tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Harem Pt. 03

Celebrity Harem Pt. 03


Gavin woke up to find himself still spooning the lovely Katie Cassidy from behind. As he awoke, his dick began to stiffen and push into Katie's ass. This new pressure caused her to awake and turn around to give her new lover a kiss.

"Hey" Gavin greeted her "I have a bad case of morning wood... Want to help me with it?"

Katie smiled at him and whispered back in a slutty manner "Of course. I love sucking cocking and drinking cum in the morning."

And just like that, Katie bent over his cock and began to suck on it. She was especially talented at deepthroating, a skill she quickly brought into play. She was hungry for his cum, after all.

As she repeatedly drove her head down and up his stiff manhood, Gavin began to wonder who he should add next to his harem. Just at that moment, he saw Katrina looking in at him getting head from her good friend.

He waved good morning at her and asked "Katrina! Do you have anyone new to add in?"

Katrina stared longingly at Katie's ass before replying "Yes... I do actually. Lily Collins. She's recently had a break up and is eager for some cock. I could hook the two of you up."

Gavin nodded and said "Sounds like a plan! Tell me the details later." With that, he turned his attention back to the wonderful blowjob he was getting. He gritted his teeth and began to hump up in response to her deep throat.

It was the morning, so he wasn't as prepared to last as he usually was. Inevitably, he came quickly and filled Katie's mouth with his sperm. As she drank down her protein shake, he went off to take a shower and find out more about Lily Collins, the next addition to his harem.

It was decided that Katrina would call Lily over to her place, and that it would be up to Gavin to seduce and convince her to sleep with him. It would go down in two days, giving him enough time to recover from his multiple orgasms with 3 hot celebs.

On the chosen date, Gavin went to Katrina's house early to prepare. He went to her house and showered and dressed up in a dark blue shirt with grey jeans, ready to impress Lily.

He knew that she wasn't like Katie. She wasn't nearing her 40s and in need of a cock and love. She was young and attractive, a sweet girl who needed to be woed off her feet, not just with the promise of satisfying sex.

The time came, and Lily Collins rang the doorbell. Gavin opened the door to greet the lovely lady. Lily was 1.65m tall, the same height as Gavin who had grown since meeting Paula. The sex had done well for him, challenging him to grow to better attract more women.

Gavin opened the door and was momentarily stunned. Lily had pale, perfect skin with lips that caught the lip from the transparent lip balm she used. Besides that little touch of balm, he couldn't see any other traces of make-up. As far as he was concerned, she was the most beautiful young woman he had ever seen.

She was wearing a white tank top with a black hoodie over it and grey jeans. He thought he saw a hint of one of her nipples. If he was right, and she really was braless, the night was going to to so much easier.

Gavin quickly realised he was staring and that Lily had an amused smile on her face. He quickly recovered and said "Hi, you're Lily Collins right? I'm Katrina's friend, Gavin. Would you like to come in?"

Lily looked at him and smiled sweetly "Hi Gavin. Yeap, I'm Lily." And with that, he led her in to the living room. She sat down and curiously asked "Where's Katrina?

Gavin had gone in to the kitchen to get her a glass of water, and came back out to reply "Oh she's on the way back. She's at Verdant, making sure everything can run fine without her." As he placed the water in front of her he asked "Are you hungry? Katrina said we could start without her if you wanted."

Lily hesitated a moment before nodding. She was ravenous. She had been on a 7 day cleanse and hadn't had a proper, satisfying meal in a long time. She followed him in to the dining room, where she saw a pot of stew and vegetables with potatoes.

Gavin gestured for her to go ahead and begin eating without him as he sent a message to Katrina, to say that his plan was in motion.

Gavin soon joined her and poured her a glass of wine. As he began to eat alongside her, he casually asked "So Ms Collins, how did you and Katrina meet?"

Lily looked up from her meal and took a hasty gulp of wine to swallow her food. She had been eating quicker than was mannerly. As the food finally went down, she opened her mouth to say "Please, call me Lily. I feel old when I'm called Ms Collins. I met her when we were filming for a movie. We became friends then, but she decided she didn't like the part. How did you meet her?"

Gavin chuckled and answered "I was a fan of hers for a long time since Spartacus came out. I met her at a meet and greet session and we became good friends. We shared a lot of common interests" It wasn't technically a lie.

The dinner continued, and Gavin continued plying Lily with alcohol. He knew that it wouldn't be easy to seduce her, so he needed as much help as he could get. He was careful to steer the conversation towards her and away from him. He focused on her life, as a daughter of a celebrity, as a famous actress in her own right and as a woman.

As the alcohol kept entering her system, Lily began to speak more openly about her dislike of her life and of the people around. Gavin just sat there and agreed, offering his own input and generally making himself seem likeable.

It worked, and Lily began to trust him more and more. They had finished their meal and moved to the sofas in the living room. As they sat nursing wine glasses, a bottle of almost empty pinot noir between them, Gavin sensed the time was right.

Once she had emptied her glass once again, he lifted up the bottle and acted as if he were going to pour it into her glass when he was really going to test if she was braless.

He poured the wine, but jerked his hand on purpose, causing some to splash onto her white top, showing her rock hard nipples very clearly.

Gavin quickly grabbed a packet of wet tissues and passed them to her before turning away from her, seemingly embarrassed. In reality, he was grateful that she was drunk and braless, and that he was wearing tight fitting jeans with not much room at the crotch area to show his rock hard erection.

When he turned around, Lily was blushing and still trying to clean the stain off of her top. Gavin looked at her closer and realised that she wasn't just blushing: she was crying! He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close, asking her what was wrong.

As she cried, she said that the top had been a gift from one of her ex-boyfriends who broke up with her. She had loved him deeply, but he broke her heart. She wore the top to remember the good times, but when it was stained it was like saying that it was all over.

Gavin was extremely confused by her logic, but decided to make use of it. He guessed that studying drama too much made one into an illogical mess. In Lily's case, she was an illogical but hot mess, someone he was only too glad to help.

Gavin quietly consoled her and held off giving her more alcohol. He needed her drunk but conscious enough to have sex with and remember the occasion. He wasn't the best guy in the world, but he drew the line at fucking an unconscious girl.

As she cried and cried, Gavin pulled her even closer and hugged her. He brought one hand up to her head and gently brushed tears off her cheeks and brushed her hair behind ear. He whispered softly "I know he broke your heart. I know you love him. But sometimes you just have to let go..."

Slowly, Lily stopped crying and held on to him tightly. Lily stuttered out "I just want to forget him... Could you please...?"

Gavin pulled away and looked her in the eyes, seeing how much she needed the sex. Wow, he thought. This is much easier than I thought it would be. He stood up and gently lifted her up and carried her to Katrina's spare bedroom. He lay her down there and told her "If you're sure you want this, then we'll do it. Once we start, I can't guarantee I'll be able to stop."

Lily looked at him and stripped of her hoodie and tanktop to reveal her 32B breasts with brown areolas and stiff but small nipples, in line with her slightly more petite frame. Her breasts were still perky, unaffected by gravity. There wasn't a single hint of sag on her body, different from sll the other women he'd fucked.

Gavin began to unbutton his shirt but was stopped by Lily stretching her arms out and doing it for him. He stared at the way her pale, perfect arms moved. The way her pale breasts bounced with each movement she made.

Once his shirt was off, he pushed her gently on to the bed and began to kiss her slowly, gently. He wasn't trying to fuck her into oblivion. He was making love to her, consoling her and helping her forget. It was different from what he did with the other women, but he was sure that this was the right approach to take.

He kissed her and pressed his body down on her, his chest pressing down on her firm, perky breasts. As he continued to make out with her, he felt her hands going around his neck and pulling him in to kiss her more deeply. As he did so, he felt the way that their nipples rubbed against each other, eliciting a moan from Lily.

His hands went from the back of her neck to the button on her jeans. He quickly unbuttoned it and unzipped her jeans, pulling the tight, form-fitting jeans down her legs. He began to kiss his way from her lips, down to her neck, to her breasts and eventually just above the line of her panties.

She was wearing red panties, a very conservative kind that left as little exposed as possible while still classifying itself as feminine. As he kissed her neck and her breasts, making sure to gently suck on her nipples and lick her exposed titflesh very gently, Lily felt a wet spot forming on her panties.

When he reached her panties, he gently pulled them off and saw the small mound of trimmed brown pubic hair that formed an inverted triangle. He tossed her panties aside and brought his face to her pussy lips, preparing to tongue her to a climax.

Lily looked down at him nervously. She just met him a few hours ago but already they were engaging in sex. Her hands crossed over breasts, covering them. That is, until he began his work.

As he licked her clit and sucked on her cunt, Lily began to moan out. All apprehension she had faded away and her hands switched from her covering her breasts to fondling them. Her legs began to writhe over the bedsheets.

Gavin made use of his hands to gently prise her pussy lips open even more so that he could lick even deeper inside her pussy. By this time, she was leaking profusely, a clear sign of her arousal.

Gavin enjoyed lapping up her juices, they were sweet, just like the lady he was licking out. Lily moaned out, louder this time. "Ohhhh yea... That's the spot... Keep going...!"

Gavin gently bit down on her pussy lips, causing Lily's hands to shift from her breasts down to his head. She gripped his hair and tried pressing him deeper into her cunt. She crossed her legs against the back of head, trying to make him go deeper and bring her more pleasure.

Lily had already forgotten how heart broken she was. It was hard to stay sad when she was so caught up in the pleasure he was bringing to her.

Gavin enjoyed knowing that he was able to make her react this way, and so he doubled his efforts. He was a man who was all too happy to please.

He began to include his thumbs in the foreplay, trying his best to get her off. He stimulated her clit with his thumbs and licked up her pussy juices, using his tongue to stroke her walls at the same time.

Eventually, his ministrations brought her over the edge and she came. Hard.

All her juices squirted out of her pussy and right into his waiting mouth. The sweet fluids filled his mouth again and again. He swallowed it down as quickly as he could, refusing to let any of it go to waste.

Lily's body arched up and she screamed out loud "OH FUCK ME!!" The vice-like grip of her legs on his neck tightened and she felt her cunt contract again and again on his tongue that was still lodged inside her vagina.

As her orgasm subsided, her body sank back flat onto the bed, her legs fell on top of Gavin's prone body, and her hands fell to her side. Her body was coated in a light layer of sweat, making her body shine in the dim light of the small lamp that was turned on in the room.

He continued to lick her pussy, causing small aftershocks to run through her body, making her spasm even after she had finished cumming. Eventually, he rose up to his knees, stripped off his jeans and underwear and moved forward to straddle her hips. He bent at the waist again and began to kiss her, sweetly, softly and slowly.

Lily returned the kiss, and got lost in it. She tasted the sweetness of her liquid that remained on his lips, felt the slight roughness of his lips gently grazing hers. Her arms went under his arms to his back, her fingers gently pressing into his back.

Gavin's hand's went back to framing her perfect face as he lined his rock hard cock up with her still wet pussy. His fingers brushed through her thick eyebrows and as he pressed his head against her lips, he broke the kiss to look at her for permission to carry on.

Her only reply was to pull him in again to continue their kiss, so he took that as her permission to continue. He shifted his arms to go under hers, to lift her up by her shoulderblades. He pulled her in tightly so their bodies were perfectly pressed together, his chest against her breasts, his lips against her lips, and he enveloped her in a tight hug.

His right hand went down to her ass, and he gently groped her left ass cheek as he began to push in to her vagina. His left hand stroked up and down her neck, getting tangled in her long hair.

As his manhood pushed its way into her vagina, Lily began to moan into the kiss. Her hands roamed up and down his back, stroking him, telling him to keep going. He kept pushing in against her tight walls.

Every inch of headway he made caused Lily's moans to reach new heights. Eventually, she broke the kiss and began to groan out loud in a display of sheer pleasure. "OH GOD YES GAVIN. OH GOD YES. KEEP GOING! DON'T STOP!"

Of course he kept going, desperate to please. Eventually he was all in, and Lily felt more full than she had in a long time. The presence of a rock hard cock in her pussy was almost enough to make cum.

Gavin paused for a moment and said in a rough voice "You're so fucking hot and tight Lily."

This brought a smile to Lily's lips just as he began to pull out and thrust back in. He moved slowly at first, determined to be as gentle as possible. He wanted her so mesmerised by the sex that she chose to join his harem.

As he thrusted slowly, his head went down to her breasts and he began to lick at the valley formed between her two lovely tits. It was an area not often touched, so it was extremely sensitive. The stimulation, combined with the dick in her cunt and her intoxicated state was more than enough to make her cum again.

Gavin chose that exact moment to speed up his thrusts to prolong her orgasm. He thrust in again and again, faster and faster, deeper and deeper in spite of the increased tightness of her cunt.

His head rose from her breasts to gaze at Lily's lovely face. He imprinted the image in his memory. Pale, perfect skin, mouth slightly open, sweat sliding down her face, eyes half open. Orgasmic bliss written all over her face.

Lily was screaming out from her climax, her fingernails digging in to Gavin's back, leaving scratch marks on his back. He didn't mind the pain at all, in fact he enjoyed it.

He continued to thrust in to her and eventually her climax ended and she was left as limp as a rag doll. As he fucked her, he felt her walls contracting randomly on his dick, and this greatly strained his endurance.

Finally, when Lily recovered from her post-orgasmic bliss, leaned in closer to him and whispered, a sexy and slutty tone in her innocent voice, while looking him straight in the eye "I want to make you cum", he came. He penetrated all the way into her vagina, and released his cum.

He painted her walls white with his cum, filling her vagina with his sperm. He forgot about pulling out and birth control entirely, and simply lost himself in how amazing it felt to cum inside Lily Collins' tight, young pussy, filling up her young, fertile womb.

Lily was pushed to the edge and almost came again, but wasn't quite able to achieve her 3rd climax. As Gavin came down from his high, he realised that his manhood was still ready for action.

He pulled out of her vagina and turned her onto her front, pressing his chest against ger back, burying her tits underneath their bodies, and asked "Are you okay with anal?" Lily replied by gripping her ass cheeks and pulling them apart to reveal her anus.

Gavin lined his cock up with her backdoor and began to slowly push inside. If her vagina was tight, her ass was even tighter. He felt the way that her sphincter muscle squeezed on each part of his cock as it worked its way in to her ass.

It was a struggle to keep himself from cumming, but he knew that he needed to help Lily reach her 3rd climax or she wouldn't join him on his mission. He forced himself not to cum, and he kept pushing before finally bottoming out in her ass.

He waited a moment to let her get used to it. While he had been going in, Lily had been gritting her teeth and tightly squeezing her firm ass cheeks. Her grip had been so tight that red marks could be seen where her fingers had been.

When he finally stopped moving, she let out a gasp and began to pant. She had clearly been holding her breath. She continued to o gasp. That is, until he began moving. His hands snaked under her body to grab and massage her breasts. His cock started to move in her ass.

He would thrust in and out, sometimes gyrating his hips in circles. He was trying his very best to make her cum with his dick in her ass and from the sound of her moans and groans getting louder, he was succeeding.

He rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. With the added help of gravity, his dick went deeper than before. He sat upright and shifted his hands to below her thighs.

He lifted her up and let gravity slam her back down on to his cock. It was slightly painful for Lily, but she grew to enjoy it. Her hands left her ass and one hand went to stimulate her pussy while the other went to her left breast.

As she fondled herself and felt his cock stimulating her pussy through the membrane separating her pussy and her ass, she reached her 3rd orgasm.

She interlocked her fingers behind her head and screamed out. Her back arched and her ass ground itself against his dick. Her breasts bounced freely, an eye-catching magnificent site. The way the sweat would fly off her bouncing tits was mesmerising.

He continued his trusts in to her, but her climax had caused her sphincter muscle to contract even tighter, bringing him to climax as well.

As he pushed in to her and came inside her ass, his head fell to her right armpit where he began to kiss and lick her. He tasted the saltiness of her sweat, and the sweetness that was on the skin of Lily Collins.

He spurted out his semen into her, just as she spurted out her cum on to his thighs. Finally, they were both tapped out and Lily fell back against Gavin's chest, panting heavily.

In the afterglow of their sexual encounter, Lily panted out a question he was only too happy to answer "When can we do this again?"

Gavin lay down on the bed and pulled his cock out of her ass to turn her around to face him. "Anytime you want" was his reply. As he felt himself growing hard again, he thrust back into Lily's pussy and began to fuck her once again.

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