tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Liaison Ch. 02

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 02


I'm Jason Connors, I use to just be the average writer down at the Daily News, but ever since my very public relationship with Natalie Portman, I had been turned into a full time celebrity interviewer. Well, actually, in truth I was briefly fired but when Natalie offered to give me the names of several hot shot celebrities, I was back in the game, this time I'm a celebrity interviewer.


I was half asleep at my desk when Natalie Portman walked in and threw a folder in my lap; this was seriously becoming a regular occurrence. I looked around a bit dazed before I got my bearings.

'You know, we're not dating any more, so you should actually give me your key to my apartment back,' I said drowsily.

'I see, we're not going out but sex is still on the table.'

'Hey, you came on to me,' I said defensively.

'Oh, get over yourself Jason. I got you another interview.'

I sat up straight and put the folder in front of me not yet opening it.

'It's not another one of those "Days of Our Lives" retards is it? Ed actually rejected those articles and I actually had to sell them to some other shitty newspaper'

Crap, dodgy narrating by me. I should mention that after my interview with Kate Bosworth, Natalie got me a string of interviews with all these B- grade celebrities from mid- day TV shows.

'Yeah, sorry about those. And who the hell is Ed?'

'Oh, he's the new Editor at the Daily News. Back when I worked there, everyone made fun of him because he was 65 and only the assistant editor while the actual editor was only 40 years old.'

'Ed the editor?'

'Ed the editor.'

Natalie just shrugged and then pointed at the folder she had given me.

'You gonna open that?'

'Sure why not.'

I opened the folder half expecting another B- grade celebrity who thinks they're God's gift to Hollywood. But instead I was pleasantly surprised.

'Michelle Monaghan, know her?' Natalie asked.

'Know her? I just watched Mission Impossible III last night.'

'Yep, she's quickly becoming famous.'

'Natalie, you really came through. Do you know personally?'

'Met her a few times. She's really nice and single I might add so here's another chance for you.'

I paused for a moment trying to think what she meant by that before finally concluding, she knew what happened with me and Kate Bosworth.

'Kate told you didn't she?'

'I told you, me and Kate are friends. She even worse at lying then you.'

'You angry?'

'More surprised then anything. I mean you came over to my place, fucked me and then went to Kate Bosworth's and worked your charm and fucked her as well.'

'Well I wouldn't say it was my charm that did it.'

'What do you mean?'

The cat's out of the bag I thought.

'Well she took some pills with alcohol and as a result, she wasn't exactly, how should I say, herself.'

Natalie looked shocked and as if she was ready to grab my pen and stab me with it.

'You drugged her?!'

'I didn't drug her. But she came on to me.'

'You should have resisted.'

'She said she'd shouted rape,' I said defensively.

'Ever considered that when she was lucid she would retract the statement?'

'But then her reputation would be fucked up.'

'What ever helps you sleep at night Jason. Anyway, I gotta run, things to do, people to see.'

She stood up to walk away and I immediately ran after her wrapping an arm around her waist. She lowered her head and gave a tired laugh. I whispered into her ear.

'We're talking about me and Kate doing it, but we've barely talked about me and you.'

'I thought we were over.'

'Well we kinda had sex.'

'And your hand is quite suggestively moving closer and closer into my pants.'

'You're not stopping me.'

I slid my hand into her jeans and wrapped my thumb around the elastic of her panties.

'I could very easily just walk out the room leaving you with nothing but an erection.'

I smiled and ran my hands over the front of her panties feeling the heat from inside and the slight mound of her pubic hair.

'Then why don't you, the door's right there. You said it yourself, we're not dating.'

I slowly felt her panties moisten and I looked over her shoulder and down at my hand inside of her pants.

'It's getting wet down there Nat,' I whispered.

She chuckled and grabbed my hand and pulled it out of her pants.

'I'm outta here.'

'That's restraint. I applaud you Natalie.'

She continued to laugh as she walked out the door.

Natalie said to call Michelle Monaghan as she hadn't set me a time yet and only told Michelle that I wanted an interview. So I called her up, we talked for a bit and arrange a time. We decided that I'd interview her in 2 days at the set to her new film, "The Heartbreak Kid". Strangely enough on the same day I received a call from the Daily News asking me if I was now giving my articles to another newspaper. I saw this as an opportunity and said yes, so that forced them to say they would pay me more per article. It's funny how they wanted to keep me on the payroll despite me advertising as a freelance writer. I seriously have to stop with this freelance writer shit. But then again I'd actually have to stick to deadlines and try to keep the job, too much work I thought.

Ok, back to the interview, when the day came I rolled up at the meeting place and got lost around the set for almost 20 minutes. The planning for this place was terrible, it seemed all of the sets for the movie had were crammed into this small warehouse. I had wandered into the wrong movie set at one point and then I wandered back to "The Heartbreak Kid" set. I was standing in the middle of a garden complete with a pool where most of the cast and crew were setting up. I approached the most trust worthy looking guy and asked.

'Excuse me, do you know where I can find Michelle Monaghan.'

'No, who are you?'

'I'm here to interview her.'

'Yeah, she'll love that,' he muttered before shouting over my shoulder.

'Ben, help this guy out!'

I looked around and to my surprise Ben Stiller walked towards me.

'How can I help you...'

'Name's Jason, I have and interview with Michelle Monaghan but I've been wandering around aimlessly for the awhile,' I stammered, still incredibly star struck.

'She'll probably be in makeup.'

'I already checked there.'

'Then she'll be in her trailer. I'll take you there'

I was incredibly exited and for a moment contemplated asking him for an interview. He was nice guy but I was still terrified.

'Any plans on making another Meet the Parents film?' I asked nervously.

'First of all, relax. And yes another Meet the Parents film is in the pipelines.'

'What are you gonna call it.'

'Well not me but the writers plan of calling it "Little Fockers"'

I burst out laughing as we continued walking over to a long line of trailers beside the building.

'Just keep it on the QT man, I don't think I was suppose to tell you that.'

'I liked "Dodge Ball"'

God dammit, I seem like a complete retard at the moment. But then again it was Ben Stiller but I'm not supposed to be acting like this, I interview celebrities for a living.

'Yeah, I'm happy with the way Dodge Ball turned out. And here we are, Michelle Monaghan's trailer. Just go right in, she's probably just memorising lines.'

'Cool thanks. Nice meeting you Mr Stiller.'

'If we meet again, call me Ben.'

He walked away and I stood there extremely happy. I don't care if I fuck this interview up hard- core, I just met Ben Stiller. However the moment I opened the trailer door and saw Michelle Monaghan standing there in only a bikini covered by a bathrobe, I was hoping for a repeat of the Kate Bosworth incident.

'Whoa! Blame Ben Stiller, I wanted to knock first but he told me to go in,' I said rather quickly.

Michelle just laughed before dragging me by the arm inside.

'Natalie said you were funny in a clueless kind of way. Relax, the next scene we're filming requires me to be wearing this.'

I looked around the rather big trailer. There was everything TV, bed, couch, food, beer, all those stereotypes about celebrity trailers are true.

'Natalie said that.'

'Among other things. Sit down; make yourself comfortable, you want anything.'

'A trailer just like this will do fine but if you don't have that than beer will do.'

Michelle chuckled to herself before tossing a beer my way and getting herself another one. We both sat down on the couch next to each other. Actually, she sat down so close to me that I could feel the warmth of her body. And the fact she only had a robe and bikini on didn't help my natural urges.

'You know before we start, I just wanna say I use to be a fan of your articles back when you were just an opinion columnist,' she said.

'Thanks, but don't be expecting any more of those articles,' I said.

'It's nice that Natalie has helped you back into the journalism scene.'

I looked up from my papers. 'I wasn't aware that anyone knew of our arrangement.'

'What, that she helps you get your interviews. She didn't say but from the way she asked me on the phone and the fact that you managed to get that interview with Kate Bosworth, I guessed. Loved that article by the way, the whole humanising the movie star and making her seem like just your average girl next door was great.'

'Thankyou. Anyway the about the whole Natalie helping me thing, she kinda loss me my job so she owed me for it. To be perfectly honest, I only expected her to give me the numbers of a few people but instead she seems to be helping me full time now. But enough small talk, lets get the interview started.'

I conducted the interview very professionally which was hard considering how many times she shifted excitedly in her place and each time I could swear she moved closer. We were hitting on each other, her more so than me I should add. It was as if she wanted sex just as much as I did. She made a habit of seductively sweeping her hair back and running her fingers down the length of her robe and she had an infectious laugh. By the time we were finished, I just sat there, inches from her mesmerised by her beauty. She clearly noticed.

'You ok,' she asked.

'Just star struck.'

'Still? Get over it; I'm not that big a deal.'

'Believe it or not, you are.'

'God, I hope you're not this nervous around Natalie.'

'I was at first but not anymore.'

'She's a nice girl. You two would've made a nice couple, very alike in personality and humour.'

'I think that was the problem,' I said finishing off my beer.

'Yeah, well Natalie still spoke highly of you even if she did insult you several times.'

'What kind of stuff did she say?' I asked curiously.

'You know stuff. But she did several times press home the fact that you guys weren't going out for some reason. She always kept coming back to that point.'

'What about you, are you dating?'

'Is this part of the interview?' she asked with a wry smile.

'Nope,' I said stuffing all my papers into my bag.

'I'm single and loving it. And I love a good flirt.'

'And do you ever take it to the next level?' I said leaning in closer.

'Sometimes, if the person is charming enough,' she said quietly shifting to face me.

'How charming?'

'Oh, I'd say charming enough to win me over in only about 20 minutes.'

I looked at my watch. 'Ah, what a shame, I met you 18 minutes ago, what a pity,' I said standing up.

She grabbed me by the collar and dragged me back down onto the couch.

'You're a much bigger flirt than me. Do you make a habit of befriending actresses like this?'

I was going to tell her about the whole thing with Kate Bosworth but thought better of it. Shame, I have a really good story but can't tell anyone. She moved closer once more so than her foot was brushing against my leg and her robe opened slightly. I moved uncomfortably trying to look away.

'Relax Jason, pretty soon the whole cast and crew will see me like this and in a few months, millions around the world would have. I'm just giving you an advance screening.'

I lifted part of her robe a tiny bit revealing her wonderful body.

'I think the masses are going to like it. I should also mention I've seen "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" so I've actually already seen you naked.'

Michelle laughed out loud giggling hysterically as she started to lean on me. I wanted her so badly right now. I knew for a fact that my attraction was mostly physical but fuck it. She lifted her head looking up at me while still partly hunched over my lap.

'And, what'd you think?'

'You looked great, pity we didn't get any up close shots though.'

She sat up straight and put both of her hands on my chest.

'Can we just cut the foreplay please?'

'Fine by me,' I shrugged.


And with that, she pushed me back down onto the couch and threw aside her robe. She bent down and we started kissing. She held nothing back as well and immediately slid her tongue into my mouth. I reached behind her back and tried to take off her bikini bra with little success. She broke off the kiss and said.

'How you coping back there.'

'I never could unhook these things.'

'They're child proof.'


She sat up again and unhooked her bra and let it drop to the ground. Her wonderful breast bounced free and I laid eyes upon them for the first time in real life. I unbuckled my jeans and slid them down to my ankles which was quite hard considering I was lying down with Michelle Monaghan sitting on top of me while my eyes were fixated on her breast. She lifted my shirt up and pulled it above my head and as she did so, she leaned forward and her breast dangled down from her chest and gently brushed against my face. I skilfully managed to catch her right nipple in my mouth and gently started to suck on it. Michelle propped herself on her elbows as she started to lie down on top of me with her chest in my face. Our bodies made contact and I felt the warm of her skin touch mine. I continued to suckle on her breasts moving from one to the other. As I did so she exhaled softly and at times moaned in pleasure. With one hand I slid her panties down and as I did so I ran my hand over the curves of her ass. I lowered my hand and ran my fingers up the length of her pussy eliciting a sharp gasp.

'Now here's something we didn't get to see in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"'

She giggled and I pulled her down the length of the couch so that our faces met.

'You move fast don't you?' I asked.

'Why move slow?'

'I absolutely agree.'

I felt I tiny drop of liquid touch my stomach and I looked down to see that her vagina was already brewing with her juices. She sat back up and kneeled over my penis. And I said.

'So, is the sex also going to be quick?'

She just gave me a smile and lowered her vagina onto my shaft. She shut her eyes and moaned softly as she slid further and further down until my penis was completely in her. She sat there for several moment not moving before lifting herself back up. I relished the feel of her vaginal walls as they held onto my penis tightly and her juices started to trickle out freely making her thrusts, glide all the more smooth. She was beginning to ride me bobbing up and down rhythmically. Her eyes were still shut and her breasts were beginning to bounce up and down. I reached up and I grabbed her breasts and cupped them in my hand holding them in place. Michelle let out soft squeals of pleasure and groans as my penis continued to stab into her. Each time she lowered herself onto me, I felt her already tight cunt, tighten even more, this was unbearable and each time brought me closer and closer to blowing my load inside of her. I teased her nipples slowly pinching them and generally massaging her breast. I bent over and supported herself on her elbows and continued pushing down onto my penis. Her hair was flaying wildly in my face and I felt her breast lightly brush against my chest. She was moving quickly now and breathing heavily. I grabbed her head between my hands, looking at her. She still had her eyes squeeze shut but as I felt myself climax and the semen pump into her, her face seemed almost tranquil however she also almost crushed me with her thighs. I decided I would give her the release she wanted so badly and so I took over. I lifted her and laid her down on the other side of the couch and for only a moment I felt my penis come out of her soaked vagina. This time I lay on top of her and thrusted in quickly. She let out a muffled squeal as she buried her face in my chest. I was about to started thrusting into her continuously when we both heard a knock at the door and we both froze. We lay still not daring to move as we listened to what the guy at the door said.

'Ms Monaghan, they're ready now, sorry about the wait.'

Michelle tried to sit up and shouted back.

'Be out in five minutes.'

'Sorry, ma'am, director was insistent. Says we've wasted a lot of time so far.'

'Fine, just let me get my stuff on.'

We heard him leave and Michelle looked at me disappointedly and just lay under me perfectly still.

'Did you...you know?' I asked.

'No. Work beckons.'

'Does it usually cost you an orgasm.'

She laughed slightly. 'Not usually.'

'Then this time shouldn't be any different.'

'You heard the man, can't waste any more-'

Before she finished her sentence, I quickly thrusted back into her eliciting and somewhat loud gasp. I fucked her so hard and fast that I wondered if the trailer was rocking back and forth. Within only about 20 seconds I felt her body stiffen and she started clutching at what ever she could as she was in the throes of a toe- tingling orgasm. I got off of her even before she finished the orgasm subsided. She was still while still stroking her vagina as she slowly returned to normal. I put my clothes back on and threw her bikini and robe towards her. Once she got dressed, if you can call wearing a bikini and bathrobe dressed, she went over to the mirror and brushed her hair and reapplied her makeup very quickly, in fact, she did it so quickly that she had finished before I had. We both hurriedly made our way to the door when I stopped her.

'You have a little something dripping down your thigh.'

Michelle looked down to see our juices drip slowly down her thighs. She wiped it away with her finger before giving it a quick lick. I raised an eyebrow at her and said.

'Taste good?'

'Let's just say you can "interview" me any time you want in the future.'

And with that, we made our way out and started walking towards the set. Along the way we saw met Ben Stiller. I wasn't as shy this time around; I was more busy thinking about the fact that I've had sex with Natalie Portman, Kate Bosworth AND Michelle Monaghan in quite a short period of time.

'Hey you two, how was the interview?' asked Ben.

Michelle and I both replied at the same time and in the same suspicious and secretive tone.


Ben just looked at the two of us but didn't say much else although there was a slight smirk on his face.

I stayed at the studio while they filmed several scenes. My eyes were mainly on Michelle the whole time, I was captivated by her. I still didn't know what the hell happened in the trailer between us. Did we just do it because we both just wanted sex so badly? Before the whole Kate Bosworth and Natalie Portman incidences, I hadn't gotten laid in awhile. I'm probably just desperate to make up for that time in which I was sex deprived. When Michelle's scenes had finished filming, it was almost 2 hours after we had had sex. She had just gotten out of make-up and was dress in just a red sweater and jeans. We walked to my car in the studio car park and talked.

'So, I've been thinking. Why the hell did we have sex?' she asked.

'I was hoping you could tell me.'

'Does it have to mean anything?'

'Nah, I think we just both needed it.'

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