tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCeleb Quickies Ch. 01

Celeb Quickies Ch. 01


Everyone is over 18 years of age.


"Mrs. Brantley, your one o'clock is here."

The beautiful assistant glanced up at the guest and smiled, "Yes. Miss De Armas is here. She'll be in your office."

After hanging up, she pointed to the back, "It'll be the last door on the left, okay? She'll be in from her workout shortly."

"Thank you very much," Ana smiled.

Just arriving in Los Angeles from Spain, Ana has been looking to break into the Hollywood market for awhile, but times are tough. Aspiring actors are a dime a dozen and one has to stand out in looks and acting, plus be able to handle the political games. She felt the butterflies in her stomach, but her confidence was pretty elevated. She felt she would be fine.

Stepping into the office, she glanced over the lavish and colorful decor, but it wasn't quite her style. Brantley was a decorated agent and very influential and her awards were on display behind her desk. Many paintings, that looked abstract and expensive, were situated throughout the room and she started to feel out of her league, times two thousand.

Taking a seat, she pulled her phone from her purse and flipped the camera to use it as a mirror.

"Damn it," she whispered, wiping some noticeable sweat from her forehead, "Calm down. We got this." She slid her fingers through her bangs to flutter them out and checked for things between her teeth. "We got this, right?"

Ana heard some thumping and dropped her phone into the bag before sitting up straight and crossing her legs. The door came open and her mouth fell slightly as soon as she laid eyes on this extravagant woman. She followed her all the way to her desk and couldn't decide if she was six feet tall or six foot two or three. She gave up and became immersed with her gorgeous long and wavy strands that swayed just above her waist.

"Hello, Ana. I'm Melanie," she belted out loudly and leaned over with a hand.

Ana was shook out of her stuck gaze and smiled wildly, filling her palm with her own before Melanie latched on and squeezed Ana into a wince.

"Very nice to meet you," Melanie told her, her eyes darting to her open file, "Hmm, looks like you're here from Spain. Amazing place. I love it."

"Yes, it is very beautiful," she said, unable to bring her loudness nearly as high.

Melanie stood up, slammed her file shut and came around to the front, looking Ana over.

"What are you doing here, Ana?" She said strongly, frowning down at her.

Ana felt a shaking in her thighs and stared up at the imposing authority before her and became distracted by her beautiful looks. She had the perfect golden tan and her huge breasts were heavy, but held together by a bright blue top that tightened around her perfect ribs. The glistening honey abs were shiny and rigid and she followed down a tied-off hoodie around her waist and caught glimpses of her thighs.

"Um, I'm...I'm looking for work, but it's a tough place, you know," she said quietly.

"You don't even know, kiddo," Melanie said, crossing her arms. She gave the tiny Cuban a look over with those dark brown eyes and sighed.

"You have it all. Very cute and small. The perfect brunette and beautiful face," Melanie pointed out, stepping forward, "Dimples on the cheeks and puffy lips made for kissing...and more."

Ana dared not to look up, but felt compelled and faced her.

"Your dress is so tight it's like a second skin," Melanie smiled, "Mm, look at those titties. I can see your abs through that fabric."

Regretting her decision to come to America was screaming its way through her mind and she couldn't believe the things she was hearing.

"You're so...fuckable," Melanie whispered, now face to face, "Can I see that tight and juicy caramel booty?"

Ana shivered and leaned back. "How...how dare you," she said, her voice trailing off.

Melanie lifted up and her hands found her hips, staring down at the scared girl.

"A perfect ten, but can you act?" She asked sternly, "I'm busy and I don't have time for wannabes."

Ana swung her face towards her and growled, "Of course I can fucking act."

Melanie let out a big smile and laughed, "Oh, my. Feisty."

"You are very rude," Ana snarled and looked away, "I think we're done here."

"I like you," Melanie told her, reaching for her chin.

Ana swatted at her and pushed it way, "Don't even touch me."

Melanie pulled back and started to untie her hoodie from her waist, "Oh, you can definitely act. Look at all these emotions. I love it."

Ana wasn't sure what Melanie was doing until she spotted a mammoth cock outline across the bright blue shorts. Her lip quivered and her eyes were playing tricks on her, she thought. In the middle was a bulging roundness that filled out the tight cloth and hung down. Ana flashed her gaze to Melanie's beautiful face and then to her huge breasts. She reluctantly traveled back down to her huge cock and sat still.

"What is this?" She said nervously, shaking her head.

Melanie slowly moved towards her and towered above Ana's small frame. "We're going to make so much money together," she whispered.

"No...no, I want to go," Ana said, looking worried.

Two big hands started peeling the hem to the shorts and Ana gulped down some fear. She felt a tingle down her spine the moment the first fat inch appeared and Melanie quickly pulled them down and unfurled her gigantic beast of a cock into Ana's cute cheek with a smack.

Ana flinched and gasped at what was displayed in front of her. Is this hollywood? Women with massive dicks? She was confused.

"Gonna turn down millions, Ana?" Melanie asked her, grabbing herself by the base and flaunting her grapefruit-sized ball sack, "You know I can make you a big star."

Ana looked away and then quickly looked at her fat nuts before glancing up at her, "This how you do it to everyone? Is this even real?"

Melanie reached out with her other hand and latched onto the top of Ana's head, sinking her big ruby nails into her scalp, "Only the ones I really like...Now, show me that you can act." With that, she pulled Ana's innocent face against her and felt her puffy lips sliding around one of her distended balls. "Oh, that's warm," Melanie sighed.

Ana was puzzled and angry at herself, but slowly slurped Melanie's juicy balls into her wet mouth. If they were this massive, it meant only one thing and Ana knew right away what was going to happen. Melanie let her huge dong go and let it rest on Ana's forehead, trailing up into the middle of her hair.

"That's a good girl," Melanie whispered, praising her. She released her tight grip on Ana's skull and smiled in relief when she kept slobbering on her balls on her own. "Mmm, suck 'em," she told her, "I know how much you want this."

Ana latched around one of the large nuts and pulled it down with a plop and inhaled it back into her filthy wet mouth. After yanking down and popping it from her lips, a thick bead of warmth trickled down her scalp.

"A natural, I feel," Melanie said, continuing to grade her.

Melanie pulled her slippery balls away from Ana's glistening mouth and swirled the huge purple tip around them. "Love that shade of lipstick," she said in passing, spreading her juice onto Ana. "It's gonna look good on my cock."

Melanie grabbed Ana by the pony tail and pushed her plump lips apart and filled her mouth with meat. Ana's jaw started to stretch around the woman's large muscle and fluttered her dark and bubbly green eyes up at her. Ana wanted the money and she was going to get it, even if it meant sucking the cock of her new agent. She closed her eyes just as Melanie's tight warm abs pushed into her forehead and Melanie let out a gasp.

"Fuck, no gag reflex? You're hired," she laughed, pulling away and shoving back in, "So. Hired."

Melanie slid both hands around Ana's head and started plunging deep down into the Cuban's tight throat, stuffing it with dick and tickling her insides. Ana's cheeks caved and she sealed around the throbbing pole. "Oh, you're gonna be one of my favorites. It's so tight," she moaned down to Ana.

Ana started to feel the heaviness of her huge balls slapping against her chin. "Mmm, feel those beating on you?" Melanie asked, full well knowing the answer, "Feel my big nuts hitting your pretty face, Ana. Let's get you paid, baby."

Melanie was bottoming out into her gooey tight hole, tenderizing her delicate tonsils and smearing hot liquid all over the place. Ana couldn't breathe and Melanie didn't care. She was deep into Cuba and wasn't coming out.

"Can't ruin that amazing dress, can we?" Melanie said, noticing Ana's slobber pushing between her lips and the pulsing veins.

Ana was suddenly pulled down to her knees and Melanie pushed her head all the way back and leaned over, grabbing the arms of the chair. Without a care in the world, Melanie lifted her hips and started plowing down into Ana's gushing mouth, forcing everything back down into her belly.

Melanie spotted Ana's big fat ass trying to bust out of her tight dress and smiled. She was so curious about what the other side looked like while she throat fucked Ana and thinking about watching the recording later was enough for her to slide over the edge and groaned. Ana's tight body being pounded on and her bulging throat was too much and Melanie hammered hard, shoving Ana's butt into the floor with a repeated thud.

"Ugh, I'm gonna fucking cum, Ana," Melanie grunted quietly, not wanting to attract attention to them.

Ana didn't know what to do. Her hands were roaming her body and laid rest on her throat, feeling it expand every time Melanie shoved her cock down deep. She could feel it in her chest and pushed her breasts together before resting them on her hips. She's never been dominated like this before. Did she like it?

Melanie's boiling balls were slapping wildly onto Ana's neck and she couldn't handle Ana's loud gurgling and slurping on her huge cock any longer and furiously fucked her lips until she grit her teeth and slammed her hips violently.

"Mmph. Oh, shit. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh, you cute little bitch, I'm gonna fill you uuup," Melanie mumbled through moans.

Ana's neck went outwards and a hot feeling covered her midsection as Melanie exploded and splattered ropes of thick jizz across Ana's innards. Melanie shuddered and bit down on her own hand to stifle every groan she had and splooged her fat load of cream as far as she possibly could into Ana's beautiful body. She grabbed her by the back of the head and listened to her choking and swallowing, making sure she drained her massive nuts. The fat strands were bigger than the hole they came out of and eventually the sting subsided with a slow steady flow of nut.

"Take it all, take it all," she whispered quickly, "All. All. All."

Ana's body had no choice but to milk every last drop of thick butter from the sack flush on her neck as it unloaded into her in waves.

"You're mine now," Melanie said, pulling her hand away.

Ana slid off and dislodged Melanie's floppy cock from her throat and fell back against the chair. "Oh, god," she took in air, "You bitch."

"Millions, Ana," Melanie repeated, yanking her shorts up around her deflating boner, "Don't fuck it up. I don't want to see myself in the news, either."

A sudden guilt washed over Ana as she lifted herself back into the chair and realized what she just gave into. She took a moment to straighten her hair and rearrange the top of her dress and wiped off any left over spunk from her glistening lips.

Melanie took a seat at her desk and pulled a pen up, "So, let's fill out your contract, Superstar."


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