tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Jerk-A-Thon Ch. 03

Celebrity Jerk-A-Thon Ch. 03


During the few minutes interruption while the twins were cleaning their hands, a distinct commotion was heard from somewhere in the deeper ranks of the crowd. As the two sisters resumed their place on the stage, it was apparent that something peculiar was happening.

From their vantage point on the stage Mary Kate and Ashley soon found themselves laughing heartily at the unlikely sight that greeted them. Walking up toward the stage from the middle of the audience, who now stepped back to witness the humiliating sight, was Natalie Portman, leading her younger brother toward the twins with one hand wrapped tightly around his penis. He was completely nude and protesting every step of the way. James grimaced as his stepsister pulled him forward through the leering group of women, his prick completely at her mercy.

Once Natalie had reached the edge of the stage she released her stepbrother and spoke to the twins. "I found him jerking off in the tent back there, so I thought I'd volunteer him for your show!"

The 18-year-old James stood petrified in front of Mary Kate and Ashley and the howling crowd around him. Every time he tried to cover up his genitals, Natalie slapped him hard on the hands.

"Bring him up here," Ashley instructed Natalie. She then turned to the orchestra conductor. "Start the music."

The band quickly tore into an old disco song called "Disco Inferno" as Craig and Barney strode onstage in a sky-blue and emerald-green bikini, respectively. The sight of the two tall and very handsome men drove the women crazy.

"Yes! Yes!" screamed Courtney Cox, clapping her hands together in time with the beat.

Many other celebrities started dancing to the song as they watched Craig and Barney glide across the stage in perfect time with the music. Both men had once worked the seedy stripper clubs in Amsterdam and had been headliners at the world-renowned Lido de Paris cabaret located on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. For several years they had honed their dancing skills in these disparate venues, bringing their original CFNM routines to admiring female crowds. Barney was by far the better dancer, but Craig possessed that inimitable quality of rough and boyish male charm that endeared him to women, so much so that many females well past their prime of life took to mothering him onstage, often fighting each other quite fiercely when it came time to masturbate him in front of the audience. But now, despite his native charm and Barney's adeptness, it was James who proceeded to take center stage.

The audience clapped and cheered as Natalie led James up onto the stage by his penis. The boy struggled to get free but Natalie was determined to make him pay for his indiscretion. She managed to get him within a few feet of Ashley and Mary Kate, who found the whole thing amusing.

"Hi James," Mary Kate said to the embarrassed boy. "Do you like being led around by your cock?"

"No!" he replied vehemently.

"Well then maybe you would like to join our dancers, Craig and Barney."

"I can't dance."

Natalie tugged him hard. "Don't lie you little shit. You know you can dance."

"Really?" Mary Kate said to James. "Well, go ahead and join the boys. I'm sure they won't mind."

James shook his head. "I don't want to dance."

"You either dance or I'll rip your fucking cock off!" Natalie said angrily. "You wanted to jerk off, now go ahead and do it!"

With that she pushed her stepbrother toward Craig and Barney, who encouraged the boy to come and join them.

"Come on man," Barney said, addressing the shamefaced lad. "Come on and join the party."

"Ashley," Craig said. "There are some extra bikinis in the tent. He can put one of them on."

"Sure," Ashley replied. "No problem."

"You heard him," Natalie said to James. "Go in there and put on that bikini and get out here fast." James hesitated, not sure if he should follow her advice or try to make a run for it. "I'll punch you right in the nuts if you don't move!"

"Do as your sister tells you," Ashley advised him. "Come on. It's all in good fun."

James looked at the lovely twin suspiciously, but seeing his stepsister now tensing her fingers into a fist, he decided to do as he was told.

"Okay, okay," he said as he took a few steps toward the tent. "I'm going."

As he walked away Natalie grabbed Ashley's arm. "He's not a bad guy really. It's just that he has a bad habit of jerking off in front of my friends. He does it all the time. It's like a fucking disease."

Ashley gave Mary Kate a sideward glance before answering. "Well, maybe this will cure him of that problem."

"I don't see how. I'm just doing it to punish him."

"Do you think he'll be able to get an erection with his attitude?" Mary Kate asked Natalie.

"Oh, believe me, he'll get hard all right," Natalie assured her. "Even if I have to beat the shit out of him."
Mary Kate shrugged. "Ah, I don't think that's going to help him cum, Natalie. Why don't you leave it to Ashley and me."

"Fine. Just make sure he does it. I want everyone here to see what a pervert he really is."

Natalie hastily walked off the stage and rejoined her friends. Just as she left, James came onstage wearing a bright red bikini, which brought a few howls of laughter but mostly appreciation from the crowd. There was no denying that the young man looked quite sexy in the skimpy piece of material.

"How's it hanging, baby?" Christina Ricci screamed at him over the din of the crowd.

"Come over here, man," Barney said to James, reaching out his hand to the reluctant dancer. "Just you follow what Craig and I do and you're gonna be just fine."

At first James just stood there timidly while the two men danced around him. But seeing that Barney and Craig were in earnest, he took the black man's hand and began to follow both men's dance steps. Within a few minutes it appeared as if he were part of the show.

"Way to go bro!" Barney said, watching James successfully imitate his own complicated steps. "You're getting the hang of it!"

The three men now stood side-by-side center stage, shaking their hips in unison at the adoring crowd.

"You see," Craig said to James. "The women aren't laughing at you anymore."

"Yeah," Barney added. "You're like a regular James Brown!"

James was thrilled. Moments before he was reluctant to even attempt dancing with the two seasoned pros. But now he was flying around the stage as if he were truly part of the act. That he picked up the dance steps so quickly was not wasted on Natalie.

"I had no idea the fucking brat was that talented," she admitted to Claudia Schiffer, who was thoroughly enjoying the show.

"Well, now you know!" the beautiful blond exclaimed. " I think he's great!"

"You do?"

"Oh, come on, Natalie. He's sexy as hell. I'd do him myself."

The song was now nearing its end. Barney indicated to James that he was to pull down his bikini as soon as the song ended. James, now feeling energized and confident, was ready.

As the final chord of the song rang out, all three men quickly removed their bikinis and threw them out into the audience. The women went scrambling for the tiny pieces of cloth.

"Okay ladies," Ashley yelled into the microphone. "Whoever gets the bikinis has to come up here and dance with the strippers!"

After a brief scuffle that resulted in some people being hurled to the ground, three women emerged victorious: Brooke Shields, Jennifer Lopez and, to James' dismay, his stepsister Natalie.

"Shit!" the young man said to Craig and Barney. "Don't let my stepsister get her hands on me, guys. I think she's after my nuts."

Both men laughed.

"Don't worry about it," Barney said. "She ain't gonna do nothin' bad to you now. Everybody loves you."

"Exactly," Craig added, reassuringly. "Just shoot off a huge load for these babes and you'll have them eating out of your hand."

James didn't appear too convinced, but he felt much more secure now that Craig and Barney were at his side. He stood between the two men still facing the crowd, the first stirrings of lust starting to fulminate in his groin.

Mary Kate and Ashley welcomed the three celebrities onto the stage.

"Okay," Ashley said to the women. "Whoever got the color bikini the guy was wearing, gets the guy!"

Brooke had caught Barney's bikini, so she moved toward him holding her trophy high in the air. Jennifer had caught Craig's bikini, so she now waltzed over to where he was standing and put one arm around him. And that left Natalie.

James felt his heart skip a beat when his stepsister twirled his tiny red bikini on the end of her finger, looking as if she were going to kill him.

"Give me a break, Ashley," Natalie said with a sour expression. "If I knew this I wouldn't have bothered trying to get this stupid bikini."

"What's the problem, Natalie?" Ashley retorted. "All you have to do is dance with the guy. That's all."

Natalie thought about it for a moment. "Well, he did do a good job."

"He was fucking excellent!" Mary Kate reminded her.

Natalie looked at her stepbrother as he stood nonchalantly next to the other two men. There could be no denying that his young and firm body was exquisitely sculpted and oddly alluring. Although she often openly derided him for his perverse ways, she could not help the fact that she secretly lusted after him. "You know," she said, "that little fucker doesn't look half bad. Okay, I'll dance with him."

As she approached James he almost expected her to fling his bikini at him. But she did no such thing. Much to his surprise, his stepsister threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"You danced really good, you little fuck," she said to him.

James couldn't believe what he was hearing, but suddenly he was grinning from ear to ear. "Really?" he asked. "Do you mean it?"

"Yes, I mean it. Now shut up and start dancing."

"Maestro!" Ashley called out. "Let the music play!"

The orchestra started playing another old-time disco song performed originally by KC and the Sunshine Band called "Get Down Tonight". Within seconds the entire audience was grooving to the beat.

The three couples seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Brooke's tall, slender body provided the perfect dancing partner for the 6' 2" Barney, who twirled her around the stage in a frenzy, her long blond mane trailing behind her. And Jennifer was equally happy to dance with Craig, every now and then slapping his ass in time to the beat. Even Natalie, who was initially reluctant to dance with James, now found herself absorbed in the music, allowing her stepbrother to lead in the dance.

"You're much better than I thought," Natalie said to him as they danced energetically across the stage.

"You're quite a good dancer yourself," James replied.

By the time the song was nearly over, Natalie had come to a new realization about her stepbrother: she found that her latent feelings of desire for him were not some illusory will 'o the wisp imaginings, but stunningly real. As such, she began to relish every moment his muscular, sexy body made contact with hers, even finding herself purposely drawing him closer to her every chance she got. At first she was perplexed by her own behavior, but soon surrendered herself to her lust for him, at one point being so bold as to kiss him passionately on the mouth.

"What was that all about?" James asked, startled.

"Did you like it?" she asked, tightening her arms around him.

"You know I did."

They continued to dance for the remainder of the song in each other's arms, heedless of the other two couples, their hosts, and the animated crowd. The constant close contact with his stepsister got James terribly aroused and when the song finally ended he had to turn his back to the audience, embarrassed by his huge erection.

Natalie laughed. "No need to hide that, little brother. Look!"

She pointed to Barney and Craig, both of whom were sporting giant erections of their own. James took one look at the massive phalluses of the two men and felt intimidated, even with his own prodigious 10-inch tool.

"Those guys make me look small," he complained, refusing to face the audience.

"Oh, for Christ's sake!" Natalie said dismissively. "You have nothing to be ashamed of. Now turn around!"

Sensing his hesitation, Natalie quickly reached for his erect penis and pulled gently on it, forcing him to face toward the audience. "There you go," she said. "You should be proud of your big fucking dick."

By this time, Brooke and Jennifer were openly fondling Barney and Craig's genitals, inviting Natalie to do the same with James.

"Come on, Natalie," Brooke said. "Give the guy a hand!"

"Yeah, come on!" Jennifer teased her. "Don't you want to watch these guys cum?"

"I do!" Mary Kate shouted. "I want to see some major ropes!"

Ashley chuckled. "You always want to see major ropes! How about it Natalie?"

The crowd had started to voice their encouragement for the multiple handjobs that were now being given and they wanted to see Natalie do her part as well.

"Give us the cream! Give us the cream!" Brittany Murphy demanded.

Soon the entire audience had taken up the chant.

"Wank him! Wank him!" Joan Collins screamed through a drunken stupor.

"Jerk him off!" cried Gwyneth Paltrow, standing alarming close to center stage and within range of the dancer's cum-swollen balls.

Brooke and Jennifer had by now stroked Barney and Craig to full erection, smiling satisfactorily at the speed at which they had each accomplished their task.

"For your information, ladies," Ashley said addressing the crowd. "Both Barney and Craig's cocks are exactly twelve and three quarter inches long. But we don't know how long James' cock is. Can you tell us Natalie?"

Without having to think about it too long, she replied: "Ten inches!"

"Wow!" Ashley remarked. "Not as big as the other guys but still pretty damn big! And can he shoot his cum a long ways?"

"That's what we're going to find out, Ashley."

"Excellent! Well, we all know that Craig and Barney can shoot like about 20 feet or something like that so you ladies in the front better watch out. Do you hear me, Gwyneth?"

The sultry star was too far drunk to really care what Ashley was trying to tell her. She just continued to stand her ground, rocking to and fro with a gin and coke in her hand. "I want to see some cream!" she yelled, trying to be heard above the din of the crowd.

"Oh, what the hell!" Natalie finally said, reaching for James' prick. "I hope you have a lot of cum stored up in those balls of yours!"

James was delighted when he felt his stepsister's hand on his cock. He hadn't had an opportunity to ejaculate in over four days and he was eager to shoot his load. He would never have imagined that it would be Natalie who would be doing the stroking.

"Just don't get any of your spunk on me," she warned him as she began to jerk his penis.

"I'll try not to," he said, dreamily, as he watched her long, lithe fingers gracefully, yet forcefully, traverse the entire length of his turgid prick in fluid-like motions.

"I can't believe I'm doing this—with my stepbrother of all people!"

Her stroking became more insistent with this admission.

"You're so beautiful," he said to her, meaning every word.

Natalie couldn't help but smile at him, knowing he was sincere. "Then I want you to prove how much you mean that by shooting out the biggest load of cum you ever produced. Can you do that for me?"

"I promise I'll do my best," he replied, his balls now climbing up high into his scrotum.

Mary Kate looked a trifle dejected as she watched Natalie masturbate her stepbrother. She had a little crush on the young man and was hoping to get her hands on his hefty cock. "Hey, Ash. I thought we were going to do the honors with Mr. Portman."

"I thought so too, but Natalie seems to be enjoying herself."

"I guess so. Well, it is kind of kinky being jerked off by your stepsister."

"They're not related by blood, Mary Kate."

"Yeah, I know. But it's still kind of kinky."

The twins looked on with immense satisfaction as Brooke, Jennifer and Natalie had now brought their men to the brink of orgasm.

"I guarantee Barney shoots off first," Mary Kate said as she watched the big black man throw his head back and howl.

Ashley laughed. "It's no wonder. Look at how fast Brooke's hands are moving. He's going to cream any second now."

And sure enough, a few seconds later Barney's big tool spurted out rope after rope of hot sperm into the audience. But before anyone had a chance to react to his copious multiple offerings, Craig started ejaculating too—huge streams of semen cascading beyond the footlights of the stage like a churning waterfall.

Jennifer was completely taken by surprise because Craig had given no warning that he was about to cum. Despite this, she continued to stroke him violently, provoking a series of wild climaxes that shot out in the crowd to meet with Barney's own plentiful ejaculations. For a few moments, the crowd, the twins, and even the other performers watched in awe as the long, creamy ropes of spunk flew everywhere at dizzying speed, resembling an errant fireworks display. This went on for about 30 seconds and only when it finally stopped did the spectators respond with a tremendous ovation.

"Shit!" James exclaimed. "I'll never be able to do that!"

"Oh, yes you will!" Natalie replied, sensing he was on the verge of orgasm.

The crowd, still overcome with excitement from watching Craig and Barney's spectacular dual orgasms, now turned their attention to James.

"Natalie! Natalie!" they shouted over and over again.

"Yes!" Natalie cried. "Give the women what they want baby!"

As she pulled down on his cock, the purple head strained to its fullest capacity and James felt the sperm rush up his shaft, demanding exit from the tiny slit atop his prick.

"Oh, God!" he screamed. "I'm coming!"

His dick exploded like a geyser, sending a giant wad of cum high up into the air.

"Oh, that's nice!" Mary Kate remarked with a broad smile as she saw the sperm fly twenty feet into the air above the heads of the surprised audience.

"Give us all you got, baby!" Halle Berry screamed from the chair she was standing on, well out of harm's way.

James was oblivious to her and everyone else as his body was wracked by a series of convulsions. One after the other, the ropes of sperm shot out of his cock in a never-ending stream, much to the amazement of Natalie and the twins, who had no idea of what the boy was capable of.

"This is great!" Ashley said into the microphone for all to hear. "Don't you just love this, girls?"

Natalie's hand kept stroking James' cock, feverishly, relentlessly, determined to make his orgasm as impressive as those of Barney and Craig. And as if in obedience to her will, James kept spurting out the huge gooey loads. The celebrities cheered him on to even greater heights as his orgasm continued unabated. It was getting to the point where he was ejaculating more sperm than Barney and Craig together. The women shouted their encouragement over and over again, their cries of wonder and delight reaching a feverish pitch with each fresh, new cumshot.

"I don't fucking believe this!" Mary Kate remarked, unable to make sense of the incredible amounts of cum being launched into the crowd. "I think we have another King Matumba on our hands!"

"Our great white hope!" Ashley laughed, her eyes following every creamy ejaculation with delight.

A full minute had just elapsed and James was still firing his salty white spunk into the air. Natalie couldn't believe what was happening; yet she never let up her assault on James' prick. Her hand was now completely covered in her stepbrother's hot sauce, but this did more to encourage than dissuade her from continuing. At last, following a giant multiple blast of cream that ended up soaking the area directly in front of him, James heaved a great sigh and fell to the floor exhausted.

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