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Celebrities Exposed: Lindsay Lohan


Note: This story is a work of fiction, characters are over the age of 18 and are based on real people, but the situations have not occurred, well not to my knowledge. Thank you Dru for your help.

Shortly after my 25th birthday I was fortunate enough to see a little known sex tape involving Lindsay Lohan before it was pulled from circulation. I'm not usually a fan of Lindsay Lohan, but found myself unable to turn the tape off. Even more so, I'm still horny and think about it, even now, several months after first seeing it.

The movie started with a dark haired, 21-22 year old Lindsay, obviously under the influence of alcohol. She was sitting on a bed in nothing more than a pair of skin colored panties, her 36d bust clearly visible. Lindsay was reading a magazine; at this stage it was unclear of who was operating the camera. The camera panned around to show Lindsay flicking though a porn magazine, Lindsay lifted it up to show that it was a lesbian M.I.L.F. magazine, with a rather attractive older blonde woman and younger woman embracing on the cover of the magazine.

The camera operator moved back from the bed now directly in front of Lindsay, who then proceeded to remove a large pink vibrator from draws next to the bed. As the camera zoomed in Lindsay rubbed her pussy through the thin material of her panties as she flicked the through the magazine. As she rubbed herself she started to moan, as well as the still unidentified female camera operator.

Lindsay then slipped the vibrator under the thin material of her panties; she arched her back and closed her eyes as she rubbed the toy over her privates still covered by the panties. After a few strokes she removed the toy, now visibly wet. She slipped her fingers between the elastic of the panties and slid them down her sultry legs to reveal a smooth muff.

At this point I was getting hot watching her masturbate, my own pussy getting damp. I rubbed it slow and gently through my own white cotton panties.

Lindsay then picked up the toy again and slipped it between the soft lips of her pussy, watching it slide in gently was such a thrill, the camera operator zoomed in close to see the toy slide in to her pink pussy. Lindsay was moaning as she slowly fucked herself with the toy. The camera was shaky as the operator moved to a better position. Lindsay looked at the camera and in a sexy husky tone asked if they were going to join her on the bed. The camera moved up and down in a nodding motion, then it became still as if being placed on a mount or stable position. Lindsay's eyes lit up, as the camera operator moved into view, it was a white naked older and taller blonde woman, still at this point unrecognizable.

As the woman turned to face the camera my jaw dropped and I was in complete shock I instantly recognized the woman as Dina Lohan. For a woman in her mid 40's she looks amazing, her bust still pert and sexy – must be 32c – and a dark bush of well manicured hair.

Dina stood at the foot of the bed until Lindsay asked if she was going to join her on the bed. Dina climbed on the bed giving a good view of her round ass as she crawled over to Lindsay. Dina reached out and held Lindsay's hand and assisted her in guiding the toy in and out of her pussy.

My pussy was dripping wet as I watched the toy being guided in and out of her pussy by none other than her own mom. I knew that I wasn't going to need much more stimulation before I exploded. I closed my eyes as I continued to slip my finger in and out of my own pussy. My heart rate picked up and could feel a familiar tingle in my toes. I was surprised by how hot I was getting watching a mother and daughter team.

I opened my eyes to watch more of the action going on – Dina was now sliding the toy in and out of Lindsay as she lay on her back. Lindsay was moaning and her back was arching slightly as Dina picked up the pace with the toy. My own finger slid in and out at the same pace. I was so close to an orgasm.

Dina slowed down the pace as she toyed with us both. Lindsay let out a moan and followed up with a plea, "Please mom don't stop fucking me." Hearing her request that was enough to tip me over the edge, my body tingled, my pussy tightened as I let out a deep groan. I could barely hear Lindsay moaning as she, too, was brought over the edge into an orgasm.

I opened my eyes and was greeted with the sight of Dina inserting the used toy into her mouth and sucking it gently. The erotic sight of a mother enjoying the taste of her daughter's pussy was getting me excited.

Dina and Lindsay swapped positions; Dina lay on her back and faced the camera while Lindsay positioned herself between her mother's legs. Dina then asked Lindsay to lick her pussy. Lindsay complied and as she bent down her slit and ass became exposed. Dina let out a moan as Lindsay went down on her. The sounds of moans were joined by the sounds of a wet pussy being slurped. After a minute or two of this Dina moved her hands behind her daughter's head and lifted her pussy to grind into Lindsay, Dina was heard to moan, "That's it baby... eat your mother out like a good girl." I felt my own pussy tingle hearing the dirty talk of mother and daughter. Dina soon let out a scream as she continued to grind into Lindsay; Dina moaned, "I'm cumming baby, keep doing that." I was getting excited again, watching Lindsay pleasure her mother, I've never been in a lesbian situation, but seeing these two at it was getting me rather curious.

As I focused on the action on the screen again I was greeted by Lindsay and Dina sharing a rather passionate kiss, the camera was too far away to be able to focus on the details but it could be seen that their tongues flickered against each other in a lashing motion. Both women moaned as they kissed, swapping spit. As they stopped kissing, Dina asked if Lindsay could climb on top of her so that she could taste that sweet pussy again. Lindsay smiled and maneuvered so that she was now in a 69 position with her mom. Lindsay started to lick away at her mother again as Dina returned the favor.

Dina stopped and remarked that she is the envy of every male as she was lapping away at Lindsay's hot pussy. Lindsay giggled then moaned as Dina buried her face into Lindsay. Both women continued to lap away at each other until Lindsay let out a long moan, she lifted her head the look on her face was of pure ecstasy. Shortly after Dina was again moaning and wriggling about, it was clear that she was again in the midst of an orgasm. Shortly after both Dina and Lindsay collapsed on the bed, Dina held Lindsay close and they again kissed, swapping not only spit but the taste of each other's pussy.

As they regained their composure, Lindsay turned to her mom and purred in a sexy tone, "Mom I need to be fucked by a big cock." Dina smiled as she reached into a bedside draw and produced a rather thick black strap on cock. My eyes lit up as did Lindsay's as Dina lifted it out of the drawer. Dina stood to the side out of view to the camera, meanwhile Lindsay sat on the bed, her eyes glued on Dina, Lindsay sat there and played with herself in anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive.

Dina came back into view, now wearing the fuck toy. It was clear on the look on Lindsay's face that she was looking forward to what was to come. Dina now had her back to the camera as she positioned herself at Lindsay's feet. Dina's blonde hair sitting in the middle of her back took up the screen. Dina was heard telling Lindsay how sexy her pussy looked.

Dina started to insert the cock, the camera wasn't able to catch the sight of the huge toy parting Lindsay's pussy lips as it slipped it, but it was clear from the moans that it was happening and that Lindsay was enjoying it. The camera stayed focused on Dina's back as she rocked back and forth between her daughter's thighs. Between the moans and faint sloppy sex noises Lindsay was begging her mother to fuck her. Hearing Lindsay speak such dirty words was hot. I couldn't help but play with my own soaked pussy and imagine the sight of the dildo sliding effortlessly into Lindsay and the look of pure joy on both of their faces. Dina was now rocking back and forth in a fast and hard motion; her hair swaying with each motion, Lindsay was unable to control the moans now. My own motions built up as I watched in awe, when suddenly Lindsay let out a primal scream followed by a low and deep groan. It was too much for me – my body seized up as I felt my pussy explode.

Dina slowed down to a complete stop before removing the toy and collapsing on the bed, Dina lay next to her daughter, the strap on pointing skyward, it was clear to see that Lindsay took the entire length of the shaft, which is impressive on its own. After a minute or so of them breathing and collecting themselves, the screen went black.

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