tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Head Cases Pt. 01

Celebrity Head Cases Pt. 01


May 27th, 2015

Private parties are ten a penny in Los Angeles. Barely an evening passes without neatly hair-styled, teeth whitened movie stars piling into a lavishly decorated Beverly Hills mansion, sipping champagne whilst they mingle amongst tuxedo-clad producers, in hope of landing that next big film role. As a waiter for the Hollywood-based outfit Anderson Catering Company, I am as staple a fixture at said functions as cocaine and rhinoplasties, and at this particular celebrity gathering I have been assigned the role of barman.

Tonight's gig, I should point out, is the after party for the premiere of action disaster flick San Andreas, held at the large, luxury home of some big shot producer or other. I'd be lying if I said I had much intention of watching the film in question as, for me- and call me a cinema snob if you will- watching Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson running from an earthquake as it devastates California doesn't exactly constitute great entertainment.

The movie, however, does have one (or, more accurately; two) things going for it, in the rather shapely form of Mr 'Rock'-Johnson's onscreen daughter Alexandra Daddario. And while I'm sure the busty brunette is the undisputed highlight of the film, she is, likewise, the standout feature of its premiere party. I watch on as she swans around the sizable living room, moving smoothly from guest to guest; broad, shiny toothed smile permanently affixed to her cute face. She sweetens producer after producer with her charm and beauty, being sure to get in their good graces for when that next big film part is up for grabs.

However, while Alexandra's motivation is evident; to network with as many important looking people as possible, I can tell she has one of her pretty blue eyes on something else as well: me. I notice the curvy starlet stealing the occasional glance in my direction, playing it cool, but making it clear; she wants me. Stuck as I am behind the freshly polished oak surface of the bar, it's on the brunette to make the first move and, as the evening begins to wind down, I spot her making an approach.

She looks simply stunning; her chestnut brown locks hanging about her shoulders, dark mascara bringing out the piercing sapphire blue's of her eyes, dark red lipstick coating her plump set of lips. Her outfit, I'm pleased to say, leaves very little to the imagination; a cropped, snug fitting black dress, cut at the centre in a V that plunges all the way down to near her navel, slicing alluringly across her large, full breasts- the shapely, milky white sides of the big, bulging pair on display like twin half moons. The actress looks so gorgeous, in fact, that my dick swells in my pants just from looking at her; producing, as it often does, a large, cylindrical bulge within the thin black fabric.

"Miss Daddario," I say as she steps up to the bar.

"Hi, there...," Alexandra replies with a sultry smirk, prompting me to offer my name.

"Jake," I respond.

"Nice to meet you, Jake," grins the curvy brunette, sexual tension thick in the air like cigar smoke.

"Nice to meet you too. Can I get you anything to drink?" I offer.

"I'm good," she declines politely. "What I'm really after is something to eat," she declares, her azure eyes wandering less than discreetly down to the big, protruding lump in my trousers. "Any idea where I could find something?" she asks, cocking a neatly plucked brow suggestively.

I quickly scan the room in search of the prying eyes of my boss Wayne. Spotting him at the far end, sucking up to a circle of producer types, I deem it safe to turn up the heat. "Hmm," I reply, "you know, I think I saw some food upstairs. Something thick, long and meaty. Is that what you were after?"

"Mmmm," murmurs the hazel haired beauty in response, "that sounds like just the ticket."

"Great. Well maybe I should show you where it is."

"Maybe you should."

I abandon my post quicker than an army lookout spotting the telltale red dot of an enemy sniper. Alexandra and I dart across the room and up the cream carpeted stairwell. I poke my head around the doorway of an open bedroom, making sure it's empty before I flick on the light.

"I believe it was in here," I announce, ushering the voluptuous starlet into the room, following in behind her and shutting the door.

"So, just where is this long, thick piece of meat then?" she asks, with a sexy, exaggerated pucker of her pouty scarlet lips.

"Right in here," I reply, pointing down to my crotch with a lengthy index finger.

"Ooooh, yes!" Alexandra exclaims, excitedly. "There it is," she adds, lurching forward and stroking the bulge in my pants with a soft, feminine paw. "Why don't you take a seat?" she suggests, lightly pushing against my sculpted chest with her other hand.

Her nudge is light and playful, but with enough force generated from her toned, muscular arm to send me stumbling back toward the luxury king size bed behind me. I land in a heap atop the plush, comfy mattress; my legs over the edge, my arms at my sides, grinning in anticipation of what's to come. The brunette drops to her knees before me, wasting no time in unwrapping my package, like it's an Amazon parcel she's just received in the mail.

Alexandra unbuckles my belt with her nimble, expertly decorated fingers and undoes the top button of my pants. She smirks, looking up at me with her gorgeous aquamarine eyes as she slowly, teasingly unzips my fly. She slides her lengthy nailed fingers into my pants and under the waistband of my boxer briefs and begins to smoothly tug down both of the unwanted garments. The buxom actress inches down my pants and underwear in one, revealing first my neatly sheared bush of pubes, then the base of my thick shaft, her pretty eyes widening as she marvels at the sheer girth of my oversized manhood.

She continues to guide my pesky clothes down my bulky thighs, uncovering inch after inch of my fat, veiny dick, licking her plump, cherry red lips in anticipation of tasting the big, chubby member. Finally the brunette reaches the summit, my thick, long cock springing upward as she tugs the elasticated waistband of my boxers past the swollen, golf ball sized head; my manhood standing tall, rigid and upright like the Eiffel Tower.

"Wow!" gushes the curvy starlet. "This is exactly what I was looking for!"

Alexandra doesn't stop there and pulls my pants and underwear down my musclebound thighs, revealing my large, bulging testicles, hanging between my legs like a set of flesh wrecking balls. She tugs my clothes down past my knees and lets the designer garbs pool at my feet. I kick off my shoes and step out of my clothes, kicking them to one side, leaving the passage between my legs clear for the chesty brunette to do her work.

The horny actress crawls between my thighs, glancing up at me seductively as she does so. She starts at my balls, parting her lips and wrapping the thick, bee stung pair around one of my swollen nuts, suckling upon the round, fleshy orb like it's a large butter candy. She slathers the big, bulging ball in oodles of her thick, warm spittle, before releasing it with a loud POP sound and switching to the other.

She places her hands atop my firm, meaty thighs as she sees to my balls; sucking on the large, swollen pair and basting them with her slick spittle. My cock flops back and forth as the skilled brunette works over my big, shaven gonads, like someone is operating the long, stiff member from another room via remote control.

"Hmmhmm," murmurs Alexandra, "looks like he's kinda excited, huh?"

"Uh huh," I coo by way of response.

"He's not the only one," the brunette declares, her pretty features forming a sultry smirk, as she takes my fat, engorged cockhead gently between her immaculately decorated thumb and forefinger to keep my twitching manhood steady.

My balls are literally dripping with saliva as Alexandra moves onto my dick, the stacked celeb running just the very tip of her tongue slowly, painstakingly up the underside of my girthy shaft, from the base right up to the bugling crown. A small puddle of sticky precum has formed in the spread open tip of my cock, which the randy brunette quickly cleans up with her tongue. Next, she grips my pole firmly at the hilt with a smooth, moisturized hand, letting me know in no uncertain terms; my dick is now her's and will remain so until further notice.

Alexandra puts both her smooth, dainty paws to good use, stroking my thick shaft with one and kneading my big, spit shined nuts with the other. She parts her plump, scarlet lips and wraps them around my cockhead, engulfing the entirety of the fat, swollen crown in a single pass. The bosomy actress puckers her already full lips around the first couple of inches of my shaft as she laps at the tip, enthusiastically licking up the precum which continues to ooze from my manhood like sap from a Douglas fir.

She starts to bob her head, her pouty, bee stung lips polishing my lengthy shaft, caking the thick, chubby member in her saliva. Her silky chestnut hair brushes back and forth across her broad, fitness model-esque shoulders with every pass she takes, her cherry red lips venturing up and down my cock like an elevator in a busy apartment block. She generates an ungodly amount of saliva within her fantastic mouth and, soon enough, the thick, warm liquid is coating nearly every inch of my big, fat dick, not to mention dripping from the shaft onto the tops of her whopping great breasts. The curvy brunette fondles my balls with one expert hand while she brings the other up toward her busy mouth, guiding the delicate, lotioned paw up and down just below her lips; her hand traveling back and forth across the shaft with consummate ease due to the copious slick, wet saliva now coating nigh on every inch of my fat, long pole.

Alexandra blows and jerks, sucks and strokes my cock like a champ; her soft, skilled hand and full, pouty lips moving up and down my manhood in inch perfect unison. She ventures further down my lengthy member with each pass, until there is no room for her hand. The buxom actress returns her dainty, velvet paw to my thigh, the other still fondling my nutsack with a deftness of touch that is second to none. With the remaining few inches of my thick, chubby shaft now free, Alexandra sets about making them disappear, just as she has with the lion's share of my long, girthy cock.

She swallows down inch after inch, groaning with appreciation of my lengthy manhood and producing choking noises so dirty and wanton, it would sound to an eavesdropper as though the lusty starlet was attempting to eat me alive and enjoying every second of it. It doesn't take long for her to dispose of my penis, and Alexandra retains the long, chunky member between her lips for some time, drooling and slobbering over it like a dog with a bone. I moan and coo as the brown haired babe devours my cock, letting a curious hand roam down towards her ample chest, and grabbing a pawful of soft, dough-like breast meat through the thin fabric of her expensive nightgown.

"Mmm!" Alexandra groans as I fondle her large, full breast, finally releasing my dick from her mouth like a waterboarded hostage. "Like those big juggies do ya, baby?" she asks as she comes up for some much needed air.

"Fuck yeah, I do!" I reply with an impish grin.

"Hmm," the chesty actress smirks back, "then maybe I should give you a better look."

She slides two lengthy nailed index fingers under the top hem of her dress and, in one swift motion, whips the designer garment down, her big, shapely D cup boobs spilling out like large, ripe melons from a grocery bag. Alexandra cups the creamy white undersides of her breasts, supporting the full, weighty pair with the might of her toned, muscular arms, jiggling and bouncing them up and down like she's juggling a set of beanbags.

"You want me fuck you with these titties, big boy?" she enquires, her voice so sultry and saccharine sweet I'd probably stick pins in my dick if asked to in such a manner.

While she awaits my reply, the busty brunette angles one of her heavy, wobbling tits up toward her mouth and wraps her thick, juicy lips around the large, pink areola, sucking on her own puffy, stiff nipple like it's a sweet, sugary pear drop. My cock, again, flops uncontrollably from side to side as I watch Alexandra's professional stripper-like tease; the endowed actress releasing the big, bulging breast from her mouth with a loud pucker of her plump red lips.

"Please," I reply, laying back, assuming the position, propping my head up with a pillow so I can watch the oral mistress at work.

The actress leans over me wrapping her titanic titties around my manhood; the large pair engulfing the fat, long member like soft, doughy buns around a succulent Frankfurter. My cock fits between the massive, milky white chest mounds like it was made to measure; the entirety of my lengthy shaft buried inside the mass of breast meat like hidden treasure, with just the swollen, ping pong ball-sized head sticking out the top like an inquisitive weasel.

"That dick feel good between these big titties, baby?" she asks in a catlike purr, looking up at me with a flutter of her long, mascara coated eyelashes, as she begins to guide her huge, heaving chesticles up and down the length of my shaft.

"Shit, yeah!" I groan in response, tucking a muscular arm behind my head; adopting the classic blowjob recipient's pose.

Alexandra envelops my fat, engorged cockhead with her full red lips, while she bangs me with her big, bouncing boobs. She showcases multitasking skills which are nothing short of phenomenal; managing to suck at my swollen crown, tongue at the dripping tip and guide her fabulous funbags up and down my shaft at the same time, performing every act with the skill and expertise of a large chested pornstar.

The bosomy brunette drools lovingly over my bulging dickhead; her thick, wet saliva trickling down my shaft and into the deep chasm between her enormous tits, glazing not only my long pole, but also the sides of her jumping, jiggling juggies in volumes upon volumes of spittle. Alexandra releases my thick, round cockhead from between her lips and shoots out her tongue to lap eagerly at the tip, enthusiastically licking up the precrum which continues to seep from the open slit, while she ventures those colossal flesh coconuts up and down my shaft, from the thick base, right up to the sensitive head. I can feel my dick twitch, throb and quiver with every lick from the tip of her soft, moist tongue, every smooth, expertly timed pass of her big, full breasts. I feel the cum churning in my bulging balls and beginning to ascend up my thick shaft, seemingly desperate to make its escape.

"Fuck!" I groan in warning. "I'm gonna cum!"

The brunette, it appears, has different ideas, quickly releasing my dick from her large, spit soaked chest, allowing the poor, pulsing member to stand to attention, like a lone army cadet, separated from his platoon. My cock stands perfectly rigid, the thick, engorged head throbbing like it could shoots its goo at any given moment.

"Uh uh uh!" she says with a smirk and a wag of an neatly manicured finger. "Not 'til I say."

Alexandra is in complete control of my dick; as though she's been playing it this whole time like it's a woodwind instrument, making it do what she wants it to and when and, sure enough, as per her warning, my impending ejaculate retreats like the remnants of a defeated battalion. The endowed actress returns to my balls, placing her hands on my thighs as she suckles upon the round, swollen gonads one by one, my cock flopping back and forth like the expert oralist is controlling it with her mind.

The randy starlet moves back up to my cock, kneading the bulbous, flesh golf ball of a head with a silky, moisturized paw, her other hand fondling my dripping, spit shined nuts. She turns her pretty head to the side and wraps her lips around the base, before guiding the pouty, bee stung pair up and down the length of my oversized member. Next, Alexandra takes my twitching, quivering dick back into her mouth. She envelops the crown and swiftly ventures those full, cherry colored lips up and down my shaft, still fondling my nutsack with one skilled hand, while the other jerks off the length of shaft not occupied by her marvelous mouth. The busty brunette works me over like an experience pro; sucking, slurping, stroking, jerking, fondling. She reels off every trick and technique in her extensive oral repertoire; deepthroating my dick, lapping at the underside with her tongue, licking at the tip and encircling the head.

"Oh, fuck!" I coo in a soft, breathy voice, my tender penis throbbing and pulsing with every lick of her wet tongue, every stroke and caress of her smooth, masterful hands.

"You ready to come, big boy?" asks Alexandra, her sweet, sultry tone almost enough to make me blow all by itself.

"Uh huh," I pant in response, physically straining in an effort to hold back the semen tidal wave stirring in my ballsack.

"OK," the actress replies with a sly, cunning grin, "I think I'll allow it this time. Where you wanna do it, huh?" she asks, a slightly mocking tone to her soft, sexy voice, as if she knows she's been in complete control of this oral encounter from the second her tongue touched my dick.

"I wanna come on those tits," I declare, sitting up and reaching down to squeeze one of her large, perky breasts.

"Oh yeah, you wanna shoot that thick load over these big juggies, do ya?" asks Alexandra, cupping them from below and jiggling the full, bulging set up and down invitingly.

"Fuck yeah!" I smirk in response.

"Come on then, big boy," she says, crossing her toned, bicep laden arms under her huge, heaving boobs and thrusting them upwards, offering her fragrant, milky white tit flesh as a canvas to paint with my hot, sticky spunk, "cum on these breasts!"

I rise to my feet and stand over Alexandra, stroking my long, girthy cock wildly, pointing the wide open tip at her ample bosom, while the stacked starlet reels off a series of cooed words of encouragement, each designed to bring about my impending orgasm.

"Gimme that cum!" she purrs. "Shoot it over my big, fat tits!"

I'm stroking my dick like my ejaculate is infectious and must be expelled from my person as soon as possible. I jerk my sensitive, twitching, throbbing cock vigorously until suddenly it explodes like a hand grenade; a thick jet of hot, off white semen shooting from the head and splashing across Alexandra's left breast.

"Ooo, yeah!" groans the buxom actress as the first blast of spunk hits her chest, her glistening, aquamarine eyes each fluttering slightly with delight as the warm, creamy goo splatters against her smooth, exfoliated skin. "That's nice! Got any more in there, baby?"

Still jerking off like a randy teenage boy, I am my dick at her right titty, spraying a second torrent of thick, virile jism across the creamy white, satin skin of her large, bulging chest.

"Mmm, yeah! I like that!" Alexandra declares, closing her pretty eyes, enjoying the warmth and texture of my hot, gooey seed over her titanic tits.

I aim my still spewing pole in all directions across her boobs, like a firefighter tackling a blazing inferno, splashing glutenous dollops of off white jism across her sizable bosom until, finally, I am done, globs of hot semen dripping down the brunette's breasts. I pant and gasp like I've just run a marathon, as Alexandra grips my dick at the base once more. She looks up at me, a naughty, mischievous grin stretching across her cute face, the implication clear; we're not done yet, not by a long shot. God, I have the best job in the world!

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Alexandra Daddario Only Fucks Black Men Only, You Loser

Alexandra Daddario Only Fucks Black Men Only, You Loser

So Dream on

She only does BBC in her private life and Trey Songz made her drink his piss and she swallowed.

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