tagErotic CouplingsCee Cee Ch. 5

Cee Cee Ch. 5


My son, his girl friend and I had settled into a routine over the past few weeks. During the week Cee Cee would usually sleep with Jerry but would be there when I got home from work. Depending on how horny we were we might make it to the bedroom before ripping our clothes off and fucking our brains. There were occasions though when I didn't even make it out of the car before she had her mouth wrapped around my cock. On the weekends the three of us would all end up in my bed. Cee Cee would suck and fuck Jerry and I till we collapsed.

Cee Cee's birthday was coming up, the big 20, and Jerry was planning a surprise pool party for her the Saturday before the big day. He had called a number of friends from college and arranged for them to arrive on her birthday. They would get to our place about mid-day and the party would begin. Jerry had also invited a few of his old friends from around the neighborhood. I had been given two tasks, one to be the official BBQ chef for the party, which was fine with me. The other was to insure that Cee Cee was kept busy the night before the party while my son bought the cases of beer and wine for the party and decorated around the pool.

As I was getting out of the car that Friday Cee Cee came running up from the pool. As usual the only thing she had on was a pair of sandals to keep her feet from burning on the hot concrete.

"Hi pops," she said just before her tongue snaked into my mouth and her hand snaked down my pants. After a long passionate kiss Cee Cee grabbed my hand and began pulling me into the garage. "It looks like its just you and me tonight, Jerry says he's not feeling well and wants to go to bed early." Our plan was working, Jerry would wait till we left for the evening and would then get to work preparing for the party. As her hands begin to do wonderful things to my cock my hands found Cee Cee's tits. After pinching and stroking them for a minute or so my right hand slid down her belly to her waiting cunt. Cee Cee moaned as I slid first one and then two fingers into her slick cunt. "You gotta fuck me," she said, "Jerry's been sick all day and I haven't had any cock since last night."

While the thought of dropping my pants and shoving my overheated cock into her incredibly tight cunt was so attractive I had other plans for this evening. "Nope, not yet my pet, I bought something for you and it sounds like tonight will be a good time to give it to you."

"Cee Cee squealed with pleasure, "What is it? Is it a birthday present? I don't want to wait till next week, can I have it now?" She was hopping from one foot to another reminding me of the old saying about a kind in a candy store.

I smiled down at her as I said, "Lets see, I won't tell you what it is, that would spoil the surprise. No it's not a birthday present – you have a birthday coming up? (I couldn't help teasing her a little). And no you can't have it right now, It's in the car and you can have it tonight after dinner and before the movie."

"We're going to a movie?" she asked. "Yup," was my reply. "Don't ask which one, that's a surprise too. You do get to choose the restaurant though." I had figured that if I were supposed to keep up with this sex machine all-night I'd need help. That was why I stopped at a little sex shop I know and bought a 12" black, vibrating dildo shaped like a huge cock. I also bought an adapter so I could plug the thing into the cigarette lighter in my car. This would be necessary as the movie we were going to was at an X-rated drive in not too far from the house. I knew the batteries wouldn't last long enough and rather than bring along a bunch of spare D cells I'd just plug into the car. "Now, the sooner you get ready the sooner we can leave and the sooner you can get your surprise."

Cee Cee was off like a shot up the stairs into the living room. By the time I got to the top of the stairs I could hear the shower running up on the 2nd floor. I chuckled to myself as I headed up to my bedroom and my own shower. Within 30 minutes she was ready to go. Cee Cee picked a black silk dress to wear. It was sexy as hell, the scoop neck showed off her magnificent tits and the hem came up to just below her cute ass. As she walked toward me it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra and I was pretty sure she didn't have any panties on either. "Where are we headed for dinner beautiful?" I asked as I kissed her on the cheek and nuzzled her ear.

"Shit, nowhere if you keep that up," she said rubbing herself against me. After a couple minutes of dry fucking my hard cock against her Cee Cee stepped away from me, smiled, and said "Now that I've left you in the same state you left me in the garage a little while ago – lets head to the Steak House, I feel like eating lots of red meat."

Dinner was fun; we both tried our best to tease the other. I know our waiter loved it as every tick he came to the table he'd stand next to Cee Cee and look down at her beautiful tits. From all of our play her nipples were hard as rocks and sticking out thru her sheer dress. We had a nice bottle of red wine with dinner. I had maybe two glasses and kept filling Cee Cee's glass till she finished the bottle.

Walking out of the restaurant Cee Cee leaned into me, "OK, I've been a good girl. We've had our dinner, where's my present?" I cupped her tit squeezing the nipple and said, "Don't be so impatient, I told you I'd give it to you and trust me I plan on giving ALL of it to you." She gave me a questioning look, stuck out her lower lip and walked quietly to the car.

Cee Cee didn't say a word until I pulled into the drive-in. "We're going to watch dirty movies?" she asked with a giggle. "Oh boy, this should be fun. Sure you're UP to it old man?" she laughed as she reached over and squeezed my cock. There were only a handful of cars in the lot and I maneuvered my car into a secluded section, parked, put the speaker on the window and looked over at Cee Cee. "Ready for your present?" I asked. "Hell yes, where is it?" she responded. "Look under your seat. You've been sitting on it all the time." Was my reply.

Her hands flew under the seat and pulled out the wrapped box. It took about 5 seconds for the ribbon and paper to be torn off and the unmarked box to be opened. "Holy shit! What horse did you cut this off of?" Cee Cee said as she rubbed her hand up and down the huge dildo. "What are all these wires for?" was her next question. I took the power cord from her hand, plugged one end into the connector at the bottom of the dildo plugging the other end into the cigarette lighter I reached over and turned the power control which was molded into the power cord to the lowest setting. It came alive in her hand. Cee Cee let out a little yelp then she smiled and slowly started to rub her hands up and down the length of it.

"This is going to be fun." She said as one of her hands moved to my cock and began to rub it. My hands got busy too, pulling her toward me across the bench seat of the car. My mouth found hers and our tongues began to dance together with more and more passion. The dildo forgotten for the moment her hands began working on my pants as I pulled my shirt off. Next came her dress. As Cee Cee lifter herself to pull her dress over head I moved my head down and sucked her tit into my mouth and began chewing on her nipple. I loved this; her nipples reminded me of a pencil eraser, long and thick. When she was excited her areola became about the size of a quarter and pushed her nipples out even further. They were extremely sensitive too, which made sucking on them even more fun.

With our clothes off we greedily went for each other's body. Cee Cee's mouth wrapped itself around my cock while I shoved three fingers into her already overflowing cunt. I whispered "Suck on my fat cock Cee Cee. Make it nice and hard and slick so I can shove it way up your ass while I shove that big black cock up your tight cunt." Into her ear as her head bobbed in my lap. She shook and increased the pace of her sucking and I increased the pace of my finger fucking.

Pulling her mouth off my cock Cee Cee begged, "Now, PLEASE fuck me now."

I pushed her off my cock and turned her around so her back was facing me. "OK bitch, pick up that fat black cock and shove it in your hot cunt." As she reached forward to grab the huge dildo I shoved my cock into her ass.

"Oh God that feels good. Fuck me deeper with your cock." Cee Cee whined. As she sat back toward me my cock went deeper and deeper into her ass. With both hands she positioned the vibrating dildo at the entrance to her cunt.

"Push it in Cee Cee, fuck your cunt with that big fat cock" I whispered in her ear. As more and more of the huge dildo disappeared into her cunt I reached over and grabbed the control knob in one hand and grabbed one of her tits with the other. "Do you like that big black cock in your cunt and my big white cock in your ass Cee Cee?" I asked as I began to fuck her ass in earnest. She immediately increased the movement of the dildo in her cunt to match my cock slamming into her ass.

"YES, YES, YES!!!!" she screamed, "God I can't believe how filled up I am. I'm about to cum." Now it was time for the final surprise, as both the dildo and my cock shoved deep into Cee Cee I twisted the power knob to its maximum. Immediately the vibration of the dildo increased ten fold.

Cee Cee went rigid, her eyes rolled up into her head and she fell back against me. My balls erupted and I shot stream after stream of cum into her tight ass. Her breathing told me that she had passed out from the intense pleasure she was receiving. I turned the power on the dildo back down to minimum and letting go of her nipple reached down to make sure the dildo stayed deep in her cunt. Things are working out pretty well, I said to myself. It was about 5 minutes before Cee Cee moved, and when she did if was to shove her ass down onto my cock as hard as she could.

"God, don't stop fucking me," she said as she began rotating her ass on my cock, "and whatever it was you did with that damn dildo, do it again too!" I chuckled and continued to fuck her ass as I clicked the power control up a couple notches. Over the next three hours Cee Cee came at least 10 times. Around midnight she was completely 'fucked out', fast asleep. I cranked up the car and headed home. When we got there I picked her up and carried her into the house. Jerry was watching TV when we came in.

"Holy shit pop, what did you do to her?" he asked. "Nothing much, just made her cum until she begged me to stop," was my reply. I carried her up and dropped her in Jerry's bed. Then headed to my own for much-deserved rest.

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