Celebration to Remember


Amy hopped back on the couch and spread her legs wide. She inched down in her seat so that her pussy was overhanging the sofa and easily accessible for Danny. Danny wasted no time and knelt before her. The couch was rather low and, while on his knees, his cock hovered at nearly the same height as Amy's waiting cunt. He could see the dripping juices as he moved closer and placed his latex wrapped cock against her opening. "Are you ready?" Danny asked, more as a formality than anything else.

"I'm more than ready Danny. Take it slow, it's been a while," she said smiling. Danny leaned forward and entered her saturated snatch. "Ah Ahhhh!" Amy squealed as his thick shaft parted her tight lips. "Ah, oh fuck its big! Ah oh, oh god that hurts!" Danny began to pull out. "No, don't stop, Ah Ah oh! Please go slow but don't stop Danny! It hurts good, oooooh oh ok try again. Just remember go slow."

Danny resumed his penetration, slightly slower this time, pushing his cock further inside of Amy's tight twat. Amy closed her eyes and bit her lip as he inched forward. She grimaced slightly in discomfort and let out a series of low whimpers and sighs, but she encouraged Danny on by periodically nodding her head to reassure him. Danny didn't mind going slow. He took the time to once again admire her toned body. He paid particularly close attention to Amy's amazing tits, which were perfect in every way. They were a c cup and they looked even bigger because she was so fit. They were beautiful shaped and perky, and just sagged just enough to prove that they weren't bought. Her erect nipples jutted out from the peaks of her magnificent orbs and pointed toward the sky. Danny reached up with his hands and groped both of her boobs.

Amy's eyes opened as she felt her tits being squeezed. She smiled at Danny as he forcefully massaged her supple melons. He pushed a little more of his cock inside of her, and then he started to rub her nipples. "You have such nice tits," Danny commented as pinched at each of her nipples.

"They're all for you, baby!" Amy said smiling. "Ah, ooh, yes, ooooh," she cooed as Danny inched a little deeper. Danny looked down at Amy, who looked like she was getting more acclimated to his size. She wasn't grimacing or biting her lip. Her mouth was party open and she let out short moans and sighs. Danny started to push his cock in and out of her pussy at a slow but steady rate. Her pussy was so warm and tight.

At first Amy felt a bit of pain as Danny angled his cock inside of her. "OH fuck, yea, yea, Ah ah ouch Ah oh god! Oh fuck please oh, ohh, aw, uhuh, Ah, ahhhhhheeee, oh yes, yea don't stop." She soon got used to his movements and her pains were overwhelmed by feelings of pleasure. "MMMmmm Ah, oh yeah, oh fuck Danny! Ahohoooh Ah Ah, uhuh, Ah, Ah, uhuh oh yes! Pound my tight young pussy! Oh fuck, don't stop. Ah faster Danny!"

"Oh my god, Amy Cooper is a freak!" Danny thought to himself. He looked down at Amy, who was biting her lip and moaning as he fucked her. He made slightly deeper thrusts and started to intensify his pace. Amy's tits bounced up and down as he pounded her tight pussy. "Take it baby," he grunted. "Your pussy feels so good, oh, oh fuck! Take it! Take my fat fucking cock you slut!"

The ridges of the condom rubbed against her tight inner walls with every stroke and intensified her pleasure. "YEA OH YEAH! Oh fuck me you big fuck! Oooooh Ah AhohhhAH! Oh fuck, it's so good! Oh Fuck Meeeeeee! AhhhoooohAhyee, oh I'm gonna cum! My Ahyyah PUSSY is going to... oh, oh god, yea uhuh aw, oh yeah, oh, oh god" She screamed out.

Danny was now plunging the entire length of his cock inside of Amy with every thrust. She squealed and squirmed as the pleasure seemed to consume her. Danny felt her pussy muscles flex against his engorged shaft as she started to climax. Even through the latex, Danny could feel the warm juices leaking from her cunt.

"Oh, oh, ooh, oh god I'm cuuummmmmiiinnnnggg!!!!" Amy screamed out. "Yes, oh yes, oh, aw, ooooh, oh god, fuck, ah Ah uhuh oooh oh mmmm oh..." As Amy's orgasm subsided her audible moans turned into whimpers and sighs. She cupped her own breasts as Danny continued to fuck her. Danny took one really deep stroke, pushing his entire cock inside of her and holding it there. "Oh god it's so big inside of me," she panted.

"Let's try something else," Danny suggested as he pulled his cock clear out of her sex. "Turn over."

Amy was under Danny's spell now and did exactly as he instructed. She turned around and knelt on the couch. She bent over the back of the couch, mashing her tits against the leather and perching her cute round ass in the air. She slowly swayed her beautiful butt from side to side as she looked back at Danny over her left shoulder. "Come on daddy!" Amy coohed as she reached down and spread open her pussy with her fingers. "Put it back inside of me baby!"

Danny rose to his feet and approached Amy from behind. He clutched the base of his cock and angled it towards her glistening snatch. He pressed the latex wrapped tip of his penis against her slit, and then pushed the head inside of her tender pussy.

"OH yes!" Amy squealed as he entered her. She sat back slightly and pushed Danny's stiff member further inside of her. He grabbed her hips from behind and started to slowly buck his pelvis as he pulled her ass towards him. "Oh, Mmmm aw, ah, uhuh, ooooh, oh fuck!" She moaned as his pace hastened. Danny started to fuck her aggressively from behind. His thrusts were fast and long. Amy's ass slapped against his pelvis with every stroke. The rhythmic clapping noise created as their midsections repeatedly smashed together was accented by Amy's graphic moans of pleasure. "OH [whap], oh, oh, [whap], oh fuck, [whap], Mmm, Mmm [whap] oh god! [whap] Don't stop, [whap], Ah, ooh, [whap], Mmmm, oh [whap], Ahuh oh, [whap] Fuck me! [whap] Yea, oh fuck [whap] meee, oh yeeeee[whap]aaaaaahhh [whap] it feels [whap] so good!"

Danny started to fuck her as fast and hard as he could manage. He was getting tired, but her moans of appreciation made his cock harder than ever. Her warm tight cunt caressed his member with every stroke. He looked down at her perfect ass, which flared out from her slender midsection. His balls slapped against her soft round butt as he fucked her slit from behind. "Uhghhh, em, oh, aw, oh," Danny grunted as he struggled to maintain his feverous pace. "Oh, fuck, oh, oh fuck Amy! Oh, oh god yes! You're, oh fuck, it's so tight! Oh, uhh, oh fuck, oh fuck my dick, oh, oh yea, oh, MMmm, god your pussy feels so good!" Danny freed his right hand and slapped her ass playfully. Amy squealed and shot a sultry look back over her right shoulder. "Take it deep you dirty girl!" Danny grunted as slapped her ass again.

Amy moaned as her tender cunt was violated again and again. Her muscles tensed up and she squirmed in pleasure. She felt her contorted body stiffen as she neared her second orgasm. "OH, Oh god, yes, right, don't, oh, don't stop!" Amy moaned. "OH, Ohhh, Ah uhuh, OH, YESS, OH, YES, YES, YEAH, OH FUCK! UHUH YEA OH GOD YES!" She screamed out as climaxed. Amy was overwhelmed as a powerful sensation rushed through her loins. Her body shuddered and nearly convulsed as she came. "OH, Yes, OH I'm cumming! Oh yeah! Oh uhuh, oh, yea daddy! Ooooh, oh ooooh oh, Mmm, oh god, that feels so gooooooood! Oh, your big cock!" She moaned.

Danny felt her body shake as her warm juices rushed over his rigid member and spewed onto his pubis. Her tight cunt tensely flexed and squeezed his cock. He continued to fuck her dripping slit as he felt his own orgasm stirring. His scrotum was fully contracted around his aching balls, which longed for relief. "OH, uh, Uh, uhHuh, OH Fuck!" He pulled his throbbing cock from Amy's tight pussy. Amy felt Danny pull out and looked back at him over her shoulder. Danny quickly unrolled the dripping latex and ripped off the ribbed condom.

Amy took the initiative and slid off the couch onto the floor. She crawled between Danny's legs and knelt in front of his towering erection. Danny's engorged member twitched back and forth in front of her face begging Amy to finish him off. She was momentarily mesmerized by his big smooth flesh pole as it pulsated before her.

Danny clutched his thighs in anticipation of her tender touch. "Uh don't punish me baby," he groaned as he pushed his pelvis toward her face. The head of his penis grazed Amy's nose and woke her from her daze. She gripped his fat cock with both hands and started to slowly stroke his entire length. "Oh yes, that's it Amy, mmm, oh, just like that," he moaned.

Amy continued to pump his cock two-handed as she hastened her speed. She felt Danny's hand slide onto the back of her head and intertwine in her dark brown hair. He gently applied pressure and pushed her face closer towards his throbbing dick. Amy took the forceful hint and let the tip of his penis part her soft lips and slide into her warm mouth. As the head of his cock brushed against her tongue, she could taste his salty precum.

"OH god, that's it you slut!" Danny said as his cock was enveloped by her warm wet orifice. Amy removed her hands from his rigid shaft and took more of Danny's stiff sausage into her mouth. She slowly inched his cock further down her throat, forcing his entire length inside her. "OH JEEEESUS!" Danny moaned as she deep-throated his entire member. Even Amy was impressed that she didn't gag. Her narrow nose rubbed up against his neatly trimmed pubic hair. She held her face there momentarily with all eight inches stuffed in her mouth. She felt Danny's hands clutching the back of her skull as he groaned in delight.

After a few moments, Amy pulled her neck back and let Danny's cock spring free. She wrapped her right hand around the base of his cock and started to jack him off. Her elbow flailed about as she pumped her fist up and down. Danny moaned as she jerked his cock faster and faster. Then Amy felt the pressure of Danny's hand on the back of her head. He pulled her face back towards him and forced his cock back inside her mouth. Amy sucked on the head of his penis as she continued to stroke the base of his rigid shaft. She bobbed up and down on his cock, anxiously awaiting his hot sticky load.

"Oh, yes, oh Amy, ooh suck it good! Oh, oh yes, just like that! Oh you dirty girl! Suck me, ohhh ohhhhh!" Danny moaned as her tongue swirled around the head of his manhood. He felt his loins tingle as he was about to explode. He pulled his cock out of Amy's mouth and replaced her hand with his own. He pumped the base of his cock as hard as he could right in front of Amy's face. She patiently waited for his load, licking her lips while she squeezed her nice tits together. She opened her mouth wide as she anticipated his salty ejaculate. "Ohoohh oh god, ah oh uhh, uhuh Oh!" He screamed out as he climaxed.

His cock erupted and Amy's face was plastered with shot after shot of his hot sticky spunk. The first rope of creamy white jizz splattered across Amy's nose and forehead, and dripped down into her eyes. The second and third blasts were fired directly into Amy's mouth and down her throat. She could taste the sour secretions coating her tongue as she choked on his thick cum. "Uh. Urghggh," he grunted he tried to pump out every last drop. The final squirts landed on Amy's perky breasts and rolled into her ample cleavage.

Amy wiped her face and removed the white globs from her eyelids. When she opened her eyes she saw Danny's triumphant cock still hovering before her. Jizz dribbled from his spent cock as he stood there trying to catch his breath. Amy swirled his cum around in her mouth and collected the salty substance on her tongue. She extended it out of her mouth so that Danny could see the salty load covering her tongue. Then she tucked it back inside of her mouth and swallowed his cum with one big gulp. The gooey solution felt slimy and gross as it slithered down her throat. Amy gagged slightly as she momentarily struggled to swallow it all. When she had forced it all down, Amy opened her mouth wide for Danny to see.

Danny didn't pass up the golden opportunity and shoved his manhood back into her mouth. Amy had not been expecting this, but she nonetheless started to bob up and down on his cock. He was only semi-hard now and Amy could feel his penis softening in her mouth. She sucked the remaining juices from his wasted cock and continued to blow him until it withered back to its flaccid state.

Danny collapsed on the floor next to Amy, who curled up beside him. She swung her left leg and arm over the top of Danny, and cuddled up against him. She grinded her snatch against Danny's hips and pressed her warm soft tits against his chest. Then Amy rested her head on gently on Danny's shoulder and the two fell peacefully asleep.

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