel his intent as first he made sure that he wouldn't slip out and that Cecilia was balanced correctly. Then he began pumping for real, holding Cecilia by the hips as he thrust his cock in and out. "Oh my God," she exclaimed. "Ugh," she blurted when he was fully inside her. He withdrew and then re-entered. "Ugh!' she repeated, slightly lifting her balance leg and lowering herself as far as the intruding shaft would allow. Anthony picked up the pace and, after five minutes of furious pumping he felt Cecilia ready to climax. He further increased the pace trying to speed up his own climax to match hers. They came together in a shudder and Cecilia felt the warm spurt of cum flood her insides. A second squirt and then a third and a fourth quickly followed as his desire was drained. For her part, Cecilia screamed in ecstasy as her pussy contracted and squeezed her partner's swollen penis. Then, she went limp, partially dropping down as her arms straightened under her weight. Anthony withdrew and just stood there, stroking himself, anxious to milk the last sensation. Wordlessly, he walked over to the hook and untied the rope holding her leg in the air. Then her returned to the nearly naked woman hanging from the spreader bar and knelt. He refastened her ankles together. As he finished the final loop, he could see his essence draining from Cecilia's blonde pussy, tiny rivulets of off white wetness slowly meandering down the inside of her thigh. A second rope was applied to her thighs so that he legs were secured both above and below the knee. He reached up and unhooked the spreader bar from its hoist and then removed the ties from her wrists. He stepped forward, reached around with one strong arm and pulled Cecilia towards him, firmly, but with some tenderness. With the other arm he reached down and unfastened the final two buttons of her white satin blouse. Sliding the shear material from each milky white shoulder, he removed his present and the stepped back, slinging the soft satin garment over his shoulder. He then-re-tied Cecilia's thin wrists in front of her and stepped back to admire his prize, naked except for the improvised blue cleave gag which rested on her otherwise bare shoulders. "Like I said earlier, Cecilia," he said softly, "you have never looked more beautiful."

Cecilia looked into Anthony's eyes and spoke. "Anthony, that was amazing. Tell me that all this was some sort of elaborate sex game. Tell me that all that business with the snake and the woman was part of the plan to intensify this moment. Oh, my God, I'm so weak. I can barely stand."

Anthony removed the white satin blouse and calmly tore it into strips. The sheer material tore easily and before long he had worked one strip under the soft rope fastening the two ends of the white satin loop with a simple square knot. He then looped the second strip through the first satin loop forming a second loop. Finally, Anthony tied another knot to finish and then drew the two loop system up in the air and attached it to the hook and hoist. "I'm afraid not, Cecilia," he said with a disinterested, flat affect in his voice, "no game. It's time for you to fulfill your part of the bargain." He walked over to the wall and activated the hoist, lifting the woozy blonde's arms aloft, stopping only when they were fully extended. "I've done my part and I am reminding you that you have agreed to play your part for me. In a moment I'm going to turn off the lights and leave through that door. You will hear me lock it from the outside and then in a few minutes the lights will come back on. From the moment the lights come on you can assume that the cameras are running. I can open either one of two gates. Struggle, scream and put on a good show and I will release the snake and the end will be relatively swift. If you do not hold up your end, I will wait until the drugs have worn off and then release the Three Stooges. You'll be screaming then I assure you. Believe me, Cecilia, you do not want to be consumed alive by pigs."

Cecilia's eyes welled-up, her hopes dashed to pieces. She knew that further pleading was useless and that her fate had been decided four months ago when she had let Anthony strike up a conversation at the jewelry store and then buy her a drink. A kind of quiet resolution, aided by the drugs she had consumed earlier, came over her and she nodded her head to signify that she understood and would comply. Anthony reached for the gag, removed it, and then left without a word, turning off the lights and shutting and bolting the door behind him.

The darkness lasted only a few minutes. Suddenly the lights were on and Cecilia felt the hoist lift her from her feet. She fell into character and screamed. "Anthony, Anthony, please let me go! I'll do anything! Please!" She bucked back and forth like a spastic switchblade, bending at the waist and thrashing about. Her massive breasts rose and fell in wild, random gyrations, beating themselves against her upper torso. "Please, Anthony!" she wailed. "Let me down! Don't do this to me!"

Cecilia heard the sound of another hoist and knew that the giant snake was being released. Her back was to the snake pen so she could not see its steady approach and the dirt floor muffled any sound it might make. Even for a snake of such enormous size and strength, stealth was its preferred method of attack. Surprised victims gave the least amount of resistance. This time surprise was hardly necessary. Its meal was literally set out for it. One hundred thirty-five pounds of naked, thrashing human female was strung up not ten feet in front of its enormous head. It paused to study the beautiful woman as she continued to thrash about. Eventually her exertions just wore her out. First, her screams stopped. She was far too busy trying to draw in breath to use her lungs to shout out any longer. Besides, she knew that the only person who could hear her would not be coming to help her. He was the one who drew her here in the first place, expressly for the purpose of feeding her to the monster reptile.

Just then the snake struck from below, grabbing the helpless beauty's bound legs taking them in from her toes up to her calves. Stunned, Cecilia let loose a blood-curdling scream as she rose into the air, not unlike the victim of a shark attack momentarily thrown out of the water by violence from below. This attack though resulted in neither shredding nor ripping of tender flesh, but merely served to secure the victim. Cecilia, horrified, continued to scream. The momentary defeat of gravity which her sudden rise had caused allowed her to move her arms, but the satin blouse remained fixed to the hook. The snake calmly and deliberately advanced as its peristaltic throat contractions drew its victim down into the enormous tube which was the entrance to over thirty feet of digestive tract. First her knees and then her thighs entered the snake's colossal mouth. Saliva, secreted by the throat glands of the enormous reptile, coated her entire lower torso both to prevent injury to its own esophagus and to facilitate the intake as the snake swallowed its meal. Cecilia could feel the combination of muscular pressure and lubrication.

The snake continued the process of engulfing the naked meal which Anthony had provided for it. Another contraction brought her waist and lower abdomen into the mouth of the snake. She was now halfway to hell. The snake was fully ten feet into the air, about at the limit of its ability to oppose gravity. Slowly, with Cecilia half-in and half out of its mouth the snake allowed itself to settle back towards the earthen floor below. Cecilia could feel the added weight in her shoulders as her arms stretched straight out and threatened to separate from their sockets. The satin blouse was no match for the combined weight pulling directly towards the center of the earth and ripped, simultaneously separating snake and victim from the hoist. Cecilia fell to the ground with a thud, face-down. The force of the fall drove her breasts into the dirt and blasted the air from her lungs. Her head hit the dirty floor an instant later, further stunning the hapless woman and filling her mouth with dusty dirt. Before she could further assess the damage, she was drawn still further into the snake. Her beautiful breasts were smeared with dirt and she could feel the rasping effect of the ground on the tender skin of her nipples, which no longer served as pleasure centers, but now sent waves of pain and discomfort into her already flooded neural pathways. She couldn't decide what to do next, not that it mattered. She had no options. Her arms were stretched out and tied at the wrists; she was face down in the dirt; and she was up to her waist in the mouth of a woman-eating snake as big as an SUV.

Another jerk backwards and Cecilia's breasts, her big, beautiful breasts, were drawn deep into the serpent's mouth. Her broad shoulders were just wide enough to give the creature pause while it adjusted its orientation to its prey. The minute or so it took for the snake to adjust gave Cecilia time to order her thoughts, her last thoughts on this earth. It was a difficult task considering the drugs in her system and the pain in her head, but, instead of picturing her childhood, or her parents, Cecilia pictured her last session with Anthony. Her mind drifted back to Anthony, her killer, screwing her while she hung helplessly from the spreader bar, one leg up in the air and balancing on her toes. Her loins moistened anew as she remembered the moment when she was filled with her lover's cum and her body released again, making her shudder and shake her head back and forth. At that moment the snake's jaw cleared her shoulders and with one final immense contraction, Cecelia shot backwards into the darkness. She passed out. Another series of shorter rhythmic contractions drew her arms and hands into the snake's throat. With her airway blocked, she suffocated in a minute or so, her young life at an end. The snake coiled itself up to start the digestion process, just as it had dozens of times before.

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