tagErotic HorrorCedar Tree Resort Ch. 02

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 02


Ethan quickly changed into clean boxers and put on jeans and a sweatshirt. He ran towards Cassie's cabin. Thankfully, she had electricity in her cabin and he barged in, slamming the door.

"Cassie, what's the status of our relationship? Tell me now." Ethan was breathing so hard. He normally wasn't freaked out, but he was losing it. He had had what he thought was an intense blowjob from Cassie, but considering the cum oozing all over his boxers it must have been a dream. He didn't remember falling asleep.

"We're best friends. Why sweetie? What's wrong?" Cassie was wearing fleece pajamas and was sitting cross-legged on her bed. Her cabin was the nicest of them all with a king size bed along one wall and with an actual bathroom. The windows on the far side of the building overlooked the same clearing as Jackson's.

"I just had an intense dream where you came over to my cabin and gave me a blowjob. I could feel you swallowing my cum, but then Jackson woke me up. It must have been a dream. I must have been masturbating."

"O.K. Ethan. Way too much information. You know why we don't date and let's leave that at that. I don't need to spend the weekend thinking of all your perverted sexual activities."

"Seriously Ethan. It was creepy enough to see you how I did, you don't need to give us a detailed description." Jackson glared at Ethan and Ethan shut his mouth.

"This place is freaky. Seriously freaky. And my cabin is a shit hole." Ethan removed his shoes and climbed up on the comfortable bed. There was a box in the middle of the three of them, but it had yet to be opened.

"Mine too. Although I do have a nice view of the forest." Jackson grinned. "I guess we could just sleep here with Cassie. I mean she actually has a toilet."

Cassie grinned. She was so comfortable around her two best friends that sharing a bed with both of them would never be weird. She did want to direct their attention back to the box.

"O.K., pay attention. This was on my bed when I got into the cabin. It had my name on it written in dust, but when I picked it, up I smeared the dust. I didn't want to open it until you guys were here."

"Your name in dust? Yeah that seems about right. I mean this place is so trashy. How much are we paying for this place this weekend?" Jackson had his legs stretched out and was leaning against the headboard.

"I actually won it as a prize from a radio contest." Cassie bit her lip. They hadn't actually spoken about the cost of the weekend. She wanted to keep it a secret and pretend that she had paid for it. The guys still didn't know about her family's money troubles.

"Really? That's so cool. What was the contest?" Ethan rubbed Cassie's back gently. She looked upset and he wanted to make sure she was all right. Mostly, he just wanted to touch her to make sure his experience in his cabin was indeed a dream.

"It was a Halloween contest. I know. Very cheesy. They had an impossible trivia question and I got the answer right. The prize was a trip for three to Cedar Tree Resort."

"That's fantastic baby. What was the question?" Ethan was looking at Cassie.

"Something about when the witch hunts of Salem ended."

"Right on."

"O.K. This box." Cassie opened the box. She already knew what was in it, but was able to pretend she didn't. She opened it and gasped. "Guys. Fuck. Look at this."

Cassie turned the box around. Inside was an old book. The cover was stained with watermarks and there was a musky smell. Cassie looked from Ethan to Jackson, waiting for a reaction.

"Hey cool. It's like a diary." Jackson grabbed it and opened it up. The first few pages had writing on it, but the rest was blank. He began at the first page. His eyes were scanning from left to right, his mouth moving as he read.

Cassie and Ethan giggled.


"Yeah. It's about when the resort was first built. This is so cool." Jackson continued reading. Cassie bit her lip and tried not to worry. She had read the letter that was on top of the diary three times. Each time it made less and less sense. She wanted to snatch the book away from her best friend, but didn't want to make a scene.

"Can I have the book back? It's late. We should go to bed now." Cassie was relieved when Ethan and Jackson nodded.

"Yeah you're right. Can I sleep here? My cabin is spooky." Ethan cringed as he said those words. He was being a wimp and he knew it. The incident with his dream was just a little too real.

"No." Cassie was shocked at how loud and forceful she sounded. Jackson closed the book.

"Yeah Ethan. I'll walk you back if you want bro."

Cassie watched as her two best friends left her cabin. She heard the leaves crunching as they walked to their cabins. The moment they left, she grabbed the sheet of paper from under her pillow and read it again. It made no sense whatsoever. She opened the diary and began to read. The story was interesting although sounded eerily familiar.

Cassie was enthralled in the diary and didn't notice Jackson returning to her cabin. He stood at her bed and grinned.

"You drive me crazy. You know that right?"

Cassie grinned and put the diary on the night table. She opened her arms and grinned.

Jackson climbed onto the bed. "Ethan couldn't leave fast enough. God I want you so bad."

Jackson pulled off his shirt and kissed Cassie hard on the lips. She kissed him back while tugging on his jeans. Cassie desperately needed Jackson and the moment his jeans and boxers were down to his knees she pulled his cock against her pussy.

"God you're soaking wet. Don't you wear panties to bed?" Jackson groaned as his cock slid easily into Cassie's pussy. The two of them had secretly been dating. They were afraid to tell Ethan and so had been sneaking around the last few months. Whenever Cassie had a weekend off, she would visit Jackson and he would do the same.

"Not when I need you so badly. Fuck me harder. God your cock is so huge." Cassie was holding on to Jackson as he thrust in and out of her pussy. He sat up on his knees and pulled her into his lap. She wiggled around. Arching her back so his cock would thrust against her g-spot.

Jackson grunted. He leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked hard on the hard nub, feeling it harden even more in his mouth. Cassie was squirming and whimpering. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Jackson in turn groped her breasts with his large hands.

"Cum for me baby. Cum all over my cock." Jackson watched as Cassie thrust up and down on his cock. She whimpered softly and then held her breath. Her whole body tensed up and her orgasm hit her. Jackson held her tight as her pussy quivered against his cock. It was such a sensual feeling and Jackson waited until she had calmed down. Cassie took deep breaths and then opened her eyes.

"God we're good together." Cassie grinned.

"Mmm. I know." Jackson leaned her back onto bed and lifted her legs towards the ceiling. He grunted as he fucked her pussy hard and fast. His body was covered in sweat and the bed was swaying and slamming against the cabin wall. He didn't stop. He couldn't stop. He felt the cum building in his balls and pushed hard into her pussy. He closed his eyes and exploded inside her. He kept his cock deep inside her, feeling it soften. He then let go of her legs and rolled so he was on his back.

"That was amazing."

"Oh yeah. I'm sleeping here tonight."

"You can't. Ethan will find out. Go back to your cabin. I'm sorry." Cassie looked so sincere. Jackson didn't want to leave, but she was right. His friendship with Ethan was important and he didn't need to find out they were dating by catching them in bed together the next morning. Jackson kissed Cassie softly and then, after grabbing his clothes, he snuck out of her cabin and got to his. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

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