tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCelebrating My Nude Day Birthday

Celebrating My Nude Day Birthday


Authors note: this is my Nude Day contest submission. All people are over the age of 18 and consenting. My friend in the story wishes to keep her real name out of it so we will call her Daisy after her favorite flower. Even though I'm entering this in a contest I hope you all enjoy it and feedback even the bad is always welcome. Now on to the sexy time.

So as you all know nude day is in July. Well it happens to fall on my birthday which I think is just great. See I love being naked, I can't get enough of it. As soon as I get home I'm naked in my room. Usually typing stories for people to enjoy. I really love being naked in public or masturbating in places where there is a very good chance I could get caught. All of this sounds good and well right. Well I live in a small town and word spreads fast. Old ladies gossip and the like. One thing a small town doesn't usually have is women who share in the public nudity.

So I work at a rest home and upon flirting with one girl from out of town I find out she is like me. This woman's name is Daisy. Now Daisy she is a looker I mean even in scrubs I want to push her up against the wall and fuck her till she screams. She is funny, sweet, and full of energy. Once I found out Daisy's into what I am I asked if we could maybe have a little fun.

Let me describe us to you. Daisy is about 5 foot maybe a little taller. She is around a hundred pounds. She has these little legs that run up to a small firm ass. This ass would make anyone stop and stare. Then going up her slim tummy to her tits. I am going to guess they are a large C cup. But they are firm and her skin is so so soft. Now we get to her face. How can I describe her beauty without sounded like a lame excuse to use Shakespeare poetry? She is always smiling her blue green eyes always shining and her face covered in cute little freckles. Daisy is a very fun loving woman she loves spontaneous adventure and tends to live her life that way.

Now me I'm nothing to spectacular. I'm 5' 8'' 245 lbs. I have a 5 inch dick and well my best feature is my hazel eyes. I like to talk a lot and drink probably more than I should. I don't think I'm an alcoholic I like to think drinking enthusiast. I'm pretty confident for all my flaws because I believe in judging how a person treats you rather than what they do in their spare time. I'm also open and honest about well everything and appreciate when people are honest with me. I even like to sneak my flask into work and have a sip before leaving work. That is actually how I first got to touch Daisy's magnificent rear end.

I came into work one day my flask in my pocket. And the day was as normal as could be except. Daisy wasn't her normal cheery self. I told her before I left work to meet me in the dining room. I leave work about 7 in the evening so Daisy met me in the dining room.

"Hey you what are you doing?" she says seemingly cheered up.

"Oh I have something for you." Pulling out my flask I hand it to her.

"yummy." she says taking a sip.

"Indeed it's good." Our eyes meet and we stare at each other while she sips.

"Mmmmm thanks that was good." Handing my flask back to me.

"Not as good as that butt I would love to grab on to." Making a squeezing motion with my hand we both laugh.

"Oh you mean this butt?" she says turning around and lifting her shirt thrusting her ass back towards me a little.

I reach out and softly run my hand down it before gripping her ass tightly. "Yes that one."

That was the first day I got to touch her beautiful back side. I have thought about it a lot since. Being the confident person I am I talk about everything openly and honestly. So I talk about sex and porn and stories a lot. One thing I am really into besides public nudity is sex toys and dressing up in little outfits. I'm a nerd so I love like star wars and things of that nature and comic books. I really enjoy seeing a woman dress up like a character. And not role playing just having fun. Now toys I have a little collection but want more. I think toys are good for the mind and body because you get to express part of your soul with toys. I have a penis extension and deep down inside of me I hate my small dick. I do it sucks, but its mine, so I have this penis extension and its fun makes my dick a little longer and ill show it off more that way.

One day at work I came in and told her I had something to show her. We go back to an empty room but there is a great chance of being caught for one side is nothing but windows. I turn towards her my back to the windows and unzip my pants. Pulling out my small cock she notices what I wanted to show her. I was wearing the penis extension. That got her excited and we made out for a bit while she stroked me. The thrill of being in that room and at any chance could be caught had me trembling. I soon had one hand down her scrub pants squeezing her nice little ass.

"Oh god this is fun but we have to stop or we will get caught for sure." Laughing as she pulls her hand away from my now aching for release cock .

"Don't worry honey we have a while in here before any one comes in." sliding my hand up her slender waist to cup her wonderful tit. She smiles an evil little smile then her lips part slightly as I squeeze firmly.

"Oh you know how to turn a girl on but still I don't want to get caught." Moving her towards the wall I squeeze both tits and lean in to whisper.

"Honey trust me we won't get caught." Then kiss her ear lobe I plant light kisses down her neck. She shivers and tucks her head so I can't continue.

"Hmmmmmmm. No, no we have to stop maybe later. Like away from work we can go have fun or something" she states moving my hands to her sides. I slide my hand between her legs and instantly feel heat and wetness.

"Oh honey this needs attention now." She clamps her legs around my hand and grabs my arm. Her face is now beet red. Not wanting to risk our cover being blown I relent and move my hand back. She moves from between me and the wall. Gives me a quick peck on the lips and makes for the door.

"Later honey next week will go to the movies and that ass will be mine." I say as she leaves her smile getting wider and skin redder.

Well two weeks pass since that day and I haven't had a chance to take her out. Since she loves being spontaneous I looked at her schedule to see when we had days off together. After finding one I walked up to her and said "Hey tomorrow night put on your cutest little skirt were going out for burgers. Maybe a movie though I'm sure we won't watch it."

"Ok sounds good honey." She says this, her smile growing wide and she starts blushing.

"I also have a gift for you so be good and don't wear any panties." Whispering in her ear. Her breathing quickens and she moves away.

"Ok um yeah I can do that." Her words coming in a broken sentence and high pitched.

The next day I pick her up at her place. As she walks out the front door I notice her skirt is a regular jean skirt and is mid-thigh. Her top is a pink tank top that really brings her tits together. I know going into the movies will have every eye on her. Getting in the truck I hand her a little black box. She opens it and pulls out a pair of bright pink sheer lace set of hip hugger panties. Pulling away she slides her skirt up and then slips the panties slowly up her legs. I stop her before she has them fully on.

Sliding my hand in between her legs I use my index finger to rub up and down her outer lips. She tries to spread her legs to give me more room but quickly realizes that they are trapped by the new panties. She grabs my hand as another finger probes her pussy. Her clit soon pokes it head out from its hood. Driving is getting very hard at this time. I slowly circle around her clit before lightly squeezing it between my fingers. Her back arches from the seat and a moan escapes my lips.

"Honey you can't be that loud in the theater." I say with a smile and withdraw my hand from her wet valley.

"Oh you are such an ass." She says I bring my fingers to my lips and taste her sweet nectar.

"So are we going to stop before the movie and finish this or?"

"Oh now I plan on keeping you on edge until we leave the movie and then your orgasm should be very nice."

"I don't think I can wait that long." She leans over and cups my dick through my jeans.

"Oh look here is a place to get burgers." Pulling off the road and parking I turn and give her a quick kiss.

"Go into the bathroom here and take a picture topless in the mirror. I want there to be a chance for someone to walk in on you." Smiling as she blushes.

"Ok but I want you to take a picture of your dick the same way." She gives a wicked smile back.

"Deal honey then we send them to each other." We go into the burger joint and head for the bathroom. It's a Friday night so there is a lot of traffic. I step into a stall and work myself hard till I hear everyone leave. I step out the stall still stroking my dick. I first snap the photo. Then feeling a little brave I record a 15 second video. Right as I get my dick zipped up a man enters the bathroom. I look and smile, wash my hands and leave.

I stand up by the counter looking to see what I want to order when my phone beeps. Opening the message I see Daisy's tits and her big round nipples. Smiling I send the picture and the video I did. I hear her phone ding as she nears me. She doesn't look right away she walks up to me and gives me a kiss. The kiss is one of desire her lips press hard against mine as her arms wrap around my neck.

Breaking the kiss she turns to the counter and we order food. Sitting down at a booth near the front she finally looks at the message I sent. Watching the video her breathing becomes quick.

"Daisy spread your legs and I'll take a picture. I bet that little pussy is really wet right now." She looks at me then around.

"No someone will see that if not in here than all the cars outside someone will see." She says nervously looking about.

"Daisy it will be real quick here if you do it I'll pull my dick out and let you take a picture." Hoping she will do it.

"I'll go to the bathroom and do that again." She says nervous. I lean back a little and act like I'm scratching my leg.

"There Daisy my dick is out."

"What. No. It isn't."

"Take a picture and see." Sliding her phone under the table she snaps a couple of pictures.

Bringing it up she looks to see I wasn't lying.

"Wow ok I'll do it" she spreads her legs wide. I snap a couple photos of my own.

"Now shall we head to the movie?" We get up and head to the truck once inside Daisy's hand is instantly on my dick and she is staring at me.

"This, this will be mine tonight."

"Ok honey lets head to the movie." The theater wasn't far from the burger place but traffic is crazy there so we had to speed through and still have to park in the very back. Walking to the theater I slip my arm around her shoulder and rest my hand on her right tit. As we get closer I see all the disapproving looks from women and all the knowing looks from men.

We pick a movie that's been out for a couple weeks and we really have no interest in it. We buy some drinks then head into the movie and start climbing the stairs to the top. Finding a dark spot along the wall. Daisy sits against the wall and I sit near the isle. As we sit and wait for the lights to go down we look and watch the people who fill into the theater. We see groups of teenagers. We see loving couples old and young alike.

"Wouldn't they all be amazed at what I plan to do to you tonight?" I whisper in her ear just before nibbling at it.

"Mmmmm I bet they would. Man these lights need to go out now. I'm ready for you." She says her legs bouncing like she can't sit still.

"In time honey." I smile and turn to the screen. She places her hand in my lap as the lights go down.

The opening previews start and I feel her hand rubbing up and down my cock. I put my arm around her and this time slip my hand under her straps and squeeze her tit. She leans over and starts' kissing my neck then turns in her seat to kiss up to my ear. I bring my hand down her back and grab her ass. Oh what an ass. I slide her skirt up and my hand between her legs. Her new panties are soaked and I can almost smell her arousal. As my hand slides along her slit she turns my head and kisses me hard moaning into my mouth as I press hard on her pussy.

"Oh yes Billy that feels good. Don't just work me up this time please I need to cum" she whispers in my ear. I slide two fingers in her panty line then into her hot love tunnel. Daisy bites my shoulder to suppress a moan. I go slow at first sliding my fingers in to just the first knuckle then back out. Pressing my thumb against her hard little button. I move a little deeper now pushing my fingers all the way in. her back arching her hands pulling her top down and her tits now on full display for anyone in the theater wanting to see. I dip my head down and take one nipple in my mouth sucking lightly and nibbling at the tip. Daisy spreads her legs more and I pick up the pace moving my fingers in and out at lightning speed. My hand starts to cramp so I slow down but not stop. I curl my fingers up and start massaging her g spot. She puts her face in my neck I hear her little gasps of pleasure. I increase the pressure on her clit then bite down on her nipple. She lunges forward a silent scream coming from her mouth. Her pussy spasms grabbing my fingers and trying to pull them in deeper. I slide my fingers out of her slowly just to ram them in hard again. I don't let up I finger her little box hard and fast driving her into another orgasm. This time she lets out a loud moan. I kiss her to cover it up hoping that no one heard her.

After a few seconds she kisses back and wraps one arm around my neck. I pull back and look around no one in the movie seemed to have noticed us. I look back at her and in the dim light see the look of pure satisfaction. Her tits still hanging out her hair is a mess and she has a smile that won't go away. I lift her skirt some and begin to tug her panties down. She lifts her ass and lets me pull them off. I put them in my pocket and look at her again. She looks so happy and ready for more. We sit back and watch the movie for a little bit.

I feel her hand on my cock again. I reach up and hold her hand there.

"Honey why don't we wait for mine because I want to cover your tits with my load." To emphasize this I trace on of her still showing nipples

"You have teased me all night now it is your turn." She says unzipping my jeans and sliding her hand in to grasp my hard cock.

"Mmmmm very well but I still want to blow my load on you." Sitting back and enjoying her slow strokes. I watch her more than the movie. Happy that I have her turned on so much that she doesn't try to put her tits back in her tank top. She starts to stroke me faster twisting her hand as she does. Then only rubs the tip and around the crown. Oh the sensation is to great and I almost lose control.

"Oh honey slow down or lean down you keep that up and I'll, I'll blow." I whisper to her. She leans down and keeps on stroking. Soon I can't fight it any longer and send spurts of cum out of my dick and on to her tits. The first shot being the strongest landing right between her tits. The second two barely making it but still there on her right tit. The rest just oozes out into her hand. She sits back and rubs my cum all over her chest. The sight is enough to keep my erection strong.

"Oh that's just beautiful Daisy."

"It feels so good being this bad." She looks at me her eyes half closed with desire. All of a sudden the theater goes dark. Shrieks can be heard throughout.

"What is going on?"

"Must be a power out." As the sound of hard rain hitting the roof and then thunder crashing. The emergency lights kick on and Daisy covers her tits real quick. We all sit there waiting when someone comes in to say the power is out all over town and they will give us a coupon for one free movie but there is no need to stay with the power out. Everyone gets up and starts to leave getting out coupon and heading out to see the storm.

The rain is coming down hard in sheets the thunder almost deafening. I look at Daisy her pulse visible as the thought of running through the storm races through her mind.

"Shall we my dear Daisy?" holding my hand out to her.

"Yes." Grabbing my hand we open the door and make a dash for it. Having parked at the very back means we are soaked once we get to the truck.

"Take off your clothes honey I have some blankets behind the seats we can dry off with."

After we are naked and dry I start the truck the storm raging hard outside the windows. I pull out of the parking lot only to find driving home will be next to impossible in this storm. I pull into a nearby vacant lot and park.

"Daisy looks like we're stuck here for a bit." She leans into me and kisses my cheek.

"That's ok, let's just watch the rain." As she lays her head on my shoulder. We sit back and watch the rain beat down on the truck. I don't know who fell asleep first but when my eyes opened Daisy's head was in my lap and sleeping peacefully. The storm had let up so I drive her home. It's about two in the morning I wake her up and tell her to keep the blanket as she gathers her clothes. She gives me one final kiss before heading inside. After she is in I start to pull away when my phone goes off. I look at the message from Daisy. It says to come in and stay the night. I park and head up to the door wrapped in my own blanket she opens the door standing naked for the world to see. I follow her to her room we lay down and soon drift back to sleep.

The end.

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