tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrities Exposed: Martina Hingis

Celebrities Exposed: Martina Hingis


Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova finished a one on one practice session, and headed back to the locker room to shower and change. Both woman stripped down to hop into the open shower bays, it was nothing unusual in the lower end training facilities to have open bay showers as opposed to the private shower cubical. Neither Martina nor Anna became overly concerned, as it was only the two of them in the facility.

Both women found the other to be incredibly sexy, which is how the pairing started up in the first place, as they showered both Anna and Martina, caught sneaky glimpses of the other. The problem was that neither knew of the feelings of the other. Both women admired each other in secret. Anna was drawn to Martina's sexy backside and pert bust, while Martina was attracted to Anna's sexy blonde hair and overall sex appeal.

While Martina would have loved to stay longer and admired Anna, she had a prior engagement. She was quickly finished in the shower, dressed and on her way; meanwhile Anna was taking her time enjoying the hot water over her body. Anna acknowledged Martina's exit and confirmed the next training time.

Martina was to her car before she realized that she had left her phone in the change room and returned to collect it. As she entered the room, she heard the shower still running. As she got closer to the shelf with her phone, she heard a faint murmur. Martina peered around the corner and was shocked to see Anna with two fingers plunged deep inside her well-manicured pussy. Martina was unable to look away, her eyes drawn to the Anna's pussy; thankfully, Anna's eyes were shut as she pleasured her self. Martina found herself getting horny; she could feel her nipples tingle as they reacted to the sight.

"Oh Martina," Anna moaned as she slipped her fingers deep inside herself.

Martina's jaw dropped as she heard the moans from her doubles partner. Her excitement grew, knowing that Anna was fantasizing of her, much the same as she had done with Anna many times in the past. The Swiss Miss found her panties getting damp as her excitement grew. Martina was torn between grabbing the phone and alerting Anna to her presence, heading out to her prior engagement without the phone or watching a little longer. She needed to head out but was unable to move, she was fixated on watching Anna masturbate.

Anna's breathing was becoming very deep and loud, her fingers were sliding deep, at a fast pace, Martina knew that the show was nearly over, she continued to peer around the corner as Anna fucked herself at a full pace. Martina's breathing was getting shallow in anticipation, her own pussy tingling and begging to be stimulated. Martina slipped her hand down her pants and rubbed her pussy through her damp panties, she was keeping pace with Anna's motion, and Martina was nearing an orgasm too.

"Fuck," Martina moaned softly as her body was swept over by an amazing orgasm.

"Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming!" Anna screamed.

The scream took Martina by surprise and she jumped back a little and knocked a locker door behind her.

"Who's there?" Anna asked in a shaky tone looking over the direction of the sound.

Martina stood stunned, trying to weigh up her options, did she leave her friend panic-stricken or own up and deal with what the two of them just experienced. In the end, the fondness of Anna out weighed the fear in her mind and she slowly stepped from around the corner. Anna stood with warm water pouring over her; frozen in shock as she realized that Martina knew what she had just done.

"It's just me sweet heart," Martina spoke as she appeared.

"Just looking for my phone I left," she continued before pointing over to the shelf.

Martina could feel that her nipples were painfully erect and she could guess that they were clearly visible through the thin blouse she wore. Meanwhile Anna stood frozen in the shower, water pouring over her and down the drain. Anna was unable to hide her shame. She turned a bright red.

"I'm thought you were gone, I'm so sorry Martina," Anna finally spoke.

Martina stood unable to take her eyes off Anna's body. Like her, Anna's nipples were fully erect. Anna did not attempt to shield her naked body; she stood staring back at Martina. It was clear that Martina had caught her, but it was clear that it aroused her too.

"I'm so sorry," Anna looked genuinely upset.

"Anna, you have no need to be embarrassed," Martina tried to sooth Anna.

"I am sorry I barged in on you, but I am not sorry for what I seen," Martina continued.

Anna had a puzzled look on her face, as she comprehended what Martina had just said, it sounded as if Martina admitted that she had seen what happened, but also that she liked it.

"I too lust for you Anna, for a long time I have secretly admired you," Martina opened up to her friend.

"I've often thought of this very situation, and how I would react if, in my fantasy it is very different to reality," Martina added.

Anna stood in the shower, Martina had moved closer and was just out of the splash area, you could almost hear the heart beats of the two women as they stood there. Martina's hands began to tingle as her heart raced and she acted on impulse.

Martina walked into the shower, her cloths were drenched in no time as the warm water flowed over her body, Anna stood watching, her heart raced too as she acted on the situation and reached out to embrace her doubles partner.

Anna and Martina reached out together and hugged tight, the water caused Martina's top to be very clingy and she could feel the breast of Anna push against her. The women, without thinking, leaned in and kissed each other. Letting the pent up sexual frustration out as tongues danced around each other and darted in and out of each other mouths. Martina let her hands explore the naked body of Anna and they quickly found her ass. Martina gently squeezed her bottom, Anna continued to kiss her friend and let out a low groan as her bum was gently squeezed.

As they continued to kiss, Anna too let her hands explore and she ran them through the shorter hair of Martina, with the sensation of her hair being stimulated, together with the taboo nature of kissing Anna, she could feel the pressure building inside her.

"I want to fuck you Anna," Martina moaned.

Anna needed no more temptation, she reached out to her friends top and lifted it, Martina squirmed about as the two of them struggled to get the tight top off, as soon as it was off it was flung to the floor. Martina reached behind herself an unclasped the bra and it too was flung to the floor. Martina's nipples were quick to spring to life, to the point that Martina was in a little discomfort. This was soon forgot as Anna now toyed with the button fly on Martina's pants and once undone, Anna yanked them down, leaving Martina standing with her drenched pants around her ankles and in nothing more then a soaked pair of pastel pink cotton panties. Anna stared with great intent as Martina slowly removed her panties and exposed her perfectly smooth pussy.

"Come lay down," Anna asked as she crouched down in the shower bay.

"I want to do to you what I've always fantasized about," Anna continued.

Martina was both extremely turned on, intrigued at this point, and followed her friend down on to the floor of the shower, the water splashing over and pooling around the two of them. Anna reached out, rubbed the smooth legs of Martina, and gently guided them apart, fully exposing Martina. This was a great role reversal for the two of them, Anna in most other situations is the submissive type, while Martina was used to controlling situations. Neither of the two of them showed concern for this role change, in fact it only intensified the sensation.

"Now lay back down, I want to taste you," Anna asked.

Martina obeyed the request and lay with her head just out of the spray of the showerhead, the cool tiled floor sent tingles up her spine, as soon as she was flat on her back she felt the long slender fingers on Anna probe at her pussy, each touch felt like electricity jolts up her body. Martina felt a huge grin grow over her face as she was finally able to realize a fantasy that she had for many years, since the first time the two of them paired up for a tennis match.

Anna, was not new to fooling with women, she and Enrique Iglesias, had on many occasions invited other men, women and couples to the bedroom, this was however the first time that she was alone with a women. She was very excited to play with her friend. Her fingers gently toyed with Martina's pussy lips and high on her inner thigh, she could see the smile on her friends face grow as she continued to play.

"Can we try a 69?" Martina asked, wanting to play with Anna too.

Anna, with little hesitation, positioned herself above her friend. She giggled as she felt the cool breath of Martina brush over her pussy. Meanwhile Martina could smell the sweet and light musky scent of her friend, as her pussy was inches away from her face. Anna maneuvered gently to face down on Martina and get close to her pussy.

Neither of the two was new to playing with other woman, and was quite comfortable in the situation, which allowed the two of them to play straight away. Martina pushed her long tongue towards the waiting slit, while Anna used two fingers to separate the lips and lashed her tongue gently at the opening. Both women enjoyed the sensation of being licked and played with, slight moans and heavy breathing was the only noises besides the running water.

Both Anna and Martina continued to penetrate each other with their tongues and fingers, it was not long before Anna was getting closer to an orgasm, Martina was flicking her tongue against Anna's clit and also burring her tongue deep inside Anna, and sucking gently as her fingers continued to stimulate her friend. Anna was unable to continue playing with Martina, her breath far too short. Anna was wriggling about in pure ecstasy as she was being fucked just like her fantasy with Martina.

Martina was in a groove as she continued to build pressure in side her friend, it taste every bit as she had imagined all those times, and she could feel Anna getting more and more tense. Knowing that she was getting close only spurred her on more, and she continued to play with Anna. Feeling her pussy muscles contract she knew what was happening.

"Пожалуйста не останавливайте, ешьте меня, сделайте меня оргазмом," Anna screamed as she arched her back.

Anna was grinding her hips and pussy over Martina's face as her body was overcome with the light tingle that comes with a mind-blowing orgasm.

Hearing Anna scream and moan, as well as the grinding motion, got Martina more turned on. When Anna buried her face between her legs again, Martina was nearly ready to explode, when she felt Anna suck at her pussy it was more then enough to send her over the edge, she clinched her thighs and felt a surge of adrenalin flow through her body as she was gripped by an intense orgasm.

When both women recovered from their mind-blowing experience, they sat up underneath the flowing water, and felt the soft water splash over them. The change room was silent expect for the splashing of the water.

Martina was the first to stand up, her legs felt a little wobbly, she turned the shower off and headed for the bench with a towel. Anna too was soon up and turning the shower head off. As both women sat on the bench toweling off they reflected on what just happened, neither of them was disappointed with what happened, both Anna and Martina through about the next opportunity.

"What was that you screamed out before?" Martina asked

"Oh, I am sorry, it was Russian," Anna replied

"Sometimes I can't help but scream Russian, when my mind can't think English," Anna continued

"It would translate to 'Please do not stop, eat me, make me an orgasm'," Anna finally responded after thinking a moment.

Martina was quick to get dressed into a spare outfit in her locker, her prior meeting was still scheduled, and she was now extremely late. Anna watched as Martina picked up her phone and called someone.

"Yeah, it's me, I won't be able to make it, can we re-schedule? Tomorrow, no that is good, thanks for understanding. I will see you then. Bye." Martina spoke

"Well, I've got no were to be this afternoon, what about you?" Martina asked with a sexy look over her face.

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