tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Liaison Ch. 01

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 01


Chapter 01 - Kate Bosworth

I'm Jason Connors, I use to just be the average writer down at the Daily News, but ever since my very public relationship with Natalie Portman, I had been turned into a full time celebrity interviewer. Well, actually, in truth I was briefly fired but when Natalie offered to give me the names of several hot shot celebrity managers, I was back in the game, this time I'm a celebrity interviewer. I was more of a freelance writer than anything but I rarely sold my articles to anyone other than the Daily News. I was apprehensive about my new job at first but then I realised I my first interview was with one of the hottest actresses in the business, Kate Bosworth.

Kate is just fresh off her success from Superman Returns. It was actually Natalie that got me the interview. I never understood why she decided to give me all these Hollywood contacts, maybe it was because she felt guilty for me losing my job in the first place, after all, my loyalty to her and the relationship is what got me briefly fired. There is still this awkwardness in the air every time we meet, like we're about to now. I arrived at her place early in the morning so that she can give me the low down on the events currently hot in Hollywood and to tell me who I can get an interview with. We could've just as easily done this over the phone but or some reason both of us felt the need to see each other even though we didn't say it out loud. The break up wasn't that bad, it was actually kinda mutual..... To a certain extent. For Natalie it was straight to business, no relationship talk at all although to be honest, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her mainly because she was wearing nothing but her robe.

'When you interview Kate Bosworth, you should ask her a lot about her newfound fame as a result from Superman, and don't lurk around her separation with Orlando Bloom too long, that means no mention of any anorexia.'

'Why not?'

'She's a friend of mine, she told me the next person who starts going down that track is gonna have the interview cut short, and a little something else might get cut short as well.'

'So I guess my best option is to ask you about it.'

'Correct, but I'm not gonna say anything,' she said with a slight smile.

'But she does look really thin,' I said

'Don't,' she said sternly.

If we were still going out, she would probably have just laughed it off. Don't you just love awkward silences? You know, sure she was helping me out, but I think Natalie and me both didn't like these rendezvous. We both looked at each other, I don't know who made the move but before I knew it we were it a loving embrace, or more accurately, we were on her couch having sex.

Several days after I arrived at Kate Bosworth's apartment late one afternoon several days later, still thinking about the whole thing with Natalie, are we on or off I kept thinking. Kate turned out to be nice enough and cordially invited me in. Although she did look tired as hell. She had set up a tray of food on the balcony where we both sat and we started the pre-interview small talk.

'How are you today?' asked Kate

'Fine, how are you?' I asked looking at how tired she was.

'Throbbing headache this morning and now with this hot weather, I feel like shit pardon my language.'

'I have some aspirin if you need it,' I said reaching into my brief case.

'Thanks, probably a good idea,' she said taking a pill and swallowing it before taking a sip from her glass.

I took a sip from my own glass before realising it was alcoholic; I quickly grabbed her hand before she could take another sip.

'What?' she asked.

'What is this?'

'What? The drink, it's some left over wine from last night, I had some friends over.'

'You just took some aspirin.'


'And aspirin and alcohol don't exactly mix very well.'

She looked at the glass and then placed it down on the table before giving a small laugh,

'This should make your interview all the more interesting.'

'Don't worry, I use a sound recorder and not a camera so I won't have any evidence of any drunken disorderly behaviour you might participate in.'

I started the interview and things were going quite well but slowly I noticed she was becoming sleepy and she started to become more incoherent. I decide to stop after several more questions. I actually had tried to leave several times already but she kinda forced me to stay.

'Were you surprised when you were cast as Lois Lane?'

'Yeah, of course,' she said as she started to slur her words out. 'I was just disappointed that I wouldn't get to root Superman.'

I raised an eyebrow at that comment. I'm leaving after this next question I thought.

'And how was the attention from the role.'

'Great, you'd be surprised how many guys I had staring at me, although each one wanted to fuck Lois Lane and not me-'

I cut her short. '-OK, thankyou Kate Bosworth for your time, all the best of luck for the future.'

'Of course I get the feeling that's what Orlando (Bloom) wanted, just a chance to fuck Lois and pretend he's Superman.'

'I'm sure the break- up was nothing sinister,' I said.

I should seriously get her to her bedroom or else she might wander onto the streets and damage her reputation or some crap like that.

'Come on, you're going to bed.'

'Are you coming with,' she dribbled.

'Only to tuck you in.'

Kate Bosworth's bedroom, it was very....neat. I thought after breaking up with your boyfriend, you might skip household chores for awhile but the room was strangely tidy. I laid her on the bed and was going to leave her a note by her bedside table explaining what had happened but as I was searching for a pen she grabbed my hand.

'What's the matter Jack, not interested in fucking Lois Lane?'

'Maybe some other time, when you're more lucid.'

'Come on Superman, fuck me,' she said grabbing my shirt.

'Kate, I'm leaving now and that means you should go to sleep.'

'Only if you join me,' she said seductively while pulling me closer.

'Goodbye Kate,' despite most of me wanting to do nothing but obey her wish.

I was almost out the door, almost free before she stood up and followed me.

'Kate, get back to bed,' I said turning around only to see that she had opened her blouse, she wasn't wearing a bra.

'Whoa, Kate, backup,' I said closing her blouse.

Damn she was sexy, fuck the other tabloids, she was not anorexic. She was beautiful, and she had decided to stay a brunette which I liked better than blonde which she usually was. On any other occasion I would have thrown myself at her ages ago but she was not exactly in the right frame of mind to give consent

'You're gonna fuck me now or else I'll shout rape.'

I was thrown by what she said so I decided not to fight the urge anymore. I took off my jacket and shirt and pushed her onto the bed and quickly leapt on top of her. She body was warm to the touch. She kissed me furiously as I groped her breast. She skin was silky smooth, her breasts were small, even smaller than Natalie's, but then again Natalie is a few years older. Wow, I'm actually in a position where I can compare Natalie Portman's breasts to Kate Bosworth's. Natalie was a small woman but Kate was even smaller, they were very similar in many ways but I must admit I felt more comfortable having sex with Natalie as she is 25 years old while Kate is several years younger, not that I'm complaining. Kate quickly tried to take my pants off even before the belt was undone; strangely she succeeded in doing so. She was about to take her blouse off but she was already working on getting my underwear off. I lay there until I was completely naked and started kissing her neck and sliding my hand up her skirt while using my other hand to gently pinch her nipples. Kate moaned in pleasure. Why do I get the feeling she's been sex deprived for a while? She got one hand and slipped in into her black panties and started to play around with her vagina.

'Are you gonna fuck me or not?'

'As you wish.'

I sat up gripped the end of her skirt and in one swift movement ripped them from her waist and threw it across the room. I did the same for her panties and soon we were both completely naked, well actually, Kate was still wearing her blouse but it was open so I would count that as naked. I admired her body for a moment, she was starting to perspire. She was feeling very horny but I wasn't about to let her have her release quite yet. I wrapped my arms around her body and lifted her breast to my mouth and started to suckle on them gently. I freed up one arm and ran my hand from her soft supple lips and then over her neck then her breast and down to her belly and eventually I laid my hand over her vagina.

Kate whispered into my ear, 'You know, the effects of the aspirin is starting to wear off a tiny bit'

I paused for a moment, 'Should I stop?' I asked.

'Fuck no,' she said as she spread her legs and I slowly drove me penis into her hot and slightly wet vagina. She still definitely did not have a clear head as evident when gasped and tugged and the bed sheets as I drove my penis all the way in eliciting as rather loud moan from her lips. I placed my finger over Kate's lips and began to pull out before ramming straight back into her tight hole. Kate continued to moan pleasurably and soon I was in full rhythm ramming in and out of her pussy. I watched her as she grabbed at the sheets and gasped into my ear every time I pushed harder and further in. Her small breasts were bouncing back and forth as she started to perspire even more. Beads of sweat were running down her face as she gasped and moaned in ecstasy and I continued to rammed harder and faster. Her pussy was so tight, her thighs so well toned and her breast were small but still lively. I knew from the pleasurably noises she was making that her orgasm was going to be wild and when it came I knew it immediately. Her body tensed up and she elicited a sharp soft squeal into my ear and arched her back while I still continued to madly fuck her and reached my own orgasm shortly after wards spewing my load into her. We both lay there for a moment breathing heavily and it wasn't long before both of us fell asleep.

In the morning we both woke up and exchanged awkward looks.

'So, do you often have sex with interviewers while in a drug induced like state?' I asked as we were getting dressed.

'I'm surprised you actually went through with it considering my state.'

'What, do you feel violated?' I asked with a slight smile.

'Ok, I admit I did end up pretty lucid my the end. According to my friend, she's a doctor by the way. Endorphins released in sex are a good way of clearing your mind, they get rid of headaches and some weak drugs.'

'Well, if it came from a doctor,' I said as I began to slip on my shoe.

Kate walked out of the bathroom in her robe.

'So I guess this falls under the category of one night stand?'

'Why, you want a relationship?' I asked sarcastically.

'I just think it's best no one find out.

'Don't worry. You just don't tell Natalie and I won't, um, print it.'

Kate laughed as I walked out of the room.

'Thanks for the interview Miss Bosworth,' I said wryly.

She just laughed and I walked out the door. Interesting start to my new career I thought.

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