tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCeleb Quickies Ch. 02

Celeb Quickies Ch. 02


Everyone is over the age of 18.


The scalding hot water was perfect and the hard pumping jets beat into his bulging muscles, taking the tension out slowly. After doubling up on the mango soap, every nook and cranny was lathered up, culminating in a delicate, but heavy, pulling on his monstrous sack. His other fist was quickly filled with a helping of meat and rocked his wrist back and forth underneath the shower. What a feeling that was. Thinking about all those hot GILFs in the older section of the gym had his heart racing and his blood driving into his third leg.

Suddenly, the door closed and he flinched towards the wall and took hot water into the eyes. He turned and smacked into the tile and desperately tried to blink the stinging away and finally started to form a figure through the pain.

"I knew you'd be in here jacking off, you little shit," a voice said loudly. It was clearly a woman and after her first few words, she dialed it down to avoid a scene. "You scrawny fucker," she blurted out, obviously angry.

She towered over him and came closer, looking down at him.

"You've been ogling at me for a month, you perv," she continued in a whisper, "A fucking month!"

He stood in silence and looked up at her. He was definitely able to name her now and getting caught by Elizabeth Perkins wasn't really ideal. She was still kind of famous and she could wreck his life up if she wanted to. With all the political correctness and social justice wars going around, a nineteen-year-old pervert getting caught staring at big grandma titties wouldn't be a problem a few years ago. Now, though? This could get bad.

She was so god damn sexy in that yoga outfit. She was throwing all kinds of shade at him, but he just took in that extra wide thickness and couldn't take his eyes off of the stretched out sports bra that was just barely holding those monumental globes in. There was no stopping the blood from gushing in and lifting his spirits towards the ceiling.

"You think we don't notice, huh?" She rambled, pointing at him, "Think we don't see that big fat fuckin' cock sliding up and down in your shorts?"

Elizabeth lifted her arms and thrust at him mockingly.

"Every damn pull up has your shit just rocking up and down, just putting on a god damn show that I can't look away from," she admitted with a snarl.

She sighed with her hands out to the side and shook her head, "Please, could you just stop teasing us with your gigantic dick?"

He heard the desperation in her voice and felt a bit sorry for her, but his erection didn't care and was at full mast towards her, leaking from the tip. It was hard as diamonds and her gaze was fixated like a hawk.

"What do I get out of it?" He spoke up and put his hands to the side, revealing everything to her.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and cocked her head.

"The satisfaction of knowing that us women can do our sessions in peace without you imposing your...you know, on us," she stammered.

"No, I don't know," he stood up towards her, still being a few inches shorter than she was.

He looked her over and smiled, "All I'm hearing is how much you're staring at my dick. Who's the pervert in this situation?"

"Don't you dare, you little fuck," she said, pointing at him, "You know you're tricking our eyes with it and making us look, like some voodoo magic black fuckery."

He grabbed it by the base and held it up in all of it's glory for her to look at. He had won this fight. She was calling him names and refused to listen to anything he was saying.

"It's called lust," he smiled, "You're lusting after this."

He let it go and it flopped down close to his knees and settled atop of his saggy balls.

"You don't know shit," she growled, unable to come back quickly like before. She was starting to get paranoid and looked back towards the door to listen for anyone coming.

"It's okay to admit what you want," he said, digging in.

"Fuck off," she lashed out, "Just quit the shit, alright?"

"Quit being in denial," he said, stepping closer.

"Don't even get close to me," she flinched, sticking a hand out.

"You started it," he said, slapping her hand away and quickly snatching the top of her head, sinking his fingers through her delicious blonde hair.

Elizabeth's armor was broken and she felt her knees starting to wobble. Within a couple of seconds, she was face to face with that massive thing she'd been staring at for an entire month. Day in and day out of this thing terrorizing her brain was definitely spiking her already medicated anxiety and it was a mere three inches from her face until he slapped her with a harsh thud.

"Nngh, shit," she mumbled.

Another smack rippled out the moment the heavy club bounced off of her slightly wrinkly cheek and with the bat of her eyes, it came at her again, rocking her into a slight daze. Elizabeth took her pounding and tried to look up at him, but ended up flinching every time he slapped the hell out of her. She was the perfect height now and he straddled her chest, dropping his colossal sack on her lips.

"Suck 'em," he demanded, "Suck those fuckin' balls."

Elizabeth didn't hesitate and opened those fat juicy lips, letting his grapefruit sized bag fall into a frothy pit of slimy warmth that instantly surrounded his boiling testicles. That big mouth had no problem swallowing both bulging nuts and she swirled her big bad ass tongue like a fat slug across all of that nutty real estate. Deep and slow swathes bathed him generously back and forth, making him curl his toes. His whole body shivered and long droopy dollops slid out into her hair, his hulking boner resting across her entire head.

A long groan vibrated up through his nuts and he attempted to pull away, but she was holding him in, aggressively but seemingly very eager to slobber and slurp on these young mammoth balls. Thick globs of slobber pushed from the corners of her mouth and she opened up just so inhale everything back in. She was relentless and his fists were balled up while she worked him over.

"...Shit," he mumbled, his head falling back.

"Mmm," she moaned. Her head went back and she tugged on his slippery sack until she couldn't hold it between those velvety cushions any longer and it popped across her chin and slid down her neck until it dangled freely again.

Elizabeth flicked her tongue across the bottom and suckled the giant purple head into the gooey portal. He quickly pulled back and left her mouth agape with thick tendrils connecting them together. She smiled and bit her lip.

"You want me to suck it, but you'll bust at any moment," she grinned.

He couldn't do shit about it. He was trying to prolong the inevitable, but she had won. Looking down below, she had her huge titties in her hands and with a yank upwards, those glorious boobs fell out and sprawled out across her thick body. He knew she was almost sixty, but those big round naturals were still young and full of life.

"You can't decide on what to do," she smiled, flashing those perfect pearly whites at him, "Jerk it yourself or let me suck that big juicy dick into my mouth."

In that moment, her yummy hole was filled and he rocked his hips back and forth into Elizabeth's gushy trap. Sloshing and slurping on his humongous girth, there was no way she was going to deep throat this wide and hefty slab, but she could feel him trying to bust down against her tonsils. She pushed those soft ample titties together and groaned lovingly on his strapping young cock. The amount of cream sputtering and coating her throat was more and more until he yanked it away from her. She looked it right in the leaking eye and she heard him grunt before losing her vision.

She flinched and hot heavy strands scribbled her skin in gradual, but vigorous, splurts like she had been hit in the face with a sticky wash cloth. She could hear him pumping his fist, unleashing big nut butter ropes all over her neck and chest. Large gooey globs could be felt smacking her hands and dousing her fat heavenly titties. She felt his presence and moaned the second he started slapping her glazed skin as hard as he could.

"Ugh," he sighed, "Bitch better know her place."

Elizabeth carefully brought herself up and opened an eye, turning her watch towards her.

"The girls and I made a bet that I could drain you in under three minutes," she smiled through her cum mask, "I won't tell you what my prize is, though."

Elizabeth turned and headed for the door, leaving him empty and panting like a dog.

"Who's the bitch now, honey?"


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