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It was to be the greatest display of wanton sexuality and utter perversion in the history of mass media, and thanks to the 24-hour news cycle and Hollywood's cult of celebrity, it was streamed live over the internet and into every household in America, even across the world! People would remember it for years afterwards, keeping it alive through blogs and word of mouth. And yet, for all of its spectacle, it began on a relatively quiet day, not unlike any other...

That morning, Nadya Suleman, world-famous as the 'Octomom' after she gave birth to octoplets last year, was in her kitchen eating breakfast. The buxom, collagen-lipped brunette was barely contained in her bathrobe, her large breasts almost popping out. As she picked up a banana and took a bite out of it, she happened to look up and take a glance at the television. Purely by chance, TMZ just so happened to be on the air, and they were playing a story about Kate Gosselin, the former star of the TLC show 'John and Kate Plus 8'.

Nadya rolled her eyes. Much like herself, Kate Gosselin had become famous for having eight children, but while Nadya had found herself endlessly mocked by the media and public opinion alike as the 'Octomon,' Kate Gosselin had gotten her own TV show! It just wasn't fair! It certainly didn't help matters that Kate had managed to keep her good looks and sex appeal either.

A picture of Nadya flashed up on the screen. Angry but still a little curious to see what they were saying about her, the Octomom picked up her remote and turned up the volume. What she heard shocked and offended her.

"What do you think of the Octomom," the cameraman asked.

"Who," Kate Gosselin replied and then laughed, "Seriously? I think she's ridiculous."

Nadya was infuriated by this scrawny blonde bitch making those sorts of comments about her. Almost shaking with rage, she turned off her television and reached for her cell phone. Both her lawyer and her press agent were on autodial, and she had the numbers for most the major press outlets across the country. She had some serious phone calls to make...

A week later... Kate Gosselin sat at her breakfast table, enjoying a nice bowl of cereal while she looked through her entertainment magazines. Ever since that asshole John had left her, she'd had a brief and quite discreet series of affairs with other men. She'd even slept with her cameraman and security guy, though she was careful to keep that out of the tabloids. Still, sometimes it was nice to just sit back at home and relax. Finished with her current magazine, she put it down and then picked up the newest issue of US Weekly.

The cover immediately caught her eye. It was a picture of that crazy 'Octomom' lady... what was her name? Nadya something? The caption underneath her picture promised that she 'wouldn't believe their hot Octomom photo shoot'. Naturally, Kate found herself rolling her eyes.

"God," she accidentally blurted out loud, "She's so ridiculous!"

Both amused and a little annoyed, Kate found herself skipping through several pages of articles, curious to see this allegedly 'hot' Octomom photo shoot. Somewhere around the middle of the magazine was a full page spread of Nadya Suleman, her plastic surgery enhanced body barely contained by her tight-fitting, black one-piece bikini as she frolicked on the beach. On the next few pages were various pictures of the Octomom; in one she lay spread out in the sand, her artificial breasts standing up obscenely, while in another she was photographed from behind, showing off her big, curvy ass.

Kate Gosselin was absolutely offended by this... this... tramp! Angrily, she scanned through the relatively sparse text of the article, glancing over Nadya's quotes. It was just a short little interview, nothing more than a fluff piece really. Kate missed one or two things, but in bold there was one quote that immediately jumped out at her.

"What do you think about Kate Gosselin," the interviewer asked.

"She's so frumpy and uptight," read Nadya's response, "But then I guess not all women can manage to keep their figure after having babies... especially after having eight of them. Maybe that's why her husband left her."

Kate didn't even bother to read the rest of the article. She angrily threw down the magazine and then went to grab her cell phone. If that was the sort of game that the Octomom wanted to play, then she was going to respond in kind. Only Kate knew how to play the media better than some random slut in California. She had her own TV show for crying out loud. This was going to be fun...

Later that same week... Nadya Suleman was quite satisfied with herself. She'd already done a couple of photo suits in her bikini, and she had more planned for next week. She also made sure that she went down to the beach and got photographed by the paparazzi showing off her cleavage in public. Those pictures should have been making their way onto the internet or, better yet, TV any time now. The Octomom lay back on her sofa and relaxed, clicking the remote and turning on her TV.

She was quite surprised that she wasn't the first thing to come on TMZ. Instead, it was a story about Kate Gosselin's photo shoot. Go figure that that woman would try and usurp her by having her own photo shoot. A series of pictures of Kate Gosselin came up on the screen, only unlike Nadya, the slender and somewhat tanned middle-aged blonde was wearing a two piece golden swimsuit that showed off her well-toned midriff. The official story was that Kate had taken her kids to the beach, but there were pictures of her posing for the cameras, sitting back and sunbathing, and worst of all, coming out of the water after swimming, her body literally soaking wet.

And then, the real clincher! There was a picture of Kate Gosselin with a fake look of surprise on her face as her bikini top popped off. TMZ had censored it with a black bar, but it was clear from their comments that she was completely exposed, and that this and several other pictures of the topless TV star had already been posted on the internet. Back in the TMZ studios, the commentators were joking about Kate, talking about how nice and firm her breasts were, and how she was a MILF!

Nadya did not appreciate being usurped like this. However, Nadya also knew how to exploit media attention, and unlike Kate, she was completely shameless. If Kate was going to have a 'wardrobe malfunction' on public TV, then Nadya decided she would out-do her on the internet, completely skipping the mainstream news outlets. Besides, it would be faster this way, and it wouldn't cost her a cent.

Nadya pulled down her top, exposing her ridiculously big breasts. Taking out her mobile phone, she began to take pictures of herself at various angles. These were going to be so hot... all she would have to do is upload these to the internet and then sit back and wait.

The following month... Kate Gosselin was disgusted by the Octomom's latest antics. Didn't that fucking woman have any shame? She had just leaked a bunch of naked pictures of herself onto the internet, enjoying the publicity that came with this. Kate just wasn't willing to sink that low, but she did have other resources to tap into. Putting on a fake smile, she looked in the mirror to make sure that her make-up still looked good, and then walked out onto stage, trying to forget the whole mess with Nadya Suleman and instead focus on tonight's interview with Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View.

"People," Hasselbeck said to the cheering crowd, "Let's welcome our next guest to the stage; Kate Gosselin, from TLC's hit 'John and Kate Plus 8' and 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

The audience went wild, cheering and applauding as the pretty older blonde woman walked out, wearing a fairly tight fitting green dress and with her signature short blonde hair done up in a bob. Kate smiled and waved at them, making sure that they got a good look at her sexy body, and then walked over and sat down in the chair next to Elizabeth Hasselbeck. As the crowd's wild noise started to die down, Elizabeth leaned over and began the interview.

"Hello Kate," Elizabeth said, "And welcome to our show tonight."

"Thank you," Kate replied.

"Now I know everyone probably wants me to ask about the whole, well, rivalry that you have with the Octomom..."

The crowd started to cheer and laugh, interrupting Elizabeth Hasselbeck before she could finish that sentence. Kate just had to grin and bare it. In the mean time, Elizabeth gestured for the crowd to quiet down a bit.

"Now," she continued, "I know they're all eager to hear about that, but before we get into that whole mess, you told me you had something you wanted to announce first."

"That's right," Kate said with a wry smile on her lips, "I wasn't going to say anything just yet, but I can't hold back the news any more. I'm pregnant... again!"

Kate patted her belly after saying that, and the crowd went wild.

"Oh," Elizabeth said, seemingly as shocked as anyone, "Well congratulations then..."

Meanwhile, somewhere in her California home, Nadya Suleman picked up her remote and turned off the television. This was getting ridiculous! She swore she wasn't going to do this, but she decided now was as good a time as any to take Vivid Entertainment up on their offer. Making a porn movie was about the only way she would be able to top Kate Gosselin now! She just hoped that she still had their card...

Another couple of months down the road... Kate sat in her living room, looking at the picture of the half-naked Octomom on the cover of the DVD she'd just bought. She still couldn't believe that she'd actually gone to a porno video store in the middle of nowhere just to buy this. The way that man behind the counter looked it her... she still wasn't sure if it was because he recognized her from TV, or because he was turned on by her slightly swollen pregnant belly. Either way, she was glad to be home.

She hesitated for a moment before popping the DVD into her player, but she knew the kids were asleep. Now was the best time - hell, probably the only time -- for her to watch this damn thing. Kate fast forwarded through the opening credits, until she finally got to a scene where Nadya Suleman, already clad in a far too revealing top, came on the screen. She was accompanied by two men dressed in white lab coats and glasses, presumably because they were supposed to be doctors. Kate pressed 'play' on her remote and let it run at normal speed, albeit it with the dialogue turned down so low that she could barely hear it.

Not that there really was all that much plot to make out in the first place.

Kate watched with utter disgust as the Octomom stripped out of her slutty clothes, exposing her obviously fake breasts, and began to suck on the one of the porn stars' enormous cock. The other one began to strip out of his costume too, and soon Nadya Suleman was naked and down on her knees, alternating between sucking each one off. With her free hand she would jerk the other one, switching between them every couple of minutes or so.

'How the hell could anyone think that was hot,' Kate thought to herself.

Soon Nadya Suleman had gotten up on the prop examining table and was being double teamed by the two well-hung male porn stars. She moaned in pleasure as the two dicks penetrated her, one going deep into her well-stretched pussy while the other went down her throat. But fortunately for her, Kate Gosselin was no longer watching the DVD. Instead, she was busy trying to find someone who could get her in touch with her own 'adult entertainment' people.

And that... that moment was when a truly brilliant idea was born...

Sometime in the indeterminate future... This was it. Today was the big day... The day when Kate Gosselin, now several months pregnant with her next litter of children, and Nadya Suleman, the 'Octomom,' were finally going to face off in a pay-per-view challenge.

The idea had first gained currency on the internet, of course, when the whole Kate Gosselin-Octomom rivalry started. It gained steamed shortly the topless pictures of Kate Gosselin leaked out, and then again when Nadya Suleman consented to doing her own 'adult video'. Soon various pornographic websites and video distributors were swarming to Kate Gosselin, eager to get her consent. The pregnant reality show star eventually agreed to do a movie with a new studio, backed by a group of investors out of Dubai.

Nobody was really surprised by this turn of events. What really surprised them, however, was the fact that they had managed to turn it into a public debacle, in which the feisty blonde TV starlet would face-off against 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman in a sexual competition, showing the world which of the two dubious celebrities was the most shameless whore. Dates were set, a small arena in downtown Las Vegas was rented out, and tickets were sold.... many, many tickets were sold...

There was a full crowd of (very) horny fans cheering in the auditorium. Kate's PR people had told her that it was a sold out crowd. And millions more were watching on TV. There was no way that Kate or Nadya would be able to back out of this now. They had both signed air-tight contracts and the lawyer was very adamant about that fact. More than a little nervous, she gulped and then got ready to go out and finally show that damned 'Octomom' who was the real star here.

As she made her way out towards the arena where the sexual depravity was to take place, the audience up in the stadium went wild. Kate was wearing a small, one-piece golden maternity swimsuit which strained to cover both her perky, swollen breasts and pregnant belly. The headstrong blonde had kept her signature short cut 'bob' hairstyle, but was also wearing high heels, which made her hips sway seductively as she made her way into the stadium. People went nuts watching the sexy mom's curvy ass go back and forth. Soon that sexy little ass -- and every other hole on her body -- would be filled with multiple cocks.

The announcer introduced her, running off a list of Kate's TV shows. John and Kate Plus 8, Dancing with the Stars... It all seemed like it was worlds away now. All Kate could think about was her current feud with Nadya Suleman. Well, that and the fact that she was going to be penetrated by multiple cocks tonight.

Kate now stood at the center of the arena, her cheap golden maternity swimsuit glittering in the shining spotlight. She smiled and waved, trying to show off her sexy pregnant body to the wildly applauding crowd. They went absolutely nuts when the saw the very pregnant middle aged starlet so obviously flaunting her body before them, baby bump and all.

After the audience calmed down a bit, the announcer continued by introducing Nadya Suleman, the 'Octomom' and now a porn starlet as well. He was very adamant about saying that. She entered the arena, wearing a far more revealing outfit than Kate was. Nadya Suleman was clad only in s tiny, little black bikini that barely covered her enormous tits. They threatened to pop out at any moment as she walked up to the center stage to join her rival Kate Gosselin. More shocking, and provocative, was her thong, which rode up her shapely ass and through which one could easily make out the outline of her juicy cunt.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Nadya had cheated a little backstage before coming out here. Eager to upstage Kate, she had fingered her juicy cunt, providing a little extra lubrication and stretching it in preparation for tonight's upcoming ordeal. She was still a little wet down there, and close inspection would have revealed a slight damp spot on her black thong.

She slowly made her way up, turning briefly to flaunt her full body and shake her gigantic fake tits, much to the excitement of the viewers. She blew a fake kiss and winked at them, shamelessly promoting herself. Her face, no stranger to the plastic surgeon's scalpel, was literally caked in eyeliner, dark lipstick and heavy make-up. Once she finally got up there, she stood beside her long-time rival Kate Gosselin. Both women put on fake smiles, each trying to size up their respective opponents without giving away too much about themselves in the process. As they did so, the announcer explained what was going to happen tonight. It was the first time such a show had been staged for the public, let alone broadcast over the television on pay-per-view.

Now that both of the women had taken center stage, the announcer explained how this whole elaborate sex scenario would work out. The two women would be presented with a slew of young porn star studs to satisfy them -- eight to be exact, a number which was decided on because of the obvious associations; Nadya Suleman had risen to fame as the 'Octomom' after having octuplets, and Kate Gosselin also had eight children by her former husband, which was the basis for her entire reality show. The porn stars had been specifically chosen for this challenge, and were amongst the youngest, most virile and best hung men in porno today. The crowd was cheering lavasciously as the announcer explained how both women would have to satisfy each lover in turn, and whomever won this task by the end of the night without tiring would earn the title of dirtiest MILF slut.

Both Nadya and Kate would have a long night ahead of them. As the bright white halogen spotlights blared onto the stage, two full sized bed sets were revealed to the audience. These were the beds where the two middle aged slut moms would be trying to pleasure their lovers. They were complete with pillows and blankets, as special concerns had been engendered due to Kate's increasingly advanced state of pregnancy. Her lawyers and PR people were very insistent that she be made as comfortable as possible in order to facilitate this whole arrangement, so no expenses had been spared on her part.

Spread out before them were a formidable display of dildos, blindfolds, scented oils, lubricants, handcuffs and various other sex toys. The announcer walked forward and picked up one of the dildos, explaining how these objects were fair game. Any of the men would, at their discretion, be able to use the sex toys on either of the celebrity sluts should they so desire. Some of the audience yelled comments, describing in graphic detail what they would do to either of the women, given half a chance.

"Man," yelled one, "I'd fill up the Octomom's big fat ass with eight of those!"

Another cried out, "Hey Kate! You could handcuff yourself to my bed any night!"

They were going completely wild over this. The announcer didn't skip a beat as he explained how absolutely none of the men would be wearing any sort of protection during this whole ordeal. While it wasn't as much of a concern for Kate, obviously, there was a very real possibility that the 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman might wind up getting knocked up (again) from this whole ordeal. Needless to say, that idea excited the crowd even more. At least she probably wouldn't have octoplets this time around.

Kate and Nadya both just kept smiling and waving, and though neither wanted to admit it, both of them were kind of getting turned on by all of this attention. It was hot, perhaps even empowering, for these middle aged moms to know that they could still turn on virile young men with their sexy bodies. This was probably a good thing, as both of them were just moments away from an eight-man orgy.

Meanwhile, the announcer had moved on to introducing the male cast. Sixteen of the most up and coming male porn stars -- eight each for both women -- entered the arena and lined up. Various heights and races, and in various stages of undress, they presented quite a formidable challenge for the two dubious celebrity moms. And they knew that they were going to have to fuck their way through each of them if they wanted to win. At the announcer's command, eight of the men gathered around Nadya in front of her bed, while another eight of the men surrounded Kate. The two women were increasingly aroused by the lavascious, lust-filled glares that they were getting from their studs. Nadya noticed that one of her guys, a well-built black man, was licking his lips in anticipation.

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