tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCedar Hill Cheerleaders Ch. 13

Cedar Hill Cheerleaders Ch. 13


X-rated website gains from sex scourge. Who caused it; how.

This story is entirely fictitious. The main characters and their prior experiences are inspired by those in "Saturday Night School" chapters 1 to 4 as written by jessica_tang_vonharper and my stories, "Cedar Hill Cheerleaders" chapters 1 to 11. Enjoy!

"HAPPINESS: greater JOY when SHARED", Dr Alwyn Douglas Cox


The atmosphere within Dangi's Thai restaurant was truly exotic, with candle lit tables and the Buddhist heart sutra playing quietly in the background. Only those with perfect hearing heard the high-pitched Morse code as it briefly bounced around restaurant, and they wondered what it was.

Chantelle Spiros immediately thought she felt a faint sensation in her lower abdomen. It grew slowly in intensity until she was certain that, this now pleasant feeling, was coming from her groin.

Chantelle had completed her schooling at Cedar Hill high school a year before, and was considered the sexiest of its cheerleaders that year.

That evening she looked, as always, like she'd spent the day with a stylist and a make-up artist; she was wearing a full sky-blue miniskirt and a lacy white blouse that drew attention to her perfectly pert breasts. She wore no panty; in part, because of her fantasy to go naked in public, which she had done on numerous occasions during her high school days.

She was dining with her parents and her younger brother Stephen. It was a Thursday evening and they were celebrating their father's promotion. Her older sister Amelia was not with them; she had to work the afternoon shift at Macy's.

Their parents sat on the far side of the rectangular table, while Stephen was on Chantelle's right.

Also in the restaurant were two men seated in the far corner. They both wore a light grey suit, a white shirt, and an ugly blue tie. Chantelle thought they looked like plain-clothed police or even FBI. But what would they be doing in an ordinary restaurant in a small town like Cedar Hill? Surely she was wrong.

The only other patrons were a middle-aged couple and an attractive girl about Stephen's age or maybe a little younger.

The waiter was a boy of about Stephen's age named Dimitri. In fact, he and Stephen greeted each other when he came earlier to get their orders. He brought a bowl of prawn chips, four glasses and a jug of water in which floated a couple of lemon slices.

After consuming a prawn chip, Chantelle asked the obvious, "Hey, Dad; does the promotion come with a decent pay rise?"

"Yeah, it do; I thinks I get about 20 percent extra."

"Does that mean you will be able to help with my college fees next year?"

"Does you think you can pass tha entry-exam?"

"I certainly intend to try. Well; will you able to help?"

"With you and Amelia both working at Macy's and paying Mama some board, we nearly finished payin' off tha mortgage. So, yeah I'm thin'ing it should be OK."

"Great; thanks Dad."

"What about me?" Stephen protested.

"Aren't you goin' ta get that scholarship you talked about?"

"But, what if I don't?"

"You'll just have ta get it, wont ya."

Dimitri delivered their meals during this conversation; so, he and Stephen didn't talk to each other this time.

As the stimulation grew stronger, Chantelle was faced with a decision: either try to ignore it; or... she put her left hand under her skirt and lightly stroked her clit. Well actually her hand was not under her skirt for long, because the hem soon rode up to the point where her entire pubic area was visible; but she thought only Steve was in a position to see her bald pussy and what she was doing. She didn't mind; after all he had previously done more than just see her nude; she had allowed him to finger and suck her pussy when she gave him a lesson in seducing girls. That was after his persistent pleading that he needed the experience to increase his self-confidence around girls.

Secretly she wanted him to watch her masturbate now; here, in public; she knew that being observed would heighten her excitement. She wondered if the two men in the corner were able to see her long shapely legs all the way up to her pussy. She didn't care; This was just another one of her fantasies for doing wild things in public.

This wasn't the first time she been nude or semi-nude in public.

When Jamie Taylor discovered her walking completely naked in the hallway of Cedar Hill high school that Saturday afternoon, they soon realised they were kindred spirits. And as such, Jamie had encouraged her to live out her fantasies.

Chantelle wanted Steve to see her masturbate: she moved her right leg toward Steve to ensure that, when he did look, he would have a clear view of her fingers nestled between her swollen labia. She wanted to be seen. She continued to play with herself for several minutes, all the while she continued using a fork with her right hand. Eating was one way of muffling her sighs of pleasure.

Eventually, Chantelle caught Steve glancing at her pussy; sensing that he was caught, he looked up into her eyes with a smirk. Chantelle returned his glance with a cheeky smile and gave him a wink of encouragement and permission. She noticed that there was a bulge in his pants; was he feeling as randy as she was?

Their father saw this exchange between them and wondered what it was all about.

Steve accepted Chantelle's invitation and placed his left hand on her right thigh. He lightly caressed her skin as his hand moved ever upwards. When his fingers finally found her clit and commenced tickling it, Chantelle lifted her left hand and then used both hands to transfer more fried rice onto her plate.

Later, Steve pushed his middle finger a little way into her cunt and out a few times, before he moved it up to rub around her swollen clit again.

Chantelle briefly glanced down at Steve's lap; the bulge was even more evident now. He was obviously enjoying it every bit as much as she was. While not looking that way, she put her right hand onto the bulge and squeezed it a few times. It grew even larger and harder as she did this.

The waiter, Dimitri returned; as he approached their table from Chantelle's direction, his eyes were drawn to her bare thighs; he tried not to stare; but on reaching her side, he saw Stephen's fingers at work between her swollen red labia. Unprepared for what he saw, he froze for a while.

Finally, looking at Stephen, he blurted out in a shaky voice, "Has ahh; has everything been to your liking?"

Chantelle immediately answered, "Ooh, yes; very much so!"

"Good; then may I, um, may I take the empty plate?"

"Ooh; yes please."

Poor Dimitri was trembling so much as he reached for the plate, that he bumped the almost empty glass that was in front of Chantelle; it toppled and its contents spread across the table, however most of it was caught by the paper placemat that doubled as a menu.

"Oh gawd; I'm sorry. Here, let me mop that up." Dimitri produced a cloth hand-towel from his back pocket and wiped up the liquid as he stared repeatedly at Chantelle's pussy and Stephen's fingers rubbing therein.

"Did any go, ahh, go onto your lap, Miss?"

Dimitri did not wait for a response, but immediately pretended to dry her skirt, while actually he slid his fingers down over her mound and onto her clit.

"Thanks. That's enough." Chantelle was willing to have him linger longer, but knew her parents would get suspicious. As Jamie said on the afternoon of their first meeting, "As the female becomes more aroused, it can start to affect her judgment." Thankfully she had not quite reached that stage.

Dimitri took the empty plate and bid farewell to Stephen as he went, "I; um, I'll see you tomorrow Steve. Ahh; we must talk."

With such attention, Chantelle's pussy and its surrounds were now pink with arousal. She began to breath heavily and squirm in her seat.

"Are ya alright, Shell?" her father Joe enquired.

"I think I need to go to the toilet." And with that Chantelle stood and walked awkwardly across to the lady's toilet.

She couldn't understand why she had become so aroused in the first place; but there was this magnificent feeling surging from her vagina and spreading throughout her entire body. Almost before she entered the rest-room, her hand moved under her skirt, as if to unconsciously scratching an itch, and she began rubbing her clit.

She continued to wonder what had caused her to become so horny, 'Had her brother, Steve, slipped an aphrodisiac into her meal? After all he was a chemistry student, so he could have discovered such a thing; but surely he wouldn't; would he? ... But he seemed to be affected too.'

Chantelle had only just sat down in the cubicle nearest the door when she heard another person enter, "Oh gawd, help me" that girl moaned.

And so it was, that they both furiously caressed their own clit; each spurred on by the sighs and moans coming from the adjacent cubicle.

They continued like this until Chantelle asked through her moans, "Hey there, ooh, are you alright?"

"Yeah; I'm just like, feeling really horny; ooh my gawd."

"Me too... Ooh, I don't know why I, ooh I suddenly feel so horny." Chantelle replied as she continued massaging her swollen clit. She knew the other girl also continued fingering herself, because the toilet seat squeaked repeatedly.

"Ooh. It must have been something in the, ooh, in the food."

"Yeah. What were you eating?" Chantelle squirmed on the toilet, her legs flapping open and closed like a pair of double-hinged saloon doors.

"Pad Thai."

"Well I was having Tom Kha Gai and fried ri... Oooh!" Chantelle's breathing became a hiss as she abruptly clenched her mouth shut and tried to breathe through her nose. The seat rattled under her.

"Oooh gawd, ooooh, ooooh, ooh I've come!" yelled Chantelle.

She sat quietly for a few minutes, listening to the moans wafting from the other cubicle. Then she opened her handbag and retrieved the rabbit vibrator that she called Hoppity.

She fiddled with a button on the vibrator. It came to life, emitting a loud buzz.

"Ooh, is that a vibe I hear?" Came the shaky voice from the other cubicle.


"Oh gawd; I wished I had mine with me... What type is yours?"

"It's a rabbit one; you know, it has a bit to tickle the clit when the main phallic part is fully inserted."

"Yeah; I know the type. Ooh... I couldn't afford one of; ooh, of those. Mine is just a simple 7inch, ooh, 7inch penis shaped one." The squeaking next door intensified.

Initially Chantelle just tickled her clit with the vibrator. "Hey; what's your name?"

"Oooh... Oooh, I'm Sue, oooo."

"Hi Sue; I'm Chantelle."

"Oh hi... Ooh gee gawd!" Sue's seat now rattled like a steam train, faster and faster.

Chantelle opened her legs wide and was about to inset the main stem of Hoppity into her wet pussy; when she remembered, among other things, the small tube of lubricant that she had in her handbag. She coated Hoppity and the surrounds of her cunt.

Again, she lowered the vibrator between the enflamed lips of her pussy. She pressed it into her cunt slowly, little by little.

The shaft of Hoppity soon disappeared completely into her, thus placing the ears of the rabbit either side of her clitoris. In that position the sound was greatly muffled, but initially Hoppity wouldn't stay in by itself, though. Chantelle could feel it sliding out.

She pushed it back in, fascinated by the sight of its length disappearing into her glistening pussy. This time she parted her outer labia and pressed the rabbit ears between them; this allowed the phallus to enter further and it stayed put.

Chantelle closed her eyes and thought of the first time she used Hoppity in front of her boyfriend, Jamie. It was in the audio/visual control room of the Cedar Hill high school auditorium. Jamie had been alone, operating both the lighting control board and the microphones, when she had joined him. She did her best to distract him by stripping completely naked and masturbating to a climax. Then she produced Hoppity. Being watched using Hoppity was intensely arousing, especially in such a public place with the prospect of being discovered.

She went over the scene time and time again in her mind. She remembered how fulfilled she felt when Jamie finally came inside her just as she had her third orgasm.

She thought, 'I wish James were here now to satisfy me; like he did that evening'. These memories were enough to send Chantelle into orgasmic spasms and over the imaginary cliff, to float gradually and peacefully back to earth.

"Ahh... Ooh, ooh, ooooo."

As Chantelle sat quietly, enjoying the relaxing sexual after-glow, she remembered that she needed more material for her X-rated web-site 'High School Fantasies'.

"Hey Sue; would you like to try my rabbit vibe?" Chantelle offered.

"Yeah, sure would; but I'm having my period and I'm using a tampon."

"That's OK; I have some spare tampons. You see, I have an X-rated web-site and I need some extra material. If you let me video you inserting and using the vibe, then I can pay you. What do you say?"

"Pay! How much?"

"Depending on how it goes; maybe $100 or more."

"Um; OK."

Chantelle entered the other cubicle with Hoppity and her phone. She was pleased when she saw that Sue was a true red-head. She had neatly trimmed orange pubs on her mound, but was completely clean and smooth around her pussy; there wasn't even any stubble.

Chantelle had to ask, "Have you had your bikini line permanently depilated?"

"Yeah; when mum paid for my legs to be done, I had that secretly included."

"Your mum wanted your legs done?"

"Yep; so I wouldn't keep cutting myself with the razor."


The whole video lasted only five minutes. Nearly half of that time was taken by Sue's numerous attempts at inserting Hoppity; however, once fully in and stimulating her G-spot and clit, she quivered repeatedly with the extreme pleasure it provided. It took very little time for her to reach a massive climax, during which her shouting must have surely raised the dead. The video ended with the slow removal of Hoppity.

As Sue returned Hoppity, "Ooh, that was fantastic; thanks... I must get me one of these."

"Yeah, you should; and thank you for your time."

As they were washing their hands, Chantelle spoke, "Hey Sue, would you be interested in making other videos for me? I'll pay you, of course."

Sue was naturally cautious given what they had just recorded; "What type of videos?"

"Well, at its most innocent, you would just striptease your street cloths and put on some revealing lingerie. It would be up to you if you let it progress to oral sex and intercourse."

"Geez; I don't know. What if someone from my family saw it. Would my face have to be shown?"

"Well you do have a pretty face; but we could make sure it wasn't seen, or you could wear sun-glasses and a wig."

"You did say sex, didn't you?" Sue stood motionless for a few seconds, obviously deep in thought. "Who would be the guy?"

"That's up to you. Do you have a boyfriend?"

Sue shook her head, "Nah."

"Well then, it could be my brother Steve; I'm sure he'd love to do it with you."

"Is Steve the nerdy guy I saw sitting next to you?"

Chantelle cracked a slightly bemused smile at the fact that Sue had actually made note of HER brother Steve. "Yeah; what do you think?"

"OK; but he would have to take it slowly the first time; I've never had a guy before."

Now as they dried their hands, Chantelle remarked, "Believe me, it's even better than my Hoppity; especially when the guy kisses your clit and fingers you G-spot at the same time."

Sue turned toward Chantelle in surprise, "Would he, like really do that?"

"Yeah, for sure."

And with that, Chantelle and Sue returned to the tables where their respective families sat. Steve was bent over with his arms across his tummy.

"What's wrong with Steve?" Chantelle asked.

Her mother answered, "I think he enjoyed his food too much and over-ate."

"Serves him right... Will you be OK, Steve?" Chantelle face was aglow, partly as a result of the multiple orgasms she'd enjoyed in the restroom, and also because she thought it amusing that he may have only been trying to hide his erection, or even worse, the wet spot of an ejaculation.

Stephen was given a tablet of antacid which his mum produced from that amazing magician's handbag.


Early next morning, Dimitri loitered near the school lockers.

"Hey Steve; sorry about last night."

"You mean for spilling my sister's drink?"

"Well, yeah; and for trying to touch her up."

"I don't think she minded... I must admit she acted all strange last night; as if someone had spiked her drink."

"Hey come on; no one spike her drink." Dimitri protested.

"Well, what about the food?"

"If there was something in the food, then it would have affected you all, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah; I guess you're right."

Stephen thought about for a bit, then he asked, "And how did a guy named 'Dimitri' become a waiter in a Thai restaurant, anyway?"

"Simple; I didn't want to be a shop-assistant or a checkout-chick, so I applied to be a waiter at a few places, and Dangi gave me the job."

Then Dimitri thought out loud, "Your sister's really sexy, isn't she? I wished I could have; well you know."

"You have a sister, don't you?"

"Yeah; but she's only 14 years old; and a real prude." Dimitri looked dejected.

"Um." Stephen had seen Dimitri's younger sister at school; she looked older with bright eyes, a precocious knowing smile, and really tempting.

"Do you think if I came over to your place after school and apologised to your sister, she would allow me to finish what I started?" Although he asked this, Dimitri didn't look hopeful.

"What you started?"

"Yeah; I'd do anything to be able to wipe her skirt some more." Although Dimitri didn't say it, Stephen knew exactly what he wanted.

"I don't think that's going to happen!" Stephen sneered as he headed off to class.


When Dimitri actually did arrive at Stephen's place, they immediately when to Chantelle's room.



Stephen and Dimitri entered.

Her room was definitely a girl's room. However, there one thing that caught Dimitri's eye. On the wall directly opposite, was the large poster of a policeman and a naked girl in a European shopping mall. The policeman was seated on his motor bike while apparently talking to the girl. The policeman was in the foreground, with the girl immediately behind. The bike handle bars obscured her nipples, and the petrol tank hid her waist. In the background can be clearly seen some of the mall, and a few shoppers who seem unfussed by either the policeman or the nude girl.

"Hi sis, this is my friend Dimitri. He was the waiter at the restaurant last night; you know, the one who like spilt your drink; you remember?"

"Yeah, so what?" Chantelle was seated at her desk. As she turned toward them, her mini-skirt rode up a little, but only to reveal a little more of her splendid thighs.

Dimitri blurted out, "So I; I asked Steve if I could come and apologise further."

Chantelle thought Dimitri was very handsome, and perhaps it would be fun to tease him. So, she lifted her feet up onto the rung of her chair, thus making all of her thighs visible. "Oh, you want to apologise, do you?"

"Yeah; I'm; I'm sorry I didn't get t; to dry your skirt properly." Dimitri spoke sheepishly, but he managed to hint at his true desire.

Chantelle knew of course, that what he meant was, that he wanted the chance to play with her pussy for a much longer time. She thought a minute: she didn't feel very horny like the night before, but she certainly was excited by his suggestion. Then she decided to take her teasing even further; she spread her knees and exposed her hairless pussy. Remember, Chantelle never ever wore anything underneath her dress or skirt.

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