tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Gyno: Hillary Duff

Celebrity Gyno: Hillary Duff


The gynecologist office was private building and many people who pass it by do not even half the time know they are passing a medical building. There is good reason though this gynecology office is not screaming gynecology centre, for it is for the stars of Hollywood and other VIP's. Their garage is connected towards the back of the building where a lot people do not even know it is there. It keeps them from seeing famous faces such as, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, Hillary Duff and about the rest of Hollywood's famous women. The Doctor that has the privilege to examine all of these lovely bits is Dr Jill Halloway.

Dr Jill Halloway was sitting at her desk filling out paperwork and working on computer files when her double oak doors opened, "Hello Jill!" A familiar voice filled the room. She looked at Hillary Duff brushing her red hair bangs away from her eyes.

"Oh Hillary! Hello!" Dr Jill stood up and hugged her. "It's been six months already?"

"Afraid so." Hillary said looking around the well lit office and then back at her friend.

"Well come on back and we will get ready for the exam." She stood up straightening the files and then her business suit skirt.


Hillary sat in the patient chair fiddling with her jeans, she ran her hand through her blonde hair pushing it back some as it flows down to her shoulders. "So how's things with you?"

"Oh it's been going great, Adrian just got a promotion and we are happy about that, around here though it has been hectic lately. We been getting a lot of clients in the past couple weeks, all of them red carpet shows and award events I guess." Dr Jill looked at the computer screen placing in patient information, she looked at Hillary. "Well you know the drill the changing wall over there with the robe."

Hillary hopped up and walked behind the wall, she was wearing simple clothes. Green belly shirt and hip hugger jeans with sandals. She slid her top off and let her hair fall down to her shoulders her breasts concealed behind her pink lace bra. The bra pushed them up to make them busty looking, she unhooked the bra from the centre of the front and took it off. Her breasts bouncing free from the hold sitting high and firm on her chest.

Unbuttoning her jeans she took them off sliding them down past her hips and then her round creamy white ass. She was wearing matching pink underwear, she kicked off her jeans then pulled her pink bikini bottoms down. She ran her hand over the front of her pussy seeing how she is doing down there. "Good, I don't need to go in for a wax this week." She patted her pussy then turned around and put the medical robe on.

Dr Jill looked at Hillary, she always enjoyed examining Hillary. Though Jill was a professional she did get turned on by some of her clients, but she never let it go beyond the books. She could lose her medical licenses and everything she owns. But it never stopped her from masturbating later that night at home or thinking most the day about some of her clients. She stood up and walked over to the medical chair where Hillary stepped on. Dr Jill looked as Hillary used her lovely smooth legs to climb into the chair her round rump sticking in the air a bit as she takes the last step getting up there. The medical robe just went a few inches past the butt so when they climb up the chair sometimes she can get a glance at their lovely asses. Even though she sees it bare anyways it is just that bit of voyeurism that turns her on even more.

Hillary knows the first thing that is done is a rectal temperature so she just laid on her stomach and spread her legs. Dr Jill lifted Hillary's medic gown up past her ass and admired her round butt it is so firm and plush looking. "Ok, I'm going to take your temperature," She started writing on a clipboard.

Dr Jill, brushed her bangs out of her face her red/orange hair done up in a bun to keep her long hair from getting everywhere, her glasses sitting on her small featured face. She was a petite woman about 112 pounds and 5'5" she had her Dr coat on over her business suit. She always kept her gloves off how doing rectal temperatures. She figure her clients never look back at her and they never tell the difference between her skin and the rubber gloves anyways. Dr Jill grabbed a thermometer and used her left hand thumb and middle finger to spread Hillary's butt cheeks open and then used the lube on her index finger to rub over her little tight pink asshole. She enjoyed this part very much able to spread open a famous celebrity's tushy and see their pussy folds between their legs. Hillary has a bald pussy she waxes every few weeks so it is always smooth against Dr Jill's rubber touch. Dr Jill started rubbing her index finger in tiny circles getting Hillary's ass ready to receive the thermometer. Dr Jill heard her breath in a little and then looked down and saw that her pussy was getting a little wet. "Almost ready."

Dr Jill took the thermometer and stuck it slowly at a steady pace inside of Hillary's ass the tip was a bit cold and she jumped a bit when she felt it go inside her butt. "Do you have any new movies coming up recently?" She asked waiting for the minute or two to be up, they always made small talk to make everything go by a bit faster and for comfortable reasons also. Dr Jill looked down at the thermometer sticking out of her ass she felt her pussy getting a little bit wetter.

"I have one for the Disney channel coming up soon in the negotiation stages right now though." She saw how Hillary's ass was so round and perfect looking soft to the touch.

"Well that's good."

"How about music?" Dr Jill reached down and opened her cheeks up a little bit checking on her temp and to also get another look at her sweet little pink tushy hole.

"Same thing with that as well, the lawyers just drag it out it seems but it's ok it is what I pay them for and what gets me paid."

The thermometer beeped and she reached down and spread her cheeks apart and slowly pulled the thermometer out of her ass. "97 degrees normal." She wrote on the clipboard again. "Ok sit up and we will get blood pressure and heart rates." Hillary pulled her gown down and then turned around and sat in the chairs body fitting form, her gown falling off to the sides a little bit exposing her cleavage but she kept it covered at the bottom for now. Dr Jill came over and used a stethoscope and placed it on her chest then her back. "Good stats there. Healthy." She took hold of Hillary's arm and wrapped the blood pressure fold around and then took her blood pressure. "Good there as well." She smiled at Hillary.

"Do you do your breast exams like I told you?" She asked her, she looked so delicate sitting there so beautiful with barely nothing on.

"Yes but not as much as I should though," she looked at Dr Jill's eyes they were a piercing green behind her glasses.

"Ok well at least you are doing them," Dr Jill then pulled her robe back some and looked at Hillary's lovely breasts they were big and so nice a great handful and mouthful probably as well. She cupped one of her soft breasts and started gently squeezing it in her hand the skin so soft and warm to her touch. Hillary looked around the room trying to not make eye contact to her Doctor, she always felt a little uncomfortable with this and the upcoming parts, because she would sometimes get turned on and also having someone just touch her like this is weird to her even if it is a friend. Dr Jill squeezed her nipple a little bit then squeezed her breast again, she did the same to her left breast. They both looked incredible both high and firm round breasts, Jill often wonder what they would taste like in her mouth.

"Ok last part." Dr Jill smiled at Hillary putting on a new pair of rubber gloves. Hillary sat her feet up into the holders on the chair, spreading her legs wide open exposing her bald soft perfect pussy. Her soft fat labia folds round and white with her pussy lips slightly pushing out of the folds. Her pussy lips were a little wet from the touching and rectal temp check. Her slender legs surrounding her and pussy right in front of her face too. She always enjoyed Hillary Duff's scent it was sweet. She placed two fingers up to her pussy and started to push inside of Hillary her fingers spread her tight little pussy open as she pushed deeper inside. Hillary started breathing a little harder feeling the two fingers pushing inside spreading her pussy open as she now has her fingers up to her knuckles. Dr Jill took her free hand and rubbed her clit that was now sticking out a bit and Hillary started grinding her hips into Dr Jill's fingers as she breathed even harder.

"Ok you are good down there, now to see if there are any signs of infections or diseases." Dr Jill pulled out a speculum and then put it into her tight wet pussy then opened it up so she can see clearly inside. She looked inside the magnifying glass bringing Hillary Duff's pussy into much better clarity. Her pink insides all wet and soft looking her pussy walls wanting to close back but being kept held open by the speculum. Dr Jill moved a finger inside the speculum and pushed against the right side of her pussy her finger immediately became wet as she touched upon the slick soft pillow like surface of her pussy walls. She became overwhelmed by it again, she moved her finger around in a circle inside of her pussy and then pushed in on her left side. All the while Hillary is feeling her wide open pussy being pushed against and she starts breathing some more as her hips starting to grind again.

Without her knowing it her hands start cupping her own breasts and she pushes them together. She let out a slight coo, her blonde hair flowing over the head rest how her face tightening up. Dr Jill starts pushing more into her sopping wet insides, pussy juices rushing out over the speculum and Dr Jill's fingers and hand. Hillary comes to a orgasm and she arches her back and she cums shooting it out onto Dr Jill's hand and bit of her arm and over the medical chair. "Ok, orgasmic responses normal, vagina and labia normal and healthy and you are done Miss Duff. I will see you again in six months." She smiled at Hillary and finished up the little bit of information on her clipboard.

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