tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCeleb-Company Ch. 01

Celeb-Company Ch. 01


It had all started more or less innocently. Cyrus, a Hollywood movie director, had started getting requests from his friends. Since he had the phone numbers for a whole bunch of hot actresses, they wanted him to share them. Most importantly - they were willing to pay for it. That was when he got the idea.

Many of these girls were both hot and horny. They tended to be constantly up for sex, and he had spent more than a few nights with married actresses himself. What if he could set up an escort business, where his friends pay to have sex with one of his contacts? Cyrus decided this was a clear business opportunity. He decided to ask around how the girls would feel about something like this, and the answers he got were overwhelmingly positive.

Today, two years later, it had grown into something much bigger. Cyrus was delivering his escort services all across the globe to people in all different situations. As long as they were willing to pay, they could fuck practically any celebrity they wished.

Cyrus had started a business front for the whole operation known as Celeb-Co. The Company part was a pun; it was a company, but company was also what he was supplying. Nowadays most girls were recruited by current associates who simply gave out Cyrus phone number.

Most of the associates, except for a lucky few, didn't know who was running the entire thing. All they got was a phone call with a location, time and special requests of the client. They had to be ready at a moment's notice - but thanks to the incredibly pay, it was worth it. His associates had recruited girls across the world to maximize profits, but sometimes he had to pay for their flights to far-away destinations. In those cases, the girls typically provided their services for a few days in a row.

But what did Cyrus himself get out of this? Sometimes, he contemplated if this whole thing really was worth it. He always concluded it absolutely was. He required from the client that they provided a photographer to document the whole sex act, purely for legal reasons of course. The client sent the photos to an anonymous email Cyrus had set up. He always printed out his favorite pics and put them on his "Hall of Fame" wall, right behind his office desk. For example, he particularly enjoyed jerking off to a picture taken after Megan Fox received a huge facial from the CEO of a well-known fast food chain; and the look on Scarlett Johansson's face when the First Lady's cousin put his dick up her ass. It was pictures like these that kept him going.

Like so many times before, Cyrus had recently gotten a request from one of his friends. He was no one special, just an upper-middle class guy who had saved up some money for this occasion. Cyrus couldn't help but wonder if his wife was okay with it.

"That's none of my business," he finally realized. "I provide girls, not moral guidance."

His friend had ordered time with Megan Fox, the company's most-booked associate. She had been among the first girls Cyrus recruited. Even though she was married, she loved the extra cash this brought in - especially since she was being booked at least three times a week.

Cyrus called Megan right away. He kept the phone numbers of his associates in a spreadsheet on his computer and not his phone, just in case someone started getting suspicious from his calling at very odd times of day.

"Hello Megan, this is Cyrus. I've got a client for you. 210 Westwood Drive, at about 9 PM. Yep, he's tested and clean. Perfect. I'll transfer the money right away."

As per the usual routine, the client paid in advance. Cyrus kept 25% of the profits and forwarded the rest to the associate's personal bank account. A typical fare was roughly $10 000 for one hour, but the cost depended on both time, location, and the desired associate. Megan was on the expensive side - $15 000 to be precise.

He sent a quick text to his friend saying Megan was on her way, and reminded him that he needed to get pay for a photographer himself. He responded quickly, and assured Cyrus he had called a guy he knew over.


At 8 in the evening, Megan's cell phone had rung. It was Cyrus with yet another job for her. She was to keep a friend of his company for the a few hours, and he happened to live in a neighborhood not to far away from her own.

Megan had a family of her own, who would most likely ask a few too many questions if she just started disappearing a few nights a week without any explanation. Her excuse tended to be that she was going to an event of some kind - a friend's birthday party, a movie premier, or anything else requiring her to leave home dressed up in a red-carpet outfit.

Tonight was no exception. Megan had called her usual makeup artist over to make her face look beautiful, telling her it was for a red-carpet event she had been invited to. Her husband Brian, also a well-known actor, hadn't been invited.

She picked out her outfit while waiting for the artist to arrive. Megan wanted to go sexy tonight, and picked an outfit reflecting her mood. She started with a matching bra-panty set in black lace, which she covered with a sleeveless black crop top and a A-line mini skirt - all with leather details.

Tori, Megan's favorite makeup artist, arrived and did her face. Tori gave her a glamorous look; white and grey eyeshadow, subtle hints of bronzer along her cheeks, and an incredibly sultry red lipstick making her lips look even fuller than before.

Megan thanked Tori for her great work. Before showing her out, she made sure to give her a generous tip as always. Tori tended to be the one to do her makeup when she was away on escort jobs. Knowing she had probably let a few too many hints accidentally slip out of her mouth over the last two years, Megan always paid Tori more than she needed in hopes of keeping her quiet.

She walked over to the walk-in-closet to check her outfit out in the mirror. Megan was impressed by her looks, and hoped her client would be as well. She decided a pair of black heel sandals would be a perfect complement to her already gorgeous outfit.

Megan put on her heels, kissed her husband goodnight and walked out to her car. As she drove off into the evening, she fantasized about the night ahead of her.


An hour later, Megan arrived at the address Cyrus had sent her. Neither the house or the neighborhood were anything special. Just a regular middle-class suburb, with a few larger villas mixed in for good measure. She walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. A middle-aged man opened, wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts.

"Umm..." he stuttered insecurely. "Hi, M-Megan."

"Hi there," Megan responded with the biggest smile she could manage, hoping to make him feel less nervous. "What's your name, sweetie?"

"Uhh... Chris."

"Well, thanks for having me, Chris."

Megan realized they were still standing on his front porch. She didn't want to risk being spotted by any passers-by, something Chris seemed to nervous to even think about.

"Can I come inside?" she asked.

"Sure," he mumbled and held the door open for her.

She stepped inside and hung her leather jacket in the nearest wardrobe. Megan followed Chris further inside, and noticed that the entire lower floor looked completely trashed.

"Don't mind the mess," he said, almost as if he could read her mind. "I had to get the wife and kids out somehow, so I faked a break-in. I'll clean it up later tonight."

"So you're married?" Megan asked, putting on her most sultry voice. "I guess we've got something in common, then."

Chris laughed insecurely in response. He kept walking through the house, until they eventually ended up in the master bedroom on the second floor. He sat down on the bed, and Megan joined next to him. Chris seemed too nervous to take the next step, so she spoke up.

"Is this where you want to do it?" she asked, and started rubbing her hand on the inside of his thigh.

Chris swallowed, before nodding.

"Shouldn't we wait for the photographer before we begin?" he asked.

"I want to keep this between me and you," she whispered in his ear. "They'll just have to document the facial. That's what's most important, don't you think?"

Megan didn't bother waiting for an answer, and instead swung her leg over Chris'. She ended up straddling his lap. As she started making out with him, Megan rubbed her crotch against his. His dick was already hard.

Chris still seemed a bit nervous, and it took a good minute before he was returning her kisses. Megan let her hands wander down to his crotch and began unzipping his flyer. When it was entirely open, she scooted off the Chris' lap and down to the floor.

She pulled his pants down. He removed his boxers on his own, revealing his cock which was standing straight up in excitement. Megan smacked her lips before beginning to lick his rod. She ran her tongue all the way from its root to the tip, before starting all over again.

Suddenly, Chris placed a hand on the back of her head. He pushed her down toward his crotch, forcing his dick inside her mouth. Megan coughed as it hit the back of her mouth. When she had calmed her gag reflex down, she instead kept pushing. She could easily deepthroat his entire cock without struggling a bit.

She kept working his shaft in and out of her throat, while Chris pulled his shirt over his head. He tossed it to the floor before pusing Megan's head back from his dick. She took it as a sign he was ready to fuck, and stood up. She hiked her skirt up to above her hips, slipped out of her panties, and bent over the bedside.

"Come fuck me, Chris," she begged while spreading her ass cheeks with her hands.

Chris got off the bed and stood behind her. He aimed his dick at her pussy, before sliding all the way inside. Megan wasn't ready, and let out a small scream. She quickly got used to the rod inside her as Chris developed a steady rhythm.

He was by no means slow, but nowhere near the paces Megan had experienced before. Chris kept a pace just fast enough to hit her g-spot with every thrust. Megan purred in pleasure each time he stuffed her entire pussy with his dick, and arched her back to allow him to go even deeper.

Megan's moans grew louder as she neared orgasm. Chris was fucking her so good that, just for a second, she almost forgot they were both cheating on their respective spouses, and were both keeping this from their kids.

The thought of all three things was just the extra stimulation Megan needed to climax. She arched her back even further as she felt her legs start to quiver. Her entire body got tense, and waves of pure pleasure flooded her. Chris seemed to notice, and shoved his dick all the way inside her pussy. Her cunt started cramping and squeezed his cock hard.

"Fuck, I almost came there," Chris panted and pulled out.

Megan was still cumming, and couldn't muster enough energy to stand up again. She just kept breathing as the world around her turned blurry. Chris noticed, and realized he had to do things on his own for a bit. He reached for the back of her top, and unzipped it. He gently pulled it off her shoulders before unhooking her bra. He took it off as well, leaving Megan in only her skirt and heels.

Chris decided her skirt wasn't in the way, and decided to keep it on her. He grabbed her by the hips, and lifted her up on the bed. He placed her on her back with her cunt facing in his direction. Wasting no time, he slid right in again.

Megan, who had just regained her senses after her huge orgasm, realized what had happened. She couldn't help but laugh at the sudden change in personality from the previously shy dad. Megan wanted to give him a reward, and placed an arm around her boobs. She pushed it upward, making them look rounder and perkier than they actually were.

She couldn't help but notice the fact that Chris was steadily increasing the force in each thrust. He had started out fucking her quite softly, which made her orgasm fast, but this was something else. With each thrust, he was driving his cock as far inside her as he could. Maybe he was nearing his own orgasm again?

With no warning, Chris pulled out. He got onto the bed and sat on his knees beside Megan's head. Megan stuck her tongue out, and he began slapping his dick around her mouth.

"Suck my cock until I cum," he panted.

Judging by his heavy breathing, Megan didn't think it would take him long to cum. She didn't bother moving. As she rubbed her clit with one hand, she just licked around the tip of his dick knowing it would drive him over the edge soon enough.

After a minute's sucking, Chris grabbed hold of his rod again. Megan knew he was just seconds from cumming and squeezed her eyes shut. Suddenly, he began shooting. The thick, white lines of jizz landed all across her face. The first few went right across and landed in long lines stretching over both her cheeks. Then, a few shots landed right on her tongue. The last few dribbles landed in Megan's left eye. It hurt pretty bad, even though she was squeezing them shut as hard as she could.

The second he had finished cumming, the doorbell rang.

"Shit," Chris said, while slapping his cock on her face to get rid of the excess drops of jizz still on it. "Must be the photographer. He said he'd be a bit late."

"I'll get it," Megan said in her sexiest voice, and stood up.

She liked the feeling of getting her face covered in cum, which was why she always made her clients do it to her. Walking around their houses in it was her ultimate fantasy, and could easily get her horny again even though she'd just fucked.

Megan opened the door, and saw a shocked kid in his early twenties standing there. He had a bunch of camera gear in his hands. She led him inside and up to the bedroom, where she laid down on the bed.

"Chris!" she yelled.

"One minute," he shouted from the bathroom.

Megan explained to the boy what had just happened, and asked him to take a few photographs. She tried a few different poses while laying in bed. She fingered her pussy, looked into the camera, and smiled seductively.

After about a minute of shooting, Chris came back into the room. He looked just as shocked to see the boy standing there, as the boy looked shocked to see a middle-aged naked man walking in. Nonetheless, he didn't ask any questions.

Megan instructed Chris on what to do. He grabbed his cock, which was still covered in red marks from Megan's lipstick, and aimed it at her face. Megan placed a hand on her right tit, pouted her lips at his dick, and looked into the camera. The boy snapped a last couple of pictures.

"Perfect," Megan said.

She began scooping up the cum spread out across her face, and put it on her tongue. When she had swallowed everything she could find, she stood up and walked over to her bra. Inside the cup, she had tucked a piece of paper with an email address.

"This is where you should send the pictures," she said, and handed the photographer the note. "Don't even think about keeping anything for yourself."

She then turned to Chris, who had begun putting his clothes back on.

"Do you have a bathroom I can borrow?" she asked.

"Just down the corridor."

As Megan started walking to the bathroom, Chris handed the photographer a thick wad of cash. He must have been saving up to this occasion for quite some time. The boy gladly accepted the money, packed his equipment, and left the house.

Megan washed her face clean of cum, careful not to ruin her gorgeous makeup. She always had Tori use all water-resistant makeup so it wouldn't get ruined during the act. A few drops of jizz hand fallen down onto her tits, so she made sure to wash those off as well. Megan noticed her hair had gotten really scruffy and looked through the bathroom cabinets for a hairbrush to borrow. She found one after a moment's searching, presumably belonging to Chris' wife, which she ran through her hair to straighten it out again.

When Megan deemed herself clean enough to head home, she walked back to the bedroom. Chris was laying on the bed with his clothes on.

"Thanks for that," he said when she entered the room. "I think I just had the best fuck in my entire life."

"No worries," Megan laughed, as she put her clothes back on.

When she was fully dressed, she gave Chris a kiss on the mouth.

"Hope to see you again," she purred.

Megan walked down the stairs, through the trashed living room, and out to her car. She drove home happy, knowing this had been another job well done.


Later that night, Cyrus received a message to the email he used to collect the pictures. Attached were five photos - each depicting Megan Fox's beautiful face covered in a clients cum. It was no Wall of Fame material, but it sure was sexy. Cyrus sent a quick text to Megan confirming he had gotten the photos before going to sleep.

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