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Celebrating Mother's Day


I know that Mother's Day has already past, but this would be a useful article to reread prior to next year's Mother's Day. Mother's Day was actually created by a woman who was not married and was not a mother. She wanted a day to celebrate her mother and thus Mother's Day was created. Mothers give so much for their children it is important to recognize them at least once a year. The following suggestions are ways to celebrate the day and can be used by everyone, both children and adults.

Thoughtful Card

I'm sure the greeting card companies will be happy that I am giving them free advertisements. A greeting card is an excellent way to show your mother that you care. There are funny, happy, and sentimental cards. There are cards that sing, play music, and with the new technology that exists, you can even record your own voice in a greeting card. A card is a small way of showing your mother that she is the best.

What's even better than a greeting card purchased at a store is to make one yourself. This is restricted to those twelve and under. Since this is an adult website and those under eighteen will not read this article, share this idea with your younger siblings or children. A hand made card is worth its weight in gold, and a little more. The idea that a child spent time on a handmade card, with the spelling mistakes and the pictures colored out of the lines is touching and cute. I'm sure every elementary teacher blocks out time on the Friday before Mother's Day to do an arts and crafts activity with the goal of making a Mother's Day card.

Useful Gift

Gift giving has two purposes. The first purpose is to allow the giver to give their mother something that they would not purchase for themselves. It allows them to buy something that is thoughtful and useful and show their mom that they care. The second purpose is for the receiver of the gift to obtain something that they need.

There are a lot of ideas for gifts and they could be both material items and thoughtful things. Kitchen items, clothing, haircuts, and salon treatments are some ideas. Another idea, which is great for young children, is to give away hugs, kisses, and time spent with your mom. These can be made up as coupons, but any other idea works as well.

Spend Time with your Mother

This sounds like a common sense suggestion, but not everyone is able to spend time with his or her mother. If your mother lives close by spend the day with her. Take her shopping, out for lunch, or to a museum. She gets to choose what she wants to do; it's her day. Mothers aren't picky on what they do on Mother's day. As long as it involves time with their children, they are happy. If you are a student, or don't have a lot of money, remember that a fancy restaurant isn't necessary. Eating at the golden arches can be just as thoughtful and a good bonding experience.

If your mother is no longer alive spend time with a female relative that lives in your area. Maybe you can spend time with your grandmother or great grandmother. You might spend time with a cousin or aunt who is a mother whose children aren't able to be with them.

Those that are not Mothers

Another idea is to spend time with an important woman who is not a mother. Mother's day is to celebrate mothers. However, not all women have that opportunity. If you are one of those women or know someone who is, spend time with them, making sure they know they are valuable members of society. This is the perfect idea if your mother is no longer alive or lives in a different city. Those women who have not been lucky enough to enjoy the joys of motherhood find this day to be stressful. Acknowledging their importance in the life of a child allows them to understand that although they do not have the title "mother", they are still members of the community who in a small way raise a child.

Mother's Day is an important celebration for both adults and children. Everyone has a mother and spending one day out of the year acknowledging the sacrifices they made for their children is just a small way we can make the world a better place.

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